Hair Loss Deserves Respect

by Y on February 7, 2024

Growing up you hear, how a “bad hair day” just RUINS the day… a bad hair day? How bout irreversible progressive loss with no end in sight. You hear how a woman is revamped by a new cut and color, brought to life again….. all those things are things, but somehow all this is missed and lost when it comes to understanding the person actually losing a fundamental part of themselves, a body part, their frame, their image.

It’s not just hair, it never was “just hair,” not to me, and not to millions of other women and men experiencing hair loss.

I write to share and spread awareness, look around on tv, movies, “he’s got great hair” “she’s got great hair.” If these weren’t things that mattered why mention them? They matter. I liken my hair to a body part and losing it I lost a body part and a huge part of myself, and I had to learn to rebuild myself up from that, but it is sad how often people minimize this devastating loss.

I’ve heard women tell me their hair loss was worse than cancer, worse than back / spine surgery…worse than XYZ, some really difficult things, and yet hair loss is still looked at as meh, it’s not Meh, it’s a part of who we are and for many contributes to our ability to function in this world and our mental well being.

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