Capturing The Pain of Hair Loss Over The Years

by Y on February 1, 2024

To my hair loss sisters who woke up today and are struggling in their loss, where it feels the tears just fall with no end in sight, where you wonder if there can be anything else other than this…. Where your heart aches from the loss but it aches from also being misunderstood, and you just wish someone could get it, for 2 seconds.

I want you to know. I get it. Fully. I’m on he 25th year of hair loss and I know how hard this journey as been at many points, but have faith in that things CAN get better, you don’t even need to know the how or when, but you need to believe it can, with the evolution of yourself, your strength, it’s all possible. This I know. This I’ve lived. From my heart to yours, Sending you much love.

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