Women’s Hair Loss Project Network LAUNCHED!

by Y on January 18, 2008

Women's Hair Loss Project Network LAUNCHED!The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network (community.womenshairlossproject.com) is the newest addition to The Women’s Hair Loss Project. It is place where women losing their hair can connect with each even further.

What can you do in the Network?

Create a Profile
Share Photos (of anything you like, doesn’t have to be yourself)
Create Your Own Journal
Search and Add Friends To Your Network
Leave Comments on Other Women’s Profiles
Option To Make Profile “Private” To The General Public.
Photo albums can also be set to private as well.
Only Members Can View Private Profiles and Albums
Chat – Real Time Private Discussion

I think the Network will be a good adjunct to The Women’s Hair Loss Project. When I post women’s hair loss stories I will be able to not only post and respond to them but also link to their profile on the network (assuming they’ve created one). It will allow us all to share a little more about ourselves and get to know each other better. If you already have your hair loss story posted on the blog and would like it linked to your profile let me know!Create Your Profile Now!Create Your Profile Now and Start ConnectingView Profiles Already Online at http://community.womenshairlossproject.com Please let me know if you need any assistance creating your profile or signing up, I will be happy to help you women@womenshairlossproject.com

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alice January 18, 2008 at 11:41 am

Thank you so much for this! I just created my profile: http://community.womenshairlossproject.com/alice/

I’m really looking to meet other women who understand me, I’ve hit an all time low and can’t get out of my depresssion. My boyfriend left me because I’m losing my hair 🙁 he said he couldn’t see himself with a bald chick, I cry everytime I hear those words in my head. I know I’m better off without him but it still really really hurts.



Gretchen January 18, 2008 at 3:08 pm

Hi Alice,
As much as it does hurt, you are so much better off without him. What kind of a person does that? You deserve someone who loves you for you. I visited your profile and see that you’re not sure what’s causing your hair loss and that you’re currently not taking anything for it. I’m a very action-oriented person, so I created an action plan for myself and my hair loss, and I think you’d feel better if you could do the same. Good luck and you are SO not alone. Here’s my profile:



alice January 18, 2008 at 4:04 pm

Dear Gretchen,

Thank you for your caring words. I know I’m better off finding out what kind of an insensitive person he was now before we got married and had kids… I mean my god would he abandon his children if they had a disability or weren’t good looking enough? It just still stings are tears me apart. I already feel low about my hair loss and this makes it even worse. I’m envious of all the women who have supportive men by their sides.

I am so scarred to try any treatment, I’m afraid it might make my hair loss worse because I’ve read a first you could shed more hair, but I’m inspired by so many of the women on this site.

I saw your profile.. this is just the coolest thing ever! I love that picture of your dog, soooo cute. I noticed under your treatment regimen you listed Spironolactone. Did your regular doctor prescribe it for you? Was he/she understanding of what you needed it for? What dosage are you on?

Thank you again.


P.s. I had a bonfire in the back yard and burned all the pictures I had of my Ex. !


Diana January 20, 2008 at 2:07 am

Dear Alice,

I know exactly what you are feeling re: the jerk who left you. That has happened to me repeatedly. Girl, just try to keep looking up! Although I am brand new to this site and have just posted part of my own horror story, I know that in sharing with each other our experiences, it can only make us stronger….so Alice, his loss…I know it hurts now but it will be better in time. There are so many superficial guys out there but we will find the right one and will have more love and true companionship than that jerk will ever find in the barbie he’s looking for…Chin up lady, I’m sure you’re fabulous!



admin January 20, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Alice, I have to echo all the other things the other women have already said. I realize it is probably of little comfort to say you are better off without a person like that in your life for many reasons, but it really is the truth. Know that deep inside, it is a blessing to be rid of such an insensitive callus person… it only makes way for new special man that is out there who will love you for you!



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