I’m 19 Years Old and Have Suffered Major Hair Loss and Thinning – Linda’s Story

by Y on August 28, 2008

Hi, I’m a 19 year old girl who has suffered major hair thinning. I’ve just discovered about this community/project a few days ago. Uptil now, this seems to be probably the most resourceful place I’ve seen.

I’ve been pretty desperate for answers.

As a child, my hair was extremely thick. However, as I grew up, my hair become progressively thinner. Two years go, I went on an unhealthy diet and I started to really notice that my hair was extremely thin (also, my hair was falling out like crazy). I thought that it was due to the fact that I didn’t get enough vitamins, so I started to eat healthily again. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, my hair only stopped shedding like crazy, but no new hair grew back to replace those I lost.

It has been 2 years, and my hair is still quite thin. Most people can’t see it, but I definitely can – especially when my hair is greasy or when I tie it in a ponytail (you can see my scalp very clearly).

I’ve read as much as I could on women hair loss, and nothing seems to really fit my symptoms. I took a blood test and it showed that my levels were perfectly fine.

After reading as much as I could, there were really only 2 diseases that sort of fit my simptoms.

1. Hypothyroidism – my mother has that
2. Androgenetic alopecia – my hair is thin all over my head and my hairline is not receeding.

However, the only thing that doesn’t seem to quite “fit” is the falling of my hair. My hair does not seem thinner than it was 2 years ago. I do not lose an excessive amount of hair (contrary to the many testimonies I’ve read). When I comb my hair after a shower, I would loose maybe 5-10 strands. In some ways, my hair loss seems proportionnal to the amount of hair I have.

I often get depressed because of the state of my hair – especially when I see my friends with thick hair and get to choose different styles of haircuts while I’m stuck to one. I can’t confirm with 100% certainty that my situation hasn’t worsen. From what I can see, it seems to have stabilized. But sometimes, when I look at old pictures, I start believing that it did in fact get worse. Afterwards, I panick and can’t sleep at night.

Does androgenetic alopecia have different “levels” of hair loss? I haven’t taken any medication to help, but I know for sure that I do not lose a crazy amount of hair. However, I am also certain that this is certainly not normal for a teenage girl to have so little hair (I now have less than 50% of the hair I used to have as a child, and from the top of my head, my scalp is pretty visible). From what I can see, I do, in fact, have new hair that grow, but not many.

I am so desperate for answers. Although you may not have any precise answers for me, I’d greatly appreciate your point of view on my situation.

Thank you,


Dear Linda,

Thanks for writing me and I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with this. First things first, stop.. take a deep breath, let it all out and take a moment to reflect on how lucky you are that your hair loss has stabilized for the past two years. Losing 5 -10 hairs after a shower is remarkable, you’ll be the envy of all my readers 🙂

Having said that, I do understand your concerns and pain in having to deal with less hair than you had before. I must state upfront that I am not a physician and cannot provide medical information or diagnosis, anything I write is really just my opinion and knowledge gained from living with hair loss myself for the past 9 years (yikes that sounds like a lot). With that disclaimer out of the way I can continue on.

Diet and hair.

We often don’t think about the two going hand in hand, but nutrition and lack of it can certainly affect our hair positively and adversely. Anorexics and bulimics often times experience hair loss or a change in the quality and texture of their hair. If the diet was the cause of the hair loss, a healthy balanced diet could stop the hair loss and enable it to grow back, but it doesn’t always grow back to be the same as it was before. Nothing is 100% (especially when talking about women’s hair loss) and I’m sure that for some women, their hair does grow back in full and thick, but I’m speaking in generalities.

Your story prompted it me to do some searching online myself, since I was perplexed that your hair loss stabilized for two years without drug intervention, but that you did not experience any regrowth or thickening of the hair during that time. I did read that certain factors can trigger androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) in individuals who were already genetically predisposed to it. One of those factors is extreme malnutrition. This is news to me. I knew that altering your hormones by taking birth control pills could kick in androgenetic alopecia, but I did not know it could be triggered by a variety of other things as well.

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Consult a Doctor

If you have not yet been seen by a physician you really should make that your first step. It’s is true that many doctors take very little interest in women’s hair loss, but by discussing your particular situation with them they may be able to help shed some light and run a number of tests that can help to diagnose you. Dr. Sara Wasserbauer wrote a blog post in the Women’s Hair Loss Project Network titled “Hair Tests I Recommend
Below are the tests:

T3, T4, TSH (for thyroid)
Ferritin (for anemia)
DHEA (hormones)
Total testosterone (PCOS, hormones)
CBC (multiple reasons)
ESR (autoimmune diseases)

She also writes, ” And I also check to see if the person has had recent high fever, stress, low protein diet (i.e. vegetarian), menopause, birth, medication changes, surgery.”

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Your Question

Does androgenetic alopecia have different “levels” of hair loss? I’d say heck YES. In my own experience and in speaking and interacting with hundreds of women with hair loss, androgenetic alopecia while it only gets one definition in the dictionary, can take on different forms for different women. Some women experience more thinning on the top, some more on the top and side of the head, some more on the side less on the top and some just overall equal thinning around the scalp. The rate at which the hair is lost varies from woman to woman, as I’m sure so does the rate of miniturization.

There is a female cashier I’ve seen over the last 8 years or so and I remember the first day I saw her. I thought wow her hair loss is so progressed and her ponytail seemed no thicker than the width of a pencil. I was certain that the years that followed would remove what was left of her already thin hair. I was at the early stages of my hair loss so I had mountains of hair compared to her, yet of course as all women with hair loss do, feared that would be my fate. Years pealed away and her hair has not changed, not one bit. It is the same gray and the same thinness as it has been since the day I met her. Make no mistake, this is a woman who suffered hair loss, its not “naturally” thin hair. But for whatever reason her hair loss halted and did not continue to progress, it didn’t get better either. But I guess my point is perhaps you are experiencing androgenetic alopecia at an extremely slow rate or perhaps it is something associated with your thyroid or iron. There really is no way for me to know that. While I know my words won’t be easy for you to swallow, I speak from the heart and from nine years of painful shedding and self realization: You are so incredibly fortunate that your hair loss has not have progressively thinned over the last 2 years since the initial onset. You really need to be so thankful for that. That is a really good sign and with a little more detective work and a good doctor by your side you may just uncover what is causing your hair to remain thinned.

Join The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network

The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network
( http://community.womenshairlossproject.com/ )has some incredible women, who are there to listen and share information and support with one another. Women’s hair loss is hard to deal with alone, I suffered alone for many years. It helps so much to interact with other women who understand.

Final Thoughts

Often times we forget to thank god for what we have right now in this moment. My hair is extremely thin, but I wish that I could just keep what I have right now, as thin as it is. I’d vow to never fuss or complain if I knew this was mine, ALL MINE and that the endless perpetual shedding would stop. I’m 9 years in and I am still losing, I still lost 60 hairs in the comb today. It seems every hair left on my head is on loan, so I guess I better make the best of it while I still have a little bit left 🙂

Linda, I know how hard it is, don’t give up. Start consulting with some physicians. Also there is no rule that you can only see one, so see several.

I wish I had more answers, and I sure as heck wish I could grow hair… I’d be sprinkling my fellow hair loss gals with fairy hair growth dust!

Take Care.

All The Best,

If anyone has any words for Linda, leave your comments below. Sharing is healing… I promise. 😉

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Stacy August 29, 2008 at 12:26 am

Hi Linda,
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Y answered your questions really well, but I’d just like to add a bit.

From the looks of it, I will make an estimated guess that your hair loss was triggered by your change in diet. This type of hair loss is called: Telogen Effluvium.

Your body went through a ‘trauma’ (your change in diet) and as a result you had hair loss. Now the idea is how to improve your hair, hopefully it will take time to grow back on its own. If not, there are treatments available out there for you.

Androgentic Alopecia usually begins at the diffusion of your hair line, so the hair thinning starts in the middle and spreads outwards. I don’t think this is what you are going through.

And I have to agree with Y, losing 5-10 hairs in the shower is GREAT! Not to rub it in, but I usually lose 20 hairs, and this is normal too. On average, we lose 40-70 hairs per day, anything over 100 hairs is consider excessive hair loss.

You say your hair is greasy, I advise you to wash it everyday, its a bit counter intuitive, because you might be worried that washing will increase your hair loss. But actually its most important to keep a clean and healthy scalp.

Linda, this might sound incredibly annoying, but I’d like to ask you to LOVE YOURSELF. Stick to a healthy diet and avoid crash diets. Any trauma your body has now will affect it in the future. When you feel sad
about your hair, know that there are others just like you and you have us here to chat and express your concerns.

Thanks for sharing and I hope that we can help you.
Best wishes,


MJ August 29, 2008 at 11:31 am

This is just my opinion. See a dermatologist right away that specializes in hair loss. He/she will diagnose your type of hair loss. Don’t spend money looking for products over the internet, you will waste your money. Thyroid panel/iron panel is a must. What type of diet? Do you eat meat? Some people live on vegan diets, which could cause your hair to fall out. Do you take birth control pills or other methods that contain hormones, this can cause your hair to fall out. I hope you are not taking Iodoral, it has high doses of iodine which can result in losing your hair, it happened to me. My friend in NY has alopecia, she is now completely bald. This is what my dermatologist told me to take, Biosil 10 mg daily (2capsules) and Biotin (5000mcg), most of my hair has grown back. Remember what works for me, may not work for you. See your doctor



Rosedala September 3, 2008 at 7:51 pm

Oh wow Linda, Y’s answer is very thorough and it should help you a lot! It pains me to see someone THIS young to suffer hair loss, but, among all the other good advice from Y, good nutrition is most important for every part of our bodies, and the hair is not an exception.

However I respectfully disagree with Dr. Sara’s statement that vegetarians don’t get enough protein, may I say that most foods that vegetarians eat have proteins 1st hand rather than 2nd hand from the animals, for which reason our problem is usually how to NOT ingest so much protein as it has been proven that it will rob calcium from our bones. I’ve been a vegetarian for well over 30 years (stopped counting) :o) and a vegan (more strict vegetarian) for about 25 years. I’m 80 years old, totally free of any illness, and I noticed the thinning of my hair only since around 2 years ago, and only the last months I saw a little more thinning on the top of my head called, I learned, alopecia aereata. Yes, I understand we all lose it differently and for different reasons, but thought I’d give my own experience.

Linda, since you’re so young there’s more hope. Do get on a very healthy diet as soon as possible. You may want to read one of Dr. M. McDougall’s books, like “The McDougall Program for Women” (It’s $10 and you can get a used one at Barnes & Noble where I get all my 2nd hand books), you must consistently follow their nutritional advice, and also you can view the many great vegan recipes here: http://vegweb.com/index.php?action=recipecategories. And, consistent good exercises should also be part of your life for thorough wellbeing in your present and future.

While you are working very hard to regain your excellent health (which will also revitalize your spirit), there’s a company in New Jersey that offers a wonderful method, totally non-invasive from every point of view and totally invisible. I saw them once on TV, so I called and was sent a DVD. I liked it and I went for a free consultation and demonstration. I took an acquaintance who’s extremely skeptic to help me decide because it’s very expensive ($1500 for 21 square inches) and even she surprised me that she’ll consider it for herself!). You can request a free DVD and see for yourself before you take any step. Here’s where to ask:

106 Grand Avenue – 3rd Floor
Englewood, NJ 07631

Of course, the distance could be a deterrent, but many people go to other countries for plastic surgery, so… However, you have nothing to lose by seeing the DVD.

I wish you the best of luck in getting your own hair back! I have the feeling you will… ;o) Rosedala

P.S. One more link about plant proteins: http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/protein.html , and if anyone wishes more links about plant food, let me know and I’ll post them.


Marina September 17, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Rosedala is right, vegetarian/vegan diets are not only healthier than the meatbased diets plus they give you all the protein you need, easily. And from all the vegans I know, they all have a lot of hair in theis heads, very thick and healthy hair (I am the only one I know who has a hair problem).
I must say that I’m going through exactly the same thing you are. I am 21 and i used to have a lot of hair when i was a kid, but when i was about 15 I started losing it, I lost more than 50% of all the hair I used to have. But it kinda stooped falling a few years later. By the time I was 18 I had the same amout of hair I have today, it is sort of stable. And, like you, I took many blood tests and they all indicated no nutricinal problems at all. I started losing hair only 3 years after I became a vegetarian, so I guess it has nothing to do with my eating habits.
I try not to get too depressed about it, coz I know there’s a lot of people in a worse situation, but I know how hard it is not to think about it when you spend a long time in front of the mirror trying hard to cover the skin every single day and then if you go out in the rain or if the wind is blowing is screws up everything. I know exactly what you’re going through and I wish I could help you more. For now, all I can tell you is to never give up, always hope it will get better one day. Stay healthy and try not to worry too much, because it doesn’t help at all. Try hard to always see the good side of things.

all the best



Anna October 14, 2008 at 12:54 pm


Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I am 24 and have been struggling with thin hair since I was 17. I seem to have the exact same symptoms as you– not a significant amount of daily hair loss, but not enough growth to have a full head of hair. Most don’t seem to notice my thin hair, but it is so obvious to me. I definitely understand the desperation for answers. Most days I can make it work, but when I spend 30 minutes just trying to cover my scalp, it’s hard not to break down. One thing my hair stylist just got me to try that has made things a bit easier is X-fusion: http://www.greatlengthsofevergreen.com/xfusion.htm. It’s no permanent fix, but it definitely makes me feel a little less self-conscious.

Take care,


Melba December 11, 2008 at 11:54 am

Hi Linda,
Unfortunately we all know how you feel, yet fortunately we can all support each other. I’m very sorry you are going through hair loss, it is definitely a very difficult and painful experience. Although there is always more information to read, I have read enough to believe nobody really knows why so many of us lose our hair. While there are your typical cases, there are also many others to baffle us. Do stay as positive as you can, eat healthy, exercise, and make sure to rest. I have a daughter 3 years older than you who is also experiencing hair loss. It kills me that she inherited this gene from me! Then again, where the heck does this hair loss thing come from?

I joined this site not too long ago. At first I felt overwhelmed, and did not want to have this so in my face. Then I realized the support is so genuine that it actually helps and comforts me when I’m feeling down. Please feel free to express yourself freely, and ask as many questions as you want.

Wishing you the best,

Melba (WShair username)


Blair April 16, 2009 at 8:56 am

I just wanted to say to Linda, im 23, and have been having the exact same issue for years, thinning all over, can’t do much with my hair, maybe have 5 or 10 hairs com out after I shower, all those things! Since I was 18 or so, also so has my younger sister, she is 19. Im looking more into it now. I’ve been on the birth control pill since i was 16, now im thinking maybe this could be a reason? Both my parents have hair loss as well. I have seen doctors, but haven’t gotten anywhere. Im just glad I found this site.



Chloe May 8, 2009 at 7:32 am

hi, when I saw your post, I wanted so much to comment. I had thick hair when I was younger till I am 16 yr old when I went on a crash diet. The hair kept dropping and though I went on a normal diet later on, the hair stopped dropping but did not grow back. This was the stupidest move I made and is the biggest regret of my life. If I had a choice again, I wouldn’t diet. But what is lost is lost. I tried years convincing myself of tat lost but it was really hard for me. I couldn’t say I got over it, I still got sad seeing others with thick hair and mine with thin hair but I know I can only accept this no matter wat. It’s painful. I tried numerous treatments, shampoos and medicine but to no avail. Hope was given at the start of each treatment but was dashed at the end of it. But wanted to cheer u on and let u noe u aren’t alone in the world. Reading your post has given me support and I hope my presence can give u some form of support too 🙂 We will live well!


Christina May 12, 2009 at 8:03 am

Hi,I am 41 years of age and I do too suffer from AGA, from my early years too.It started at the age of 15, unfortunately and after all this pain and hardship that I’ve been through,I still haven’t found any answers…I will not give up though..Especially after the birth of my daughter.She is now 10,and still no problem with hair. At least not yet..But the fear..You know..Anyway,there is a question that I wanted to ask, all these years, women who has the same disease as me.During all these years I have used almost everything.Applied direct on the scalp or as a pill.In several cases I had results and I had seen remarkable regrowth of new hair.I had been extrimelly happy.But only for a short period because after a month or so, I was feeling a slight tickle (as if many ants were walking on my head),and that was it.In a couple of days it had all gone…I still do not know what this “tickle” is and how could this possible affect the hai regrowth.What I wish to find out is whether any of you with a hairloss problem experienced something like it..I am convinced that this might be the key to the problem..Finally, I wish there would be something comforting to say,but I am too desperate myself,so I appologise..I hope next time I communicate with you I’ll have some good news.!!Thank you for reading my e-mail…..


Valerie September 13, 2009 at 2:44 am

Hi Linda,

I am 23 years old and suffering from androgenic allopecia too. It is very disheartening and i often cry because i am depressed and scared that i will go bald some day. But i have now consulted a doctor and have just started my medication. Most importantly, I have promised myself not to get depressed, as I will lose more hair that way 🙂 . Just keep a positive outlook and always know that the people who love you, love you for who you are, no matter how thin your hair is.

All the best .
Will write in soon with my results.


Nicole January 11, 2010 at 12:16 am

i just wanted to add that i also have this problem. my mom has extremely thin hair and my dad is bald on top, so i guess i’m destined to lose my hair too. it all started when i was about 16. i am now 21, and i probably have 1/3 of the hair i had back then. it’s mostly on the top of my head that is thinning. i part my hair way off to the left, which helps hide the thinness on the top, though i still can tell. others can tell i have thin hair when i mention it first, but other than that no one has really said anything to me until the other day. one of my guy friends told me that he thought i was balding. this reallllly hurt me because it’s one of the things i’m most self-counscious about. i currently use nioxin shampoo and conditioner. i’m hoping it helps a little. i don’t think my hair is getting any thinner than it was when i was 19, so that’s a good sign. i also notice it the most when my hair is wet or greasey. when it’s dry and clean it’s not as bad looking, but i reallllly wish i could find something that would make my hair grow thicker. having thin fine hair really isn’t easy to deal with. i can definitely understand where all of you are coming from. thanks for sharing your stories. it really helps others see that they are not alone.


Asia June 6, 2010 at 9:45 pm

when i was a baby my hair was curly and thick but after my mom gave me a relaxer when i was about 5 or 6 and every since that my hair has been bald on the sides i have been using this cream which as made my bald sides grow some hair but it is very thin and im to embrassed to put it in a pony tail cuz you can see me scalp. i get depressed when i see my friends putting their hair up and i can’t. is there any way i can get my sides to grow thick and full



Susan October 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Hi i just recently started loosing my hair like crazy im only 19 years old. And it seem like every time i brush my hair or take a shower lots and lots of hair is coming out. Im really confused an now im seeing little bold spots. I need help i havent been on crazy diets or changed my shampoo. What could this be? Both my parents are dont have thin hair matter fact my dad is pretty hairy.


Carly December 6, 2010 at 9:16 pm

Hi! I am also 19 and I feel as if we might have similar hair loss problems. Growing up, everyone knew me as the girl with incredibly thick, gorgeous hair. I often wished my hair was thinner when I was younger because it took forever to dry, but that is a wish I’d take back in a heartbeat.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, a thyroid disease, as well as hypothyroidism last January. I was tested for the disease following various sympotms that I was having including depression and weight gain with no change in my healthy diet and exercise. Hair loss was never a symptom and I immediately began taking Snythroid to regulate my thyroid.

That was in January. I began having bad hair loss in July… it was REALLY bad. If I took a shower, it would be covered in hair. I was constantly shedding and covered in my own hair. I didn’t know why it was happening (and still don’t) and it came to the point where my hair dresser thought I had lost close to HALF of my hair. I am SO thankful that I had extremely thick hair before, because now it just looks normal except like you were saying when I put it in a ponytail you can definitely see my scalp and when it gets a little greasy. I am paranoid all the time and feel like I look like a boy. My hair was the only thing that ever made me feel pretty, and now I’m losing it all.

My hair is still long because I refuse to cut it in fear that it will never grow again, even though all of my ends are becoming split and dead. I have had my thyroid tested multiple times to make sure that it is regulated and it is (hair loss is often a symptom of hypothyroidism but mine is being treated).. I have been to the dermatologist several times and she thinks it is telogen efflovium, that my body is stressed and has gone into shock. Often pregnant people get this. I would like to believe that it is this and thay my hair will grow again, but it has been 5 months now and although hair loss has slowed down, has not stopped.

One thing my dermatologist recommended that has seemed to help is using a dandruff shampoo even though I don’t have dandruff, because it is sensitive to the scalp. Also a detangler, just to keep from pulling on hairs.

I am hoping that I have the telogen efflovium because it means that eventually, it will start to grow again. There is a large chance that others might have this too. My doctor said that the hair goes through stages where it falls out rapidly and stages where it just doesn’t grow at all.

I know the awful feelings of feeling “bald” and seeing your hair fall out in the shower. Hopefully we can all figure out whats happening and get our hair back soon!! If anyone has any suggestions to help my hair loss please let me know; I am desperate!


mariam December 9, 2010 at 7:55 am

hi m 25 yrs old n i completely relate wit ur story i do hav androgenic alopecia n m suffering from it since months nw. my scalp too shows when greasy or wet aft a shower n a lot from d front m thinning n hav tried al i cud to stop dis but nothing worked it jst felt lik i cnt hav a normal life nw. I cried a lot , was depressed for days n ran from doc to doc to find out what my body waz upto. I got stuck up wit al sorts of docs n medication n oils which they said wud cure d hair fall but in vain nothing did happen instead it continued at d same pace. Aft loads of research for hours at a stretch each day n finally wit a right doc i found out what i waz suffering from. I may not be able to tell u what u r going through bt il tel u wht my doc tld me abt my case of androgenic alopecia hair loss——– androgenic alopecia has four stages as per wht my doc said n i waz already at d end of my second stage by then. he tld me tht there is a hormone DHT tht is acting on my hair follicles. Wht he tld waz tht when my hair falls dis DHT reduces d size of my hair follicle because of which d nxt hair which comes out is thinner n dis process goes on n each new hair is thinner n weaker n has shorther life span n finally d hair follicle gets blocked n slowly patches start forming. dis is my case n he tld me tht dnt take any medication cz it wont do ny magic instead d failure of does medicines will hit hard on ur expectations n make u feel evn worse. i hav gt a wig made one wit a monofilament i dnt wear it regularly as of nw as i stil hav some hair for normal day simple style lik tied up or open n my hair wavy so d volume jst looks more wen itz nt as much but i use d wigs wen m socilizing or out for dinner or wedding celebrations. i totally relate wit u jst b strong n slowly ul learn to accept urself n ul learn hw to keep ur self happy n find solutions cosmetic ones if nt medicinal ones . dnt worry abt it tht much it wil take time but ul learn n ul win n learn to cope wit it.


Michelle March 4, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Hi I’m 23 and i’m also have AGA. Some tips that I found useful when dealing with hairloss is Emu oil, or Castor Oil, Or Cocanut Oil treatment. I just put it on the night before and show it out in the morning. I found that my hair was much thicker after I did the oil treatment. Also try to use shampoo’s that don’t have too much chemicals. I remember someone told me to use Nioxin and it only made it worse but i guess it depends on each person. I use Emu oil Shampoo which is a very light herbal shampoo which no chemicals I think it helped stop my shedding massivly. Some people recommended baby shampoo as well but I find the Emu Oil better. Its expensive but I think its worth it. Hairloss sucks but it it is what it is. Once you make your peace with it it helps you concentrate more on treating it rather then stressing over it. Like before i went to the doctor I knew my hair was really thin but i felt more stressed and depressed after the doctor told me I have AGA. Sometimes I wish I never went and just dealth with it bceause I would have had a much more positive outlook but then again I guess it depends on how you like to see things. This site has definitly helped me do that, find closure with my hairloss! ALSO do not color your hair or anything. Eat healthy drink a lot of water. take vitamens, stay away from any ad’s or commercials about ” hairloss cures”. Its all bogus!
If your ever on a hairloss site and they don’t mention eating a balanced healthy diet and excersize then you know their just trying to make money of you!
Anyways goodluck and just stay positive!!


najwa May 24, 2011 at 4:55 pm

hi .. i wanted to share too.. iam 19 years old about to be 20 actually and i do have androgenic alopecia ..and it all started two years ago when my hair started to be thinner and bk then i thought it was stress from exams and bad diet but 8 months ago i started taking medications for my alopecia .. and my mother says i do progress though ifeeel its slowly and not enough ..my fear which i want to know about , am i gonna lose all my hair when i get older or i can stop it >>>???


Nis September 13, 2011 at 9:37 pm

wow. 5 minutes ago, i thought i was the only one suffering from this.
Today i finally found out what i have; androgenic alopecia. I have
had hair thinning/loss since i was about 16-17 and i am now almost 20.
At first my family and I thought it was due to stress/diets..but soon
my hair was thinning too much, i found myself taking all sorts of
blood tests, see if i had iron deficiencies, etc. we still didnt get
to the root of the problem, the 2-3 doctors i went to just told me it
was stress and if i started eating very healthy i would most likely
get all of my hair back (Never recommending them!) Finally, my mom and
I were really worried so we went to a dermatologist, and he FINALLY
recommended us to another dermatologist. This doc (the only one i
think who actually knows what he’s doing) told me that i might have
androgenic alopecia, but he would like to do a skin (head) biopsy
first! he gave me alot of hope because he told me that many women come
to him because of hair loss (although older), and he said he has
prescribed them pills that help regain hair, except you cant use the
at the time of pregnancy because your child might be deformed.
anyways i got my biopsy done, and a month later (today), the doctor
called me in for my results. He told me what i had and recommended
rogain for MEN (?) 5%. I asked him about the pills, but he said that
the FDA hasnt approved them, unless you’re going through menopause and
wont be having any kids ( i respect that, because the last thing i
would want is to have something wrong with my kids, especially if i
can control it!) SO yeah. im home now…pretty depressed. I dont know
if im happy about finding out the root of the problem, because now i
know its permanent. 🙁 i will lost hope and i will start rogain tmrw,
and i truly hope that it can atleast stop my hair from falling, if not
regrowing it!

It has been a tough three years. It makes me very sad when i see my
friends with long thick hair..i feel like wherever i go, i somehow end
up staring at someone’s hair and envying them:/ it sucks because i
really pretty much only have ONE hair style-having my hair in a bun.
i find myself infront of the mirror for a good 30 minutes, trying to
hide any visible bald spot/scalp. i worry about about rainy and windy
days because they might ‘move my hair out of place’. I have never
talked to any of my friends about it, although i know they will not
judge me, i just dont want them to treat me different (maybe they
wont), but i just want to feel normal around them, you know what i
mean>?Although not yet, I still worry about the day someone will tell
me that my hair is veryyyy thin and that im balding or something. I’m
happy i found this website!! i cant believe i am actually writing all
this because my hair loss is such a sensitive topic (as im sure it is
for all of you too) and i never talk about it. it is one of my
deepest, darkest secret ..which will soon be visible. 🙁

Anyway, SORRY TO BORE YOU ALL..i just got happy that THERE ARE PPL
LIKE ME!!! i know we probably all are/have been thinking “WHY MEEE!?”
“Why did it happen to be me in the fam that is suffering from
this?”… I truly believe God has a plan for all of us, he does
nothing without a reason, even though we may not understand it, we
have to learn to accept it. We Should DEF be thankful for what WE
HAVE, it could be ALOT worse, and we’re lucky that we are HEALTHY!!
Thanks for reading girls….i would love some feedback 🙂


mahee December 21, 2011 at 11:56 am

well i am also victim of this but not sever case.my doc told me that my hair loss is due to PCOS.so i recommend u to go through tests making yourself sure coz 70 percent women dont even know that they are victim of PCOS.


Lauren February 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this story! I now know that I am not alone!!!


sad girl May 9, 2012 at 1:50 am

I don’t know if i have AGA but i think i do.. I’ve lost 3/4 of my hair and it has been shedding for the past 2 years.. I’m only 20. everyone around me has good hair.. i can’t even study or do anything.. i feel so ugly..especially when my bf made fun of my hair dropping everywhere.. it was so hurtful..


kylie July 4, 2012 at 1:16 pm

i’m 26 and my hair as been very thin my whole life. lately it seems to be getting thinner. in the past three and a half years i’ve had 2 children and a fair bit of stress in my life, and i’m thinking maybe thats why but i’ve never really had a proper healthy diet either so that could be why too. could you please help me i dont wany to be bald by the time i’m 30 it’s really bringing my confindence down


Jeanette August 29, 2012 at 9:38 am

My 12 1/2-yr-old daughter has been diagnosed with AGA. Her free and total testosterone tested slightly high for her development. All other blood tests were within normal ranges (no thyroid problems, etc.). The endocrinologist we saw said there was nothing he could do. The dermatologist told us to start her on 5% Rogaine foam for men. I am very hesitant to do this due to side effects and the massive initial shed many people mention. I think that would crush my daughter, who by the way says she doesn’t care about her hair (right now, anyway). She hasn’t had her first period, and the gynecologist we saw did not want to start her on any birth control pills or hormones because it would throw her right into full-blown puberty. Has anyone used 5% Rogaine foam successfully? What side effect did you see? Not sure we could commit to regular use for a lifetime and with the risk it wouldn’t work or would backfire. My husband is completely against Rogaine. We’d be happy just to stop the hair fall. My daughter uses Nizoral 1% shampoo every 3 days, and 1000 mg Biotin daily. I can’t tell if this is helping or if it takes time to help.


ATR September 7, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Hi I’m Astrid and I’m 19 years old and I swear I’m going bald!, Growing up I didn’t have the thickest hair but nonetheless I had a head of hair everyone loved curly hair too. In middle school is when I started using hair jail on my hair and the week going into 7th grade when my mom’s friend was going to straighten my hair I lost tons of hair in the shower!. I freaked out from then on I kept losing a lot of hair and putting it into zip block bags to bring to my dr to see what was going on but I never actually got to bring them. Later on I wasn’t losing as much as I had so I began to worry less thinking it was probably a weird puberty effect but now I’m not I lose a lot of my hair and firgured it was from my hair getting tangled and because people with long hair lose more hair but what about the plenty other girls I see with long thick hair like my little sister she has a head of hair like the one I had she can let it get super tangled and still she has a head of hair! I don’t put anything on my hair like at all, I do straighten it with a flat iron sometimes but other people do to but I’ve never died it had highlights once and they’ve already grown out because I got them when I was 14, my hair looks thick when its curly but once I touch the top of my head I get discouraged because it’s almost like nothing is there. I’m freaking out, my hair is one thing I wouldnt trade with anyone so to be losing it slowly and secretly is just horrible I really don’t want to think this has no solution I lose a lot of hair in the shower and during the day and feel like its not being replaced now I can even tell my hairline is receding can someone help me please just email me and thank you, I read a lot of stories here


jodi October 2, 2012 at 2:57 pm

I was “diagnosed” by process of elimination. Normal bloodwork(slightly low in ferritin but not alarming ) healthy diet. I really never see lots of hair shedding. Its not on my hairbrush, my pillow, and only a little bit in my hands when I comb my fingers thru after conditioning. Yet I have lost about 50% of my hair btwn ages 35 and 45. I’ve never taken birth control pills, no thyroid problem. My hair is thin all over but more so along the part, the side above my ear and the front ( so aga does have receding hairline ! ) I wish I could find a Dr who REALLY knows their stuff regarding hair loss. I cant travel far so if anyone knows someone in N.Y ( on long island )Please post the info . i cant believe theres nothing I can do. I tried rogaine and ran out of patience…. my hair was so gross and greasy from the stuff.


esmeralda October 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm

i really don’t have anything to say as to how you can cure it or what it could be just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one. I’m barely turning 19 next month & my hair only keeps thinning and thinning it’s really hurtful and drepressing for me:/ i’m planning on taking these pills called hair essentials it’s all natural herbs and stuff so if you’d like i can try them for a month and let you know if there is a difference so you can try it too(: best of luck for both of us cause it sure is hard to deal with it trust me…


Heidi April 3, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Your story is completely identical to mine in every aspect. I eat a health diet and exercise regularly but nothing seems to be the fix. Some days I feel completely broken down in addition to a lot of other problems i’m experiencing as a 19 year old that shouldn’t be a problem until i’m 40. (i.e. thin skin, excessive wrinkles, drooped eyelids) its a pain. somedays makeup helps me feel better and a fresh wash and blow dry but sometimes I wish i could go out naturally and have the same confidence.


Ashna October 18, 2014 at 8:27 am


Recently, i have been extremely unhappy and self conscious about my hair loss.
I am 13 and a few months ago, my hair started falling like crazy. I would lose excessive amounts of hair everyday. Don’t even get me started on the shower.
For the longest time, i could never do a middle parting because my hair was way too thin in that area and the parting was so wide.
So i had to do a side parting.
For the past couple of months, i have been noticing extreme levels of hair fall. It is extremely worrying and i am so scared.
I really don’t want my hair to fall out and i don’t know what to do.
I wash my hair every alternate day.
Im also on roaccutane, so I’m not sure if this hair fall is because of that and it will stop when I’m done with the medication. but i am incredibly worried.
I would really like to know what you say about this!!


Kim November 14, 2014 at 1:38 pm

My story is the same as Linda except I had thin hair at 24 and I’m now 36 and it is now starting to get noticeably thinner. I have had blood test all saying my iron levels are low (border line minimum that they can be before I get real problems) anyway I have started to take iron supplements, vitamin B and I-lysine which is suppose to help protein and absorb iron (which I have a problem with). I also have symptoms of being anaemic such as headaches after exercise, fatigue, and dizziness. I have only taken these supplements a week so no hair growth yet but I have noticed I am getting fitter and have no shortness of breath when I run (another symptom) .


karina November 24, 2014 at 11:51 am

Hello everybody..im 16 years old and this is so tough fr me..i used to have very thick hair..bt within the past 3 months m facing extreme hairfall..and ive a dry scalp and normal waist length hair..bt nw ive got so thin hair..especially thinning in the middle top of my head and a rising bald spot on the right corner of my hairline..and ive tried endless things to make things right bt nothing is working for me..a few days back somebody suggested me to go fr castor oil..as it helps regrow thinning hair and all..so as a last hope i tried it today..nd first of all..i must have shedded 50 strands while oiling my scalp and i did it normally nt even harsh or anything..nd den around 30 more strands while washing my hair after 8 hours of keeping the oil in my hair..and nt just that m still shedding and cryin…i really want my hair back..my mum has got thin hair so mayb it cn be that..bt i dont knw wht to do now..should i continue wid oiling..? Or no? And i even have a saw palmetto medical oil and shampoo..should i give a try to that..? Has anybody tried it? Im even working on my diet..bt it isnt helping..i ate biotin tablets..even that didnt help..my hair r only decreasing drastically day by day..m just so worried..please help..


Crystal February 21, 2016 at 8:01 am

Hi Linda, I found your story online here,bc right now I’m going through the same thing you are. What Y wrote is spot on. Im 37 and have had lots of hair when young then around 16-18 lost a good bit with spots on the scalp. Mom did a treatment on my scalp which helped the hair to come back also during that time I hate no thing with sugar or flour . My hair came bck in all cept a little spot. Well fast forward to couple years ago and I had alot of hair come out not 100% sure but I was using Wen hair products bc of some very minor hair loss do to stressful situation at work w a couple of coworkers which is all good now. Anyhow i went threw lots of hair loss and like you all wondering will I go bald. I went to a dem.. dr all she told me was i had Secondary Alopesia i was scared well i didnt stop with that. I started looking for a natural doc. I was told I have microplasma and that was causing my hair loss. It is hard to get rid off. Well im taking drops for it. Anyhow I started looking into another Doc natural doc. Natural Pathic Doc. He ran some diffrent tests and did a hair sample. I had cronic stress my body was ready to shut down it didnt show up in the blood test I had done. Bc the blood tries to stable itself out. I was also way out there with metals and aluminum


Crystal February 21, 2016 at 8:06 am

Doc put me on minerals and vit. And a special diet. No sugar no flour no soy products. It did help some. Maybe try looking for a natural pathic Doc. He/she would be able to help you with the right vito. Mineral and diet for your body. Never forget to be greatful you arent losing anymore cept in the shower. There are many more women out there going thro the same thing. Take Care and have fun with it. 🙂


Renee July 11, 2018 at 6:25 am

My 19 yr old daughter had been experiencing hair loss for about 2 yrs which we thought was due to nursing school. Took her to a derm which said take vitamins. Finally took her to another derm and she immediately did a scalp biopsy and confirmed she had lpp. What devastating news for us! It seems like a death sentence. She said she had seen a number of young girls with the same shocking diagnosis. So go to a well known derm that specializes in hair loss.


Ayza September 18, 2018 at 7:09 pm

I’m a 21 years old girl and have been losing hair from the age of 17. Over the years I have lost about 50% of my hair and I still continue to do so, my hair line is receding and I have an over thinning of hair. It had me worried and I have seen a doctor lately who tested me for vitamins and other minerals and thyroid. I have low iron and vitamin D. I have been taking supplements for the deficient but have seen no progress.
I am really worried what else should I be tested for.


Elona March 1, 2019 at 10:44 pm

I’m 19 years old. I’m facing a major hair fall since 2 years. I consulted many doctors. I tried undergoing on treatment but yet my hair fall didn’t stop. I feel ashamed going put because everyone asks me what’s wrong with my hair. I have lost almost 70% of my hair. Please help me. What am I supposed to do to stop this.


Colleen December 6, 2019 at 6:41 am

I’ve been researching online and been to two doctors and a naturopath had numerous blood tests for my hair loss. Now the STRANGE part of my story is my 19 year old daughter too has hair loss. We are BOTH experiencing it right at the front of our scalps. Both MD’s say our blood work is normal.
My ND says my vitamin D and B12 are low but this was just very recent. My hair has been thinning for at least three years… and as of two days ago has gotten worse. My daughters hair is far thinner than mine and she does not want to talk about it gets mad at me when I bring it up. I can’t imagine how hard this is for her because I know it has depressed the crap out of me and keeps me up at night. We both had very nice thick hair, mine was probably thicker and actually thicker than most women. Hair dresser dread drying my hair because it’s long and was very time consuming to dry. We have both had a ton of stress as we have lost far to many dear ones in a short period of time. I’ve tried Rogain for the past year with no success. But I’m afraid to stop using it ( crazy) I know. Running out of avenues to take and yes most MD’s are not interested or know very little about hair loss. I was also referred to a dermatologist who said and I quote “why did your doctor send you to me?”
Any suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated.
Sorry I am adding to this thread I didn’t know how to start my own.

Thank you ?


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