Three Minutes of Freedom

by Y on March 6, 2009

Get Out and Start Living

I got up this morning, walked the dog, came home, fed the dog. Threw on some workout clothes and hopped down to the gym (garage). I put my earphones on, I turn the ipod on, and I started the treadmill. The first song queued up is one of my favorites, and it just puts my mind at such ease and makes me smile. The song only lasts three minutes and thirty five seconds, but that’s enough. Enough to put my mind in the right mood and enough to set my day up with possibility. I of course played the song over and over since I wanted to draw out as much serenity as possible 🙂 I jogged along and felt content and… dare I say… happy. Sure my hair is falling out, it fell in the sink, it fell in my coffee, stuck to my sweatshirt, but I was happy. In that moment I felt right.

I think we need to take more time for ourselves, to do the things we enjoy and remind ourselves of living. It’s way to easy to obsess about our hair loss and worry about the future, but in doing so, we so frequently miss out on today, the beauty around us, the beauty within.

So now I know you are dying to know what song I was listening to. Well here it is for your listening pleasure (just click on the play button below) and your three minutes of freedom:

“Put Your Records On” By Corinne Bailey Rae – Best 0.99 cents I ever spent on iTunes!


Wishing you all a beautiful and HAPPY Friday!
Enjoy life, enjoy freedom, enjoy being you.

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Tracy July 7, 2009 at 10:23 am

This is a GREAT article! Thanks for sharing your feel-good song…you are so right about everything! I have obsessed for years over the hairloss – guess what? No one else cares. They love me, they love my laugh, they want to spend time with me. And when I work out, I feel great. Hair loss is no excuse for not keeping your body in great health – it’s the one place you are always allowed to publicly sport a hat, bandana, headband – whatever! Throw on a ball cap and hit the gym, the road, the trails, you will find a new self-love that the hair loss cannot beat down. And when it starts to? Jump back out there…it never lets you down.


Pam July 10, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Hey there, This is one of my favorite songs. I was out in my car driving along, enjoying EVERYTHING around me and I could not wait to hear who made this song. When they announced they name, I realized how many other times I had heard it and loved it. Okay, gotta order it from itunes. I’m not obsessing as much about my hair, but it is a bit right in my face…I like to run around au natural. Love my wigs, but love the comfort of no hair also.



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