Wash a Human Hair Lace Top Wig With Me: Step by Step, Tips and Insights

by Y on June 28, 2024

In this video I share how I wash my lace top, lace front wigs and provide some wig care, general wig knowledge, thoughts and insights along with some wig buying considerations in my wig wash day vlog. 

There are several ways to wash a wig, and it does come down to finding what works best for you, I am very careful in how I wash my wigs and do have a specific way I have learned to wash them that I think lends itself to being safer, causing less potential damage to the wig.  

This type of washing method is specific to how I learned to wash my Lace top / lace front / closed wefted wigs, and it is different than how I previously washed the type of wigs I wore which where fully hand tied, closed front wigs – those I washed on a mannequin head to help prevent inversions. 

Side note: There is a 4 part video on here from 2012 that shows the method I used for my fully hand tied closed wefted wigs: (I am wearing sunglasses indoors because when I started my site in 2007, I wanted to be totally anonymous in face and name, hair loss was so personal, devastating and private and I was putting my whole experience online, and felt the only way I could really be truthful was not having to fear I could be searched online and someone would find my secret, my raw words and feelings, and my devastation, but after starting to wear wigs in 2012 I wanted to show other women this (wigs) was a real and viable option, and there was no way for me to do that without showing my face, so I used sunglasses to feel more comfortable, I didn’t take the sunglasses off until 2015. 

Back to washing….Even after having washed my wigs for over a decade I was a bit terrified to wash this new type of wig –  lace top, lace fronts, I just saw such much possibility for the wig to get inversions, damaging the lace front etc, but I followed the method showed to me by the company and went SLOW.

I’m sure there are other methods out there that work for people successfully, and I encourage you to always do your research, this is your wig and proper wig care is essential to ensure it has the best life span it can achieve and also to not damage the wig entirely. 

This may or may not be the best method for you, but I wanted to share for those curious as to how am doing it, the key to all of this is really educating yourself about all aspects so you can make the best educated decisions for yourself. I hope you find this helpful and enjoy my wig wash day vlog! Much Love to you.

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