WIG GRIP: Secure Your Wig Without Glue! | How to Put On a Wig & Styling Tips

by Y on October 22, 2023

I have worn wigs for 11 years, due to female pattern baldness,  and from the start I have used a Wig Grip, to secure my wig on my head. I have no idea how I would have kept my wig on, if not for a grip because I couldn’t use clips or combs.  The grip is a velour band that keeps the wig on with friction. 

In this video I discuss the wig grip and important considerations for the best outcome, which include proper placement and awareness of the grip, including knowing when it’s slipping.  If the grip slips the wig will slip with it.   When in doubt on a long day wear, I always err on the side of caution and redo the grip and wig, so I know it’s going to be completely secure. 

In the 11 years I have worn wigs, I have never once had my wig fall off, and I’ve been in the back of a convertible down the 405 freeway, wig all up in my face, (but not falling off, just the hair all over the place),  though I doubt I’d do that present day to test the limits of my grip, but I did early on in my wig wearing years. 

In this video I also show how I put my wig on, and style if on a day to day basis for it to looks and feel it’s best for me. 

Hope this helps. xoxo

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