Purchased A Few Wigs On Ebay – What A Disaster!

by Y on October 12, 2007

Purchased A Few Wigs On Ebay - What A Disaster!So a few weeks back I purchased two wigs (synthetic) on ebay. A week after that I purchased another one (supposedly human hair). I was hesitant to make online purchases of wigs for obvious reasons. One, I didn’t have the ability to see the quality of hair or thickness of the cap, and Two, I wasn’t able to try the hair on first. But I went ahead anyways with eyes wide open, knowing that I may end up getting a bag or rocks in the mail… or worst nothing, or worse what I got in the mail… Horrible wigs. I should mention the wigs are quite photogenic and take a much better picture than they actually look like in person. I couldn’t help myself, I had to throw it on my dog and take a picture. He looks much better in it than I did.

My first set of wigs arrived promptly and I anxiously ran out the door to pick up the package like a little girl on Christmas morning…tearing at the box to get to the inside. I open it and was shocked at what stared back at me, it looked like rubber hair. I have no idea what the wigs were treated with, perhaps a preservative or maybe it was the dye used, but I was horribly allergic to it and instantly started sneezing, the watery eyes followed suit. There I was, standing with rubber hair on my head, a cap so thick it felt like 3 baseball caps and an allergy attack. What a disappointment! I would have preferred the bag of rocks. 🙂 My fiance was very sweet and didn’t make any initial reaction to my rubber hair cap, he was just silent. As soon as I screamed in horror after seeing my reflection in the mirror he was quick to jump in and casually mention that they weren’t very good quality. Not being good quality is an understatement. My childhood cabbage patch doll had better hair.

The next wig (human hair.. yeah right) arrived the following week. At least I wasn’t allergic to it, but still poorly made, so now I have 3 wigs that cannot be worn and will never see the light of day. Thank goodness for that. I am not discouraged though, it was a big step for me to order them and to try at least start thinking about wigs as a possibility. After this experience, I definitely think wigs are something that have to be seen and tried on in person. Very important. There are several large wig retailers in my area so perhaps I’ll get up the courage to visit one soon. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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Arsh October 12, 2007 at 3:43 pm

try a woman named sherry at alternative hair in rochester new york…she runs a non profit for those suffering from hair loss and can get you great wigs at cost…she does not carry integrations though…


Arsh October 12, 2007 at 5:38 pm


there is the link. i ordered a wig from her for $235 and it was really good!


jeni October 12, 2007 at 6:50 pm

I’m sorry about the horrible ebay wigs:( Your dog looks really cute though. I don’t know if you watch “America’s Next Top Model” but this week one of the girls had to get her head shaved, since her hair was too damaged to work with. Then she got an expensive wig that looked good. Here in Las Vegas, I am obsessed with the lead singer of Quiet Riot because he wears different wigs all the time (most of them not good). His new one was really cool, though, because it was long and blond, but it had darker roots, so it looked really good (at least from 10 feet away). The only reason I knew it was a wig is because he’s been bald since 1983! If I ever get a wig, I think I’m going to try one with roots, or highlights.


admin October 14, 2007 at 2:19 pm

Hi Jeni – I have watched past seasons of America’s Next Top Model, but not the current one. I wish I would have seen that episode you were referring to. Perhaps they’ll eventually be a youtube clip on it or I can try and Tivo the show and catch it on a rerun. I really like seeing women that wear really great wigs to further convince myself it is a real option and possibility. I should have known better than to order wigs on ebay but it was just so darn easy I thought what the heck. Lesson learned.

Arsh – thanks for the tip on the woman in new york!


Veronica October 16, 2007 at 9:24 pm

I also know about the nightmare wigs can be. When I first got my extensions removed I was sooo shocked by the damage they had done… So out of desperation my mother took me to a custom wig shop. Then without looking into any other products or wigs the man convinced me to buy a custom topper from him for $2000. At the time I just remember feeling numb and in so much shock because everything happened so fast. I think we were in the wig shop about three days after I got my extensions removed so the fact that I lost over half of my hair hadn’t even started to settle in…. Well about two months later when he had my topper finished, I tried it on once and ever since then its been hiding in its box. It looked like a mop on my head, just absolutely hideous. It really makes me nausious to even think about it and the cost of it…. ugh! anyways, i think from stories I’ve heard everyone always has a bad experience before they find a solution that works for them. Right now I’m looking at Virtual Reality Hair pieces. Has anyone had any experience with them??


Robin Flamish March 11, 2008 at 6:10 pm

Still in a up roar… just read your wig story…. I am finally getting around this site alot better, I dont know about anyone else, but not only do I have hair loss I have brain loss as well. Every time I write a comment I get the invalid security code number is wrong. Dammm…. I keep thinking the zero is a eight. whats next? I already have vaginal dryness, cant see…. my hairs falling out and my hemoroids are screamin, They call this the golden years?


admin March 12, 2008 at 12:30 pm

FYI I type the the security code wrong myself! Those numbers to get a bit tricky eh?



cara February 19, 2009 at 3:27 am

hi i am cara i am 12 and have alopeica it is not that bad and i am copping well.

cara xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


myself April 15, 2009 at 11:49 pm

sorry for the trouble you got, me too, I though “what a beautiful wigs” looking at internet, but when I recived it and put on my head it was terrible…
then I went to the HAIR-DRESSER and say to cut a little bit the wig adapting it to my head-face… in this way I solved the problem and now the wigs looks naturally on me and I use these wigs every time without shame tha other think about me “oh, what a terrible looks”
the wigs on maniquine-head looks very different that on human-head because maniquine are very little than human-head
so sorry for your problem I hope my case can help you


Lori Ryan January 31, 2010 at 10:01 am

Go to a wig shop and try some on; lots of them; until you find one that feels like “you” to you…a pretty good looking synthetic wig can be purchased for around 100 dollars or sometimes even less…I know; have had to use them for years. I too, wish I didn’t need them, but actually one can really look nicer than my own hair ever did, anyway. Paula Young and Revlon make some really cute styles, so you might try to find a shop where they carry these quality, and can be found for about 100 dollars. The 30 dollar wigs almost always look like halloween wigs, so don’t be discouraged…just plan to spend a bit more…I bet you find some styles you really like. And don’t be embaressed, as the girls who work in wig shops are very used to helping people with extreme hair loss due to all kinds of medical conditions (you can evn just say it’s caused by your medications if it makes you feel more comfortable when you first go shopping for one. When you can afford it try to keep at least 2 that you really like so you always have 1 to wear while the other is drying after shampoo…the synthetics are extemely easy to take care of; you just shampoo and shake them out and they are pretty much ready to put on and style within a half a day or so. For me, the short, sort of “spikey” ones are my favorites.

So sorry to hear of the 12 year old who is having to deal with this, but your attitude is wonderful, dear.

Hope no one else wastes money on the ebay wigs…for the price of 3 of those, you can buy a wig that is so cute that people who don’t know would never even suspect that it’s not your real hair….Lori


justme January 26, 2011 at 12:51 pm

I actually had a very good experience ordering on the internet. Bought a Rene of Paris, Codi, and have been happy with it for the 6 months of chemo I’ve just completed. Have to say it looks natural, I seriously doubt that anyone, other than my friends who knew I lost my hair, knows it’s not “mine.” I hated the “BIG” wigs the local hairsalons in my town carried.


Ely March 30, 2011 at 6:30 am

I found your this website while looking for hair care products. This is a great site. I do have thinning hair..(take blood pressure med). I bought a wig a couple of years ago because I thought I might want to cut my hair and wasn’t sure about it. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on the wig. My friends even call me “Liz” when I am wearing my alter ego. I have long, black hair but I bought a short black wig (bob style) with magenta colored highlights. When people comment about my hair (wig), I tell them, CUT AND COLOR..WITHOUT THE COMMITMENT! Even strangers have commented on my hair. I’ve smiled at them and sometimes I’ll even say, It’s a wig!! They can’t believe it.
Bottom line.. don’t be afraid to try a wig. Have fun with it.. and carry yourself with confidence. (even if you don’t feel confident) Try a hairstyle that you may not have thought about. You may be pleasantly surprised!! And the wig only cost me $29.00 at one of the kiosks at the mall!
Hope this helps someone….


Bev September 10, 2011 at 8:44 am

I wear wigs because of thinning hair and I also sell wigs. Sorry to hear u had bad experience with ebay wigs. I know if you went to a wig shop and tried on wigs u would be able to find one that looked completely natural and felt comfortable. I initially had a hard time comming to grips with the fact that I needed a wig but after I tried a few on and saw what a huge improvement in my appearance that it made I was sold, and grateful. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world. I can get out the door in less than half the time and really look professional and well groomed, the way I want to look. Before I got my wigs I would spend a lot of time and trouble each morning getting ready for my day, and the best I could say to myself was” Well atleast I look neat and clean.” Now I feel like I look like the person I am inside. Best wishes to u. Get to the wig shop!!


thanksforthiswebsite February 22, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I have “purchase regret” wigs too. I figure I will wear them when running errands or doing laundry or while traveling.

By the way–What do you do when you travel with your wigs. I’m always concerned:
* They’ll change the rules and want to search my wig.
* Can’t seem to rest on the plane–afraid my wig will shift/slide while I sleep on the plane.
* What about turbulence and unexpected landings?
* When I wear my wig more than usual it tends to stretch or lose it’s shape–outside of my usual wear to work/come home/take it off (like if on vacation or spending the night with family–tend to stay up later or wear more hours in the day)

I welcome your traveling ideas and humor.


thanksforthiswebsite February 22, 2013 at 8:39 pm

“regret wigs” topic–I’ve also considered giving the wigs to a cancer support group or hair stylist. Still waiting to do this.


Chris February 23, 2013 at 7:18 am

Some of these stories make me want to cry, like the gal (Veronica) that lost over 1/2 of her hair to extensions only to be victimized by another provider that had the “custom” topper made for her.
I think one big reason people buy from the Internet is that they are afraid vendors WILL take advantage and they are right.
Wigs, extensions, toppers can be a great product but are only as good as the professional selling them. Somehow we need a movement to make vendors tell the truth about these products and really educate clients in how to use them.


Mary August 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Just now taking baby steps to look at wigs. Shiny scalp embarrassing. Hair very thin (tops and sides) Studying all comments on this site; hair thinning too diffuse for a transplant. I went to a local cancer/wig establishment and tried on a few. Have an appointment with a woman who makes a cast of one’s head so the wig will fit properly, etc. DON’T WANT A WIG – but I know I will feel better than I do right now. One obstacle: my husband “would be very embarrassed” if I wore a wig that “didn’t look like me.” (What?) A gray one would be OK but not one with color — because it would change my normal appearance. Whatever…it’s difficult enough to make this transition without 100% spousal support. Sigh… (To be fair: his last comment was “I think you should do it” after I said, “You’ll still love, me, right? Half jest.) Question: Which is best: synthetic or natural? Pros and cons?


Sunlover January 13, 2014 at 9:28 am

Hi I bought my first wig just before xmas, I ordered it through my local hairdresser from Trendco, I was initially a bit embarrassed to go out as I chose a style totally different to my own, its long and has subtle highlights etc and it is stunning. I have thinning hair with diabetis and to be honest was losing all confidence, now it takes me minites in the morning and for the first time in a long while my hair looks great. I would really recommend going for a fitting at a hairdressers prior to buying and not just one I went back twice before I was happy with the one I chose and the hairdresser also cut it to style. Don’t waste anymore time you honestly wont regret it . good luck xx


Margaret December 26, 2014 at 4:33 am

Hi I live in scotland and we get two wigs a year from NHS I’ve also bought wigs on ebay and been in tears I have alopiecia because imune system so not wearing wigs for a change I always explain that to the seller hoping they’ll be honest with me but I’ve had a few disasters one place never to buy from is china when the wigs came they looked like a dog had chewed them eventually paypal got my money back took a while but I wasn’t letting them get away with it I would say buy noriko/dimples /ken paves /hairdo by hairuwear they always say who cuts your hair love the colour when I tell them it’s a wig they just about faint I’d say if you find a good site don’t chop and change I loooove my wigs I feel great with the bob and it takes years of you but please don’t ever buy one from china good luck everyone


Susanne April 9, 2016 at 8:37 am

Just hopped on eBay after about a years break… wow what a mass to wade through. I’ve bought almost all my wigs on eBay and I sell preowned wigs as well, sometimes new purchased from close-outs. There is so much deception. I agree with the previous poster, stay away from buying from China, you will get a cosplay wig 90% of the time. Many Chinese sellers steal their pics from designer website model photos of $500 wigs, and they say they are designer labels and that is a baldface lie. I’ve fallen for 2 of these, ugh, but I should have known, for $10 or $20 you will only get junk, unless it is a preowned wig or a chemo patient that just wants to get rid of theirs. That being said, you can find some great deals. My fave right now is a $300 wig I got new for $120, Renau Drew rooted blonde. INSIST on seeing pics of just the wig, from all sides, and inside out from several angles. You can see the quality. FIRST shop the designer wig stores for the best, and jot down the details of ones you love. If you are on a tight budget, Paula Young. If you are looking for top quality, shop namebrandwigs.com they have all the designers and are THE LOWEST on the internet, lower than eBay. Call and ask if they have another discount, because they do have a kind of secret discount. I’d say, leave eBay for down the line, it’s not for a wig noob. When you search eBay on the left, check US Only. I also search for preowned. We ladies can be picky, it took me about 10 buys before I found one I really loved, and then I had some very nice ones to resell. Ladies, sell the ones you bought and didn’t like on eBay, and get a good price. I don’t mind if a wig was tried on by someone else before I wear it, that can happen at a brick and mortar store too.
If you are overwhelmed, I’d recommend buying Noriko Reese. It’s a great wig, comes in fantastic colors, and looks good on everyone. You can get it for about $65 on namebrand. Super easy to style, just shake it when it’s half wet after wash, and let it dry on a wig stand. It’s about the perfect wig. Measure your head, how-to’s on the major sites. Noriko will fit a petite tolerably well, and all the way to average-large. You can also snip the back elastic on either side of the tag for more room. PS Invest in wig shampoo. Oils in regular shampoos will degrade the fiber. Revlon’s Texturizing is the best, it practically styles the wig for you. Good luck!


Akila September 17, 2016 at 3:57 pm

If I can put in my humble opinion to this thread . I didn’t read throughout in detail all answers but I wear wigs that reach great realism. If one needs a good set that is within budget ($250-350) synthetic or human hair ($1900+) I would go for my fave and only brand Rachel Welch wigs… or Louis Ferret.
No pain no suffering no drama. Real good investment


JlohairFan2020 January 4, 2020 at 10:59 pm

I have stacks of wigs that have erased my dollars, yet still decorate my closet. At times, I bag them up for goodwill.


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