What is The Women’s Hair Loss Project? The Women’s Hair Loss Project is just an idea I thought of in 2007, at the age of 29, (this began when I was 21 years old) whilst feeling horribly sad and depressed about my own hair loss situation. I have been dealing with hair loss now for 17 years. I knew if there was a place where I could read about the daily dealings of another woman with hair loss that I would. It would help me to feel not so alone… and so it began and here it is, The Women’s Hair Loss Project.

My journey has been long, it’s been filled with more tears than one could ever imagine, and where I stand today is a place I never thought I could reach. Finding acceptance in my hair loss, learning to wear hair and love it, finding myself and friendship through The WHLP and ultimately, learning to live again.

Feel free to write to me with your own stories if you would like to have them shared with my readers. Part of me hesitated when I thought about whether or not I should do this… beginning blogging about my hair loss, thinking it would potentially cause me to focus even more on my suffering, but then I realized that wasn’t even possible, this consumed me and tore away at me each and everyday. I know now, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done… sharing was and continues to be healing Click here to ready my hair loss story, as I had written it in 2007. New to The Women’s Hair Loss Project? Read The Welcome Post

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