I Thought I Ruined My Wig – Purple Shampoo Lesson

by Y on July 1, 2020

Here is a cautionary tale of doing something to our wigs, without really knowing what the thing does and the method of which it does it. I just accepted at face value, “Oh purple shampoo is suppose to make it brighter” Without the next thought, of “Andddd how would it be doing this?” Had I found this out BEFORE ever using purple shampoo, I would have saved myself a lot of stress.

This video originally was suppose to just share conditioning the lower portion of the hair and not having to wash the whole wig. Fail. It took a massive turn when I was completely confused and in panic at the thought that I destroyed my wig. At times, when I don’t feel like washing the whole wig, but the end is dry. I just put it in low pony and condition the ends. Don’t do it often, but it happens. I’ve done this before with zero issue. Difference here, is this wig was washed and conditioned in purple shampoo the day prior. I woke up that day feeling like the ends were still dry and wanting to condition them. I felt the purple shampoo was a bit drying itself, so I chose to use a non purple conditioner, to condition the lower half of the wig. Big mistake.

Yes wigs can be colored, but how is that type of a color defect gonna be fixed? I really couldn’t even conceptualize it and was in full panic mode, that I ruined my wig. Hope this saves someone from the headache and stress I gave myself. Has anyone else encountered a wig nightmare? Or is it just me? LOL — Leave a comment below 🙂

Much Love To All !

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