Wig Buying For Hair Loss: Buyer Beware

by Y on April 12, 2024

I received a DM today from a woman extremely distraught from a wig purchase she made online, seeing them through instagram and the wig did not work out. She was unable to return it and was also offered no resources to possibly be able to resell it. I guarantee you the company she purchased this wig from knows of multiple places to possibly sell this online because it is an Instagram brand, and I know of several places that you can resell a piece online and I have never even done so. Why not offer SUPPORT, suggestions, help? 

If you are are choosing to sell wigs to women with hair loss this MUST be treated with the respect it deserves, women’s are looking to this to help get their life back, this isn’t a cookie purchase. 
Have care FIRST for the client over the desire to just sell a piece and not offer any post after care support, even if only in resources. 

I realize not everyone can buy in person, and many people do purchase successfully online, but you have to know what the process entails, does the company offer customization, does the company have a return policy, are their restock fees.. and know every single last thing that can negate that return policy. 

This rant is brought to you by hearing from this women who is upset and I hear THIS ALL THE TIME, women that have felt really basically screwed over, or the product was misrepresented, and they are left high and dry. It’s so wrong. 

I am a HUGE believer in WHO you work with, quite frankly that can be in some cases even more important than the product itself. CARE MATTERS, COMPASSION MATTERS. 

I am forever grateful Vicka was the woman who helped me in 2012, during my first REAL wig process, her honesty and care is what made my wig wearing possible, even more than the product itself. Care and compassion IS that important.

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