Hair Bonding Considerations

by Y on June 2, 2021

Hair bonding is a very viable alternative hair option for women with hair loss who want to wear hair, but in my opinion it truly takes the RIGHT candidate, more than just practically, I also mean, emotionally. 

There are upsides and downsides to both wigs and bonding, and there are women on each side that would state that they would never do the other. We are all different and unique and it’s about finding what works for us. 

I made an IGTV video on this you can watch here:

I was convinced that was my only option over 9 years ago, and I truly felt I would be a bonder. I saw it done so well, by so many women on my site. 

I only didn’t do it because I had a friend who did it first and let me know that was not something going to work for me. My mind doesn’t let anything go that is “off” on me that my mind has placed a tremendous value on being perfect. The anxiety is legit and very difficult. There could be times the bond is slightly crooked (not that anyone would see, but you would know or feel it) or there could be a wrinkle in the bond. These are things that may not bother many women as long as it looked fine. Even if it looked fine, I’d probably explode and meltdown in internal frustration and since it’s glued, it’s not like you can *easily* reposition it. 

To be honest, if I wasn’t this way, even after wearing wigs for so long it might be something I would have considered to see how I liked it, but I know myself so well and know this isn’t going to be for me. I can perhaps expand at a later time, but really all of it boils down to nothing practically negative of the process as a whole, but more of how I know I am emotionally with *certain* things, and I don’t like to be reliant on others (Note: women also do bonding at home themselves).   I cannot control my hair loss, but I do try and control my hair wearing situation as much as possible, and of course even that is beyond the scope of my control to a large degree. 

Hair bonding may be the right option for you, but: 

1)  Know Yourself 
2) Get FULLY educated on what it entails

Both wigs and bonded hair have their pros and cons, and I think it’s important for women to know all their options and even more so, that options do exist.  Nothing is ever one size fits all, and for some women bonding is the only way. 

Sending Much Love To All! 

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