I have worn wigs for 11 years, due to female pattern baldness,  and from the start I have used a Wig Grip, to secure my wig on my head. I have no idea how I would have kept my wig on, if not for a grip because I couldn’t use clips or combs.  The grip is a velour band that keeps the wig on with friction. 

In this video I discuss the wig grip and important considerations for the best outcome, which include proper placement and awareness of the grip, including knowing when it’s slipping.  If the grip slips the wig will slip with it.   When in doubt on a long day wear, I always err on the side of caution and redo the grip and wig, so I know it’s going to be completely secure. 

In the 11 years I have worn wigs, I have never once had my wig fall off, and I’ve been in the back of a convertible down the 405 freeway, wig all up in my face, (but not falling off, just the hair all over the place),  though I doubt I’d do that present day to test the limits of my grip, but I did early on in my wig wearing years. 

In this video I also show how I put my wig on, and style if on a day to day basis for it to looks and feel it’s best for me. 

Hope this helps. xoxo


I’ve worn wigs for 9+ years, but in that time I’ve actually never used glue or tape. The majority of my wigs are closed front, meaning they have no lace. In 2019 I got this lace front wig in anticipation of my progressively eroding hairline no longer being able to sustain me through wearing my closed front wig wearing life. I do need tiny bits, very tiny – but still needed, of my hairline to make a closed front wig work and look natural. 

I didn’t actually start to wear this lace front wig until last year.  Side note: when I got the wig in 2019, it didn’t fully work for me because I did grow up with a lower forehead with temple points dipping towards the eyebrows, and even in quite progressed hair loss and thinning hair, they had still been there to some degree over the years making it harder (near impossible) for me to wear a lace front wig successfully, since you need to have that lace in FRONT of your hair line. On me, it was very hard to achieve this since I would need that wig placed way low on my forehead, which is incredibly unnatural, but I wanted the wig anyways, I wanted it as a security blanket.

Last year, I pulled it out to try it…and I’m not gonna lie, I had a meltdown. Why? Because NOW the lace front that didn’t work the year prior for the reasons stated above…. worked.  It was an in your face reminder of what had progressed in a year, or the 20 before that, but the measurement I was using was simply the year prior. In one year, my hairline, temples eroded to where now this wig could work. I sat on my floor crying. I actually made a video and sent it to Sophie, there is a clip of that moment in a video I previously posted on instagram. The part you see my tears, that was last year when I put this wig on for the first time since the year prior. This video below:

Hair loss is a journey, I hope everyone really keeps that in mind. I started wearing wigs close to a decade ago, I cut my hair off, I moved forward, but guess what, that’s not the end. It’s not like period, over and out, nail it ! Peace.  Of course not, least not for me. I have most definitely accepted my hair loss, but there can also be moments that smack me upside the head as that did. So I had a pity party for myself, party of one, for that day…. And the next day I decided this was a new phase of my journey, and well now I COULD wear lace fronts, so umm silver lining. Yea.

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Back to my wig…. So this wig has always had a lifting issue since day one, since 2019, but it definitely got progressed to the point of being unwearable with the lace curling and lifting and having a wave in it (as seen in video on mannequin) making it look unnatural – Less last year, much more this year. So that occurred with some wash and wear. In hindsight I should have sent it back immediately for repair, but that’s the past. 

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Sex, Wigs & Hair Loss

by Y on May 28, 2021

Sex, Wigs & Hair Loss –  Can you have sex in a wig? Yes. Do you need to have sex in your wig? I don’t think you should feel you have to do anything other than what feels best for you, and what makes you feel most comfortable. 

If you choose to keep your hair on, I do think it’s helps if you’ve shared that you wear hair, and also note – there isn’t much of an explanation you are required to provide as to why – that’s up to you, but in doing so, you won’t be as concerned if it’s touched or if it slips a tiny bit. 

Personally, I would be turned off by anyone that doesn’t accept all of me, the hair loss and the wigs… and I often rip that bandaid before an appetizer is ordered on Day 1, so I haven’t really had to battle or navigate this situation with any degree of real stress to it. Also, my Instagram I use for Women’s Hair Loss Project is the only Instagram I use, so when someone says “Hey, what’s your Instagram?” That is what they get.  You’re welcome gentlemen. So it’s not  a secret to men or women in my life, but I do know not everyone wants to share, we are all different and I don’t think any one way is better than the other. Whichever allows you to live your best life, is the right way for you. 

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The Truth About Buying Wigs

by Y on May 6, 2021

I see a lot of less than favorable things occurring online when it comes to buying hair, false narratives, false promises, wildly inaccurate representations and ultimately at times, the failure to deliver the product promised.

If a customization is done to any wig or topper, whatsoever, the consumer is screwed if there is an issue. No recourse. Custom items cannot be returned, even if it was the manufacturer that messed the item up.

This is reality, this does go on.

I am often written by women who are devastated, who feel they have been taken advantage of, and lost thousands of dollars and nothing is done to help them by the provider. Women stay silent because they are worried to speak out about the really wrong things that occur in this industry for fear they will be shunned and worse that they they will be actually verbally attacked online by the provider – Yes this has been told to me.

This is madness when I hear it, It happens.

So the cycle perpetuates. I understand where women are coming from about not wanting to speak up, I understand how vulnerable this is, and that is what makes this even more insidious to me. Some manufacturers are, in my opinion, capitalizing on the vulnerability of women with hair loss and their inability to speak up about it when they get a defective product, or their custom order was messed up before they even received it.

Since I am contacted all the time from women wanting to buy wigs and asking for my input, I need to provide the truth about buying wigs. It’s really a buyer beware from ANY COMPANY.

Please share this message, please inform others. As women, as a community we should be looking out for one another.

Sending Much Love To All!


Here is a cautionary tale of doing something to our wigs, without really knowing what the thing does and the method of which it does it. I just accepted at face value, “Oh purple shampoo is suppose to make it brighter” Without the next thought, of “Andddd how would it be doing this?” Had I found this out BEFORE ever using purple shampoo, I would have saved myself a lot of stress.

This video originally was suppose to just share conditioning the lower portion of the hair and not having to wash the whole wig. Fail. It took a massive turn when I was completely confused and in panic at the thought that I destroyed my wig. At times, when I don’t feel like washing the whole wig, but the end is dry. I just put it in low pony and condition the ends. Don’t do it often, but it happens. I’ve done this before with zero issue. Difference here, is this wig was washed and conditioned in purple shampoo the day prior. I woke up that day feeling like the ends were still dry and wanting to condition them. I felt the purple shampoo was a bit drying itself, so I chose to use a non purple conditioner, to condition the lower half of the wig. Big mistake.

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When wearing wigs due to hair loss/ thinning hair, I think there are certain things that are best known ahead of time, which is that at the end of the day… the “Right” way is ultimately going to be the way that allows you to live most comfortably and enables you to adjust to the process with the least about of stumbling blocks and stress that can occur.

Down the line, when you feel comfortable in wearing hair, the hair world is your oyster, but I’m a believer in sticking to the basics when getting your first piece. There’s time to live your best mermaid life… later. In the present, you likely just want to feel like yourself, natural and comfortable in the hair you wear. When I sat down to film this video it was to answer a question I received about Tips & Suggestions when first starting out wearing wigs, however, I ended up getting rather tan on my roof top because I went on all kinds of tangents. This is actually a small clip for a long ramble, my suggestions made the video super long, so I think I have to break it down into smaller segments.

Much Love To All!
~ Y


PromoArtIf you don’t know who the beautiful Sophie Hafner is, then you probably don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, because she’s in a lot of those pictures. Not only is this amazing person the only person I have entrusted with my wig wearing life ( new wig selection, color, cut, style) for the last 5 years, but she’s also become a best friend of mine.

Sophie shares my vision and passion for helping women with hair loss, and has always risen to the occasion when I’ve asked her to assist me in carrying out a concept/project to de-stigmitize women’s hair loss and show women how good wigs can really look. Including the concept we have done twice, which is hair twinning, and I mean with a person not wearing a wig (her).

This detailed project required her to actually, not only color my wigs pink, but hers as well! [View Sneak Pink Post] We later revisited it this concept with her transforming one of my wigs into a red head, to match hers. The “Whose Wearing a Wig?” Images were so amazing, that at times people guessed she was the one in a wig. Proof positive you can look and feel as amazing as everyone else while wearing hair. The hair artistry required to do this is something that I’m still blown away by.






















In part 1 of this 2 part episode, we discuss the consultation process as well as the technical aspects of wigs, including:

Part One

-Wigs vs. Toppers
-Adjusting to Wearing Hair by Learning To Treat It Like Your Own Hair
-Lace Front vs Closed Front (How to Choose)
-The Follea Gripper – What Type of Hair Loss Is Best Suited For This Wig?
-Sizing of Wigs
-Handtied vs. Wefted (open wefts/ closed wefts)
-French Top/ Natural Skin Top vs Lace Top
-Coloring Your Wigs
-Styling, How To Achieve Volume and Bounce in Your Wigs [click to continue…]

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Women, Wigs & Hair Loss - What Do Men Think?I think one of the biggest concerns women have, in any state of their relationship when dealing with hair loss and wearing hair is… acceptance and understanding – of their situation, of themselves. Will my partner accept me? Will my future partner accept me? How am I going to date with a wig? What about being intimate? The questions are endless. 

I had the pleasure to sit down with Alex Hafner to discuss his perspective on this topic. He’s seen first hand my own wig wearing, met me with hair and then I just took it off (pretty typical for me), no warning. Just taking it off now. Everyone act natural. Pretty much, like that. I’ve readjusted (off and on) my wig in public restroom, wig swapped on a plane, and my hair was passed down the aisle of the plane to a woman that was interested in the whole thing, and quite fascinated to learn more. Basically, when I’m done with my wig, it’s coming off and whoever is around just better be prepared, or not… doesn’t matter much to me at this point. It’s just part of me and my existence and life style. 

It has been my personal experience, that men don’t really mind that women wear hair, including if you tell them you are wearing hair because of hair loss. My freedom has come in acceptance of my situation, I have hair loss, I wear a wig. I gave up on wishing all my hair would return, and that this situation would somehow change. The only thing I really had control over was how I could manage and deal with this hand I’ve been dealt, and it took well over a decade of suffering and praying and crying to get to that place. I hope others get there much faster.  I truly do “own” my situation, and accept it for what it is. I think that is why the response of those around me, men & women, has been so positive. Often when I get complimented on my hair, 99.9% of the time, I say, “it’a wig.” I don’t have to, but I do. Usually I’m met with disbelief and I take it one step further and have them feel, where the WiGrip sits at the nape of my head and watch their expression, the moment where they realize, I’m not joking… IT’S A WIG.  Good times.  [click to continue…]


I came into Sophie’s salon today because I need a change, my life is changing, and I feel my hair needs one too. I have this gorgeous Follea wig that was formerly a 5010, and she’s been beautifully colored already once before, and banged… However, as I’ve evolved over the years in life and in hair wearing, so has what I want out of my wig hair wearing experience. I’m much more explorative and adventurous. I have found you need to get a little dirty to get a little more beautiful. That probably makes no sense, but I was always very vanilla with my hair needs, but working with my girl Sophie Hafner, has leveled up what I thought could be possible. So here I sit, with a wig and bangs, and feeing I need a little something something.

While my life has been in flux and ever changing, I want you to know, I’m still here…. hair loss took away my life for a long time, but in return it gave me so much more. I have found love, friendship, and you, all of you.

In my spirit of gratitude and feeling thankful, i want to thank all of you amazing women who have supported me, without the love and support of the Women’s Hair Loss Project, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today. While some people say I gave them life and hope again, you gave me life and hope. Mad props always to Follea who let me feel like myself again, and for eventually finding my sister for another mister, Miss… Sophie Hafner… can I formerly thank you hair loss. Like thanks. I thought my world was over, but I didn’t know at the time when I was 21 (I’m 39) that my journey was really just beginning.

Sending Much Love and Hugs to You All.




WHLP – Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

by Y on November 26, 2016

Women's Hair Loss Project BTSI’m way over due for life updates. Forgive me, this year went zip zip. I will be back with more on me.

This past week, while everyone was prepping their Thanksgiving day dinner, I met up with a group of amazing people to start a project towards de-stigmatizing hair loss and hair wearing for women. As odd as this may sound, through hair loss I have found love and friendship, I have found a greater self acceptance of myself that I never knew I could ever achieve, and the ability to connect with others who are like me. I have found the perfection in imperfection, mostly 😉

The day of the photoshoot, I woke up with a major rosacea breakout. Perfect skin the day prior and the day of it looked like Mike Tyson punched me in the face, I was swollen with a rash all over my face. I was icing my face at 4am. The photoshoot began at 7am. This on the heels of already accepting I wasn’t going to be whatever vision of scale perfection I had in mind, thanks to my new anti depressant keeping my body in a fluffier state. Lights, camera… holy crap, but a lot of time, planning, effort and money went into this and I wasn’t going to back out. The old (younger version) of me would have totally backed out and flushed it all down the drain (I’ve grown leaps and bounds), but jacked up face and all I knew this wasn’t about me. This was about helping women, it didn’t matter what was going on, on my physical being, that reality was more important… by far. [click to continue…]