PRP – Is It My Miracle?

by BW on October 28, 2014

**This post is from a fellow WHLP Member, “BW.” **

As many of you may know from the last blog I posted, I had been experiencing a Hell Shed. This was far beyond my usual seasonal nerve-wracking and it sucks but it’s manageable thing. This was my body went through a major physiological change (quitting smoking was my trigger this time) and here comes the Hair Dump. I went from having my pretty awesomely normal (short) hair in early June to quitting smoking on June 16 to start a crazy messed up put me back in my little black hidey hole ka-boom see ya hair thing by about a week later and I just couldn’t get it to stop. Like holy cow. Hair explosion for months and no end in sight. Sigh….. And yeah, I wear a wig most of the time anyway, but I don’t go to the gym in my wig. I really wasn’t planning on wearing a wig for my half marathon in November and honestly, it had gotten so bad that not only was I getting seriously depressed about it. I was also using Toppik at my front hairline just to be able to blend with my wig AND I had lost enough hair that my wigs weren’t even fitting well anymore. Oh my.

Yes, ladies, I had the Ultimate What You Don’t Want to Happen When You Are Wearing a Wig Experience. My wigs had gotten loose since I had lost SO much hair and I guess I hadn’t thought too much about it because once you get used to wearing hair, you just are way more relaxed about (maybe too relaxed in my case) and when I was shaking my thang all over the dance floor on a beautiful Saturday night in August, my hair fell off. Like on the dance floor. Like under someone’s feet. Yeah. WAKE UP CALL! I had lost so much hair that my wigs weren’t even fitting anymore. Remember that hidey hole I was talking about? Step right in.

I really started feeling stuck. I had begin hitting the Toppik bottle again (hard) while wearing my wigs and also while just going to the gym and stuff, and man, that stuff is truly amazing but I even needed it in the front for blending in my now strapped as tight as possible wigs. That just seems no bueno – now I need Toppik to even wear my wigs? Big sigh….. And as all hair wearers know, you gotta always have a back up plan. Or a forward thought. And I couldn’t find one. Where am I gonna go from here? What if I couldn’t make my current situation work anymore?

Enter PRP treatment. Or CRP treatment. I decided to give this a try. Why the hell not? I was seriously out of options for stopping this shed enough to even be able to wear the wigs I currently own and had already cut back the lace on both of them for blending. It’s try PRP and give it a final shot to hold on to enough bio hair to live status quo, or shave and buy a Gripper. Or two Grippers. I decided to try PRP with Dr. Joe Greco in Sarasota, which is about a 3 hour drive (boring but well worth every mile) from where I live in FL. I had made a conscious decision to stop all drug based attempts at controlling my hairloss years ago when I first shaved my head. I had spent enough on doctor’s appointments, drugs, serums and hormonally based treatments that did ZERO for me. I made a commitment to myself years ago that that $ was far better spent on hair. As in WIGS. But the idea of using my own blood to repair my hair? Well, that seems a little more realistic as far as a holistic cure. No drugs, no weird shit that was gonna make my boobs swell or give me zits and stuff (been there and done allllllll of that). Just my own blood.

Anyway, I really had a great experience with Dr Joe and his staff. They really couldn’t have been nicer and I had a very informative meeting with Dr. Joe before the procedure where he explained PRP and CRP (a newer version of PRP) and showed me lots of before and after pictures. It was all very informative but I was scared to death of the “hurts like a motherfucker thing” I had been told by a certain someone who has also tried this previously and I wish I had absorbed more of our meeting instead of probably looking like a deer in the headlights and just nodding and thinking positive thoughts and trying to calm myself as I was a little wired in anticipation of PAIN. After the consultation and explanation and also discussing my own personal situation with my hair and my patterns of shedding, we went into a procedure room and they brought in the plasma they had extracted from the blood they drew when I first got there. They got me settled in a reclining chair (think dentist) and told me they were going to start. So they start using this roll-y thing with needles (which obviously contained my own centrifuged-out plasma) and start moving it over the top of my head. And I’m sitting there gripping my arms around myself and bracing myself for a whole bunch of pain like “oh god, when does it start?” and suddenly they say, ok you are all done. WHAAAAAA? Where’s the pain? I’m not gonna say it was like being caressed with a sparkly feather while relaxing poolside and drinking champagne but I was so seriously prepared for being punched in the head with long needles that I was kind of in shock about the LACK of pain. Huh. Pain Schmain. Bring it on, baby. And to be clear, I also expected the procedure to be done on my entire scalp as I have diffuse but also focused shedding / thinning in a few areas, but no. They only do the top of the scalp. Finally, gravity has some usefulness physically. ?

I left there with a very cute super-softy hat I had bought just for the occasion and went on my pretty much merry way back to the hotel. I was told to wash my hair the following day and so yeah, my hair (underneath super-cute hat) was kinda crusty, but I couldn’t have cared less. I went out to dinner and sat outside to enjoy a beautiful Florida sunset in my super-cute and not seasonally appropriate hat and honestly, I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on that hat! Well, It probably did attract a fair amount of attention….. cute blonde walking around a swanky Florida resort with a black wool hat on in 90 degree heat…… ha.

Anyway, I slept in that hat. I got coffee the next morning in that hat and then I washed my hair. As expected after a roll-y needle device goes over the top of your head, I had a lot of hair come out that day. And even the next. But guess what? AND I AM BEING COMPLETELY 100% HONEST HERE – when I drove home the next day after the treatment (no hat) my hair actually looked better. I’m not joking. Not only did it look perkier but I seriously feel like that rolling needle thing kind of instantly destroyed the crazy, weird and numerous cowlicks I had developed in a particularly bad shed region on my left back side of my head. Ok, I lost a bunch of hair that first morning, but I’d been losing like that anyway and my hair already LOOKED better. FOR REAL.

GUESS WHAT – I had my procedure on a Tuesday (9/23) and drove home on Wednesday. On Friday, I flew to NYC for the weekend (with wig) and by Sunday, I was so comfortable with how my SHORT hair looked that I did not wear my wig home that day and I did not use Toppik. Holy crap. Since then, everything has been on the upswing. Not only am I completely impressed and amazed, but my husband is too. My shed stopped (like I said, wax on, wax off kind of thing) within a few days of the procedure and is growing in like I never had the highest hopes for. I have not used Toppik since just a few days after the procedure. My entire scalp, including my hairline and my dreaded right temple are filling in AND I haven’t even had to dye my roots. ! Like I said, my wildest dreams for this have been surpassed. My shed stopped, my hair is growing back in AND it’s growing back in BLONDE and not mousy brown / gray? Sign me up for more CRP.

I know this sounds over the top but I literally could not be happier. It just opens up new possibilities for me. I know that I will never have my original hair back. I have accepted that and I don’t even need it anymore. Would I like it? Sure. But I don’t NEED it. All I need is an answer to control the big sheds. If I can also have something within my reach to control my smaller, seasonal sheds then I am home free. And I know that even though I sound maniacally blissful, I know that you all understand what I am talking about. Hair shedding = awwwww fudgers. No eye contact in mirrors. What does the future hold for my hair and everything that else that it affects. And yeah, as we know, it affects a lot. Hair shed controlled or stopped = the sun shines, eye contact in mirrors might be re-established soon, one foot goes in front of the other when it needs to. Stuff gets done. Like I said, wax on / wax off.

Dr. Joe told me that the optimal time to see regrowth is actually four months. Well, I’m not even four weeks in and I am one happy customer. I’m already thinking ahead to when I will go back and maybe try and get ahead of my seasonal shed. I usually start seasonal shed in late spring so maybe a wee bit before that will be good timing to keep it at bay? I’m not sure yet. I also want to say that I have been hesitating on writing this blog so soon after treatment because like I said, the optimal timeframe to see results is supposed to be four months, but the total turnaround and progress I have had pretty much instantly is just too good NOT to share.

 PRP is actually used to repair several areas of the body, including joints and can also be used instead of lab-created fillers like Botox and Juvederm. It seems like the wave of the future. And now that I see how it’s done and what the results are (oh man, gimme more hair!), it just makes sense. My husband is so completely amazed by what he has seen on my head in the last two and a half weeks, that he is looking into getting PRP treatment on his knees. It’s like that.

Anyway ladies, just wanted to share a positive update after my last KA-BOOM blog because the turnaround has been nothing short of miraculous to me and I’m growing hair over here like it’s my job. All smiles (and hair) over here.


This was BW’s first PRP treatment that she outlined in her story above.  I have had 9 or 10 ( I lost count)  of these treatments since 2008. I did create a video for others to learn more about the procedure here: 

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chio October 28, 2014 at 3:16 pm

can you please tell me how much was it to get this treatment. Thank you so much for all you info. God Bless you.


Anna October 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!! That was brave and I am excited to hear more about how things are going further down the road for you 🙂


Lauren @ Corner of Hope and Mane October 28, 2014 at 6:04 pm

Ooooh, exciting! So glad you might have found the answer for seasonal sheds! I’m sure you’ll be updating us soon on how this progresses–can’t wait to hear. 🙂


Lorena October 28, 2014 at 8:36 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. Like you I also have been experiencing hair loss gradually over the years. I am very interested in this new therapy. Could you please share information about the doctor and his qualifications?
Thank you again for your kindness and good luck!


Sheila October 29, 2014 at 4:55 am

Of course we all would like a little more information. Like the cost. And how often do you have to have another procedure done. What else can you do at home to keep the hair growing. And are there any other doctors doing this and other areas. What is the procedure called that we can look for?
Thanks for all the information… I hope it helps some more of us.


BW October 30, 2014 at 2:39 am

hiya, ladies! Yeah, that would have been helpful to add about the price…. The treatment I had costs $1695 the first time, $1200 for the next one and $1000 for follow up treatments. I guess they offer a $200.00 travel discount for people that fly in for appointments, though that didnt apply to me.

As far as how often I would need to go, I’m not quite sure at this point. From the consultation I had with Dr. Greco, it seems like everyone is different on that. He said that typically you see “optimal results in four months” so i’m still waiting for my optimal results. 🙂 Though like I said, within less then four weeks, I am a truly satisfied customer. So I don’t exactly know when I would need to go for another treatment….. My seasonal sheds are typically in early December and then again in May. I had this treatment in September and it ended a major shed I’d had going on since mid-June. I am truly hoping that since I have had this treatment, that I do not get my December shed. or that if I get a seasonal shed, it’s very minimal. I guess December will be very telling for me. My own personal thoughts on the timing thing would be every six months, BEFORE my shed times, in hopes of holding those off. So I guess I need to wait and see what happens in December and then go from there. Maybe I would want to go again in early spring and see if my May shed (which is usually heavier) can be suppressed.

From what he told me, everyone is different on timing, depending on the type and cycle of hairloss they have. I have a rather particular shed pattern usually and that’s what I would love to be able to deal with.


Lina October 30, 2014 at 8:09 am

Well this is fantastic news! So happy for you.
When I hear from women on this site I always get hopeful because this is the only place I trust what I hear in the world of hairloss. I could not even imagine a sister here trying to peddle BS.
Definitely something to look into and I’m thinking in my case it would of been best to know about this so looooong ago. I imagine like any treatment – earlier is definitely better. But this is very hopeful and the philosophy of getting body to heal thyself really appeals to me.
I am over the moon happy for you as I can hear the grin from ear to ear from your posts.
Lots of love and yipeeee for you.



Cindy October 30, 2014 at 11:27 am

Would Dr. Joe recommend other Doctors across the United States that do this type of procedure? Getting to Florida isn’t an option for many of us due to cost or transportation issues. Thx for your story!!


BW October 30, 2014 at 1:51 pm

@ Lina – yep, im grinning from filled-in to normal-again temple. Big smiles and lots of hair. I SO hope this works for me as a long-term aid in controlling my hairloss. I do now know that I was always a heavy shedder, even long ago before I knew hairloss was possible, but having something to get my situation under CONTROL would just be amazing. And a game changer for sure. And yes, the whole using your own blood for helping and healing is pretty much ideal. I’m done with hairloss snake oil. Love you large, soul swishter.

@Cindy – yeah, I know it’s definitely not possible for everyone to get to Florida, unfortunately, because Dr. Greco and his staff were just great to deal with. I wish there was the most amazing wig store and the most amazing caring and effective doctor on every corner for sure. I am super lucky that Dr. Greco is driving distance for me. I have no idea if he has associates that he could recommend in other areas. I suppose you would have to contact his office and ask?


Pam Y November 1, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Congratulations BW! I’m sure you must be over the moon with joy and it’s so awesome that you are seeing real results (which is evident from your photos) and in such a short amount of time.

In February, I flew from NY to Sarasota for Dr. Greco’s PRP therapy. I was really at the very end of my emotional rope and felt like I had to explore all options. Dr. Greco and his staff were truly wonderful. Being very nervous, and not knowing what to expect, the treatment itself was very brief – maybe 10 minutes… (I spent most of my appointment in Dr. Greco’s office while he showed me photos and explained lots of other scientific stuff about the treatment. I guess this serves as education and keeps you preoccupied while your blood is prepared for the treatment). The nurse who drew my blood said that the PRP was the thickest she’d ever seen which sounded very promising. I was anticipating a lot of pain and a bloody scalp after but it was not really painful at all and no blood that I could see. I probably could have flown home the same day but since I was worried about having a crusty, bloody scalp, and I understood that I wasn’t to wash my hair to the next morning, I was concerned about getting through the airport security with a hat on).

Unfortunately I have not seen any improvement from the treatment which is too bad. I’ve had a pretty bad shed for the last two months which has put me in a less than wonderful mood. I’ve come to terms with my situation and I’ve been wearing a topper for over 6 months now – It has given me back my confidence and allowed me to live my life. That doesn’t mean I’m still not looking for a solution (I’ve been taking iron supplements since my blood test showed a ferritin level of 13.)

Anywho, I wanted to let you know that I found it really exciting to hear you’re having a good result but I also wanted to share with some of the readers that the therapy isn’t going to work for everyone. Definitely not to be a buzzkill but really just so those that are considering PRP therapy have realistic expectations.


BW November 2, 2014 at 4:46 am

hey, Pam – and thanks for sharing. And no, you are most definitely not a buzzkill here. we are all different in what our bodies will respond to and what we cannot, for whatever reason. I know that I’ve tried pretty much everything under the sun at this point and even though some of those meds have helped others here, I got nothing from them. I tried Spriro a long time ago now and never lost so much hair in one month as I did when I tried the Spiro. So yes, we are all very different in what works for us and in exactly what our hairloss situation is as well. For instance, after battling on again off again hairloss for 8 years now, I really think that my own hairloss probably has an element of AGA at this point (pretty much everyone gets some normal hair thinning as they get older) but most of my issue seems to chronic TE. And honestly, I’m not sure what PRP / CRP seems to be more effective for. It could even be simply based on the individual.

Sigh….. I’m really sorry that it didnt work for you. I do know just how disappointing that must be. I hope the iron supplements work for you, cuz yeah, 13 is really low. AND THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR HELPER HAIR. I dont know where I would be without it. Even now, with my hair growing in impressively well for the time being, I would not / will not trust my hair at any point in the near future to actually stay put long-term. PRP therapy will be a wait and see project for me for the foreseeable future. I’m going to have to hold on to normal looking hair for a good long while before I would consider myself to be a true success story. But yes, the results I have seen pretty much immediately have made me very happy and very hopeful.

I’m very glad you found helper hair that makes life easier again. 🙂


Ariann November 14, 2014 at 2:26 pm

I have hair loss with PCOS. Would this work if hormone levels are not normal?


megan99 November 23, 2014 at 7:51 am

Pam Y,

I am assuming that you also had CRP with the PRP?

I wonder the relevance of your thick blood?

Anyway, thank you so much for posting your experience so we can learn from it.


megan99 November 23, 2014 at 7:54 am


I also wanted to ask you a question about your chronic TE.

Did you have miniaturization? I am guessing not–which is how you know that you have TE rather than AGA?

Please continue to keep us updated–this thread is so helpful.


BW November 23, 2014 at 3:11 pm

@ Ariann – i really don’t know anything about CRP / PRP in conjunction with hormone levels since I gave up on all of that a very long time ago. I had one dr telling me this about my hormone levels and another one telling me the opposite. It was so frustrating! my initial Dump Shed was definitely caused by / exacerbated by birth control and so I adopted a let my hormones be philosophy a long ways back and I don’t bother with it anymore at all. We can all only do so much and after trying so many things, I didn’t feel like abnormal hormone levels were the root of my problem. Maybe you could contact Dr.Greco on this, about hormone levels being relevant to success with CRP / PRP…..

@megan99 – yes, although I most certainly have chronic TE, according to the last derm i saw a few years ago, i do have some slight miniaturization as well. Honestly, I chalk this up to aging in general at this point. Pretty much everyone’s hair reacts to age and I am about to turn 40 so I don’t consider some slight miniaturization to be abnormal. i swear, sometimes with my wigs, I feel that I am noticeably the girl in the room with the thickest hair. I love it (!) but I am aware of it. Chronic TE doesnt have to mean that there is zero miniaturization, just that my hair comes and goes based on a variety of factors. I will say that USUALLY when my hair grows in, it grows in well. Like, really well and very thick and no one would ever guess that I live with a debilitating hair problem. Sometimes, it grows in just okay. So far, with the CRP treatment, it is growing in very, VERY well but i have noticed that with this grow in period, that the hair on my right temple is still fine. it’s growing and filled in and looks good, but it’s finer than the rest of my hair. Is this miniaturization? Maybe. my hair seems to have its own agenda, always….. Will it grow in thicker again? I hope so. Who knows?


megan99 December 13, 2014 at 9:25 am

I find myself checking this thread a lot hoping for some more user experiences with PRP and for updates.

It would be great to hear feedback from any ladies that had PRP with AGA.

BW–when you have a moment I would love to hear an update.

I really wonder on whether the CRP is always a good addition to the PRP, or might it have unwanted effects for AGA rather than those with TE.

Any lurkers that have had PRP–please take a minute to join the site and tell us your experience–good or bad.

Thank you!


BW December 14, 2014 at 4:06 am

HI, megan99 – maybe there aren’t too many women on this particular site who have tried it? Y, the administrator of this site, has been having PRP treatments for a few years now and has multiple blogs on here you could look up and maybe get more of an idea of the longer term effects. Also, she has some more technical info in her posts. I was kinda scared frozen in the sit down with Dr. Greco because I was in major terror of the anticipated pain (which was nothing like I was expecting thankfully).

I have been meaning to post an update anyway, but I’m right at my usual shed start time so I’ve been a little nervous and update because I am always literally waiting for the other hair to drop….. so, I’m almost 3 months from my treatment and according to the Dr, “optimal results” should be at 4 months. But – my seasonal shed usually starts in early December. So far, SOOOOO GOOD! My hair seems to be growing in well and not falling out. I mean, I’ve got some days where I barely lose a hair from my head (even that makes me nervous because of past patterns…..) and other days where I lose a more normal amount for me. But I can tell you that as of now, I am NOT shedding, my hair is still growing in without much gray at all and it seems everything is A-OK. I am so hopeful at this point that this could be a long-term solution for me. I’m going back for a second treatment in February, which would be 3 months before my next usual shed zone start time but I have to say that if I can get through the next month like this, I feel like maybe I can finally start to relax a little. After all these years, that would truly be a miracle for me.


B December 20, 2014 at 4:20 pm

When you had the PRP did it have other things added like Acell? I am planning on doing this as well but locally the lady does PRP and only adds calcium. I am hoping it still helps. I am going either in mid January or beginning of February haven’t decided if I have the guts to go right away so may procrastinate but may decide I just wanna get it done and pick the earlier date. Glad to hear your update. Thanks for sharing.


Jean December 24, 2014 at 2:34 am

Ladies I have had PRP done in Sri Lanka. Its about 4 months now and my hair is thick as ever. I saw results after two weeks. Just to give people here hope.


BW December 27, 2014 at 6:36 am

B – no, this was just my own plasma, with nothing added to it. I havent heard of Calcium being used but I’m curious about it! Good luck with your appointment. Fingers crossed for you! 🙂


B December 31, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Jean – That’s awesome!!! Thanks for posting.


BW January 1, 2015 at 9:58 am

ok, well I have now made it rhrough all of December with no shed, which is usually my major shed month. 🙂 I am cautiously optimistic to call this a success! And I am looking forward to my next treatment next month. Trying to post an updated pic but cant make it work. I will post in on the network though……

Happy New Year to everyone!


megan99 January 1, 2015 at 8:55 pm

What a blessing BW. Very happy for you and thank you for sharing as always.


B January 3, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Jean – if you read this and have time I would love to hear the details if u want to share. How long have you had hairloss? How much regrew? Was the Prp uncomfortable or painful? Are you going back? Are you on any other treatments?


Eve January 5, 2015 at 8:13 am

After seeing yr post, it gave me hope to finally cure my shedding.
I’m from Singapore and its a good 24 hours flight journey to see Dr Greco.
I’ve been shedding for 18 months since a horrific flight experience and also around that period stopping OCD.

My CRP/PRP did not make any positive changes to my shed or hair. I did mine in July 2014. Now 6 months after, still shedding and feelnf miserable about myself.

I’m seeing a dermatologist who has put me on Yaz and now Spirinolactone.
I saw some decrease in shedding fri 50-80 strands a day to now 40-60 strands aday. A little better than none. 3 days ago I started Spironolactone and hell!!! I’m shedding alot again. Or Yaz is losing its little positive effect on me. I’m so envious about my shedding I’m losing sleep n losing myself.



BW January 6, 2015 at 5:46 am

hi, Eve – did you fly to see Dr Greco? I guess you had your treatment before me if you went in July. i had my first treatment in September. Have you spoken with Dr Greco to follow up on your initial treatment? I know how discouraging all the continued shedding is. that stinks! my impression is that sometimes it takes more than one treatment to get extremely positive results and I am most defintiely looking forward to my next treatment. Maybe you should reach out to Dr Greco and let him know where you’re at and also what medications you are taking now as all of that is probably having an effect as well. I took Spiro for only a month because it really wasnt a positive experience for me at all. i would reach out to your CRP / PRP doctor and get some input.


Eve January 8, 2015 at 3:36 am

Hi BW,

Yes, I flew from Singapore to Orlando via London. It was a big long flight for me and luckily my husband was very supportive and accompanied me throughout.

I did email to Dr Greco to give him a update 2 months after my CRO/PRP.
I explained to him I havent had much noticeable improvement in shedding. But he said that shedding 100 hairs a day is normal. He was supportive and attached a slide for me to explain that although hair drops but follicles remains.

I’m in 2 minds whether if I should go for a 2nd session in March where I have the opportunity to travel to Europe again and then to Tampa to see him.


Eve January 8, 2015 at 3:45 am

Dr Greco also gave me a contact in Rome who does PRP but not CRP/PRP.
In Singapore, we can’t get PRP treatment for hair as it’s not a approved by our Medical Council. That’s why I travelled 20 flight hours to see him in Tampa. Needless to say I’m disappointed with the lack of results.

I’m was put on Yaz 4 months by my derm and noticed slight improvement in my shedding. On a good day is 30, bad day is 60 a day. I’m so obsessed with my shedding and its overtaking my life and joy. I felt that I can’t enjoy my life worrying about hair falling off. It’s depressing to have hair falling all over the floor and my body whenever I comb it especially after shower.

I’m still searching for a cure and it has been 18 months since I start this nightmare…


BW January 8, 2015 at 1:46 pm

Eve – i totally feel your pain. I hate seeing ANY hair drop, even when i know it’s just “normal.” there has been nothing that has felt normal about 6 years of this crap. : / it’s my understanding that you get better results with ongoing treatment and so though I am happy that I have had results after one treatment, I am also hoping for BETTER results after another one. I have defintiely had a decrease in shedding and improvement in growth, but I do want more. of course. my hairdresser says that my hair is now “normal”thickness and i can definitely consider growing it out now but it’s still not to where it originally was. I am never expecting that though, quite honestly. I don’t think that I personally, will ever go back to my “normal.” but I also dont have much clear concept of what “normal” is anymore. it’s just been too long….. All I know, is that I have had clear improvement and am hoping for more.

I’m sorry about the misery all of this causes you. I think we’re all on the same trip with that one…..


PK January 28, 2015 at 10:06 pm

BW- Thank you for sharing your story. What is “CRP”? I have only heard of PRP for hair loss. I have an appointment to see a dr closer to me in NYC to do the PRP (rather than fly to FL), but now I am wondering if this procedure with CRP/PRP you had may be better??


BW January 29, 2015 at 5:03 am
BW March 18, 2015 at 2:06 pm

So this will show as the longest comment ever, but it’s an update to this blog after my 2nd CRP treatment one month ago. I posted some pics on here but I don’t think they are showing?

It has been six months since my first PRP / CRP treatment with Dr. Greco and exactly one month since my second treatment. It’s time for an update! The last time I posted was about a month after my first treatment, which I really saw impressive and immediate results with. My initial treatment stopped the heavy shed I had been going through and I saw a complete turnaround in my hair – quickly! Like holy cow, sign me up for life kind of thing. But the true test of all of this for me will always be can it stop my seasonal sheds? I know we all get seasonal sheds and I get Holy Hell Are You Kidding Me Sheds from time to time as well, usually caused by some specific physical stressor. But when you live teetering on a very shaky hair edge, those seasonal sheds can mean the difference between ok and not ok in a matter of a few weeks for me. Well, after my initial treatment in September, and seeing really significant improvement in growth, texture and even color, it did in fact seem to hold off my December shed! I did NOT shed in December, which is always a killer for me, even when I went north for the month and subjected myself to a major change of seasons instantaneously. Big smiles. That was really huge for me. This was the first time since 2008 that I did not have a December shed.

I was losing a little more in January and early February, but not enough to categorize as a “shed.” I was just losing a little more than I had been. A second treatment was scheduled in February as “optimal results” are usually to be expected at the four month mark and that would hopefully (oh please God!) hold off my typical late May / early June shed, which is usually sent straight from Hair Hell to destroy my life and my summer.

My second treatment was a whole new experience for me since I wasn’t scared half to death and I knew what to expect. I was ready! And again, Dr. Greco and his whole team could not have been better. They are amazingly nice and easy to deal with and the whole thing was over before I knew it. I was also less stressed during the appointment this time since I was not actively shedding. As we all know, having anyone do ANYTHING to your hair when you are shedding is amazingly traumatic. You know you need it, or need to try it, but it’s still very hard emotionally. So, not only did I go into this in a non-shed mode, but as my blood was being drawn, one of the Sharon’s (yes, there are two!) commented that my hair looked much better than the last time I was there. Well, thank you! She was sitting to my right and my right temple is ALWAYS the indicator of what’s been going on. if I start shedding, my right temple can drop out in a matter of a week. Anyway, I loved that she was staring right at my right temple (!) and saying how much better my hair looked. Like I said, well thank you! Also, I had told Dr. Greco before the treatment that if possible, I wanted to have some focus on the areas that are always toughest for me (like my right temple and back left area) where I felt like I had the least success. My first treatment really focused on the top of my head but this time, at my request, the treatment was also done on the areas I really wanted to see more improvement in.

I also learned that the other Sharon gets CRP! I never, ever would have guessed that she had any issues (or past issues) with her hair! Her hair looks absolutely normal and she’s got this great funky cut and I just never even thought…. but yes. She gets CRP and said that she went from having very thin hair to what she’ rocking right now. Completely normal and perfect looking even to a seasoned Hair Detective.

When having the actual treatment with the needle roller, it does kind of feel like some of your hair is being ripped from your scalp. It was a very hard feeling for me last time as I was in No Bueno Land and I could actually see some falling during the procedure. All of you know how that goes – every hair counts! I steeled myself for it this time as well and was thrilled when the Sharon’s mentioned that basically no hair was coming out – unlike last time. Oh thank you…… not only for telling me but also reminding me that i’ve had so much improvement but also for acknowledging that yes, in fact, last time I did lose a bunch of hair. Acknowledgement can be a double edged sword of course but to me this was my “I knew I saw a bunch coming out!” I will tell you that after popping my cute, soft post-treatment black hat on, I actually checked the inside several times to see if anything was coming out. I think I found two hairs in there after several checks. J

My hair continues to grow! I can’t believe it but after so many years of NEEDING to part my hair on the right side because my left side is so much thinner, I have actually begun parting on the left. Not only is this just personal progress but it also means I can hide my right temple (which I always hate) and I can camouflage my Cowlick With a Mind of It’s Own over there. I have been parting it on this side sort of warily and ready for having to change it back, but yesterday I finally took the leap and went whole hog with the hairdresser! After finding my hair to be pretty crazy Bushtastic, I had my first real salon appointment in I have no idea how many years. Highlights, wash, cut and style! Heart palpitations and poo cramps for sure but I sat there and I did it. My hairdresser said “oh jeez, I don’t think I’ve ever washed your hair before.” I’m like, nope, and you haven’t colored it or styled it either……” Progress! This pic is from after the whole cut and style thing so it’s all nice and smooth:

But this is au naturel:

And again – since this treatment, my root color is just fine. No grays really, just a little bit darker then what has been dyed before. I have hope. I really do. This has put a turbo engine on my Hair Journey. I’m actually growing my hair out now into a bob at least and am hoping that maybe, oh maybe, IF I WANT TO, I might actually be able to achieve a life where my wigs aren’t NECESSARY FOR SURVIVAL. We shall see what happens with my typical Spring shed, which is usually much worse than my December shed. If I can control, lessen, skip, defeat my Spring shed, well, then CRP is indeed my Miracle. It will take years before I trust my hair in a forever kind of way (she’s been a bad, bad girl for a very long time….) but this is huge for me. For now, I am thinking positive, waiting with bated breath to see what happens in May / June (Oh please!). Smiling, hoping and always moving ONWARD……


Sweet Sue March 20, 2015 at 8:14 am

BW, continued good luck and great results.
I love that you describe yourself as a “seasoned hair detective.”


megan99 March 20, 2015 at 8:35 am

So excellent to hear an update and it also be a good one. I wish this board was more active. I really wonder what that is all about–are women just less proactive than men? I do believe they are on here reading but don’t bother to post. I have to go to the general boards for feedback etc.

Anyway, its like Christmas coming on here and seeing your thoughtful, thorough post. I am so pleased for you. Thank you for taking us on this ride with you –it helps so much.

You mention CRP in this post. You still got the combo PRP/CRP correct? How about the thinner hair on your left temple that you mentioned–do you feel that is growing in thicker?

Check you later!



BW March 20, 2015 at 11:29 am

Hi, Sweet Sue! – haha. I think most of us have plenty of practice with the ogling the hair of others at this point, but yeah, Ive been at it a while. I dont even hunt for hairloss on purpose anymore. that’s just second nature now…. But I’m reasonably sure now that anyone sporting Supermodel hair is wearing helper hair of some sort and i’m way obsessed with trying to figure what they’ve got going on wiht that. ; – )

Hey there, megan99 – im glad you found my update useful. Always glad to know people are reading what it took me quite a while to put down on “paper.” Yes, I had thr CRP / PRP combo again. it’s my right temple that is the barometer of all things My Hair and yes, I dare say that it has gotten thicker. I actually started parting to the other side, like I said, which causes me way less stress because I am always telling myself that if I don’t see it, wll then it’s just not happening…. But yesterday, I actually braided the front of a wig in with my bio hair and was like – Huh! is my right temple all filled in? Seems so! For the moment anyway. My right temple seems to have no staying power historically, but I’m optimistic that with the treatment concentration there this last time that maybe that could change. that would be so great!

For sure this website is no longer as active since it went through an update and a bunch of the members went over to Facebook. Everyone seems to live on Facebook. Myself – not only am i in complete and permanent avoidance of FB, but this is my Hairloss Home. I will never leave, no matter what. I’m here to help any of the ladies, just like so many helped me. What do you mean by “general boards?” I actually have zero understanding of the whole Forum concept on here so I never go on there….. Are the general boards the Forum area of the site?

I actually cross posted this update as a blog on the network as well since I think alot of the ladies on there somehow miss the home page here…..


BW March 20, 2015 at 11:33 am

PS – I tried to post updated pics in this huge comment update but they didn’t copy and I can’t see how to put them in there. the new pics are posted on my blog on the network. you can see them there if you are a member.


Petey3 March 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm

I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia by a scalp biopsy last month . Of course the doctor told be my only hope was Rogaine. I really don’t want to try this and am looking into PRP. Does it work for women with androgenic alopecia or only women with chronic TE? Everyone keeps talking about their shedding so I’m wondering if you all have chronic TE or if any one is being treated for female pattern hair loss.

I lose between 40-70 hairs every morning from showering, combing and styling my hair. I have no idea if this is “normal” because I never kept track before. All I know is that my hair is thinning. It’s much thinner than it was a year ago when all this started. I am looking for something other than pouring chemicals on my head for the rest of my life to help. Could this be the answer?


JO March 25, 2015 at 12:27 pm

Hello, fellow hair-counters! I cannot tell you how validating this blog/site was to me. ???? I found it today, March 25th. I have eagerly read every post, empathize with each brave story shared and hold out sincere hope that the bloggers continue to bond and share and not abandon this site for Facebook. I am not a fan (of FB) and will not ‘go over’ to it. There are so few sites that address our shared (yep, bring me into the fold) hair loss concerns and, more importantly, our shared frustration that there are mixed messages ‘out there’ by medical professionals. SO frustrating that it is rarely mentioned aloud thus gets little recognition that there are thousands of women struggling everyday with ‘what can I do ?’ questions and feeling like a bouncing ball going from dr, to dr, hoping for answers and/or (I know *sigh* a possible cure).

My story is similar to many I have read. I, too, had Envious Hair. Thick, thick, wavy, long locks that every hairdresser verbally acknowledged was “beautiful”. Well, that is a distant memory, now, but one I used to hold on to until I realized it only served to bring me into the drain with my hair… My hair loss began 6 years ago. Like many of you, I began shedding. It wasn’t visibly noticeable at first. Again, I had so much! My vacuum protested loudly one day and upon cleaning it, I was stunned to see so much of my hair entwined in the brushes, rendering them stuck and unable to turn. Then, I began to notice far too much hair in the drain, far too much in my brushes and found myself shedding all over my clothes. I was literally leaving my DNA everywhere! Realizing this wasn’t ‘normal’ I went to see a dermatologist. I had to wait an agonizing three months for an appointment. I kept calling in hopes there would be a cancellation. No such luck. It didn’t matter. It was a horrible, demeaning and disrespectful experience. The dermatologist quickly glanced at my hair (which was, at that juncture in time, still abundant but shedding profusely) and remarked derisively, “You know, I could be saving lives! Here you are worried about your HAIR?” Needless to say, the appointment did not go well. I attempted to explain that I was losing a tremendous amount and her response was “don’t tell me you came here with your hair in that bag – God, you women!” I assured her all I had in my white plastic bag were some hair products I had begun to use to stop the loss and I had hoped she would offer some guidance. I was totally invalidated. Three long months of waiting to be insulted. Of course, I left – never to return!

The loss continued and I tried another dermatologist after what felt like an agonizing 18 more months. The cost of the appointment kept me stuck for a bit. I, like some other women, have high deductibles to pay. This was also a female. She took out a magnifying glass, peered at my scalp – now very visible – having lost, at that point, 3/4 of my once-full head of hair, and stated, “hum…I don’t see anything to get excited about.” Excited? Are you kidding me? (I thought). She stated my hair was “fine” and never acknowledged my point that I was losing it daily in large amounts. I told her that I used to struggle to put a covered elastic in it and wrap it twice. Now, I could wrap the elastic 4 or 5 times — an indication of how much hair I had lost…???? That was, and is, my “measuring stick” – how am I to know a true response to “How much hair do you think you have lost? A thousand hairs?” I shared my other experience and she remarked, “huh.” I left with no support, no RX suggestions, no validation that there was something wrong.

Two months later — yep, only two months — I went to another derm—located at the same hospital — whom, I was told, “specialized in hair loss”. She looked at my scalp, took a picture, stated my parents must have been bald (nope, full heads of hair, each) and remarked, “so you think you have a problem?” I explained that within only a few years I had lost 3/4 of my hair. She commented, “it looks shiny, healthy” I responded that I knew something was wrong — could she offer an opinion? Advise? Medication? Anything? She stated my scalp looked a “bit pink” maybe inflamed…. offered to do a biopsy, to which I agreed. A day later, in the middle of dinner, she called me and stated, “well, got your biopsy results. You are losing your hair, there is NO cure, I suggest getting on some websites, get support – you’ll need it. You will probably lose it all. I will call in a scrip for Doxycycline and Clobetasol. Good luck. We’ll call you in 6 months to follow up. Go online and read about hair loss.” She has never called to follow up. (Like this wasn’t consuming me and of course, I had been online looking — for years.) I got her bill within a week: $750. I gave up for awhile. Felt really depressed, upset that not one professional had offered hope, understanding, help. Wow. And, I felt alone. So happy to have stumbled on this site. I hope you all continue to blog/post your stories, what works, what doesn’t – and, more importantly, offer support to one another. What a Godsend!

What doesn’t work (for me): Clobetasol. It is a corticosteroid applied to the scalp. It did nothing for me. The doxycycline, an antibiotic, caused me to have a skin break out, yet it is for skin health. So, I stopped it after the first 30 days. Again, this is just my story and my results. It may work for someone else.

What I have found: Some articles that state Acupuncture helps. Anyone try that? Results? I know, it is also expensive and Ins. doesn’t cover because they don’t acknowledge hair loss in women as a “problem” “disease” or billable condition. There we are.

I have found Tea Tree Oil massaged into my scalp 2x week has helped. It lessens the occasional pink/inflamed scalp (which now shows) but also I see small little peach fuzz in places and my part is filling in a bit. I still have very thin hair (*sigh*) and am very self-conscious about it.

I also find that a mixture of 1/2 purified water (DON”T use tap water as bleach seems to be in most tap water these days. Bleach is a known toxin and will irritate your scalp, hair follicles, etc) mixed with 1/2 Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother” Use only the Organic ACV. I put both in a spray bottle and I spray it on my scalp and gently massage in once a week or I spray it on any area that feels “itchy” (which usually happens for me prior to a flare up, for lack of a better term, before losing more hair) The ACV serves to neutralize the skin PH, helps break up any mentioned sebum/waxy coating you may have. I also only use shampoo WITHOUT sulphates. I also rinse my hair with ACV on occasion. It clears away any possible pollution and/or products that may have clung to the hair shaft.

I take biotin as well, like many of you have mentioned. I just began Primrose Oil.

In my unending research, I have found excessive DHT is mentioned frequently for hair loss issues. I have also learned that a trauma can trigger the initial hair loss, which then causes stress, which then releases cortisol (stress hormone), which then creates more stress — and we have a circular causal effect… that never ending loop — we need to jump out to save ourselves and our sanity. (There is no baldness in my family.) also, an antibiotic in a strong dose can trigger hair loss. The mystery is how to stop it !

In between all these derm apps., I saw a PCP who stated my bloodwork was “fine” when I mentioned that I had first degree cousins with thyroid issues. She cocked her head when I shared that I was “devastated” by my hair loss and ongoing issues with it. Her response was merely, ‘devastating?’

There are some studies coming out of Israel: natural products are encouraged like Neem Oil, Coconut Oil as massage oil in the scalp.
And, I think we all know what we put in to our bodies may help, or hurt, the skin, nails, hair.

Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all for sharing your stories. No one seems to “get it” unless they are “losing it” (pun intended). ????
Please continue to post, continue to be part of the hoped for solution. My heart thanks you all for your courage each passing day. ~ JO


Sweet Sue March 29, 2015 at 7:30 am

What a great comment, JO. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
As for the first doctor, she’s lucky you didn’t go all Seinfeld on her and shout, “Saving Lives? You’re A Dermatologist!”
It’s unconscionable that so called physicians treated you that way.
Best of luck to you and to all of us.


BW March 30, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Petey3 – HI! yes, I guess that this treatment can be used for TE (which is what I have) or also with androgenetic alopecia. I have seen success with this and AA in person! As far as what you are losing, “they” (whoever they might be!) say that up to and including 100 hair lost per day is normal. But you are exactly right…. if you dont know what was normal for you (personally) how do you know if the amount you are losing is normal for you? I think that anyone who thinks that they are losing their hair and sees a difference in their density or texture or whatever, then yes, you are losing your hair. We may not know what we used to lose when we didnt have hairloss, but we sure do know if our own hair has gotten thinner or doesnt look as good or whatver measuring sticks we choose to use. I am very tired of hearing that someone isn’t losing “that much hair.” if your hair is different and you dont like it, then it’s a problem. I have no idea if this treatment can work for you, all I can say is that it seems to be working for me. And yes, I went through the whole thing years ago of I cannot use Rogaine forever. I was actually allergic to it or something. Anyway, if you are curious, you can always call Dr. Greco’s office. They are very nice and also willing to discuss these kinds of things by phone. Best of luck with finding a solution! I know how draining all of this is…..


BW March 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Hi, JO – thanks for sharing your situation. I feel like I could have written about all of that frustration with the medical “professionals” myself. In fact, I probably did, years ago. This has been a long journey for me and it took me a few years to realize that I wasn’t going to find answers or satisfaction from a PCP or a derm. Even saying the word “Derm” makes me shudder. Useless! it’s really too bad. I like SweetSue’s comment – cuz they’re busy saving lives or something?????

Anyway, welcome to the site! I hope you find it to be as useful and supportive as I have. There are some amazing ladies here and lots of not only info, but understanding and true support. 🙂


Petey3 April 2, 2015 at 5:20 am

Thank you BW. I am going to see a doctor in Toronto next week who does PRP and I am hopeful that this could be an option for me. I have been reading information on Dr. Greco’s website and have a lot of questions. I know that this treatment doesn’t work for everyone and may not affect hair growth. At this point though, all I want to do is catch it before it falls so to speak. Has this treatment helped you with stopping or slowing the shedding?


BW April 3, 2015 at 2:21 pm

i hear ya on the just stopping the loss! Anything to stop the fall of hair! The first time I went for treatment, i was in the midst of a hell shed and yes, it successfully stopped that. Pronto! Oh that was a gift sent from the universe cuz I was literally at the end of my hair rope. The second time I went for treatment, thankfully, I was not having a shed. I had been losing a little bit more maybe a few weeks earlier, but nothing that I would quantify as an actual shed. So, yes, in my case, it does seem effective for stopping a shed. I’m scheduled for my next appt in August but I can tell you that if I get a late May / early June shed, as would be typical for me, I’m hightailing it to Sarasota for an emergency treatment!


Kate April 4, 2015 at 9:52 am

Hi BW,

It’s wonderful news that you have experienced such encouraging results from two sessions. I just had a quick question, the answer to which I hope I haven’t missed in your responses above. I had my first PRP session on 17 March this year – just under 4 weeks ago. It actually triggered quite a bad two week long shed, which I know is the opposite of your experience although – I gather – not unheard of after PRP. You say you saw results after one month – I just wondered if you could kindly describe what you saw and whether it was gradual or sudden, what type of growth you saw (vellus, etc), whether you noticed it all of a sudden, etc. It’s just that I have seen nothing and I am wondering whether the stem cells ‘suddenly’ trigger a kick start growth response or is it a gradual awakening? I try so hard not to scrutinise my scalp every day but it’s so hard to deal with this interminable heart break. I’m beginning to panic that I am among the >25% or so for whom this does not work and cannot decide whether to cancel my appointment for my next session. Many thanks for your time and long may your success continue,


BW April 6, 2015 at 4:27 am

HI, Kate – Sorry to hear that the first session possibly triggered a bit of a shed! 🙁 I guess that is a possibility after treatment and I can tell you I was terrified of it happening. I was truly at a point when I went the first time that I was on the edge of needing to find an alternate hear-wearing option. I was getting to rock bottom and so I was scared s%&*less about that. Thankfully, in my case that did not happen but I had also been in the grip of a monster shed for months when I went. Maybe that can make a difference? I really dont know. We are all different in how we react. I have to say that my turnaround really was an instant 180 but I will also say that that’s kind of how my shedding and non-shedding cycles go. Like I said, it’s always wax on / wax off for me. So, timeline-wise for me, my hair actually looked sort of “peppier” the day after the treatment but yes, I still lost alot that day. But within a few days, my hair stopped shedding and was growing back in. I do not in any way think that this is typical and Dr. Greco himself told me that “optimal results should be seen at four months after treatment.” I guess that either CRP / PRP was exactly what I needed or that maybe my shed was about to shut off and this just kicked it in the butt.

So – to be clear – you weren;t shedding when you went for treatment but you think the treatment triggered a two week shed? is the shed done now or are you still shedding?

Have you gottten in touch with Dr. Greco to get his input?

As far as going back again, this is supposed to be a cumulative treatment / process and so although what I was looking for after my first treatment was a stop to my shedding, this second time I was looking for more progress in the areas that werent as effected as well as some others. And all I’m doing now, other than enjoying watching my hair filling in and grow quickly (not atypical for me), Im just hoping that this will hold off my dreaded Spring shed. It did seem to be successful in holding off my Winter one. I guess in deciding about going back, I would probably contact Dr. Greco and see what he thinks about your situation. Also, you should still have some time before then to see how things play out and if your shedding stops. Yeah?

I know exactly how hard all of this is and I wish you all the luck in the world.


Kate April 6, 2015 at 9:01 am

Hi BW, thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I had my treatment in Iowa City and actually rang the clinic about two weeks later to ask if a huge post-procedure shed was normal and was told “No. Not normal”. I suppose my shedding is fairly constant with some days being much worse but it’s more of a day to day spike/lull than weekly/monthly/seasonal although winter is worse but I think that applies to most people. Sometimes my shed days are so bad it looks more like TE but I have pronounced miniaturisation. I am really impatient by nature so not seeing ANY new growth whatsoever is making me feel very down but am trying to remind myself that it may take a few months. Since I didn’t have my treatment under Dr Greco I can’t really ask for his advice. It was a Clinical Assistant who administered my treatment – not the dermatologist herself. I was referred to the clinic by my previous dermatologist since her clinic doesn’t offer PRP. I feel a bit adrift in terms of feedback from them but I know that they have only just started to offer PRP for hair loss and so they are probably as in the dark as me, a scary place to be! I often feel like the patients are educating the medics when it comes to hair loss!
Thanks again for your feedback and I wish you the best with your continued growth!


BW April 6, 2015 at 2:37 pm

OH, Kate! i don’t know where I got the impression you had treated with Dr. Greco, but clearly I did. My mistake! I do know that on the brochure Dr. Greco gives out at treatment, it does say that a post-treatment shed can be expected. It defintiely says that that can be a normal, initial side effect. I just consider myself super lucky that it did not happen in my case. Like I said, I was dreading that possibility.

it does seem that PRP is becoming more mainstream for treating a variety of issues, including hairloss, but I do agree with you based on my past treatments, that yes, it’s often the patient leading the professional when it pertains to hairloss. GRRRRR!!!!! it’s why I gave up!

I’m super sorry to hear about your shed but can only hope that it turns around soon and that you start to see some positive results. : / HUGS


Petey3 April 9, 2015 at 8:48 am

There is a lot of confusing information out there about PRP and it’s hard to filter out the “correct and relevant” information. Dr. Greco did a video series about PRP that was helpful. I think it is called “Not all PRP Treatments are Created Equal”. I watched parts 1&2 on YouTube but was unable to find part 3.

I just came back from a consultation with a doctor up in Toronto who was also really helpful in providing me with information. Apparently, there is an “optimal range” or concentration for PRP. He uses 3.4 I think. He also uses an FDA approved “closed” system which is what Dr. Greco recommends in his web interview for the Bald Truth (?). I’m going to steer clear of doctors using Acell (pig bladder) because, ew. The doctor I saw doesn’t use a micro roller because he thinks it pulls too much hair out but he does do a form of micro needling to help create an injury response to activate the PRP.

I really want to try it because I need, well, hope I guess but I see your point about it all being so new and slightly overwhelming and expensive.


catnap May 3, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Hello ladies,
I’m new here, and I’ve been reading about CRP/PRP and am strongly considering using it for hair loss. I’ve been to two dermatologists and one endocrinologist to diagnose the cause of my hair loss. Mine was originally triggered by using estrogen and progesterone; at the tender age of 36, my ovaries started failing, so I went into the early stages of menopause. The hot flashes were bad that they kept me up at night and my OBGYN put me on estrogen just to make it stop. Well, she put me on such a high dose that my body reacted by releasing a flood of testosterone that triggered hair loss, or androgenic alopecia. My first dermatologist told me that AGA is progressive, and that she’d need to put me on either Rogaine or spironolactone to stop it. Unfortunately, neither of those are options for me because my husband and I will also be undertaking fertility treatment and hormone-based medications can cause birth defects. So I asked about any non hormonal based treatments and she said that the only thing she knew of was the Hairmax laser comb. I bought one, and I’m not sure it has made any difference. It hasn’t made my hair loss worse, and I am not entirely sure that it has made my hair any better, though my hair stylist has said that she’s seen some new growth. The second dermatologist I saw thinks that I have chronic telogen effluvium that shows up in the pattern typically associated with AGA (which I was told is typically on the top of the head). At this point, my hair loss is diffuse, even on the temples, so I might be inclined to agree with the chronic TE diagnosis. I’d never had any problems with shedding before going on the estrogen (which I have since stopped, with the blessing of my new OBGYN. My acupuncturist prescribed a non hormonal, herbal supplement which has halted the hot flashes), and now I have periods of shedding, which I never had before going on estrogen. I know that some of the shedding is stress related: my husband got very sick in January and had to be hospitalized and undergo surgery, and the horrible stress of that caused a very big shed that was so bad I made another appointment with my dermatologist. I asked her about PRP/CRP and she said I should consult my reproductive endocrinologist about it, which I will probably do in the fall, but I’m thinking of getting a treatment with Dr. Greco before beginning fertility treatment. I saw a NYTimes article a couple of weeks ago listing some new treatment options for women with hair loss, and they profiled one of Dr. Greco’s patients. I don’t want to wait much longer to do it, and it seems like the most promising, hormone free treatment option that’s widely available. The NYTimes article mentioned stem cell transplants, but those still seem to be in the experimental stage, as well as extremely expensive ($10K). One takeaway from the NYTimes piece was that women seem to respond better to CRP/PRP than men do, so I think it’s worth trying.


Petey3 May 26, 2015 at 3:56 pm

Best of luck to you. I’m actually thinking of going to Dr. Greco myself for PRP/CRP combo as well. I am getting PRP done with a doctor close to me but I keep coming back to Dry. Greco and his matrix. Maybe it’s just worth it to go to him instead.


BW May 29, 2015 at 3:38 am

I will say that I did go through a small shed for a few weeks, which now seems to have passed. Phew! This caught me off guard as it would be too early for my usual spring thing. But I truly think it was caused by stress and I seem to have it under control now. Ohm……….

My last PRP treatment was in February so June should sort of be one of those “optimal points” for me. Praying for it anyway! however, I do know that PRP / CRP treatments have cumulative results so Im looking forward to my next treatment in August!


Petey3 May 30, 2015 at 7:02 am

BW, Do you think your small shed was a result of the PRP? I had PRP done yesterday in Toronto and my doctor said it was possible that about a month or so after the procedure I could experience a slight increase in shedding. He explained that this is possible with starting all hair loss treatments but was nothing to be too concerned about. I am supposed to go back in August for another treatment. I don’t know. I’m really wondering if I should just go get the PRP/CRP combo in Florida. If I don’t see a decrease in shedding by the 2 month mark I really think I will. Today, I just have to think about today. My head hurts and I seem to be one of the people who get a little swelling in the forehead post procedure. Yea me. I hear you about the staying calm thing. I did this free 21 day medication challenge from Oprah and Deepak Chopra (yea I know but it was free) and it seemed to help. I might have to start doing that again because I need to believe that this will work and stay positive. Sending good hair juju your way. Lol.


BW May 31, 2015 at 5:53 am

hi, Petey3 – yay on your first procedure! I think that’s awesome. I had some post prcoedure swelling both times too, but nothing too significant. I also had a sort of tight sensation too that last longer the first time. With my second procedure, I asked Dr. Greco to concentrate on the front as that’s a tough spot for me (right temple) and so I definitely had more frontal swelling with that. But it went away quickly.

No, I dont think the mini shed I had was a result of PRP and I honestly hadn’t thought about that. My last procedure was over 3 months ago and I definitely did not have any post-procedure shedding after the first treatment. Anyway, I do think my little shed was stress induced. Focusing on not letting stress get the best of me – or my hair! I was a little sheddy yesterday actually but I can already see my hair has been growing in again from what was falling before. My hair grows and goes super fast!

But yes, I had read online and was told by Dr. Greco as well that some post-procedure shedding would not be abnormal.

Best of luck and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes for you. Sending some of that good hair juju right back at ya!


Petey3 June 2, 2015 at 7:59 am

Thank you. I keep telling myself I need to temper my expectations. I was upset the other day with how much hair I was losing and my husband reminded me that it had only been two days since the procedure. Maybe I was expecting the heavens to open and shine a light on my head and for the shedding to instantly stop. Lol. I guess everyone’s experience is different. If I don’t see a decrease in shedding at around two months I may just have to go to Florida instead. My doctor wants me to go back to Toronto for another treatment in August.


Canada99 June 2, 2015 at 9:55 am

Hello Petey3, thanks for all the information. Are you located in Toronto? I live in Toronto and it would be nice to meet up one day. I’m also looking into PRP/CRP with a very respected dermatologist in Toronto as well.
Please keep us up to date with your progress, seems like a solution that could actually make a positive impact on hair.
All the best!


BW June 5, 2015 at 4:25 am

fingers crossed for improvement soon!


Petey3 June 6, 2015 at 10:59 am

Thank you. I’m feeling very discouraged today because I have had an increase in shedding this week. ???? I have no idea if it related to the PRP to the fact that I just switched for the generic to the brand name YAZ. I’m so tired of messing around with hormones! If this PRP works (please, please, please), I really want to get off birth control. Anyone have any success with this? I’m afraid of another massive shed because switching birth control pills is what started this whole thing for me.

Did anyone have an increase in shedding initially from the treatment and then improvement later?


megan99 June 8, 2015 at 10:09 am

Hi Petey3,

How are you doing? I guess the shedding could be from either the PRP or the change in birth control. Why did you switch to the brand name? As far as getting off–I know that Admin of this site feels she was successful transitioning off birth control with PRP treatments (in the past, she had a horrible shed attempting to get off/or change).

I think if I were you I wouldn’t throw anything new into the mix again for now. If you find the PRP has a positive effect you can plan for that in the future.

I would also like to know if someone initially had a shed from PRP and then improved. It seems that the experiences that have been shared so far on here, there was an almost immediate improvement? But that is only 3 people out of the hundreds? that have had the treatment. It would be great to hear from others.

Are you a member here to private message?


Petey3 June 8, 2015 at 11:20 am

Hi Megan 99,

Still shedding today and feeling low…I switched to the brand name from the generic because I was having spotting for two weeks straight on the generic. My body is such a mess right now! I only went on birth control to help regulate really heavy periods after the birth of my daughter and instead wound up with AGA and still irregular. A new doctor gave me microgestin and when I switched off of that because it didn’t help everything went to hell in a hand basket! It triggered a massive shed and left me where I am today. Still shedding and desperate for a treatment to save what I have left. I’m new to this because it has been only a little over a year but it feels like an eternity… I hope PRP is it for me. I agree about not throwing anything new to the mix. I chose PRP because I’m trying to avoid Rogaine and a dread shed from that. Yea…. I wouldn’t say my shedding after PRP is over the top bad, just a slight increase. Again, I can’t say for certain if it is the Yaz or the procedure. It did seem like I shed less five months ago when I was on ortho-tricyclen though and less on the generic Yaz. Hair loss is such a mind screw though it could be anything that triggered the increase…

I need to send my doctor an email about this shedding and some more questions I have. He said roughly 40% of his patients see an improvement with PRP. When I emailed Dr. Greco in Florida, he responded that roughly 80% of his patients see a reduction in shedding around two months but hair growth or filling in takes longer. I’m so confused. Dr. Greco’s website also says that an initial increase in shedding can happen and my doctor mentioned it as well.

I’m still waiting for a response to my request for an activation code. Everyone seems to have disappeared. Sorry. Wish I could message and look at blogs.


amanda June 9, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I love how there is a success story on here from PRP. So happy for you!!

Has anyone got word on when they are going to be doing the stem cell therapy for humans? Or at least trials for them? Last I heard sponsors were being called upon for the project. If they would just get something together where every single person who has hair loss could donate, they would probably get millions for this project. I didn’t see a tab for this topic. Waiting over here patiently with my finger crossed….


BW July 5, 2015 at 6:54 am

Well, I figured this is as good a time as any for an update on my progress with PRP / CRP treatments. I’m kind of sying to blog about several things but it’s all a matter of free time for me….. Anywho….. Firstly, i’m just past that 4 month point of “optimal results” from my last treatment and I’m also just about done with what would usually be the beginning / middle of my summer Hell Shed. This is year 8 for me. It’s a big deal. 8 years of trying everything, wishing, hoping, transitioning into a life of wearing hair and also now evolving into seeing a future of maybe not NEEDING to wear hair. I’m not saying I’m not going to wear it, because there are times when I just love it, but I am now able to see a future without desperate need. It’s nice to feel like I have a choice!
I have now had two treatments with Dr. Greco and saw very good and immediate results from the first one and my typical December shed was practically nothing. 🙂 I had my second treatment with Dr. Greco in February, 4 months before my usual Hell Shed would typically start in late May / early June with the hope of holding that off. Honestly, if I can hold off my Summer shed, then i feel like I’m pretty good to go. Of course, I have been waiting with baited breath here. I’m always so scared as my situation is tenuous to say the least. Every year – BAM! Well, this year, no. That has not happened. I’m not going to say that I have not seen an increase in shedding in the last month / 6 weeks, but I have been able to keep things in perspective about this increase. Firstly, the whole animal kingdom sheds in the summer. So it’s unrealistic to think that I would see NO increase in shedding at this time of year. But what’s different for me this time is that yes, even with an increase, I can see that my hair is still filling itself back in (except for maybe one patch which is thankfully underneath). I am still very much passable to look like my hair is completely normal. No one would look at me right now and think “hairloss.” Fact. Also my right temple, which is always the barometer of massive sheds to come, is hanging in there. this is amazing for me. I have not had a hairy right temple in 8 summers now. That might be the strangest sentence I have ever written….. but then again, maybe not. Hairloss changes what is normal and what is not. What is normal hair anymore? I’d love to know! But that’s a subject for a whole other blog…..
Anyway, I am improving constantly! And my hair is finally getting it’s natual texture back – i am full on wavy! Last year with a Hell Shed going on, my hair was also straight and that was hard for me to work with. My hair has never been straight and suddenly it was. What the heck am I supposed to do with straight hair? Anyway, my hair, which I have been growing out wiht the goal of a short bob (again, a subject for another blog on possible future hair plans…..) is full on wavy again! Hello, Hair From My Past!

Although I’d love to declare victory, I’m not mentally there yet. I dont know if or when I will ever trust my hair. It’s just been such a long ass time, you know? But I feel like I’m getting there. I was supposed to go for my next 6 month follow up in August but it turns out I’m moving and so instead of holding it off, I’ve pushed it up to the last week of July and I can tell you that I cannot wait! More PRP? YES PLEASE! is it super pleasant? Nope, but it really seems to be helping me. I’ve actually had a couple of days lately where I’m traveling for business and my bio hair has looked so good after washing it that I just didn’t feel like wigging up but then I have to remind myself that it might be kinda weird to show up for work with someone I just had dinner with the previous evening and have to say “yes, I did in fact get a quite drastic haircut in a city I don’t live in after my business dinner with you last night.” HA. Tempting, but yeah, not yet…..
I have heard from some of the ladies on here that have also started with PRP treatments that they have had an increase after the procedure but please remember that the results are supposed to be cumulative and also that this is shed season for every mammal on the globe. A little increase could simply be from that. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!
Right now I am 100% grateful to the Hair Gods and trying to stay on their good side. Giving them small sips of my champagne and stuff…. Fingers crossed and holding tight. So far so good…..


megan99 July 7, 2015 at 7:23 am


I had PRP/CRP done with Dr. Greco about a month and a half ago. My results have not been good, sadly.

I was hoping to connect with other patients of his to compare experiences. I have been in touch with one other person who has has PRP done recently. Sharing and brainstorming helps. I have good technical and clinical knowledge about PRP, its mechanism of action, and the different centrifuge protocols.

If you had PRP/CRP treatment, please email me at: lastra.megan@gmail. com

I will also post this in the members forum. Thanks.


sw July 12, 2015 at 10:17 pm

i don’t want to put down prp treatment. i am wondering how much of the regrowth is due to the fact that bw quit smoking.


AKT July 17, 2015 at 7:08 pm

hey, ladies!
Catnap, we really need to talk! At first when I read your post here, I thought maybe it was old and I had written it?! (I used to come here often and read and post but it started to get depressing so I left for a long time). I am 46 now though and so you’re quite a few years younger than me but my HL started at 41 when I temporarily stopped using my estrogen/progesterone treatment for early menopause (37 YO). I’ve been losing ever since. It is getting thinner and thinner as the years progress so I came back here to see if there were any new ideas for treatment.

BW: I’m SO happy to see you have had success with your PRP treatments! That’s excellent news and your hair is adorable. I loved the short cut but you must be over the moon to have longer hair to play around with no after so many years of HL. Good for you! Thank you for sharing your story even if it is not something that we can all expect to replicate, I’m super happy to hear someone have something positive to share! Fingers crossed that you continue to enjoy your hair and do not go into the “Hair Dump” mode you mentioned!
I found your comments about summer shedding really interesting. I loose more hair in the summer too but didn’t really attribute it to anything in particular. But it makes sense that humans could shed more during this time.
I got a ton of blood work done the other day by my awesome Endocrinologist. She ran a test on basically every function of my body! I do hope she finds SOMETHING, because then maybe I can treat it, but I’ve had many tests in the past and they basically showed nothing abnormal with the exception of low iron (but in the 30s so not crazy low). My expectations are realistic.
Cheers to you ladies! Keep your chins up.


BW July 23, 2015 at 3:44 am

Hey, sw – yes, i can only imagine that some regrowth might be one of the myriad of positive effects I’ve seen from quitting smoking but in all honesty, i just have CTE. So intense seasonal shedding which can be exacerbated by pretty much anything. My Mom has it too and I’m pretty sure I’m starting to see some of it in my sister as well. I would love to think that quitting smoking (not simple but well worth it!) would regrow my hair but no way that it would to this extent. I’ve also realized lately from looking at old pics that I have had this issue for a very, very long time (seasonal CTE) but just never saw it until after having Mirena and major surgery in 2008. But whatever is causing improvement or any factor that can help – count me in!

Hi, AKT – thanks for your commnents. Yes, seasonal shedding is extremely common and especially in the summer for me. Oh man! I have had an increase in shedding the last two months for sure but nothing even close to Hair Dump style. Also, i’m just trying to keep it in perspective that while I have seen an increase in shedding, it is in fact normal for this time of year, and also my hair is LOOKING just fine. I’m totally passable. No [problem. Im actually feeling a next stage to my Endless Hair Journey starting damn soon. 🙂


K August 16, 2015 at 4:34 pm

Hi I have been dealing with hairloss since 2013. I have hyprothyroid issue on low does of the generic for Synthroid had a bad experience went on to 25 mcg of Synthroid even though levels okay still not feeling right and dealing with the agony of my beautiful hair thinning all over. I recently switched to Armour about three weeks ago, put a chlorine filter in my shower a week ago, and had my first PRP treatment on 8/14/15. I hope I have a positive outcome. Has anyone used armor?


Diane August 24, 2017 at 9:57 am

Hi – I’m wondering how your hair is doing after beginning the PRP therapy almost 2 years ago? Did you go back to seasonal/cyclical “hair dumps”? What is the maintenance cost to you these days? Have you talked to anyone who has had long-term success? Thanks!


Judy January 14, 2019 at 4:37 am

I used to have very thick hair. My hairdresser would always say I never saw such thick hair. About two years sago I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. I don’t sleep anymore, I avoid mirrors, I avoid get togethers and parties, if I see anybody I know, I make sure they do not see me, I cry everyday. I am absolutely devastated and I know I will never be my self again. I know you have heard this before but it helps to share this with other people that are going through the same thing. I have seen three dermatologists and one hair specialist. I am on minoxidil, spironolactone, and a laser comb. My hair just continues to get worse. It is thin all over and the sides and crown are the worse. I only had two sheds and I don’t see a lot of hair coming out, it just seems to disappear. It is very noticeable now. Can anybody tell me if their hair is going as fast as mine? This happened in two years and continues to gets worse every month. Right now I am getting PRP injections. I had two so far. I will definitely keep you posted.



Vi213 March 12, 2019 at 12:32 pm

Judy, I am experiencing the same as you but for years. I am behaving the same way as you, avoiding anyone I know etc. I absolutely understand how you feel. How is it going with the PRP?


Srestha December 12, 2020 at 5:58 am

Hey BW, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not. But I was suffering from Telegon Effluvium since the last 5 months. I previously had thick long hair . Anyway, I finally got prp session done yesterday and today I lost way more than I have in months. Is that normal? How long did you shed till it calmed down after your first Prp? Would really love to hear something positive right about now .


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