An Inventive Way To Comb Your Hair

by Y on August 29, 2008

I am just about to head out the door, but I wanted to make a quick post about my exciting new way to comb my hair. I’m always looking for new ways to avoid having to constantly be smacked in the face with the fact that I’m losing my hair every time I comb my hair after a shower. It is pure torture to just stand there and watch the hair fall like strands of spaghetti from my head. The darn hair is gonna fall whether I look at it or not, and when I’m going through a heightened shedding period I’d really prefer not to watch. I need CONTROL. I’ve done the “blind comb” where I’d sit on the bed with a towel around me and comb my  hair without a mirror, then I’d pick up the towel (not looking of course) and take it outside…shake shake shake.. and I’m all done! No hair loss. Crazy huh? Okay it gets even crazier.

I’m so frustrated with the fact that I’m still going through these shedding periods and I truly don’t have a lot left to lose. So about 20 minutes ago I was standing comb in hand, wet hair, and staring at the sink. It was like a duel out of an old western movie. I glanced at the toilet, I glanced at the sink and back to the toilet. The hair is gonna end up in the toilet anyways so why don’t I just shorten the trip! I squatted around the toilet and comb my hair, the hairs fell right in and I flushed them away. I don’t know if I lost one hair or 200 hairs!  Oh sweet harmony that felt good! I mean seriously, really liberating.

What makes dealing with hair loss so hard is the lack of control, the feeling of the inability to do anything to make those hairs stop falling out. The helplessness. These little things give me back control. And instead of watching my hair fall out of my head, a feel a sense of relief and I go out and enjoy myself at the movies. Whatever helps you get through the day. 🙂

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Kimberly August 29, 2008 at 9:55 pm

You are a brave and strong woman. I have never posted about my hair loss before but found myself in your article. Thank you for sharing. I repeat every day “my hair loss is not a reflection of me as a person. I am so much more than my hair.” As cheesy as this sounds, it helps. Much love, Kimberly


Rachael Jean Harper August 30, 2008 at 11:08 am

It is really hard to deal with shedding. When mine was shedding, I learned to brush as little as possible, and never when my hair was wet. It is more conductive to streaching and breaking when wet. I always brushed dry and thourghly, and in the dark before a shower. This kept the fall out down, as well as not having to pick it up out of the shower. This made the ordeal so much easier to handle for me. I wore hats that kept me from having to brush too often, and up in a tie at night.

I thank my Creator that it has stopped falling out and that all of the nutritional work that I have done is working for me. Good luck to all of you no matter what path you chose to comb or brush your hair, or what therapies you decide on to use to gain controll over this awful afflection.

A man with male pattern baldness is not enough heartache to sing the blues, but a woman with male pattern baldness is. Rachaeljean1


admin September 2, 2008 at 2:07 pm

Hi Kimberly & Rachel Jean –

Kimberly – Thank you for posting for the first time, I’m always happy to hear from women who read the site. Like you I repeat “I am not my hair” like a endless chant to remind myself I am so much more than this. So it definitely doesn’t sound cheesy at all, I totally understand! thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Rachel Jean – Hi there! I haven’t used a brush in forever, I don’t think I have enough hair for it. It would be like a large massive object touching my bare scalp. I might as well use a shovel 🙂 It’s a comb for me all the way and a small one at that. Very light and conscious to not accidently knock out any hairs before their time.

Love hearing from you and LOVE that your hair is doing better, it is soooo important for other women do read that it CAN get better.

All The Best,


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