Welcome To The Women’s Hair Loss Project

by Y on September 24, 2007

Welcome To The Women's Hair Loss ProjectI am noticing a lot of new traffic coming in from different places and I wanted to welcome all the new reader’s to The Women’s Hair Loss Project and to write a little about our community. I started this blog to basically start journaling my life with hair loss. I write my daily thoughts as they come to me with all my quirks and sadness too. I write about my past regrets in treating my hair loss, the daily dealings of living with hair loss and some more lighthearted things such as my quest for the perfect hair thickening shampoo and my silly idea for a bumper sticker that says “Be Nice To Me, I’m going Bald!’

This is my life with hair loss.

I really would like to touch the lives of more women to let them know they are not alone. I’ve come to realize that a lot of women suffering with hair loss experience much of the same feelings as I do. Everything I thought was just me being crazy turned out to be more normal than I had imagined. For women I think that once you become a hair loss sufferer, no matter what steps you take to treat it or improve it, you are always still missing a little something, a little part of yourself. When women have the chance to read other women’s stories it can be healing, I know it is for me. You can read my hair loss story here.

Already we have a lot of great supportive women who share their stories and their lives.

Read Julie’s Story and see her pictures and read her wonderful put together wig buying tips.

Read Taylor’s Touching Story. She has endured so much at only 17, yet she is so strong and I admire her greatly.

Also Read Amy’s Story and Mira’s Story along with her story on how her husband (then boyfriend) reacted when he found out she had hair loss, along with another comment she left about an inspirational hair loss story

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Joining The Network

The Women’s Hair Loss Project also has a special women’s network attached to it, where you can create your own profile, blog, upload photos, chat, comment and have your own little space in our community to interact with other women with hair loss on a more personal level. To join click here: http://community.womenshairlossproject.com You may have noticed that on the side bar there is a category for “Blogs From Our Network” those are blog postings from network members. To comment on any of those blogs you have to be registered. Also you may notice some network members have their profile “private” so it is only viewable by other registered members, same is true for some of the blog posts.  Commenting on this site is separate from the network and doesn’t require any type of registration. The “Recent Comments” you view on the side bar are from women who have been commenting on various blog topics I’ve written about. Feel free to leave your comments on any topic, I love hearing from you. To view my network profile, click here:

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Thank You !!

I just want to give a big thank you for everyone who has joined the community, it means a lot to me to hear from you and to share in your life as you also deal with hair loss. Julie – 42 comments and counting, you’re amazing and your insight has been so incredible for everyone. Each one of you makes me stronger.

I want to invite the new reader’s to please share your story once you feel comfortable, I’d love to hear from you. You can email it to me at women@womenshairlossproject.com and I’ll create a post about you.

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Mira September 25, 2007 at 3:11 am

Thanks for this, I value this site tremendously. After reading your posts, I’ve realised that you have done a lot of research on hair loss and wondered what your take is on nutritional supplements. I have androgentic alopecia (and my mom does too) so I’ve always thought of my hair loss ass being inevitable. However, I sometimes wonder whether there are some easy things I could have done ( using Nizoral shampoo, eating the right food) that could have minimised my degree of hair loss. I have had a full chemistry screen and my thryoid function, iron levels etc are normal but are there other, particularly nutritional factors, I should be aware of. I am a biochemist and I’ve often wanted to take time out to do a lit search on exactly what I should be eating/supplemeting with for healthy hair. If you’ve done this, would really appreciate the info you have! I think it would be useful to everyone accessing this site.


admin September 25, 2007 at 8:23 am

Hi Mira, I’m really glad that you enjoy the site. Yes I’ve done so much research on hair loss, read everything I possibly could about it in an effort to try to help my own situation, still reading and still looking 🙂

Your comment spawned a post I thought needed to be written in response to your question about nutrition and hair loss. You can read read it here.

But I am much like you, I have androgenetic alopecia and my mother also has hair loss that occurred post menopausal. That does indicate the genetic component being present, several people in my family (not immediate family, other than my mother, I’m the only “lucky” one) also have hair loss. I may have not experienced hair loss either until I was post menopause had I never taken birth control pills at such an early age.

As I mention in the post I made today about that Nutrition and Hair Loss, I do think it is has some effect on it. Some people more than others may be helped by following the “sugar-balancing” diet. I’ve followed really good nutrition for years and for me it never really helped my hair loss. But realize everyone is so different, Rogaine works for some and not others and I think the degree to which nutrition affects women’s hair loss will vary greatly as well.

With your biochemist background (wow) you probably know better than I how to digest the information I lay forth in my article, as I cite information written by Spencer Kobren, the author of “The Truth About Women’s Hair Loss ” regarding the connection between insulin and testosterone.


Mira September 26, 2007 at 12:51 am

Thanks for this, I had not previously come across info on the insulin connection, it’s vey interesting. I’ve long wanted to do research on hair loss, starting with my family! My mom’s hair loss also began in her 20s and is quite severe now but she has three sisters who have beautiful heads of long hair (as do their daughters). I think with my family I have the perfect sample for trying to unravel the genetic basis of androgenetic alopecia. One day, I hope to actually write a research proposal and get the funding to do the work. I have simply not got around to it. My previous work has taken me from malaria to cancer and now to HIV. More serious than hair loss I know, but there are plenty of people out there who are working on these diseases and hardly anyone working on women’s hair loss and knowing the distress it causes women, I don’t think I should feel too guilty about wanting to do the work. Maybe we and other ladies on this forum could write a proposal together? I am very impressed by the wealth of info that is already here (and the site is less than a month old) on multiple aspects of hair loss. I am at a very busy stage of my life at the moment, moving to a different continent etc, but hope to seriously focus on writing this towards the middle of 2008. Finding this forum has galvanised me. It is great to come across so many strong women and I think we have the power to do things for ourselves.


admin September 26, 2007 at 11:31 am

I think it is so wonderful that you are interested in researching the genetic basis for androgenetic alopecia, and that you actually have the capability to do so is phenomenal. I could only dream of being able to do that, and would very much like to assist you in any way I can to help you in writing the proposal. I know other women would as well. We need someone like you with a strong personal interest in women’s hair loss and the knowledge and ability to conduct the research necessary. We are many in number and like you said “We have the power to do things for ourselves”


andrea October 5, 2007 at 10:19 am

hi mira,
i’m one semester away from completing my bachelor’s in human biology at the University of Texas. I just finished applying to medical school, and I would love to research hair loss as well, so we can all get some answers!!! if i get into medical school i PROMISE all of you that i will not be one of those doctors that says “everythings fine, heres some rogaine”. we are the silent sufferers of hair loss, and i think we all need a little hope for the future.

btw, of all the obsessive hair loss forums i’ve been to, this blog is the most encouraging, inspiring, and supportive of all… the other ones just stress me out so much more!!! i stopped looking at them for a while but recently got concerned about my hair again (i made the mistake of looking at the top of my scalp with a mirror… horror) and began reading them again. i’m not doing that again… everyone on most forums are so depressed and pessimistic. sometimes i just need to feel like everything is ok, and that there is hope (even if it’s false optimism). it helps me get through the day!


bb November 24, 2008 at 4:28 am

i to am post-menapausal and have experienced hair-loss.
rogain failed to work on me.
one day i went to get my hair blown out at a new place.
the stylist said to me that my scalp is as tight as a drum.
she told me that i should start massaging my scalp to stimulate blood flow to my hair folicals.
i did this 2-3 times a day, in the car, watching tv, in bed…suddenly i noticed that short little hairs began to grow!
it’s not completely as thick as it used to be, but it’s so much better!


es March 14, 2009 at 8:01 pm

hi to all

i am a 16 year old female who is experiencing massive hair loss. i don’t think it is due to my genes because i don’t know of any relative having such issues. i read some of your articles here about alopecia and other illnesses that can cause hair loss and balding. i haven’t done any tests yet, and i am still obscured from what is causing my hair loss!

the stories i have come across here mention hair loss that started a decade or few years ago when they were much younger and supposed to have an abundance of hair. i am experiencing it right now and i really cannot get used to it. i am a teenager, and i really feel upset about it. especially when i see my grandmother’s head that’s filled with hair with strong roots (albeit white)

my sister just told me that my hair parting line has widened. i am really afraid. i want to find the courage to accept my hair loss and not be ashamed of it. i read a quote here that inspired me. (they can take our hair but not our freedom)

you women are a courageous bunch and i salute you for that. i really hope my hair stops falling like crazy. and i pray the same for all that are undergoing the same predicament! 🙂 god bless.


Char August 16, 2009 at 10:32 pm

I was wondering if anyone new of a GOOD doctor in the state of Kentucky… Lexington,Louisville area or Ohio.. Cincinnati area. My daughter is in search of someone that will help her. We just cannot get a Doctor to listen to her and or take her seriously. She really is so desperate. As a Mom it is killing me that she is going through this aweful nightmare of hair loss. So PLEASE if anyone has a name of someone in or around this area or any where we will travel!!! Thank you all for any and all advice you can give…


waiting for miracles September 23, 2009 at 8:38 am

hi everyone,

i’m currently 24 years and i’ve been experiencing chronic hair loss since 16 years old. now, i feel that i’m losing hope…..i tried varieties of products and treatment…and did a test on it too. doctor told me that i suffered from genetic hair loss…and it don’t have any cure. i’m taking biotin and spirolon as of daily supplements. besides, i take ampule which is the hair tonic too. instead of getting better, it shows my baldness got really massive (deforestation). i am not happy everyday and refused to go out or socialize. since all these treatment with no improvement on me but getting worst condition, i just hope for miracles that would happen in my life and makes me a happy girl. because of this, i never even have a date with a guy before. there was a deepest sad memory when i travelled with my families to oversea and we joined a daily trip to somewhere, the whole day, during the whole journey in the bus, i heard repeated comments about my hair from same group of people behind me ( 3 girls). i heard all the conversation during that whole day. however, i wasn’t brave enough to defense for myself and i just pretended i never hear them. i held on my tears till end of the trip…. and i cried when i was alone that day…..
no girls would want a bald head… this isn’t what i want! I also hope i can get a normal and pretty hair.
until now, it’s still haunting me…
now…i just feel hopelessness and emotionally strike my mind that…why not just cut it or bald it everything on my head….:(
All or Nothing…..

i really thanked for this page that i’ve found just….


Tanna Andrews October 9, 2009 at 7:01 am

I’m searching for a diagnosis. I have been to several doctors that have told that i need to reduce my stress and that my hair will return in time. I don’t agree and I’m not satsified with that. I don’t feel good and I have a rash on my chest, arms and legs. Does anyone have a specific dr. aside from a general dr. or a dermatologist to suggest?


Eliete October 13, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Today I did a Scalp Biopsy. I will get the results in two weeks, and tomorrow I will do some blood work. I am praying to God so him can help me… I don’t want to loose my hair.
I want to thanks every one again for share your stories with us. I had learn so much in this network.
God bless you all!!!


Toni Guerrero October 17, 2009 at 9:22 am

I have sent my story, but how do I find responses to my story? I am new – I wrote one under medicines that may cause hair loss and I also wrote on somewhere else but cannot find it. Wasn’t sure my first one even went thru. Can someone help me find if there are any responses to my concerns?


Debra November 21, 2009 at 6:36 am

I started loosing hair a long time ago when I was a teenager. I had lots and lots of hair and then Hair Loss. I have been struggling ever since to get back the mass of hair I have lost. Today I have a reasonable amount of hair. Not what I had originally, but reasonable. When one goes from a lot to less, it is an adjustment. I just want to provide what I have done and, for you, it might help too. First of all, anyone who tells you that they just have long beautiful hair for no reason at all is bull pucky. Beautiful hair is hard work and takes many hours of pampering. So beautiful hair IS that person’s entire life. I do not have this unlimited amount of time to just live for my hair. Second of all, I found that my body needs lots of nutrition, high-quality nutrition and even with that I still had hair loss. I thought about it a lot. I then realized that I also have less Iron in my body and I always have less Iron in my body so I have to take Iron everyday, it helps with hair strength. I found I need to take one more thing everyday. An amino acid called Inosital. I tend to be uptight and anxious. People who have this anxious type personality could use taking this supplement: Inosital. I found that my anxious personality seems to encourage Hair Loss. It calms without sedating. When I started adding this to my supplements, hair loss stopped and regrowth over about a year or so showed progress. Another one to add to my supplements is L-Cysteine. It will also helps with hair growth. I will never have the amount of hair I had when I was younger because I am almost 50 years old now, but I think this would have helped more when I was younger. I am just happy I found something so I do not go completely bald. Note: do not take more Inosital then the recommended one or two just for faster progress opportunites, it will just make you feel like “doing nothing.” Just take the recommended amount. Best of Luck to having thick, healthy hair to all of you.


lucy December 30, 2011 at 10:44 am

I was really relieved to find this site, but upset that I can’t seem to find any posts, advice or stories on hair loss stemming from trichotillomania. I suffer from it and really need some help, motivation and insight into the problem.


Trish June 30, 2012 at 9:07 am

Does anyone have any advise on dating and wearing a wig? Do you tell who you are dating – right away – or later? I’ve dated a couple times in the last few years – and both times got serious – so I was feeling comfortable with the guy -when I told them that I wear a wig…there was 1 or 2 more dates later then we broke up. Happen same thing with each guy. I think we had the few “after” dates – to make me think they were not breaking up because of this news.. but I think it had everything to do with the break ups. If you are single and date – how do you handle the situation? I feel like I can’t go out any more – its too hurtful.


MyHairIsNotMyHeart March 30, 2013 at 8:02 pm

I’ve struggled a bit this week. New wig. People at work try to stand around and peer at my head. One lady followed me down the stairs just so she could get a better look. This same lady even took a picture of me several months ago to point out my problem. How cruel.
How do you all deal with this?


Pam April 12, 2013 at 10:20 pm

I am new to this site, but I am also at my wits end. I all my life have had a beautiful head of hair. On Nov. 1,2012i had a colonoscopy , but I also had a bad sinus infection. 5 days later after going to the dr with a bad infection, I was better, I went into the shower, when I got out, the entire back of my curly hair was in my towel. What was left was straight., and it has been falling out ever since. In huge amounts. The Dr passes it off as stress. In June of 2011 I had to go on Coumadin for DVT and PE and I am also on thyroid meds. And I have iron deficiency anemia. My Ferritin level is 13 on the low side of normal. I also have a split tongue, and mouth sores. I do not know where else to turn , but my dr keeps calling this stress, and I do not agree. I am hoping that maybe someone has a direction for me to turn to. My hair falling out IS stressful. Thank you for listening.


C lare June 10, 2013 at 6:14 pm

I was wondering if anyone has tried Mone Hair – Herbal Hair Loss Treatment? I have been told to use minoxidil by my derm but I am a bit scared to try it and was looking at a more herbal/natural product but there aren’t many reviews around and the ones that are on amazon I don’t know if you can trust.
Many thanks


LadyFate July 5, 2013 at 10:13 am

Hi all,

Just found the site today and I already feel better about my hair loss. I’ve been battling with it for a few years and nothing seems to be able to stop it. I’ve had numerous things checked and so far my doctor can’t figure out why it’s happening.
My hair stylist said she has a client who’s had some luck using latisse (sp? The eyelash growing medicine) on her hair-loss and I wondered if anyone here had tried it. It’s insanely expensive so I’m curious to see if anyone else gave it a try before I bite the bullet and invest in a bottle.


Pettherapy August 23, 2013 at 11:31 am

I have been losing my hair for 3 years, post menopausal. I am a R.N. and knew that something was wrong with my thyroid. Visit after visit to the doctor showed my thyroid was fine. She finally sent me to a dermatologist, who had me apply topical steroids, and he ran some other tests. Finally he did biopsies and then told me I needed to find a good endocrinologist. I did and the very first round of testing showed I had an autoimmune disease that was attacking my thyroid. After just two weeks of the medication I am able to go to sleep at night and wake up refreshed. I go back for more lab work and an ultra sound in 2 weeks. I am hopeful that my hair will grow back. I am so relieved that someone finally found the problem!


Susan March 21, 2014 at 9:04 am

I am so happy to have found your site. I am now post-menop but history of thinning hair X 15-20 years. I am sure there are genetic and hormonal components. I have sought out every product, etc. to sometimes “help” but no cure.
Have gone for a consult and Follea topper was recommended. Total cost is $1580! It does include all – my haircut/to the topper, etc. Appts to learn how to shampoo, (probably can be online-do I need that?) I was told would last about 2.5 yrs. I would love to just do this. I cant afford it ofcourse but thinking about 53.00 a month to have a great natural looking hairpiece?? I will start saving for the next one?? I have seen online some other what seems like good products – but am skeptical. Any advice on what to do ?? My first time but feel like I AM READY.


2devastated May 9, 2014 at 10:21 am

I just found your site and I am soo happy to find such a support group. My hairloss journet started in 2001 when my husband died suddenly at the age of 41. He had been battling MS since he was 18 years old. I went to stay with an older sister. During the same year my sister was diagnosed with a spot on her lungs and she started chemo that same year. The following year I bought a house. In 2004 my sister took a turn for the worst. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and I became her primary caretaker. She died in 2005 and I inherited her two teenage children. After her death I was in court battling for custody of her children with their deadbeat father. I won the battle. I met my now husband that same year. During this time my hairloss was getting steadily worse. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed the hairloss as scarring alopecia with no chance of ever growing back my hair. I was prescribed some topical steroids which did nothing to helo but made the hairloss worse. I believe my hairlss is caused from stress with all the events that happened. I have tried all the natural shampoos and the like but nothing seems to help. Thank God for some really nice wigs because I have been wearing wigs since. I am still on a quest for some treatment to regrow my hair and I will not give up hope. After reading others posts I intend to see a endocrinologist to find out if this hairloss has anything to do with hormones. Thank you for this site.


Samaire July 31, 2014 at 12:27 am

Hello everyone
I’m so glad that I came across this support group. I wish everyone great success in combatting hair loss. Reading all the stories has made me cry, made me happy, made me sad and I feel that I need to share my story because I feel so alone. I’m crying as I type this because I don’t know what to do or what to expect in the years to come and all I have is the support from this group. It’s only those you have experienced such hair loss issues that really understand.
I have always had such beautiful thick hair even when I began my period at age 11. It was always there and never in a million years did I think that I would lose this gorgeous head of hair or that slowly losing my hair would cause such pyschological and emotional trauma.
I think that the death of my paternal grandmother most likely kickstarted my rapid hairfall. She was my everything and had died of leukaemia. At age 15, I began losing my hair. My hair would fall all the time, appearing on my clothes, on the floor…everywhere…even worse when I washed it. I cannot recall every having stopped the hairfall and as far as I can remember, my hair loss never truly stopped all the way throughout my teen years.
I had assumed it was telegon effulium, caused by the death of my grandmother but the hairfall continued.I had, at age 18, discovered a lump in my left breast and cancer was ruled out as it was a fibroid and completely harmless. But my hair continued to fall. I assumed it was my shampoo and conditioner or colouring my hair, I even believed it was straightening my hair. But still my hair continued to fall and gradually got thinner. I went in for surgery in February 2013 to remove the fibroids and my health was back on track. But alas, I still battled with hairfall.
In May 2013, I was in the process of purchasing my first home but it was stressful dealing with the bank for a home loan and as usual my hair continued to fall. I came to terms with the fact that it was probably not in my favour or in the hands of God for me to buy a house now. So I let that go.
In June 2013, I had had enough of the ongoing hairfall and went for a blood test as recommended by my GP. The results proved I had a clean bill of health and just a Vitamin D defiency which I was prescribed Vitamin D pills to take for the rest of my life. And you guessed it, hairfall still continued, despite taking the meds dilligently.
I was then referred to a female dermatologist who I saw on the 11 June 2014 and she prescibed 5% Minoxidil for me to try to curb hair loss. I tried it less than a month and discontinued using it as it made my hair fall in clumps in the shower, not that this was unusual for me…washing my hair and finding it clogging the drain.
Before visiting my dermatogist, I had actually stopped experiencing hair loss for a good whole month or more by actually using Protein Feed shampoo. The only time my hair would fall was when I straightened it. I’m not sure if Protein Feed shampoo had managed to sort my hair fall but I am continuing to use it and judge from there.
I have re-scheduled my appointment with my dermatologist for the 8 July 2014 and I hope this time round that she actually does a proper evaluation on me. If not, I shall request she do just that. She stated that my hairfall is hormonal and suggested I go on Dianette to stop hair loss and re-grow my hair. I am anti-pill and refuse to go the route of BCP as I want to have kids and the thought of messing with my hormones is scary.
I am on Inofolic, as initially prescribed by the dermatlogist that I am still using. But I don’t know if I have chronic telogen effulium or Androgenic Alopecia. My hair has thinned considerably on the sides of my head, on my crown and my center parting has widened that you can actually see my scalp. I strongly believe that soon I will start to lose all my hair and then have to sport a wig at my current age of 25.
In terms of family history, my mom has hair loss associated with menopause but there is no baldness in my family. My two younger sisters have gorgeous thick hair that I am envious of and I wish that I could have hair just as beautiful as theirs but all I have is thinning hair.
I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love with all my heart and we’re planning to get engaged and marry in a few years and start a family. I love kids and having a family with the man of my dreams is all that I want.
But I can’t seem to talk about my hairloss with him even though he can clearly see how thin and how bald I’ve become. I know he will love me despite me losing all my hair but I can’t help but think that one day he will realise that I am some bald girl that he can’t be with because my baldness will embarass him.
I don’t want to be a bald bride and mom. It sounds so vain but I never pictured my life heading in this direction. All I want is thick hair and to stop crying over it everyday. I am so depressed and I have nowhere and nobody to turn to.
Please help me. Please help me save what hair I have left.
I don’t want to go on BCP, my heart and my gut instincts are screaming out NO! I have no idea how BCP will affect my hair growth or whether my thick hair, created from using BCP, will fall out during the dread shed even if I wean myself off the pill. I just don’t know what to do.

Such is the nature of the beast- Hair Loss. I sometimes read through all the posts and it makes me feel sad, hopeful, a bit happy, supportive, empathetic but it is an everyday battle. I feel though that I am losing this hair battle though. As I have mentioned earlier my hair had miraculously stopped falling for at least a month or two (I can’t recall this accurately though) but I was amazed at not having hair fall out in the shower or appearing on my clothes or at most 10-15 strands while blowdrying and straightening. It was the greatest feeling ever. But because I have been dealing with hair loss for almost 10 years, I chalked this up to a ‘cruel joke’ from the Universe. And went off to see a dermatologist (a referral from my GP). She was somewhat unpleasant, just examined my head and scalp, looked through my blood work and never gave me a proper diagnosis. She did say that I have female pattern hairloss and that it is hormone-related and I should consider going on birth control pills such as dianette. I told her my fears of going on BCP and she told me to try minoxidil as it should stop the hair loss and encourage re-growth. I had never done any research whatsoever on hair loss and expected the dermatologist to tell me what was wrong with my body. I had even explained that my hair had miraculously stopped falling for a while and all she did was smile and hand me the minoxidil and said to come see her after two months. As soon as I began treatment with Minoxidil, my hair began falling again, it started to freak me out! But I still continued with treatment. I researched about Minoxidil and found that you’ll know it’s working once you start shedding some haor to make room for new hair. Hence I continued.

My research continued on hair loss and I self-diagnosed myself with Androgenic Alopecia. Bit horrified about having to be on Minoxidil forever scared me so I took myself off it after using it for almost three weeks for the following reasons:
1. Deathly scared on being on this treatment for life.
2. It was making my hair loss start all over again.
3. My centre parting had widened and my hair had thinned considerably while using it.
4. It left my scalp itchy and flaky.
5. I had difficulty breathing while on this (this was one of the side effects of the drug).

I re-scheduled an earlier appointment with her and for the 8 July 2014 and once again, she tried to get me on the pill. Checked my scalp for miniaturisation and never gave me a proper diagnosis instead she sent me off with more multi-vitamin prescriptions and a blood test for Hirsutism (which I don’t have) so I am done with her!

I re-scheduled another appointment with a different dermatologist for the 01 August 2014 and I believe that I will get the same diagnosis. A friend is accompanying me and her support means the world to me. I’m glad that she will be with me because I believe that I’m gonna have a mental breakdown.

I had surgery in February 2013 and went through a major stressful session in April/May 2013 when purchasing a home and I know that these events can trigger hairfall three months after it has happened. Looking back at my hair fall pattern, it took almost 7 months of intense hair shedding before it miraculously stopped. I’d like to think it was Telogen Effluvium. I had also changed my diet in April 2014 by eating more fiber and avocados and maybe that had led to my hair fall to stop. I had also been taking Vitamin D 400iu (x2 a day) and maybe that caused my hair fall to stop.

But since going on Minoxidil my hair-fall is back even though I have continued with my high fiber diet. It seems I’m going through the dread shed associated with stopping Minoxidil. Don’t know if this will ever end. And I can go back to a blissful time of having no hairfall (for the second time and hopefully permanently).

I’m hoping this new Dermatologist will be able to help. I’m pinning my hopes on him but I believe that AGA is here to stay and I’m slowly going to go bald and watch myself go mad. There’s no coming back from this.

I’m at the point where I just want to close my eyes at night and never wake up. I’ve even contemplated suicide but I’m too scared to take my own life and what effect it will have on my family. But as the AGA progresses, I might go through with it and end my life. I have no hope for the future anymore. Wigs and hair pieces are not for me. I just want my own natural hair otherwise I’d just be fooling myself and others with fake hair and that’s not me.

I probably sound stupid, vain etc but I am at the lowest point of my life and there’s nowhere from here on out. Others on this site are far more stronger than I am and I am tired of fighting this hair loss battle so I am done.


Annie Lewis October 10, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Samaire: Please don’t off yourself because of this horrible problem. You are more than hair. You have a spirit and a soul. You could get married and have children and be happy. You wouldn’t be fooling yourself or others just because of wearing a wig; you’d be wearing it to make yourself look good. We like to wear pretty clothes to make ourselves look better; it would be the same with a wig.
I do understand your problem, as I’m going through the same thing. I have the hair loss with the burning, itching, and soreness. I’m at a loss right now as to what to do to help myself. My doctor and 2 dermatologists have done nothing to help me. One said to use Rogaine for men, twice a day, even though I’m a woman. I’m not gonna do it. I can’t bring myself to put Rogaine on my red, irritated scalp. My problem started when I was putting the top of my hair up with elastics. I had long hair. When it started burning and shedding like crazy, I got my hair cut shorter and layered, and I stopped using elastics, barrettes, etc. I’m looking for a solution to the burning, etc. Please keep trying. You can have a beautiful life….Annie


Bae August 19, 2015 at 7:50 am

Just like many of you, I lost my hair. I went to countless doctors only to end up with the same result. That’s when I took matters into my own hands. I want to be a light of hope to others on this forum and possible give you some suggestions on how to stop, or at least slow down the hair loss.


Sarah Johns February 3, 2016 at 2:24 pm


Please, please can somebody tell me what is the best concealer/hair fibre product for salt and pepper grey reply.



Mary August 26, 2017 at 8:00 am

First I want to say thank you for the wealth of information you have on your blog. It is so comforting to know so many others share the feelings I have on my own hairloss. I knew other women faced this problem but had no idea how widespread a problem it is. I always thought I was just one of the unlucky few with thin hair everytime I saw everyone with their glorious heads of hair. I applaud you for your bravery in sharing your story, you are an inspiration for many who have felt alone in this life journey. 🙂


Patricia October 2, 2017 at 5:14 pm

I’m a 66 year old disabled woman. I’ve lost a good amount of the hair on the front of my scalp. It’s pretty horrible. There’s no way to hide it without a hat or a wig-which I’m unable to afford. I caught some kind of scalp infection in the hospital when I suffered a stroke. It took nearly 5 years to cure. As I’m on Medicaid & Medicare, I wondered if there are any services for people with little or no money.
I’d love to go out of the house sometimes!


Sharon Y. August 5, 2018 at 5:06 pm

Is anyone out there?
I am reaching out to other women suffering from hair loss. while others take selfies of themselves, I am taking selfies of my bald spots. Those spots are now visible and I am find it harder to cover up with Toppik. I am depressed and no one to talk to about this because I am so embarrassed. I feel ugly.


Judy May 18, 2019 at 12:35 pm

Please do not use my last name


Lisa August 3, 2020 at 5:28 am

Any new treatments out there for hair loss with burning, tingling scalp for 2020? I have always had thin hair but now is has been shedding for 3 months straight and I am really SUPER concerned. I have spoke to my PCP but he thinks its Iron deficiency. I have been taking iron, and hair vitamins and it is not helping. The loss is at the crown and sides. I’m so scared. I only work 28 hours a week so I do not have alot of money. Any suggestions?


Stephanie November 16, 2020 at 10:36 pm

Hi, I am 25 years old and within the past year or so have noticed my hair thinning out significantly. Examples, in the shower and run my hand through my scalp I always pull out a generous amount of hair/ my pillows always are covered in it. About 2 months ago I discovered a pretty decent sized bald spot on the crown of my head, and recently found another one on the side of my head near my part. I’ve tried to figure out if it’s diet related or an immune system issue. Recently I listened to the Sex with Emily podcast, and it was mentioned that the birth control Yaz can cause women to lose their hair. This help page was also mentioned, so I figured I would post on here and see if anyone has experienced the same thing and or has any advice. I’ve been on Yaz for about a year and am considering just not taking it anymore but worried that might make the hair loss worse. Please help!


Cheri February 7, 2021 at 8:40 pm

I’m a young at heart senior. (Sounds weird to say it) I’m feeling the need to find a support group. I’ve been dealing with slow hair loss for 5 yrs (post menopause) & now RAPID loss over last 2 months. Now I must where a wig. I haven’t had my blood work done but I know it has something to do with my thyroid. I am very sensitive & in tune with my body & I had been feeling weird sensations/pressure in my throat area only to learn about thyroid being in that area. My struggle/suffering seems more mental than anything. I worry about everything I put in my body. It’s overwhelming searching in all directions for natural solutions. For a few yrs all I did was study about vitamins-deficiencies/support. I’ve tried months of collagen formulas, B-vitamins, Vit D, mega doses biotin, keratin. I also noticed my nails were becoming paper thin & ridged. I tried many brands of collagen. Just fyi-I had no results with collagen until I tried a formula that is a combo of Collagen-Biotin-Keratin. I believe it’s the keratin that made the difference. My nails are actually growing fast & have strengthened! Regular collagen/biotin didn’t help.~ Unfortunately, my hair loss seems worse. I can feel the tingling sensations in my scalp. I tried to tell myself God was answering my prayers & it was new growth happening but evidence shows the opposite. I know negative thinking can’t help matters-so I try to be as hopeful as I can be since I have anxiety issues & I can work myself into a bad state of mind just with negative thinking. I keep believing I should be able to resolve this on my own with positive thoughts, prayer & nutrition. I feel very torn in my religious beliefs…needing God to lean on for support & to guide me thru this the best way & yet at the same time I’m feeling angry at him for allowing this to happen to me! I read scriptures in the bible on the hair & it’s supposed to be symbolic of our strength & glory so I ask why is this happening if my focus is often on prayer/God & my desire IS to glorify him! Going bald seems like the opposite of glorifying him! I ask myself if I’m being punished in some way, have I done anything offensive to deserve punishment/karma? I’ve always tried to be kind to people & I don’t consider myself vain so why would he put me through this? It’s maddening! Logically it seems like something you might hear happening to a mean, conceited, selfish type person, forcing them to look at their heart rather than focusing on the external. Searching prayers for hair growth I see this lady telling a tale of her hair loss happening when she was around some Christ hating people while ministering in a foreign country. She says hair loss & hate are related & our hair can be affected by our own hate/unforgiveness or others hate towards us. She says her loss was completely healed by simple prayer. I have always tried to forgive quickly but I do HATE this problem & I’m so upset having to go thru it!! So is the answer to embrace it instead as a positive journey? A new adventure into the world of wigs for starters! * I should add that I read scripture saying that it can be a sign of spiritual purity. Immediately I’m thinking how can I sin more often or do something that might alter this course? ha! I take many different medications to relieve pain & the thought of maybe having to give up one or both is very anxiety provoking! Great! More stress in my life! Tramadol & kratom for pain. Research on both shows hair loss might happen with either in rare cases. On a prior post someone said if you research just about any medication/ingredient along side with “hair loss”-some case will always show up of it happening to somebody in the world! Even simple Tylenol or aspirin comes with a huge list of negative possible side effects. Most of us have never noticed or needed to. ~This journey feels too hard to take alone so I’m here to share & help/support in some way. Hoping/praying to find support & hopefully hear a few miracle healing stories I might apply!~* Recently my sister’s puppy was given 10% chance of survival-unable to eat or drink & she sent out prayer requests that night asking for a miracle. She woke up very surprised to see her energized life filled pup happy & playful & scarfing down any food put in his sight! A week later a visiting relative accidentally left a whole chocolate bar in his reach! (Chocolate supposed to be poison for dogs!) He ate a whole chocolate bar same week as being diagnosed with deadly case of Parvo! ~ He never had even one negative symptom! I call him the double miracle dog! Sigh…If miracles can happen for pups-why not us? I’m believing it for everyone here! Miracles all around please & thank you!


Nan July 15, 2021 at 8:46 am

I promised myself – if I ever figured out this hair loss thing I would post my experience. So here goes.

I’m a 67 year woman who had been experiencing serious hairloss for about two years. Like many of you, I went the doctor route without them finding anything amiss. I wracked my brain, was it an allergy? Food? Fabric? Makeup? Bedding? Was it dust mites? Toothpaste? The litterbox cleaning chore? My cat? I tried some of the suggestions put forward on this site and from various articles I read. I scoured the internet for information, and finally came to the conclusion that I’d likely not find a a one-size fits all remedy.
In my case I believe it had to do with a malabsorption problem. Suffering a lifetime with IBS-D and always too thin for my height, my hair eventually suffered and started actually hurting and drastically falling out. Doctors don’t really take hair loss very seriously since thinning is expected as one gets older, but what I was experiencing wasn’t just minor – it was wrecking my vacuum cleaner. I had to cut the hair away from the bottom roller with scissors as the hair completely tangled it, and this was every time I vacuumed. Hair was in my food, all over my clothes don’t even talk to me about my brush… in fact I stopped brushing my hair. It was so limp thin and weak I couldn’t even put a small hair clip or bobby pin in it without it falling out.
Here’s what I eventually did. Cut out gluten and went on a low FODMAP diet. This helped my IBS-D problem quite a lot, though it took some time. Unfortunately my hair was still falling out. I prayed continually and brought my tears and anxiety to God meanwhile trying every supplement known to man, including biotin. I tried green drinks looking for that elusive nutrient that my body possibly needed. Beet juice, kale drinks, spirolina, chia seeds, flax seeds. I tried special shampoos, even Rogain (awful stuff) and then came across some Moringa leaf powder as I wandered down the health food aisle. I was desperate and willing to try anything even though I had never heard of this plant. It was awful tasting stuff but I held my nose and gulped down a quarter teaspoon mixed in water. After four days my hair went from being like hay to a much softer texture and my hair stopped hurting. I don’t believe in coincidence and know that my prayers were being answered. After about 2 months drinking a tiny amount of Moringa leaf powder in about 16oz of water everyday my hair finally stopped falling out. My bald areas still haven’t grown back but the remaining hair is strong and healthy and easily covers those areas. I also lost hair all over my body which hasn’t grown back either. This December will mark one year of no hair loss. I didn’t want to post anything here until I had something positive to add and to hopefully help someone else out there.
It’s been a heartbreaking, frustrating, depressing, embarrassing affliction, I know. I am praying for success, healing (spiritual and physical) and plentiful hair regrowth for you all. “For nothing is impossible with God.”


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