Your Hair Loss Journey Is Your Own

by Y on February 11, 2024

Your hair loss journey is your own, your wig journey or hair loss treatment journey, is your own and cannot be compared to others. Striving to find peace for ourselves is all we can do, and with hair loss that is no small feat, and wrought with challenges. 

To learn to adapt AGAIN, in dealing with a second type of hair loss, which then changed how I did Everything.. needing to shave my head, adjusting to a yet another very different reflection, wearing a different type of wig (lace fronts) as I no longer have a hairline to blend close fronts , and then existing in a wig struggle of not feeling like I can get everything I feel I need, as I want, working on it, but mostly trying to make peace with it all really, because that is all that is in my control. ??It’s hair loss, it will never be perfect, and I’ve never believed there ever was a perfect wig, not now and not before, I don’t own a perfect wig, I never have, it’s definitely harder now though. 

I continue on my journey to make it all fit, because there is no alternative, but some days you get frustrated and want to cry, but the plumber is coming so he ruins your cry game, so instead you post to instagram to share your thoughts and message. 

Mostly to let you know after 25 years of hair loss, 12 years of wearing wigs, getting slapped up side the face on year 23 with a second hair loss… I understand. I get it. I also know the power and ability and capability in getting through.

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