Tips For Choosing The Right Wig

by Y on February 27, 2008

Tips For Choosing The Right WigA Blog Post By Kathyloulu

Beth had a question about this and I thought that there might be others who would benefit from this information; thus, I’m blogging again.My hair loss began gradually just above the ears. Over the course of the next two months, the hair at my temples started receding and I noticed bald patches on other parts of my head. I did the whole comb and cover routine the best I could, but it kept getting worse.Finally, I decided that I needed to get a wig. I loaded up all four children (at the time) and took them with me to the wig shop so that they could be involved in the process. Now, fortunately, we have at least three wig salons here in San Antonio. But, in smaller cities, you may not have the selection you need. Do not — I repeat — do not order your first wig online. Because what you think will look good and what actually works for you are completely different things. If possible, take a trip to a larger city and plan to spend a few hours trying on as many wigs as you need to.

Here are some tips:

1) if you are looking for long hair (which is what I currently have) — definitely spend the money on real human hair (with the cuticle intact). I tried several long synthetic wigs (even the “new generation” and “heat resistant” synthetics) and they looked great — for about a month. After that the ends get “knappy” (for lack of a better word) and it gets very, very tangled all the time. The human hair is just like, well, hair.

2) look for wigs with a “monofilament” top — or in the less expensive wigs, a flesh colored mesh piece — where the hair parts. These look most natural and really does look like your scalp showing. If you are caucasion — look for the lighter wig cap. If you are african-american — look for the darker wig cap.

3) you don’t have to spend a lot to look great! The wig that I had on in my picture cost $39.99 and I swear I had so many compliments on it — even women wanting to take my picture so that they could show their sylist what they wanted (it was then that I was very tempted to just take my wig off and ask the lady if she wanted to try it on! But, I didn’t want to embarrass my husband.)

4) Benefits of synthetic hair — wash with any mild shampoo, shake out and let air dry. No styling required. Very easy maintenance.

5) Benefits of human hair — looks and feels great! Shampoo and style just as you did your own hair.

6) drawbacks of synthetic hair — Not as durable. Can melt or singe with a sudden blast of heat — say, from leaning too close when opening the oven. Or if your mother should accidentally wash your hair on extra hot, sanitary setting in the washing machine.

7) drawbacks of human hair — you have to fix it. If it rains, you have a bad hair day.

8) drawbacks of all wigs — wind, roller coasters, and water sports create challenges. But, there is double-stick tape for that. : )

9) and finally, the benefits of any and all wigs — you can always have perfect color and highlights!! I am currently a red-head and it looks amazing with my skin!

10) The very best benefit — once you get past feeling self-conscious — is that you look and feel beautiful again!

About the author: Kathyloulu is a community member of the Women’s Hair loss Project. To learn more about her and read her other blog posts, visit her profile:

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Lynnie February 28, 2008 at 9:26 pm

Kathylou, I love your hair! So chic!

I have learned a few things about wigs too…

* Make sure you scalp is washed regularly, and kept in the best condition possible. If your scalp is irritated it will affect the comfort of wearing a wig. My hair loss includes a pain (an electric tingling) in the scalp. I noticed that my wig will trigger or irritate my scalp more when my scalp is losing hair–on those days I usually wear a scarf or knit cap.

* Keep a mental note of how you want to respond to people regarding your hair. And what you say to who (strangers vs friends, family etc). I have had compliments on my hair–but sometimes people do ask if I am wearing a wig or even why I have a wig (then again, all my eyebrows are gone so its more noticeable). Kids tend to have more questions because they are naturally curious. It helps to know what you want to say so you feel in control and comfortable. Also, keep in mind alot of people have artifical hair–wigs, ponies, extension, eyelash extensions etc–so it is not uncommon or abnormal to wear a wig.

* Make sure the wig is adjusted to your size–check the inside cap usually it has velcro, combs or an adjustable hook.

* If you have hair, you can secure the wig with bobby pins or barettes. You may also consider wearing a cap or du rag underneath.

* Watch for low hanging trees and objects, which may rip your wig off 😮 Also, keep the wig in mind when trying on clothing or hats.

* Watch out for blasts of heat–like opening an oven door or steaming food–when wearing synthetic wigs. The hair may melt.

* Enjoy! Be willing to try new colors, styles and looks. You’re beautiful 🙂 (wink)




vicky February 28, 2008 at 9:59 pm

Hi Kathy

I’m at a stage where my hair has diffused so much that i will have to wear some sort of hair replacement system and i was wondering if u wear a wig does it damage the hairs underneath it at all? or is it quite safe? i still would like get keep what natural hair i have left intact, even if it is just a handful.

By the way, this is to all the wonderful ladies out there, i’m considering trying “Finasteride/Propecia” the drug prescribed only to men, if anybody has had any experience with this drug, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx Vic.


Angela March 1, 2008 at 7:19 pm

Wow! I am so happy to find this site. I am 29 and for the past two year have been slowly losing my hair ~ I am not able to go to the doctor due to insur. and cash flow lol which is awful I know ~I am working on that ~ but I just dont know what to do to get my hair back ~ I have always had fine hair ~ but now it is barely therewhen I pull my hair back in a pony tail It is no thicker than a dime in circum. I take a shower it find tons of hair in the drain ~ it is everywhere~ I just dont know what to try or use or get to help it. It is dry and brittle ~~ please if anyone can give me some advice I would appreciate it ~~ty


Virginia May 19, 2008 at 9:43 pm

Great to read some of this stuff and realise there Are Others Out There; for years my hair has been thinning on top and on my temples and has been a major source of angst. It started when I had my 3 children. I am now 66, had a hysterectomy at age 40, and although my hair is very healthy and shiny, it is fine and too sparse. Not much hair falls out – just a few hairs here and there, which I think is normal. It seems that I just have less hair than most people and I would give my right arm for a thick head of hair!
I have been down the wiglet route, having had a couple made for me by the cancer people – none of them have been totally successful although they have managed to look quite normal – to me, they were never quite perfect. I have tried synthetic wigs, which for a short while do look great, but their condition goes especially if one plays sport or spends any time in the sun.
I found it a great source of embarrassment when complimented on my “hair” – could never bring myself to confess I was wearing a wig! This made me feel very sneaky and added to my feelings of self-consciousness about my sparse hair.
I hate sitting under a light or even being in the sun, as one can see right through my hair.
A dermatologist has recommended Androcur; I have been looking it up on the web and am not sure about taking it. Some of the side effects sound a bit much.
But I am determined never to be one of those pathetic, bald old ladies. I have to do something – either wear a wig, find a cure and thicken my own hair or have yet another wiglet made (some expense, this) – or even, go in for wigs of all colours and styles and be blatant!
I play a lot of lawn bowls and this community is fairly conservative. If I took the latter course, I would be a topic of conversation right through the local bowls area. Would I mind?
Then there’s the other thing: I am now a widow and one’s thoughts, naturally, turn to the possibility of meeting a man somewhere along the line – or not; BUT – with fine and thinning hair AND a hair piece of some kind – wow, this makes everything 1000 times more complicated! Bad enough getting old and having a few wrinkles.
Hair loss is a kind of tragi comedy – not so comic for the sufferer but quite a giggle to anyone who is lucky enough to possess trouble free thick glossy hair. WHAT to do about it – there has to be a solution!


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