A Life Misunderstood

by Y on January 30, 2024

I think I’ve spent my whole life wanting to be understood, this was before hair loss. But with hair loss that became impossible. Still to this day. 

Everyone’s hair loss situation is different, everyone’s situation is unique, but some people assume they know what someone else is going through, exactly what they are going thorough,as though we all have spent our time from birth walking the same path in all ways, from our childhood environment to how we popped into this world with our own “Ism’s.” To just the random life challenges life tossed to us along the way. 

People forget to see the person, people forget to listen. Hence why I’ve stated I spent most of my earlier years just wanting to be understood, outside hair loss, but in hair loss, universally across the board, every woman just wants to be seen, and respected and have her feeling validated and not dismissed. 

That whole “hurt people hurt people thing,” doesn’t fly, that is not excuse to hurt someone else. It IS a reason for inward reflection and getting help, but not an excuse to hurt someone else. 

To any woman dealing with hair loss today, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Your hair can be the same amount as my wig, present day, and your feelings are valid, Every. Single one. The quantity of perceived loss from others doesn’t define the right to your feelings. 

There is no road map to “loss of self,” just follow this way…. To find yourself again. That, I’m afraid doesn’t exist, but what hinders so many along the way is that the people around them offline and on, ignore, dismiss, insult… rinse, repeat. Not everyone. But it happens plenty. 

Hair loss has life altering devastating effects to the person dealing with it, be kind. It literally costs you nothing to be kind, you don’t have to fully understand all the ABC’s of hair loss to have empathy for another. Healing often begins when we feel seen, be that person in the life of someone you care about, help them heal.

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