The Women’s Hair Loss Project

by Y on August 30, 2007

What is The Women’s Hair Loss Project? Well, the women’s hair loss project is just an idea I thought of whilst feeling horribly sad and depressed about my own hair loss situation. I have been dealing with this for over 8 years and I’m not even 30 yet. I knew if there was a place where I could read about the daily dealings of another women with hair loss that I would. It would help me to feel not so alone. So here it is, The Women’s Hair Loss Project. Feel free to write to me with your own stories if you would like to have them shared with the readers. Part of me hesitated when I thought about whether or not I should do this, thinking it would cause me to focus even more on my suffering. But, then I realized that isn’t even possible, this consumes me and eats away at me everyday. Maybe sharing will be healing.

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Mira September 4, 2007 at 7:02 am

Just came upon your site as was looking for other women out there who are suffering from hair loss. I have androgenetic alopcia and have been losing my hair since my early twenties ( am in early thrirties now) and I totally empathise with you!!! I have trawled the net for info/resources and am interested in setting up a site which brings it all together so that women seeking info, support, and the simple need to know that they are not alone will not have to spend hours/days on the net to find this,

Thanks for starting this blog. I am actually investgating wigs at the moment and would be happy to keep you updated on my progess. I’ve tried minoxidil (did not work for me) and don’t think a hair transplant is an option as I have diffuse thinning so unlikley to have enough good donor follicles.

For the last ten years I’ve been acutely concious of my thinning hair and it really has affected my life and confidence as a woman. So good to get this off my chest!


admin September 4, 2007 at 8:05 am

Dear Mira –

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think its a great idea that you want to start a site that brings women together looking for info and support. There certainly isn’t enough resouces out there as it is. I would love for you to keep me updated on your progress and how it is going looking into wigs. It is something I think about a lot as well, but currently I am just keep hope and praying that everything will miraculously get better, just trying to keep positive. But truthfully, as things are going now it will be something I forced to put more thought into. I’ve also thought about extensions the kind that isn’t tied in but rather some sort of cold heat is used to bond it to your existing hair. I think the company that does it is calld Great Lengths. I really don’t know too much about it but would probably like to see another girl getting it done who is suffering with hair loss as well. Obviously the extensions wouldn’t be for length, only volume and i’ve seen some pictures on the internet of other hair loss sufferers who have done it and seem to have success with it. Of course those are only pictures. In time I’ll look more into it I guess.

I am so glad you wrote. I wish more women would share, but I understand how hard it is, each day I’m thinking whether or not starting this blog was a good idea and that perhaps women wouldn’t want to read about another persons despair when dealing with their own suffering. So thank you for joining in, it means a lot. Please keep me updated with how your search goes for wigs would love to know more about it.


julie September 12, 2007 at 2:56 pm

Searching for wigs can be so much fun. I have worn them for the past 3 years and have about 3 of them I wear regularly. I would like to offer my knowledge to you before purchasing, unless you already have…

Synthetic wigs last about 6 months if you are good to them.
Ask to have some clips sown in for extra security if you do have some hair
Always use a medical grade adhesive if you do not have hair and are getting the wig bonded to your scalp. This is especially good for lace front wigs
A human hair wig of good quality lasts about 2 years, and don’t pay more than $600.
I bought my synthetic wigs for $30 a piece…they are slightly detectable but, I just don’t care if anyone knows anymore as I’ve developed a sense of humor about it…
Monofilament/Polyurethane are typical words thrown around in regards to the construction of the wig…but make sure the wig is a good fit and has the style/color and length you like as they are not returnable. Always buy more than one so that when you do wash one of them, you can switch styles. Buy some barrettes, fancy and casual, to maximize your style. Smile when you wear it and don’t look at the mirror until you put it on…I have found that to be very therapeutic myself.


julie September 13, 2007 at 9:29 am

In regards to the extension options-keep them open! I work for a hair manufacturer and if you want my unbiased opinion-don’t do it unless you have a stable hair loss condition. Some extensionists will refuse to do it on women with hair loss, as they should, because extensions, hot or cold are damaging. Imagine wearing a heavy earring, it will weigh down your lobe. Hair extensions weigh down your own natural hair and can eventually worsen your hair loss. If your hair is not strong it will not hold an extension for 3-6 months! Doctors employ the pull method…they take a strand of hair and determine the ease of its pull from your head, if it comes out too easily, you are most likely not a good candidate for extensions. If I could offer anymore advice on hair replacement or enhancement products, feel free to respond! I have a wealth of information as I work for manufacturers.


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