Hair Loss at The Age of 20 – Veronica’s Hair Loss Story

by Y on October 11, 2007

Hair Loss At The Age Of 20 - Veronica's Hair Loss StoryWow, I’m so happy I just found this site…I’m 20 years old, have had been genetic hair loss for four years now. About 2 years ago I had a biopsy done and my derm told me it was probably genetic, he put me on Rogaine, Spiro and Yasmin. I was on those meds for about a year… and they did absolutely nothing. Last year in the fall my hair loss was getting really bad and I was getting so desperate for something, so I spent over $1000 on getting Invisible Hair extensions. I was assured by so many people that they would be safe, and definitely the perfect solution. The extensions were great! I loved having so much hair and planned on having the extensions put back in. Well when I got them removed for the first time I was SO devastated, more than half of my already thin hair was gone.

Its been since January now since I’ve had them out and I feel like I’ve hit the bottom. I’m in college and can’t concentrate on anything. I’m always way too focused on everyone else’s hair and I feel like I’ll never feel normal again…I haven’t been able to wear my hair down since I got the extensions taken out. My poor hair is
still falling out like crazy… it’s so thin I can’t even wear it in a ponytail, I feel like I will be bald soon.

I’m so scared, nobody seems to understand. My best friend and my family just tells me to cope with it like its no big deal. I feel like I have no where to turn. That’s why I was so glad I found this forum…I really sometimes feel like I’m the only one experiencing this and it’s comforting to hear everyone’s story. I’m not sure what to do with myself, I hate going out, even going to school because I just feel so ashamed…I don’t even know where to start looking for a wig around here (I’m from Portland, OR). And I feel like seeing another doctor would also be pointless. Anyways, Thanks a lot for listening to my story.



Dear Veronica,

Thank you for writing and sharing your story, I’m so sorry you are having to go through this. It probably is of mild comfort, but know you definitely are not alone and there are A LOT of women who start to lose their hair at young age. Who knew? I definitely didn’t until I started going through it. Here comes my usual disclaimer I provide on every question I respond to. I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice or treatment, this is just my opinion. Ok…

After reading your story I have so many questions. Did your dermatologist put you on Rogaine, Spiro and Yasmin all at the same time? You said you are 20 and have been experiencing hair loss for 4 years, so you started losing your hair at 16 and saw your doctor at 18. Did he provide any explanation as to what might have trigged your hair loss at such a young age? You stated that after a year the medications did nothing, but you didn’t say whether or not you stayed on them or took yourself off. I’m curious because if you took yourself off after a year and the following year noticed a rapid decline in your hair, then perhaps the drugs were doing more than you thought. Sometimes all the drugs can do is slow the hair loss process down and help you maintain the hair you have,. Not all women experience a phenomenal regrowth after treatment. Even after I started treatment, I never regained the hair I had and was pretty convinced the treatments weren’t working so I eventually took myself off of aldactone around 2003… I think. The dates get fuzzy. Anyways, my hair loss increased dramatically. That could have just been from getting off the drug and it may have re-stablized eventually, but that scared me enough to get back on. Not only did I get back on aldactone, but when I got back on, I had my dose increased from 100mg to 200mg a day.

If you would have asked me then about my hair, I would have complained about the hair I once had and that it was so thin and continuing to fall out. But looking back it was doing fairly well after the 200mg increase. I’d say my best hair year since experiencing hair loss, was 2004 (began losing my hair 1999). I definitely had regrowth during that time. Now is different, I’ve had exacerbated shedding since the beginning of 2006. But that may not be from my treatments failing me, rather it could be from the increase in my thyroid medication that took place last year and this year as well. After speaking with several doctors and researching it online, I’ve found out that in some people synthroid causes hair loss. The last doctor I spoke with also confirms my suspicions and believes that it is possible the increase in dose may have been too much for my body. Because of this I have decided to lower the dose back down to where the dose was in 2004-2005. Thyroid problems can cause hair loss, but so can the thyroid drug itself. Why am I telling you all this? I’m repeating what I’ve already written to illustrate that there are so many variables that can contribute to hair loss, so we sort of have to be our own detective and try to figure it out. Hopefully, with the help and guidance of a knowledgeable physician by our side.

Hair extensions… I myself have thought about getting them, but I’ve read and been told that fragile hair can’t withstand the weight and it can cause further hair loss. Even people without hair loss can experience the problem of losing hair from hair extensions. I read an article awhile back about Jennifer Aniston having experienced hair loss after having her extensions taken out. But still I look online for that one hair extension “process” that would be okay. So don’t be hard yourself about making the decision to get them done, you were only trying to be proactive and help yourself. Have you had any regrowth from the hair you think fell out from the extensions?

Veronica, I know the fear of being bald, of never wearing your hair down, of having forgotten what the weight of hair even feels like. You are not alone. I struggle all the time with my sadness and depression. I search the internet constantly for wigs, looking for images of women with shaved heads to know it is okay. I turn into an envious zombie when I’m in public, as I gaze at the beautiful hair of the women around me. In fact I’ve recently purchased 3 wigs online, that didn’t work out. I’ll save that for another post though.

But I am very aware that there are options and there is life after hair loss. I’ve seen the strength of other women on this blog, I’ve seen the strength of other women in society who deal with so much more. We are stronger than we ever imagined… than we give ourselves credit for. You are strong. How do I get through my days? With the knowledge that we get a vote with what happens to us, we are not powerless. We vote with our actions and attitude to not let hair loss take us down. What is the worse case scenario in my mind? The worse case is I lose all my hair. I try and remind myself that if this happens I can always get a bonded lace front wig similar to what Tyra Banks and Beyonce wear. Or perhaps a non bonded regular human hair wig. I can change my hair everyday. Red, blonde, brown, curly, straight, long or short. Or maybe I’ll let it be and reach a point of so much internal strength that I walk out into the world without the security of hair, and just proud to be who I am.

I see shows of people who have lost their limbs, some lose the ability to walk and they seem so positive, they live their life. How have they figured it out? The secret. When I figure that out, I’ll be free, free from the shackles of hair loss.

You are not alone Veronica. I am sorry to hear that your best friend and family don’t understand. Why don’t you point them to this site, why don’t you tell them to read the stories of other women. Maybe seeing it in print will help them realize the devastation hair loss causes and it is definitely a big deal. I guarantee your best friend wouldn’t be so cavalier about it, if it was happening to her. Since you’ve shared your feelings with your best friend, you should talk to her and tell her you need her support. It would be great if she could accompany you to look at wigs should you decide to go that route. Family not understanding, I think that’s common. I used to share my feelings and sadness with my family, but it never really registered, so I stopped talking about it all together. Although, my dad did say if he could he’d give me his hair, too bad I can’t take him up on that, he has great hair! 🙂

I wish I could help you more, I’m glad that reading other women’s stories has been comforting to you, it is for me as well. Thank you again for sharing your story.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, so we have try and figure out a way to enjoy today.


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Gypsy October 11, 2007 at 8:11 pm

dear veronica
i just want to let you know im in the same boat as you! istarted losing my hair at age 29, it wasdevastating for me since i was a hair stylist at the time, i quickly changed my career because who wants to get there hair done by a bald hair stylist right! so now im in nursing!my docs put me on exactly the same meds as you as well as a strong multy vitamine and biotin, and saw palmerro, im still loosing my hair , just not as fast,and it just doesn’t grow either, i havent had a hair cut in 2 years and as for finding a wig well i live in ontario canada, so its very difficult,to find anything here…im glad i read your story about the extention, because i was thinking of getting some myself, but like you my hair is very fragile, so now i don’t think i will…

im presently waiting to see about a hair transplant doctor, i figure if he cant do the surgery mabey he can find out why im loosing my hair, since no one else has been able too as of yet…when i wash my hair it just falls out big time, its worse when its wet, is it the same for you????im also thinking of going to see a natural path doc to see if she can figure it out also…ive you had your iron tested, some say if your iron is low it can cause hair loss or your thyroid????? or sometimes is a poor protein diet also.??/some also say it can be an excess of dht in your system that is attacking your hair follicles, i thinks its a form of testosterone, ??? well i thought i would just let you know your not alone.

take care,


Veronica October 11, 2007 at 9:19 pm

Thank you ladies for the kind words. It means SO much to be able to communicate with someone who understands this nightmare. When I saw the dermatologist at the age of 18, he performed a scalp biopsy and a few different blood tests. At the time I knew nothing about hairloss, iron deficiency, thyroid deficiencies, AGA… so I did not bother asking what kind of tests they were. I was just told that everything looked normal and that my hair loss was probably hereditary (my father is almost completely bald….) The doctor put me on spiro and rogaine and also sent me to another derm in my area who supposedly specializes in hair conditions. She also performed a scalp biopsy and tested my thyroid and hormone levels… I was told the biopsy showed miniaturization and she upped my dosage of Spiro and also added the yasmin. I was slightly anemic, so I took iron just until my levels were normal. After a year on those meds I didn’t notice a difference in growth or reduction in my shedding. I stopped the spiro, but still to this day use rogaine (2% once a day and 5% foam once a day). I switched birth controls from yasmin to levora (my derm said this was ok) because the yasmin is sooo expensive. I have contemplated about starting the spiro again, but I have lost so much hair and just have not heard enough success stories with it to make it seem like it will be worth it. I am still so young and would love to have kids someday. To my knowledge, nobody knows the long term effects of taking anti-androgens over a long period of time.

To answer your question about having any regrowth from all the damage after the extensions, I honestly don’t think so. Actually, I probably have had some regrowth, however I think the DHT has really severely affected my hair and all of the regrowth comes in so weak and gets shed before it has a chance to even grow… So the density of my hair has probably decreased since I’ve had the extensions removed. To everyone who is experiencing hair loss, please please don’t get any type of hair addition glued, braided, or sewn into your hair. It makes things so much worse… and not to mention their terrible expensive!!

To gypsie- I don’t know much about transplants…but keep me updated on your progress… Also, that must have been a major decision to switch your career to nursing. I have also been thinking about my career. I’m a pre-dental student right now and the thought of leaning over people all day to work on their mouth with a wig on makes me absolutely sick :(. Its just not fair that we have these obstacles in the way of our dreams…

Thanks again for listening.



gypsy October 12, 2007 at 9:57 am

hi veronica

there are many really cool wigs out there, and some are very real looking, jsut think you could change your hairstyle and color everyday if you wnated too, and not have to go to a salon…and thye look so real. there is a lady that works with that has a wig , and i never new until she told me, i jsut happend to be talking to her abut hair loss and she has alopicia, so she shared her story with me, and showed me her wig, i was surprised, because ive worked with her fot the past 10 years and didnt even know she was wearing one…she says she bought it in toronto… she says there are some really good shop out there, and they look really good….
so when the time comes im going to toronto….
as for my story i havent had a scalp biobsy yet, but did do alot of blood work witch came all normal, but im not giving up!!!!and no one in my familly is bald , or balding , so it cant be hereditary, i hope not anyway??i think its telogen effluvium, or mabey scaring alopicia, i know when i was in hair dressing school we do alot of experiment s on all our hair, so mabey i just but to many strong solutions on my hair , ive been every color under the sun,and it affected the bulb that grows and protects the hair …
as for hair transplants well im going to give it a try, i dont have much hair to transplant so i dont think im a candidate ,but mabey he can shed some light on my condition and at least i will have a name to it…
have you tried any other products, like shamppoos or lotions?????
im presently trying fallongen, and nioxin shamppoo, the shamppo is suppose to help with dht and the fallogen is suppose to supply nutients to the hair bulb…i would really like to try the hair max but its really out of my price range….im still taking all the other stuff the doc perscribed also…
its so nice to talk to so many ladies with the same problem!!!!!
im so glad i found this site
you take care,


Arsh October 12, 2007 at 10:22 pm

hey gypsy,

i’m from the toronto area? what stores did you friend recommend?


Arsh October 12, 2007 at 10:31 pm

btw, veronica have you tried any hair concealers like dermmatch or toppik? i used to use toppik and i really like it, and i have heard good things about dermmatch. i currently use a topper, but that was basically because i hardly wore my hair back due to a scar sustained in an accident on my cheek. i have since had it revised, and now that it has almost healed, i was thinking about being inventive..for example, using a concealer and then buying a fake ponytail, or a 3/4 wig.. those can love very real and can be got a very cheap prices. you could also invest in a topper as well.

i have been using nizoral about twice a wk (i heard it has dht blockers) and i use a shampoo and conditioner from hair support that i have found made my hair feel thicker and definitely stronger.

i can’t say i’ve had any regrowth, but my hair has gotten stronger and i have not had any more hairloss in the last two years!

also i found redken bodyfull hair thickening products to really help my hair seem thicker than what is it and i take the hair support hair vitamins (although i haven’t taken them for the last 1.5 months as i was away on vacation and forget them!)

pls stay positive… some of your hair due to the extension loss may come back.. maybe you just need to strengthen your hair and make sure you are eating right.

but there is hope! and there are ways to live with hairloss. stay strong, i am sure you will find your way!

i hope my post helped..


gypsy October 14, 2007 at 4:22 pm

no ARSH she didnt say where she purchased it exactly..only toronto.. i dont think she really wnated to talk about it too much…she just wnated to let me know i wasnt alone….we work opposites shifts but if i run into her again i will ask ok.


Candy October 16, 2007 at 8:16 am

Thank you for your stories ladies. I was experiencing major hair obsession today and needed to find some kind of help in trying to deal with it. this site is really great because now I don’t feel so alone. I can relate to so many of the stories here. Though I know that I am not my hair and that people love me because of me and not because of my hair, I still can’t help but feel depressed over my thinning hair. i hate the fact that I obsess over it. there is not a day that I don’t think about hair and not worry about my future and how much hair I will have lost by then. I feel so silly because I know that many people have so many major problems that my hair loss issue seems so petty in comparison. But I can’t shake the feeling of being so self conscious. I would like to be able to accept myself a lot more than I do. I know that when I reach this stage, I will be able to be a lot more productive. I am hopeful that this will happen soon enough. In the meantime, it helps me put things in perspective when I think about all the blessings in my life– my lovely family and my many friends who love and support me.


admin October 16, 2007 at 4:38 pm

Hi Candy, Welcome to the site! I think it is normal to obsess and feel depressed about something as devastating as hair loss, it’s something that for the most part is beyond our control. Other things that bother me don’t really affect me like hair loss because I feel I can take action. If I gain a few pounds I always feel that I have control over losing them.. I can eat better and exercise more… with hair loss there isn’t that same sense of control. All we can control is accepting ourselves, who we are with or without hair. Much like you I’m extremely self conscious, I let that self consciousness take strong hold of me sometimes and I usually end up shying away from social activities. My hair loss has made me a bit of a recluse.

You are smart to remind yourself of all the things you have in your life to be thankful for, your family, friends, love and support. Those things mean so much more than hair. You definitely are not alone in your feelings about your hair. So many women on this blog have echoed your same sentiments.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



AtlantaJJ October 20, 2007 at 3:09 pm


I’m new here, just found this site. I wear lace front wigs like Beyonce and Tyra (mine are MUCH MUCH less expensive!!) No one knows I wear them unless I tell them. I will be happy to post information on how and where to get them. Lace front wigs are some what involved and labor intensive if you choose to bond them (use adhesives). I used bond them to but now I just use a wig cap and bobbie pins and take them off at night.

I slick my hair back and wear a phony pony tails during workouts and around the house I just let my scalp breathe. I just decided recently to get back into the fight and see if it is possible to grow my own hair back. I’m going to my OB GYN Friday to explore my medical options again. I have ignored the problem for the past year and just hid under my pretty wigs! Now I would just love my own hair thicker and even in a cute short hair cut. I just hate looking through my hair at my scalp!!

There are alternatives with the wigs and hair peices. I’ll be happy to share what I know about them with any one interested.


Canadian October 20, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Hi there,
I’m interested in lace front wigs and would love to hear any advice you have on choosing, buying and caring for them. If you get them online please let me know and what brand you use also 😉 Are they human hair? Thank you in advance!


gypsy October 20, 2007 at 10:04 pm

hi atlanta!
yes please tell me more about the lace front wig… im from canada i hope they sell it here????


AtlantaJJ October 21, 2007 at 11:07 am

Hi Ladies!!

I’ll be happy to share about the lace fronts. Just so you can take a look and start reading about them I hope it’s okay if I post a link to a couple of sites. I got a unit from one of them, but I am mainly just posting these links for informational purposes only for now. Most vendors will ship anywhere around the world. It would be idea to find a local shop so you can see in person what these “units” look like and decide it they will work for you.

I have to run about 10 errands right now (Sunday afternoon is here already! ugh) But I’ll be back to talk futher about the Lace Front Units. I now order directly from China and the cost is less but some people don’t like to take the risk. It is better to deal with American vendors if possible because they will help with custom measurements, hair texture, color, all the specifications needed to make the unit suited for you.

Mind you these vendors are a little on the pricey side, I just want you to get the general idea of how they look and work.

I don’t use adhesives any longer (I use bobby pins), there are different cap styles that allow you to choose bond the units or partially bond / or bobby pin them on. Bonding allows you to wear the high pony tails, wear the hair pulled back, etc. – she is very helpful and can answer questions – these Units come in European and African American hair textures – you have to specify hair type. – I purchased a unit from her she has sales often and a payment plan (Sonya)

There are many sellers on Ebay. you can search on “full lace front wigs” or “lace front wigs” (only the front is lace) The thing is you have to be careful about scammers and poor quality products. I can help with that.

I’ll come back and can tell you more if you are interested after having a read about them.

Hope this helps


Arshi December 7, 2007 at 5:45 pm

Hi everyone, i found this site and read all the post. Am 22 years old and from bangladesh.I had good amount of hair on my head and very light body hair. Since 2004, i grew more and more hair on my body and face but my head started loosing.I have been loosing so much hair,more than half of my hair is gone.It feels like all the hair from my head just traveled to my body.

But on another forum i read a girl posted , on body hair remove,

“Hello my dear! My sister has PCOS, and she has the same problem that you have so my heart totally goes out to you. Luckily we’ve found some stuff that really helps— the last time I saw my sister there wasn’t a single hair on her face:

“Aldactone”- this is an oral medication your doctor can prescribe that will help to block the male hormones in your system, so you won’t grow as much hair.”

When i searched online i saw this is used to treat woman with hair loose problem. I have both, i don’t know what to do. I am so depressed with this all over hair thing in my life, i have hair where i don’t need and don’t where i need it. Its so frastrating and embressing. i feel to kill myslef some times.:'(:”( i feel like i’mm going crazy over hair problems. Does anyone has anythin for me? That will help?


Shanlaree February 10, 2008 at 4:20 am

Dear Veronica,

I am in Portland and I tried extentions last year as well from Annsmione, Portland Hair Salon – Sparkle Beauty Bar. I spent a lot of money and the next day I felt a horrid pull on my hair. I know extentions are suppose to hurt but this was not okay.

I took them out myself and I was told a lace front would be good. Portland Hair Salon – Sparkle Beauty Bar does them but they only last 6 weeks before they need a touch up and that is if you are not really active. I thought I would wait until my hair gets worse (any time now) before pouring that much money into it. she does lace fronts too.

A great place in Oregon that fits for wigs (cuts and styles) and has great hats is called Brenda Kay, she is located in downtown Portland. She helps women with hair loss and unlike Annismone has private area for her clients to go into.

Let me know if this helps.



Shanlaree February 10, 2008 at 4:22 am

Oh- let me know if you need a good derm, well the one I saw is Janet Roberts in NW Portland. She is suppose to be one of the bests. I just was told that I had AA and to use Rogaine, spiro and Yasmin. Not sure how helpful that was.


Veronica February 10, 2008 at 4:48 am


I saw Janet Roberts as well and put me on the same meds as you… I have visited Brenday Kay as well as Annsimone. Annsimone refused to put extensions into my hair because of how weak it already was. She was the first person out of so many places I visited that was actually honest with me. I have been to Brenda Kay as well as a place called HRS in Tualatin.
I recently got an integration piece put in from Annsimone, she just started doing them and I think they are a better option than the lace front wigs. So far I’m pretty happy with it, I wore it for 4 weeks before my first maintenance but I think I could have gone longer…You should definitely look into them, let me know if you have any questions!


Shanlaree February 10, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Can you believe that I cried in Janets office? Oh – geez and not very settle either, now that was embarrassing. I thought it was a hormone or low iron issue and when she told me I had AA a few month back, I think everyone in the waiting room could hear me. Geez.

Is Annsimone doing a private sessions yet? That would really be helpful. Sounds like you have done the same research as I have. Not too much more here in Portland is there? I tried Hair Clubs EXT program and it really was a waste of $1,800.00. Have you ever checked them out?

Would like to get help from Annsimone again but waiting, it was a lot of money that I used on those extentions that only lasted a day becasue it was hurting my hair so much. How much is an integration and where does it cover? I am starting to get more of a gradual thin , especially sides of my hair and it is sooo annoying!



Shanlaree February 10, 2008 at 5:37 pm


Do youchave a profile on the network? If not you should check it out and sign up. It really is great and I would love to chat more with you.


Veronica February 10, 2008 at 8:12 pm

I’m sorry about your experience at Janets office,I have been there about four times now and have finally just given up on any of the treatments…I too have spent about $2,000 on a hand made wig which was probably the biggest mistake of my life… and about $1,000 on my extensions which were also horrible. I have heard so many bad things about Hair Club and have definitely avoided them.

The integration piece was $450 and it is only 3 inches wide and 4 inches long. It sits about an inch behind my hair line (I do not want to wear bangs) and just covers the top of my head. You can order the piece in any size, shape or color…She pulls my bio hair through the tiny mesh and then sews the piece onto my exsisting hair. It sounds kind of confusing… The piece is very comfortable, I don’t even feel it on my head and the best part is there is no glue, braids, microclips, or anything that could cause traction alopecia…

I will look into making a profile… I too would love to chat more with you, hairloss can be such a lonely experience. I also know a girl who wears a bonded system from HRS and she just loves it! I met her on another hairloss forum and we have had coffee a few times now which really has been great!


Shanlaree February 10, 2008 at 9:23 pm

That is so great! Thank you for your reply and feedbacks. I think it would be wonderful to have a local support group. Also would be great if the Women’s Hairloss Project decided to get a group together.

Feel free to email me when you get your profile up and would love to have coffee sometime.


Thinning hair girl April 29, 2008 at 12:42 pm


I too am so happy to have found this forum. Since the age of 19 I have slowly lost my hair. I knew my hair was dropping, but my family denied it because I had so much hair to begin with that the slow hair loss I was experiencing wasn’t immediately noticable. I was even chased out of hair specialists offices. Now I am 28 and my hair is SOOOO thin. I have a 5th of my original hair and I too have not been able to wear a ponytail in years. My hair grows fast, and the majority of the strands have their original width. The color has also stayed the same. It’s just I have lost about 80% or my hair density.

Hair loss to this degree does not run thru my family at all, especially in relatives so young.

I recently saw a dermatologist who was wonderful and listened to my story. I was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis and had two giant cysts removed from my ovaries.

My dermatoligst said that my hair loss was diffuse and did not follow the usual pattern of female balding. I took a blood test and found that my ferritin level was 12 (to maintain healthy hair you should have 40 and to have hair regrowth, it is said you should maintain 70). I am also boarderline anaemic.

My dermatologist has started me on a high does of Iron to boost up my levels, and my doctor put me on Yasmin to stop my periods to prevent cyst regrowth.

I noticed my hair loss started a few years after my periods started. Also, as a teenager (15 years old) I became very ill and my iron stores where depleted since then. I just never put Iron deficiency and hair loss together.

My dermatologist said it will take a while, but my hair should start to regrow once my iron is restored and maintained. I look at my scalp and see that it is not smooth, but still has bumps from the follicles.

I had a bad case of sebum build-up where my scalp was covered in these seed things (back in 1999). But it lasted a week and I would only find one or two of these seed things a day. Now I have none.

If any of you have heavy periods, or a history of low iron, get a blood test and ask what your ferritin levels are. They won’t tell you unless you ask.

i am praying so hard that the iron deficiency is the answer. it broke my heart to hear that if I caught this earlier, I could have saved most of my hair sooner. I was just told by my family for years that I was whining. I wish I listened to myself. I have had hair loss for almost 10 years and I am so scared that my hair will not return. I just sit in my office and on the train and compare my hair to the hair of women around me.

it is so tiring to have to be constantly self aware. I just want to think about something else other than my hair loss. My sister has such beautiful thick hair, it makes me sick to look in the mirror and deal with mine.

When I had a head full of hair I never gave it another thought. Now I feel like it is one of the most important things in my life. I have lost my self confidence, and I am so self conscious when I am with my boyfriend, that he can see my scalp, that I try and avoid being intimate.

Take care all of you.


Amanda April 30, 2008 at 11:47 am

Hi Thinning hair girl

I really can relate to how you are feeling, I have been losing my hair at a very slow rate over the past two and half years and I just don’t know if or when it will stop.

I noticed you said you had sebum build-up where your scalp was covered in these seed things. What were they like? Were they white? Only, I have excess sebum and I have little white ball like substance in my hair. Does anyone here know what that is?

Also, does anyone have a red scalp? Mine seems to be slightly red, but there is no signs of any scabs or anything so I don’t think it is psoriasis of anything like that.

Any information anyone has would be a great help.

Thanks – Amanda


Sally May 4, 2008 at 6:23 pm

Hi. I was surfing and I found this page – it is now May, 2008 and I don’t even know if you all are still on this topic, but I wanted to share a little bit of what has been my hair crisis, hopefully to give you all a little hope.

I am 47, and am totally bald. I have suffered with hair loss since I was 14!!!!A high school freshman and my hair started to fall out. First, it was just at the front hairline. Then, it proceeded to go all the way back (on the crown). What began then was a thirty plus year struggle with doctor after doctor. I was told I had male pattern baldness and to be ready for it to get worse. I did the female version of the “comb over” for about ten years and it became so thin that I couldn’t do it anymore. I am a teacher, and the kids started to comment on my “bald head”. I did the typical thing of tying my hair to my self esteem, which pretty much went to the pits.

I began to wear wigs at about 25 and wore them off and on until two years ago. My hair loss would improve, get worse, improve, etc. Finally, about a year and a half ago, it started the Alopecia Areata – falling out with the spots and then, no more.

I think what has saved me, finally, is that I started to go with the “natural” look around people I trusted. I realized that, for once, I am not just my hair, or the lack of it.

The lace wig has saved my life, professionally. They look so real that my students now don’t notice anything. Although, if I choose to, I change the color, the length and just tell the truth: “It is a wig. I don’t have hair anymore.” Most just go “Oh” and move on.

So, I think that it is time that we stop equating hair with our beauty, our worth, our attractiveness.

God bless you all as you struggle.


The Black Eczema Queen June 9, 2008 at 12:03 pm

Dear Veronica,

wow!Girl if only you new how much your story touched me. It’s amazing, because for every girl loves having hair whether they want to admit it or not. Unfortunately most don’t realize this great admiration until they experience hair loss. I know i didn’t. Ever since i was a child my friends and family always loved how long and healthy my hair my hair (especially since i am an African-American). i must admit i enjoyed having very long hair because it was sooooo much easier to deal with. Well, i experimented with the weave corn rows (what ever you call them) a couple of times and they ended up breaking my hair dramatically. well, i didn’t fret about this because my hair was still thick and fairly long. Well, shortly after this i (very stupidly) left conditioner in my hair on accident. This insanely broke my hair to where i could not even wear it in a ponytail. To make matters worse my scalp eczema flared up during this time, creating an indescribable itch to my scalp. Honestly, Veronica, i would do anything to get rid of this extremely irritating itch. I used to let my brother hit me in the head repetively just to make it go away — at least temporarily. well, let me tell you the worse was yet to come. I actually began scratching my head with a mechanical pencil in order to relieve the irritation. i mean it almost became second nature. I would be sitting in class and i didn’t even have to think twice before attacking the itch. Well, everything was perfectly fine until i started noticing my bald spots. I mean i just hate my hair now. It’s thin and i can unfortunately see my scalp. I honestly don’t know the first step to achieving my hair to what it once was — very long, thick, and healthy (if i may remind you). From experience, i now completely believe that you never truly realize what you have until you lose it. Hair loss has created an extreme loss in confidence that i really don’t know how to gain back. I have shed so many tears because of the current condition of my hair. Not one of my friends or family understand my depression with hair loss (nor do they really care). All i can do is pray that God will help me through this unfortunate situation, help me to accept my hair, and take care of it to the best of my ability. It just makes me feel better that i am NOT the only one. There are actually other women (young and old) around the world that have had a similar experience and understand what i am going through.Thank you so much for reading my story. well, i’ll be praying for you and all the other women who have been experienced the tragedy of hairloss.

God bless you!!!


Tina June 12, 2008 at 1:14 pm

I must admit I was surprise to see so many women going through the same thing I am. How do you cope with the fact that your hair in falling out and this has always been a man thing not women.


Tina June 12, 2008 at 1:21 pm

Veronica, I really do understand what you is going through some days I have my moments that are confident and others I pretend to be confident. I had sisterlocks in my hair for almost 10 years it would of been this June. Even though my hair has been thining for before I got the loch, I decided to go natural stop putting chemicals in my hair. It covered up my thinness, but it started popping off which appeared to be from the root. Two weeks ago I ended up cutting all of them off and wearing a brush cut.. It said to say I was using eyeliner to cover up the bald spot so it wouldn’t look obvious. I finally got a biospy done, my dermatologist will let me know if its going to grow back then I will take it from there. Just remember you are not alone in what you are feeling. I hope we all can be a support for each other.


kelly June 15, 2008 at 9:43 am

i understand where you’re coming from. I am also 20 years old and my hair loss has become worse than ever. its so devistating to only be 20 and have to deal with this. ive been going back and forth to multiple doctors from a gyno, derm, and endo which was extremely stressful being in college and having to deal with school and hair loss and the drs disagreeing about what the other dr would say. when im in class, i too would find myself zoning out and staring at the backs of people heads wishing i had their hair. i don’t even have enough hair to cover the bald spots anymore which are so noticable bc i have dark hair and white white skin. i’m so sorry everyone keeps blowing it off and not being supportive, its easy to dismiss when its not personally happening to them. as much as it sucks i would keep trying to go to drs and keep pushing for some kind of help.


Tara August 5, 2008 at 5:47 am

Sally and/or AtlantaJJ-
When you got your first lacefront wig, did you get them online or have them fitted and ordered through a salon? I am thinking seriously about getting one but not sure how to go about it. My hair is okay right now, but it is shedding so badly that I cannot imagine that it will remain unnoticeable very long. I know the wig process takes some time, so I want to be proactive in case this shedding continues. I just feel better knowing that I am being proactive about this situation, and that I least I have control over this one part of it. Any advice would be great!


Tana November 17, 2008 at 3:07 am

This is the first time I’ve seen this site. I noticed the post is getting kinda old now. How is your situation at this point? I began noticing thinning hair in my twenties. I am in my late 30’s now and would say that I’ve lost about 50-60% of my hair, maybe more, it’s just been very gradual. I had extremely thick hair before and now I have a difficult time styling it because it’s straight and thinned out so much. I don’t like going to the salon anymore because of it. I would have to say that out of all the extremely stressful things that have happened to me, that this has been the worse. I know exactly what you are saying when you speak of obsessing continuously about it. No one talks about it either. It sounds like you are having the same kind of anxiety I did–EXTREME. I know that it is stressful for men to lose their hair, but it is not the same as for us. I wish that there were more resources out there for us (maybe there is and I just haven’t seen it?) I also have use spirolactone (sp?) and all that other stuff. The med actually helped my acne, so I stayed on it. No improvement with the hair. I feel like if it’s genetics, which I think it is most of the time, then advancements in hair replacement technology/restoration is going to be the best bet. It seems that there are better methods available now than the old hair plug deal. I mean if it comes to that, I’d be willing any day of the week. People are trying so hard to make money, I don’t think that we’ll have to worry about them giving up the search!!
Hope things are well and I’m right there with ya,



ann January 8, 2009 at 11:52 pm

I am wondering if anyone out there has a red scalp that burns like crazy at times?
I also notice that the hair seems thinner in those areas but my hair dresser tells me I am crazy.
I have been to dermatologists who just basically say that it is nothing and that it will go away. Well it doesn’t,
I have had extensions for years and I have very little hair left. I have no idea what I am going to do once they come out . I too obcess over my hair and wish I could find someone who could suggest some practical solutions ie. ponytails made to order etc. I live in L.A. so if anyone has any hairdressers, doctors, et al I would so appreciate knowing. By the way my iron levels are high and I am still losing all my hair!


meemee February 28, 2009 at 11:08 pm

Hi all,
I can certainly understand the struggles and pain since I too live thru it each day. I started having hair thinning 24.. or maybe that when I started to admit I had hair issues. I would say my hair has always been very baby fine and my high school friends had always commented how thin my hair is but somehow I just thought… I had fine hair.. its ok. When I turned 24…. my boyfriend at the time asked me if I was going bald! I guess when I was under the light you can see my scalp very clearly. He on other hand had very thick hair … all the girls he dated had hair… so this was very strange to him. I was glad he was very honest with me and I started my battle to win hair war…… I was obessed with my hair.. went to the doctors, took danie35, rogaine, laser haircomb, even got hair extention but took it off in less than 3 days because it hurt my hair and I couldn’t accept the fact I had to wear them! I however never got a scalp biopsy to really know for sure what was wrong with me! I was so discouraged and the only thing I learned was to be creative and hide my thinning. I found toppik and highlight my hair to blond ( less noticable of thinning)… all these work well for last 10 years. I went on with my life and stopped the hair obessed.. don’t get me wrong… I still think about it but just not on over drive. Ok… now 10 years later, I decided… after watching commercial for sequence hair system ( .. I am tired of toppik and tired of putting my hair up all the time… I am going to just do the hair blending. The sequence hair system has holes so you can pull your hair thru and scalp suppose to breathe… SO i dropped $4K and got it on. Man, I tell u I looked like a milliom bucks! My confidence had never been so high and I can let me hair down. Everyone at work compliment on it… they just thought… finally she’s letting her hair down!…..BUT i started to notice my natural hair was falling out.. I MEAN TONS! I didn’t have much to begin with … so this was sooo devastating to me! However, I keep the system on for 3 months because I couldn’t go back! But on the 3rd month, they take it off to resecure the piece to your hair and man…. when I saw my hair.. my real hair I almost fainted. I lost about 75% in density. I couldn’t ignore it anylonger. So I had ask them to change the hair system to clip on… so I wear it during the day and take it off during the night. It doesn’t look as good and natural as before but what else can I do… My poor hair couldn’t take it. This sounded like what Veroncia got as a hair system… so I wanted to ask her how it worked out for her? When I got this hair system… they told me it would NOT hurt my existing hair… BUT lies…. and now I am left with 75% less than what I had… and toppik can’t do much anymore… I hope my hair grows back….. I pray that my hair grows back…. I am so lost…. thanks for listening. There something in my heart that tells me… the Lord allowed this to happen and with faith he will provide the miracle I need. I pray for all of you because I know how painful this can be. I am once again obessed with my hair or lack of it… it like once again.. I reliving my struggle and this time its even worst!


TTowne April 24, 2009 at 11:38 am

Dear Ladies,

I’ve read through this page and realize that so many of you say you have not had a hair biopsy. This is the first thing I’d recommend, following a good examination from your dermatologist. A biopsy can specify to an almost exact degree what the problem might be. The results can put your mind at ease, if you believe that knowledge is power. Before investing in specialized shampoos, wigs, or any hair systems, let your doctor help you determine what the problem is. Then you can make informed decisions about what could help you. Believe me, I’ve been there. Six months of tearing my hair out (psychologically) and I finally wised up. We have to have some basis for our decisions. There are many causes of hair loss and 99% of the curatives advertised on the web and elsewhere are shams. Get informed!


Cristina Rose July 14, 2009 at 2:56 pm

Thank you so many have shared your stories. I’m not too sure what my hair is going through. I had gorgeous hair that I left uncut for many years, straight through my twenties. I could get away with it. Early thirties, started noticing some changes, so I would keep it trimmed, and it still remained gorgeous. Past two years, I don’t know what is going on with it, maybe age or something. I’m turning forty next month, my hair has certainly lost it’s luster and beauty. No bald spots fortunately and since I’ve been taking chinese herbal foods, the strands seem thicker at the scalp. But I shed like a cat. I cannot keep it long anymore, so I just keep it shoulder length. I also seem to have a problem with hair conditioner. I’ve used salon quality, tried different brands and it just seems to be caked with oil and ridiculed with frizzies.

I certainly don’t recommend anyone get hair extentions, as also some of you have experienced hair loss. They may look nice, but they also cause stress on the roots. Even as for me, I used to keep my hair uncut and wear my hair up “Apostolic/Pentecostal style” but wearing the hair up I have found puts stress also on the roots. Because of this, I keep my hair trimmed and wear it down most of the time, except when I go to church.

When I run or exercise, I use soft bands, as they do not pull the roots like a regular band. I also make sure the ponytail I’m wearing is not tight.

I’m trying to increase some Chinese herbs called Prime Again, it’s suppose to address the endocrine system. I’d really like to slow down the shedding, now that the strands are thicker and I see more hair and less scalp.

Ladies, don’t feel guilty about your grief and saddness over hair loss! I’ve read a few comments like that, this is totally understandable!!


SARA December 23, 2009 at 7:35 am

my situation is same as veronica’s, I’m 20 rite now and i have very less hair. and it is very depressing. Depressing because i think 21 is the age where u are supposed to look beautiful and stunning. it makes me feel really bad looking at other friends with long beautiful hair. And among my friends only i have this problem.
i feel sad that so many of us have this problem and cannot have a proper solution for it. I don’t think wearing a wig is a proper solution. I want my own hair. I want a solution that will naturally make my hair grow. I read few of the writings above and knowing that u might go bald at the age of 47 was devastating. but again the writings of Cristina Rose and TTowne were very encouraging. Thank you guys.

well I always thought my hair would regrow and never thought anything about baldness. And I still have hope. I’ve started becoming extra careful about my hair. I don’t know if oiling helps but i do it twice a week that’s what my dermatologist suggested. He told me to use hair thickening shampoo. He also prescribed a medicine called Sitone for a month.
I’m not sure about the things he suggested. Does anybody know anything about the things he suggested, because i want to be sure of what i am doing. I don’t want more damaged to my hair.
Please could anybody help me with this!!!

At last, I would really like to thank all of you…some of u made me think i’m not alone, some of u have encouraged me and some have made me aware of things that shouldn’t do. Thank you.


Christie January 4, 2010 at 9:50 pm

I also began to lose my hair in late 2008, a few months after going off the birth control pill estrostep. For the first few months, i didnt worry about it at all, thinking it was natural and would just go away. In January, I decided that maybe this is a bigger problem than I had originally thought and decided to go to the doctor. The first 4 doctors I went to spent most of the appointment trying to tell me that it was all in my head and I wasn’t really losing my hair. At that point, I was so frustrated, I know my body and I know I was losing hair. There would be about 150-200 hairs in the drain after every shower. How dare they tell me it was all in my head. The next two doctors told me its just telogen effluvium an I’d have to wait 6 months for it to stop. 6 months later….no improvement. At that point, I had no hope, I thought my life was over. I would try to act like there was nothing wrong, but every time I looked in the mirror I felt hideous. I had cut my hair extremely short, and alllllwayys kept it up just so I didn’t have to see all the little hairs on my clothes. Finally, I decided to try one more doctor, hoping that maybe, if nothing, else, she would at least recognize my problem. Sure enough, she did, and told me I had both AGA and telogen effluvium. She suggested that I go on Spironolactone 200 mg and rogaine 2/5% solution – one in the morning and one at night. Originally, I was against taking any other medication, especially after I had realized that the pill caused my hair loss. At first, I said I would just try the rogaine. Then, i decided taking the Spironolactone was worth trying to get my hair back. So, I went on both in late May of 09. During June, July and August, my hair loss was soooo bad. It had gotten worse. My doctor said that was probably from the medicine, but I just couldn’t believe her. I was absolutely convinced i was going bald. I swore on my life, I would never go back on the pill, but in late August out of desperation, I thought about going back on to tempoarilly hault the loss. Then, in early September, I wake up one morning, take a shower, and there was about 10 hairs in the drain, and only about 4-5 hairs in my comb. I literally woke up one day and my hair loss stopped. Its now early January and I am noticing a little more shedding than normal possibly, but no more than 20-30 hairs in the shower and 10-15 in my brush. And this is all without going back on the pill. Obviously I realize that there is a large chance that shedding will reoccur, but I’ve had about 50% – 60% regrowth. When I go out, people tell me I have nice hair again. My hair used to be ridiculously thick, and it is nowhere near where it used to be, but it is deinately an extreme improvement. I have a lot of thinning on the sides of my head, but the top of my hair almost completely grew back. The hairs on the side of my head are very weak and can be pulled out easily if yanked, but at least theres growth. I really just wanted to write this to encourage people to hold out and stay off the pill as long as possible. My whole extreme hairloss lasted about 10 months, but it did eventually stop. I know there is a chance it will happen again, but I consider myself very grateful to have hair stop fall out and have regrowth.


jacqui January 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm

did you stay on the Spiro? I took diane 35 and am having hair loss since quitting it….no problem before hand> I cant get it because i am now living in the US. Just wondering other options.


Crystal April 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm

First off I must say, I am so glad that I found this site, up untill today I honestly thought I was completely alone in my struggle.

I am 19 years old, and my hair started to fall out in August of 2009. It has then the most difficult and trying thing I have ever gone through. I went to my family doctor, a doctor whom my mother has known for 30 years and actually delivered me as a baby, and she was dismissive, uncaring, and uninterested. She told me that it was probably nothing. I went back and begged, and she referred me to a dermatologist who recomended that “as a precaution” I take a small dose of Iron (mine wasn’t low, just borderline) and use rogaine. She said it was probably just due to stress and that it would clear up, but to wait 6 months before making another appointment. It is April of 2010 and my hair is continuing to fall out rapidly. I did not end out using the rogaine presrcibed, because I have read that in some cases it inhibits your ability to grow new hair naturaully, and I would like to know the cause of my hair loss first. I am completely devastated that this is happening to me. I am alone in my struggle, I am so embarrassed and the only person I have told is my mother. Even though she could see that I was in a state of hysteria and fear when I told her about the problem, she has offered literally no support, and refuses to even discuss the issue with me. For about 4 months I refused to spend time with my friends. I pretended that I was working a second job and became a total recluse. Since then I have tried to come to terms with what is happening. I wear my hair up, have not worn it down since August. I spend time with my friends and family and try not to let this affect me. At the same time I feel robbed of my youth, I have no confidence, and I have lost many close girlfriends because I refuse to go to bars and clubs with them, places I feel extremely uncomfortable. I have another appointment with the dermatoligist at the end of April, and I really hope she will try to get to the root of the problem. I am losing all hope and am still unable to accept the fact that I could be bald by the time I am 25. It is good to hear that I am not alone in my struggle, and that so many people have been able to come to peace with their hair loss. Because of the lack of available support, combined with the lack of medical attention, I am almost ready to resign myself toliving a life of desperately low self esteem, hidden in the shadows. I am currently looking at wigs and extensions, but as a student I cannot afford anything that looks real. It felt good to share my story, even though it is not very uplifting, I hope it helps other people realize that they are not alone in this struggle.


farrah February 23, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Hello to all,

just wanted to let veronica know that i have also been through the exact same thing.. i spent a fortune on extentions and only had them in for a couple of months.. i took them out to colour and wanted to put them back in straight away untill i reached over and felt my hair.. as i wasnt able to run my fingers through my hair like normal.. it was all gone.. i burst out into tears and cried for a long time.. everyone told me that it was ok it didnt look so bad but i was devastated. i asked the hair dresser to cut most of it off as i had two empty patches on either side of my head ontop of the thinning hair on the front.. i later went straight to the pharmacy and got a whole heaps of vitamins to helps with the growth.. because alot of the hair was ripped out.. i had some hope.. i no this may not be so helpful to many of you but its feel great to discuss these issues with people that experience the same thing.. i have been taking sprilina, zinc, silica and flaxseed oil.. it did help with the hair that was ripped out and is good to take in general.. i just look at others and wish i had the long thick hair i once had and lost at about 14 yrs old


K March 18, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Can anyone tell me how I can find a post of a girl who I think is in the forum and she does hair replacement in North Carolina. She put her website info up with permission and I cannot find it again for anything! It is driving me crazy. Anyway if any can tell me how to find her post I would appreciate it. She posts pictures of herself and family. And even does extensions that have skin colored wefts to them. She is pretty and show her going out and how active her life is.


danish March 24, 2011 at 2:47 am

hiii i am Danish Iam 20 years old ….from last few months iam facing aserious problem of hair losss ,,,,can any one help meeee plzzzzz


Brittany May 18, 2011 at 11:32 pm

Its so sad to come here and see so many women with the exact same story as me. I’m considering a scalp biopsy and blood test and possibly being tested for PCOS . I wont go into my long story,I think DHT is the killer here. I been taking shen min dht blocker it helps the shedding a lil. Still hopeful.Hopinga man wilol love me if im bald or not …


Pat 27 years old May 23, 2011 at 11:31 am

Hi everyone!
I just want to give you all a bit of hope. I´m not saying everyone´s hair loss is gonna be the same but you may be thinking you´re gonna be bald soon when you´re actually not. That was my case 10 years ago when I started losing hair at the age of 16-17, I don´t remember exactly. I thought I was going to lose all my hair bc it was shedding so fast, I became ashamed and hidden myself from direct lights and people at the beginning, afraid that someone would notice my hair problem. Time passed and although I continued losing hair and it looked thin and weak I wasn´t going bald. Stopping bcp makes the shedding worse and also stress, and my hairdresser of course noticed the hair loss but nobody else. What I´m trying to say is that maybe some of you have irreversible hair loss but maybe don´t and there´s still hope that even if you loss hair there´s enough up there to look normal for several years. I´m quite sure may be when I´m 50 I will have really little hair left but I confort myself thinking that everyone has worries and problems to cope with, and unfortunately this is the problem I got and I have to live with it. It could have been worse or it could have been better, who knows, but it is what it is. I hope you can go throw this and be happy regardless.


shaina October 8, 2011 at 5:21 pm

I am 23 years old and have dealt with serious hair loss since i was about 16. I had a lot of big things happen in my life that i thought might have been the cause, but in the end the dermatologist just told me it was genetic. I have your exact story. I also spent money on extensions that then ruined my hair even more. The same thing with half of it coming out. so much so that i just went and bought a wig. wigs get tiring but i definitely feel more confident with one on. please dont let it get you down too bad. people are very accepting. and wigs are such a great thing, just own it!! it will eventually get a little easier. <3


M. June 2, 2012 at 6:59 am

Hello… I’m 36 and I have been thinning since I was 19. I went to the derm. And he put me on aldactone 50mg. Took it for a month and I had some side effects, so he told me to cut the pill in half. It’s going on 3 months that I have been taking this med. I’m also taking rogain for men. I have read a lot of your stories and I’m don’t want to have to take this med. for the rest of my life. I thought it would get everything back to normal, and I could get off of it . He told me to take it for six months. I’m taking the aldactone for the unwanted hairs on my chin, and also acne. I’ve seen some help in the adult acne. If getting off this med. makes your hair fall out after taking it , I’m scared… What should I do? I want to become a barber. It’s my goal. I like to cut hair. One thing I think about is my hair is thinning……… one want to get there hair cut from some lady that barely has hair. Ugggggggh. Always something ……. Does anyone know if the aldactone helps stop the DHT from suffercating your follicles..
My mother asked who I was writing to and I told her ,people that are having some of my problems. She said your so stupid. How can they help you? They don’t no any better than you. Oo oo my. Sometimes I hate getting out of the bed. Anyways thanks for listening. If anyone can help with my thinning hair I would appreciate it a lot. I’m also looking for a good shampoo that will help. God bless and have a good day.


Kip June 5, 2012 at 5:57 am

M, he will prescribe it for awhile and monitor your progress perhaps modify your dosage. But yes will will have to stay on the med and the rogaine to maintain the results. And yes we do know more than a lot of people because we are veterans of this and have experienced and gone to every specialist under the sun only to realize how scary it is of how much doctors do NOT know about the human body. I’m sorry your mom is so hard on you. When someone has not gone through it they cannot relate. I know the meds may seem overwhelming but if they help you then just weigh the options with your doctor. You will learn a lot over time and maybe even be able to help others going through the same thing. I wish you the very best and hope that your mother becomes more supportive.


Melina June 26, 2012 at 7:31 pm

Veronica, do you still check this post occasionally? I am experiencing the same thing you did and wondering if you ever had regrowth. My hair has always been thin and started falling out like crazy for months. I got so depressed that I decided to get extensions to make my hair look decent. I kept them in for three months and just took them out a few days ago. I’m freakjng out bc I’d say half of my already incredibly thin hair is gone ! I’m so mad at myself. I knew I was risking damage with extensions by I convinced myself it would allow my natural hair to grow and strengthen. Now my worst nightmare has come true and I’m just praying I will have regrowth.


Ana October 16, 2014 at 1:18 am

Hi Veronica & all of the wonderful ladies,

My name is Ana and I’ve been going through the same exact thing with you guys. I was born with a thick healthy hair and all of a sudden in middle school, it all start to shed and I’ve to live with it every single day until now I’m 23 years old. As a kid, I’ve always been taught that my value is not reflected only from my physical appearance, but of course, everything start to change when your schoolmates start to bully you and make it as joke. It’s heart breaking that sometime people are not considerate enough, but it is also normal (I guess) for people to start asking questions and feel curious when someone is just different. So in conclusion, I feel what all of you have been through because I am in the same boat with you guys. I totally understand the feeling of insecurity, have to pull my hair up just to mask the baldness pattern, wishing to have other girls’ thick full hair, and also the feeling of hating to go to have a haircut.

I did blood test and biopsy in order to know the cause of my hair loss and so far, everything is normal (no thyroid condition, my iron level is normal, and there is no sign of alopecia). So they concluded, that my diffused female hair loss pattern is just caused due to genetic heredity. And yesterday, I just got the gut to go through hair transplant using the Neograft technology, which basically kind of different from the regular hair strip transplant because they won’t leave a strip scar mark on your head. They used robotic Neograft machine to harvest hair graft follicles from the back of your head and transplanted into the top area of your head with the obvious sign of hair loss. Since I just did it yesterday, I will keep you all posted about how the results are, but so far, i’m in a great condition even though I just went through a major 8hrs of procedure. And as for daily treatment, my suggestion will be to just make rogaine as our bible (my doctor recommended me to use the men version) and use it twice a day indefinitely because it might/might not help to promote re growth, but it will definitely help us to hold on of what we have now (especially because we all are still very young). And also, just take supplement that can promote health in hair, nail area (I got mine from GNC).

And lastly, as cliche as it is, I could only repeat of what my parents have taught me since I’m little: that indeed our value is not depend on how many follicles of hair we have in our head. If we have weakness in this department, let’s make progress in others! Prove to others that we are more than our hair. And if you have dream, just pursue it, give your 110% effort, and excel in it! 🙂 let’s start to be thankful for lots of other little things and I promise you that it will shift how we see everything 🙂 hope this help, ladies, let’s fight a good fight and win this battle for we only have 1 life to live. Cheers!


amanda June 9, 2015 at 1:03 pm

Wow! Reading that some of you ladies have experienced hair loss since a teenager has made me grateful for the amount of time I have had my hair. I am 29 now and I have been experiencing loss since 5 months ago. Wow! DHT can truly kill a women’s self esteem in just a few short months. I am actually going to have my consult apt for extensions today. The tape kind. I know this is only a temporary solution. I have been terrified to go outside with my hair down and people notice that I look older now or unhealthy. ugh, why do I give a crap what others think of me anyways, but I strangely do. Maybe its bc I live on a military base and we represent our hubs as wives, crazy as it is, but we represent our husbands. Well, at least in the military community. Anways, back to the topic. Consult today and then I also found out that we are most likely going to be moving to San Diego, we are in Florida now. I sure hope that I can get with Vicka and Follea and experience a rebirth for myself. Gosh, hair loss truly sucks. AGA sucks and I am not sure why it chose me, but it did. I pray for a cure all day it seems like. I wish I was seeing more success stories on here. I am so sorry to all that have suffered or is suffering due to this loss. I have been trying to be thankful for what I do have; limbs, decent skin, generally healthy, good teeth (lol), just grasping for anything that makes me realize that others deal with much worse and that I have been blessed to have hair for 28 years. God, I hope this skips my daughters generation. Or if it doesn’t the cure is out by then. I know we as Mother’s would gladly take any trial so that our children wouldn’t have to bare it, I am just so hoping it doesn’t affect her in any way, shape or form. I have a son to and of course I think hair loss would suck for him too, but it is socially acceptable for him to shave his head. It just is and it sucks that hair contributes to us women feeling feminine. As of now I will just thank God that we live in a day and age where we can wear hair. Sorry for the rambling…


Ashleigh February 12, 2016 at 3:10 am

Oh how I understand where you are all coming from. I turned 30 a couple of months ago and have been losing hair since I was 23. It was out of the clear blue and my hair started to rapidly fall out in handfuls. I don’t know if it’s growing back at all as I’d say I’ve lost about 75-80% of my hair. It’s not in bald patches but just over all thinning (the sides above my ears are the thinnest). I have this white stuff that gets under my nails if I itch my scalp, it’s not flaky like dandruff. My hair has also changed texture and is very wavy and super thin and not pretty to look at. I always clip my hair back as I find it too u flattering to just wear it down. The hair loss has caused me to not have any type of social life and I never want to go out or meet anyone new. It’s done a lot to my confidence. it does help a lot to know that I am not alone (because it feels as if I am). I believe mine started from an autoimmune disease as my health has progressively gotten worse since the hair loss started which was my first main symptom. Anyway, hopefully some of you on here have found answers since these posts. <3


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