Hair Loss Can Quickly Become and Obsession

by Y on September 24, 2007

hair loss can quicly become an obsession - I envy my dog's hairYou know you are in trouble when you start envying your dog’s hair. I frequently have stared at my dog’s thick coat and thought to myself, “I’d gladly take his hair, even if it had to be that color, all black and tan” 🙂 I have become incredibly obsessed with staring at everyone’s hair. It seems as though I can no longer watch a movie, a tv show, a commercial, the grocery clerk, the mail lady and not focus on their hair. After I watch a movie I can explain in detail every character’s hair (man and woman) right down to the diameter of the ponytail, color, thickness.. and on and on. I may not know what the movie was about, but I can surely tell anyone who cares to listen, all the intimate details of the actors hair characteristics. I even notice when a hair shed’s off their head and falls onto their sweater. Ha! It actually can really get quite annoying because I would just like to watch a show without focusing so much on hair. After all that is suppose to be a time to relax, but it isn’t for me. I’m much better off reading a book, I think it’s healthier for the mind anyway.

I guess its normal to focus on the things we lack, once had, and wish we had back.

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Elle September 24, 2007 at 9:16 pm

I was like that for about a month after I lost my hair, but I quickly got over it. I have noticed that I am becoming obsessed with my regrowth. Constantly looking in mirrors and using another mirror to look at the back of my head to check for thinning areas etc. If you think losing your hair is torture, watching it grow so slowly is even worse. It seems like it’s taking forever!


admin September 25, 2007 at 12:46 pm

I wish I’d get over the constant obsessing, it can really get quite annoying. Although I wish I was in the “waiting to grow” phase, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you. It seems I’m stuck in the perpetual misery of crazy excessive shedding.

I also employ the double / triple mirror check. Isn’t that part of the women’s hair loss tool kit? You get 1 bottle Rogaine, 3 mirrors, 1 drain hair catcher, one box of tissues, 1 dirt devil vacuum, 1 book on hope and faith, and 1 sinead o connor CD for a little head shaving inspiration 🙂

But seriously, I use several mirrors to gauge my hair loss from a multitude of angles making sure that I move this hair over that one…cover this section or that section by pulling the hair down a certain way before leaving the house, to achieve the closet thing I can to a ponytail that doesn’t have huge balding gaps piercing threw the sides of my head.


Angela January 4, 2009 at 7:10 am

If it’s any consollation, I am not experiencing any major hair loss derived from an illness, I have some breakage from overprocessing, and too much heat styling, but I do also feel as slightly hair obessessed too as I am currently trying to grow my hair out from a short bob down to my collar bone, so I also find myself over-focusing on other people’s hair such as friends or people on the train etc. At the mment I gather the hair I loose throughout the washing process in orser to assess whether it is excessive. I think I need a career in the hair industry to harness this slight obsession…


Puty October 9, 2012 at 7:44 am

Same here, always checking hair!! Its less than in the beginning of the disaster but maybe I am just used to it, now that I am always checking hair and my own here from different angles. If I watch myself in a mirror without a window in the back and from 5 meters distance, I like my hair and I think it is healthy and full of body an volume. Unfortunately , when I turn the mirror (My mirror is like a door) and I have a window in the back you can see everything what is happening behind me through my hair. Before, this was never the case, I had never thick hair but a lot!!! I am always doubting how people see my hair, from the window perspective or the Wall perspective! I ask my boyfriend quit a well how he sees it, and he sees it normal, but I do not believe him. I am always checking in windows outside and with the wind etc. Aaah Get sooo tired of this!! Always when I see a girl with beautiful hair I feel miserable and say to myself wooww how sad is your hair! But I have to be honest it is getting better! Taking vitamins, minoxidil 5% and just started (for 2 days now) with the yasmin pil, before microgynon which I think is the cause of the biggest problem I have now, can you imagine (You guys will understand) ! I use different kind of natural oils in the night as a mask and I use a natural shampoo of Rosemary. So There is some progression and I have to be patient. I had hare until over my boobs, I do not even remember how powerful that felt. Now I have a little bit of hair until my shoulders. But because of my paranoid actions I went to the hairdresser every 2 months. Of course it will never get long again !! So now with the oil masks I am almost 2 months hairdresser free and I want to make it 6 months or more! Still I have no split ends ! So there is progression and it makes me happy. Besides, I accepted that I am now categorized in the group with shoulder long hair (took me a while because I was always a proud member of the very long hair!!! and made many girls jealous, no I am the jealous one) and I start to come up with new creative ways to were my hair , which is now part of the NEW me. So It took me a while to adapt to my new image but I am getting there! And maybe if I totally accepted it, my hair will grow back automatically as it did before! Before a hairdresser could cut off 10 cm. and I did not care because it growth back in no-time! Now it seems like it is not growing FOREVERRR NEVER! My boyfriend advice is to let it go .. and it will grow!!!! I believe him 🙂 Felt good to share this !


Mishell December 27, 2015 at 6:20 pm

I am the exact same way. Ask my husband how many times I’ve said “Why can’t I have her hair?”


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