First Do No Harm, To Yourself

by Y on June 9, 2021

Be careful when making decisions in the manner in which you decide you would like to treat your hair loss. I am not against treating hair loss, but I think because hair loss is such an emotional thing, many women make snap decisions in an effort to help themselves, only to find sometimes they are now in a worse position than they were prior.

Hair loss treatments do have risks, and worth noting, most are just flat out bogus and don’t don’t carry any medical or scientific possibility to even remotely help hair to regrow or stop shedding, and some could do more harm than good.

Desperation often sends logic sailing out the window.

I am not a doctor, but doctors are not necessarily going to be honest with you and tell you the truth and the reality of all the repercussions that can happen from doing XYZ. You need to advocate for yourself, you need to do your own research and make truly informed decisions and go into anything with eyes wide open and knowing all the potential downsides that can occur. Once you have the facts you are better equipped to make the right choice for yourself.

Just some thoughts for your consideration.

Some post thoughts on my video: I had stated hair loss is more emotional than teeth, that should have been said as in reference to only me, because it absolutely could be as emotional or more emotional for someone else depending on their situation. Everyone’s experience is different and how we deal with things is different. We all place emotional value on things differently, hence why some people even with hair loss are so quick to dismiss it because it didn’t affect them as deeply as it may have for us.

Also, I discuss the dealing of my teeth not to drone on about it, but because I always see the things that happen in my life in parallels or analogies to other things, and it’s a situation I feel can offer benefit towards the message of just being mindful and careful when choosing to make decisions for yourself about your hair loss. It’s an awful feeling when you do something to try and help yourself, and find yourself in a worse position.

Sending Much Love To All!

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