Self Limiting Beliefs & Hair Loss

by Y on March 3, 2020

Our own thought process can hinder our day to day life and make an already sub-optimal situation worse. Dealing with hair loss is hard enough as it is, imposing additional self judgment or self limiting beliefs only serves to harm us and keep us from moving forward. I still to this day, have to put myself in check when I find I am doing this.

I do it in many areas of my life, but I certainly did it prior to accepting my hair loss/situation and wearing hair, and then I find I’m doing it yet again with not being able to shave my head yet… something I personally feel will be important to me in my journey.

Last week I made a post on Instagram about having to rally myself up again because I have been confronted with yet another shed. While hair loss doesn’t impact me on the level it used to, it still does have an effect on me at times, such as dealing with a shed, and on top of that I get quite down on myself for allowing this to having any place in my life any longer. Meaning, I should have already ripped the bandaid off and shaved my head, to have fully removed all any remaining power hair loss has over me.

Although I already know this and have lived it, I have to remind myself the time will come when/if we are ready to do the things we want and we should not put additional pressure on ourself, or judge ourselves against others who have already been able to do X Y Z. This is our own journey, and we navigate it at our own pace. Let’s practice more self love.

Much Love to All,

Self Limiting Beliefs

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