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by admin on November 21, 2008

Hi everyone –

As I am sure everyone is already aware, the Internet can be such a wretched place for men and women who are searching for answers for their hair loss. When I started losing my hair 9 years ago, the online resource options were pretty slim, but what made it worse to me was that the available online forums seemed so depressing, confusing and darn right ugly at times. People fighting and no direction really sent me more into a downward spiral, of course so did everything else. :)  This is why I wrote a post last September 10th explaining my thoughts and opinions on online forums in general, and why I had chosen not to include one on this site. I have sort of softened up my opinions on online message boards since that time and understand now the value it can have for some individuals. I realize that if forums are cultivated in a respectful, professional and loving manner that they can be a huge value to people.

A new forum has recently been launched by the founder of The American Hair Loss Association. The forum titled Bald Truth Talk is aimed to create a safe platform for men and women to get real information and support without the confusing junk that often times infiltrates online message boards. To read an article about this new resource visit:

I am proud to be a part of this new online support message forum. I am already a member over there and will being doing my best to represent women with hair loss, and to share information and guidance the best I can. I want to make sure that women everywhere suffering with hair loss knows they are not alone. The only thing worse than losing your hair at 21 years old, is to be losing your hair AND thinking you are the only one. In my 9 years of losing my hair the only thing that has really helped me to heal on a deeper level is helping other women. This has given my hair loss a purpose, it made it seem that it wasn’t all in vain. Of course I still struggle, I am even in a tough time right now. But, I will continue to pray for strength and believe that tomorrow can be better. I will continue to write to women, I will continue to listen and I will continue my commitment to being a source of support for any woman losing their hair. Everyone reading this has the power to be there for another and to change another woman’s life simply by listening.

But I digress (concentrate… concentrate)

Returning back to my original purpose of writing this post. I am particularly excited that Dr. Geoffrey Redmond from the Hormone Center of New York has decided to  come on board to answer questions in the forum Bald Truth Talk. There is a section there titled “Ask Dr. Geoffrey Redmond” where women can ask their questions and he will be answering them weekly. The forum also has a great video library of different hair loss videos pertaining to all different things.

I encourage all of you to take the time the time to register for the website and I hope to see you there. If you do register for the site make sure to drop by my page to say hello.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Friday!

Peace, Love and Rogaine :)


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mary November 22, 2008 at 8:27 pm

hi Y

i recently joined the bald truth talk forum and i am learning some new things.

i do have one gripe though. everytime dr. redmond answers a questions, he never answers it fully, but simply mentions he has a book that answers the question in more detail. why not answer the question…do i really need to buy the book to have my question answered? hmmm…that is one thing that is kinda’ turning me off of the site.


admin November 23, 2008 at 6:08 am

Hey Mary –

Thanks for your comment, I totally understand what you are saying. At the same time I don’t think that is at all a negative reflection on the site itself. I think it is a place where both men and women are going to find support and I am particularly excited about it for men. I run a women’s community, but there really does need to be a place for men that fosters a compassionate and informative environment (without all that crazy junk that fills most forums that drives me crazy) and I really think offers something for everybody.

I am really hoping that perhaps Dr. Redmond was just in a rush when he answered those questions, and that future answers provided will address the question in it’s entirety and not just refer to his book. I have his book already, I think it’s an informative read for any woman, but I know what you are saying. We just want answers right?

There are other doctors and “experience” experts on that forum as well so if women want to get other thoughts and opinions, they can just drop it in the “Women’s Hair Loss: Start You Own Topic ” section. The answers *may* be quicker there with a greater number of responses. I know I had some thoughts on some questions asked in the Redmond section but didn’t want to step on any toes since that area is for him to answer.

Before I go and drink the rest of my coffee, just one last thought :) I do have to express my huge appreciation for Dr. Redmond joining the site in the first place. Not everyone can go to New York and see him, and I feel very fortunate to be able to submit my question to him online at this forum… Even if it takes awhile for the answer. Heck, I’ve been dealing with hair loss for 9 years, a couple more weeks of waiting for answers won’t kill me :)

Thanks Mary for sharing your thoughts.


Jana January 3, 2009 at 6:28 am

I have a question. My question is this and I hope you might offer some advice. I have been losing my hair slowly but surely for over a year. I found this site and also found doctor Redmonds book at Barnes and Noble and at first I was very reassured by his book and I have had a desire to see him and possibly try the treatments he recommends such as spiro and yasmin… however the more I read about these treatments I am concerned because he recommends not stopping the pill because once you stop your shedding will get worse… so should I go on the pill ? I obviously cannot go on the pill for life because that is a health risk but if I go on it for a short period of time once I go off of it then my shedding will increase right? and with spiro, is it worth trying when I have read it caused turmors in lab animals? I am just frustrated. Should I try these treatments that will stop my hair loss for a while but then if I get cancer then my hair really will fall out from chemo… I have been on ocello (yasmin generic ) for almost a week now and I am very uneasy about this but the only reason I am on it is because I feel pressured from my fiance who i will be marrying in 6 weeks and he does not want us to get pregnant for our first year of marriage… I just need to talk to someone about all of this and I hope someone on here might be able to reply since I have posted questions on the Bald Truth without any response so far…

Claire February 14, 2009 at 9:56 am

I am 51 years old and have been losing my hair since 1979 when I first got pregnant.
I went from Dermatologist to Dermatologist for years and they all told me my hair was growing in because they saw many small hairs. That was not the truth eventually I did get a diagnosis of female pattern baldness. I went from surgeon to surgeon who would scare me about female’s getting hair transplants mainly because they told me that it could shock the healthy hairs into falling out. I opted for going to a well known national company for their hair system and what a mistake. I paid a huge amount of money a month and it never looked real like their promises. My scalp started to break out after nine months of this system. My head was constantly itching. I had them soak the hair piece off and apparently it has been two months and I have patches on my head that are still bald with no hair growing back. I am very unhappy and I am using the regenix product and minoxidil and praying that my hair will grow back. Now I look at pictures and you really could not see that I had thinning hair. I feel like I was so vain to do this hair glued on. I feel the company doesn’t care how they ruin your hair follicles on a persons scalp because it just keeps them coming back for their hair pieces or they can’t stop using them. I should have gone through with the hair transplant to begin with and not been scared. This is just my feeling and I felt like posting it.

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