Reclaiming Your Life From Hair Loss

by Y on April 16, 2024

Hair loss is hard, traumatic, beyond excruciating at times…. I’ll never say otherwise. I am one of the most resistant people to change and completely inflexible. Those that know me are rapidly nodding their head up and down, because they know. I have got to got to be in the top top top 5 % of people who simply do not like change in any way shape or form, my entire mental stability relies on control and order…. Enter Hair Loss. 

Why do I share this? Certainly not to wave the “hey look at how weird I am flag” and slap the badge over my forehead for all the word to see I got issues that exceed hair loss, but it’s to say if someone like me, so resistant could find the ability to let go within this, find acceptance, accept change, accept the progressive nature of my hair loss, accept the unacceptable, Accept wearing wigs, accept that NOW I do have to shave my head for hair loss to be able to live with it without it taking over my life….. it is accessible for so many women. ??I’m not new to this, I have 25 years of loss, and the first 13 I lived in darkness, resistance to change, nothing will matter unless ALL my hair comes back. Well that’s like saying I can never live my life and be happy unless I’m 5’10. It cannot happen. 

This was the hand I was dealt, it took losing over a decade of my life to find the ability to begin to work with this, not against it. My wish to other women is they don’t lose the time like I did, know hope exists, know the strength to change exists even if you are in that top percentile of resistance to change. We can. I’m living proof.

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