ACell’s MatriStem MicroMatrix Used To Successfully Clone Hair

by Y on January 7, 2010

A press release was issued yesterday titled “Researchers Develop First Successful Hair Cloning Technique – Major Advancement in Hair Restoration” the subtitle reads ” Gary Hitzig, M.D. and Jerry Cooley, M.D., are the first medical doctors to successfully develop a hair cloning technique using a wound healing powder.”

For years we have been hearing about scientists and doctors working to clone hair, but up until now I was beginning to think I’d be in flying vehicle like George Jetson, before it would actually come to fruition. Aren’t I cynical? But hot diggity dog, it seems to have been done.

According to the press release, using the MatriStem MicroMatrix healing powder, doctors Jerry Cooley and Gary Hitzig have been able to actually to “create a technique that multiplies the number of hair follicles in an area that had previously stopped growing hair.

In an interview conducted yesterday between Spencer Kobren and Dr. Jerry Cooley, the following question was asked by Mr. Kobren, “What exactly is MatriStem? How is it made and what does it do?

Dr. Cooley replied:

“It is derived from urinary bladder matrix from pigs. Now it is a very specific anatomical layer that has basement membrane proteins as well as growth factors, and this material has an ability to actually stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. When there is an injury in the body it can follow one of two pathways. It can follow regenerative pathway, which doesn’t happen very often, or more likely it can follow a scar pathway. The body just fills in a defect with scar tissue, I think like spackle. Well this material stimulates the normal regenerative pathway to occur, the body’s stem cells are recruited to come into the area of injury and actually regenerate what used to be there, normal tissue

You can listen to the entire 20 minute interview on The Bald Truth website:

While hair growth was not the original intended use for this healing wonder created by ACell, Inc, it seems to be a nice addition to the list of ailments it was suppose to be used for.

The magic pixie dust powder actually regrew (yes I said REGREW) a man’s finger! Watch the video below:

For more information on ACell and MatriStem visit:

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Donna Bowers January 7, 2010 at 3:48 pm

That is amazing, if it regrows the tip of a finger back,it could help millions of people for all different reasons. The reason i’m interested is I have alopecia universalis how for a least 3 years, I went to Dr. Miller at Hershey Medical Center, he had some type of liquid to rub all over my head , which would burn my skin and make my lymphnodes swollen in my neck and make me very sick too boot. Needless to say I stopped all rubs,that was about 1 year ago and still no hair. When it first started it was just small spots and I would get injections and they helped but after a while the got bigger and bigger , well they were all gone and to much to inject. I feel ashamed of myself because of the hair loss,I cry alot because of it , and I never go anywhere without my wig.I feel like I did something to myself because no one can tell me why or what causes this to happen, only it is your auto-immune system, then damn-it do blood work-up to see if you can find something. I only get well we don’t know, even my family Dr. wont do anything. I read all the info I can about this problem and tell these Dr.s but nothing gets done. It would help so many women with the same problem, if it would regrow hair, finally someone is doing something for us women.But I’m sure it will have a nice price tag on it , if it works, but at least something is being done. Maybe some day I will have my long thick hair back. I pray every night for it to grow back, but like I said it is over 3years now that I have no hair no were. Thank you for some good news and letting me vent.

Sincerely Yours
Donna Bowers


Wantresources January 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

This is interesting news. Let’s see if we can reach out and get more info for everyone. Maybe they will even write a piece here for us.

Donna, I will keep you in my prayers and this is a good safe place to vent. We all need a safe place to vent. 🙂 By the way, I watched a program on pbs this week called “this emotional life” , all about happiness from both scientific research on what makes us tick , etc. as well as psychology. Anyway, it helped me a little to regain my perspective on hair loss…..I am sure you can watch it on their website! Perhaps it will help ease some of your distress…….Hugs.


HairGuy January 12, 2010 at 4:32 pm

OK Folks, I’ll give some insight to the process. I am one of the experimental group for the MatriStem process involving hair transplants. I have a transplant scar that was void of hair and thus difficult to implant new hair due to the properties of scar tissue. Hair is extracted from the beard area, normally chin or sideburns (what they actually are extracting is the bulb (genetic material). This is then transplanted (after being cultered to attain several hairs) into the scar along with the MatriStem which helps growth in this tissue and 3 to four months later the hair begins to grow. It does work but I am not sure if it will be a suitable replacement for normal transplant surgery over large areas.


Hair-Transplant-Vet July 16, 2012 at 10:37 pm

OK!, slow down, this is not what people think it is, the change is very, very minor, your far of better with Stip-scar still, but for “Wounding regeneration”(not Hair regeneration) is very, very good.

Just don’t consider this a SOLUTION, it’s too far off for that, now wen REAL CULTIVATION OF YOUR OWN HAIR FOLLICLES could be done, then you got A REAL HAIR CLONING Procedure. This is just a badly misconception of hair cloning or a badly worded tittle, if you think this is viable just see the presentation at ACELL website and see the trial patients.

Thanks ACELL for the wounding agent, it works!, but if you want to market your procedure as cloning, please do exactly that!.. clone hair!.


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