The Truth About Buying Wigs

by Y on May 6, 2021

I see a lot of less than favorable things occurring online when it comes to buying hair, false narratives, false promises, wildly inaccurate representations and ultimately at times, the failure to deliver the product promised.

If a customization is done to any wig or topper, whatsoever, the consumer is screwed if there is an issue. No recourse. Custom items cannot be returned, even if it was the manufacturer that messed the item up.

This is reality, this does go on.

I am often written by women who are devastated, who feel they have been taken advantage of, and lost thousands of dollars and nothing is done to help them by the provider. Women stay silent because they are worried to speak out about the really wrong things that occur in this industry for fear they will be shunned and worse that they they will be actually verbally attacked online by the provider – Yes this has been told to me.

This is madness when I hear it, It happens.

So the cycle perpetuates. I understand where women are coming from about not wanting to speak up, I understand how vulnerable this is, and that is what makes this even more insidious to me. Some manufacturers are, in my opinion, capitalizing on the vulnerability of women with hair loss and their inability to speak up about it when they get a defective product, or their custom order was messed up before they even received it.

Since I am contacted all the time from women wanting to buy wigs and asking for my input, I need to provide the truth about buying wigs. It’s really a buyer beware from ANY COMPANY.

Please share this message, please inform others. As women, as a community we should be looking out for one another.

Sending Much Love To All!

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