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by Y on September 29, 2007

I have had round patches of hair missing for several years. Fortunately, it grew back after months of rather inventive hairdos. There were years where I had absolutely no problem. Then the familiar sensation would return, a small bump pops up (like a bug bite), the hair falls out and a new bald spot is

Over the years, the spots have gotten larger. One of the ones I have now covers almost all of the top of the back of my head. This particular spot is finally growing hair (after a whole year) and contains a wonderful little tuft approximately one inch in length. It sticks out pretty good right thereon the top of the back of my head.

I am not a person who experiments. Many years ago I sought advise from a dermatologist who administered shots into the scalp. I’ve asked regular physicians, tried volumizing shampoos and conditioners, rubbed ointments into my head and decided, screw it. I’m not doing the potions and the lotions nor am I doing the pills or the shots. Mind you, I’ve been very lucky that it hasn’t fallen out to the degree that I have now seen in other women. The sad thing is that I have been dealing with it for so long, that I feel like it is just another part of life.

I had absolutely no idea it affected so many women! Perhaps a solid solution is forthcoming.


Pat, Thank you so much for sharing your story. Reading the different stories I see that some of our hair loss situation’s our so very different, some the same. Depending on where you are in your hair loss, some women seem to have adapted better, others not, but at some point we all have known intimately the struggles and insecurities that hair loss brings out in the women it attacks. Your hair loss sounds like it is alopecia areata. Is that what you were diagnosed with? Like you said, I hope a solid solution is forthcoming as well. It’s long over due, and not enough emphasis has been put towards figuring out exactly what causes women to lose their hair.


Pat Writes: Yes, I was finally diagnosed with alopecia areata in 2001. Pat Writes: Yes, I was finally diagnosed with alopecia areata in 2001. More…I was given some greasy ointment I quit using after a couple of applications. Mind you, I have been having hair loss problems on and off for more than twenty five years. In 2003 I was given a steroid lotion which might have worked (I’m not really sure since the hair usually grew back in time) but I quit using it as well.

I am married to a wonderful man who couldn’t care less whether I had hair or not. It only bothers him if it bothers me. I have three children and two more I inherited and all five are aware of my condition. None of them love me for my hair. I have great friends who are and have been there for me and I don’t attribute my hair for their friendship.

My life is full and I love it that way. Although I don’t allow my condition to stop me from doing all the things I like to do, I look forward to the day I am told the cause of the hair loss and a way to stop it.

I was made aware of the vast number of women afflicted by an article I read in the local newspaper. Every now and then I would see a woman with extremely thin hair at the grocery store or some other public function. Never in my wildest dreams did I think so many women have this problem. Its like a big guarded secret and yet I know most women probably went to a doctor atleast once or twice. I know I saw three different doctors for it. So where is the research being conducted and by whom?

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admin September 30, 2007 at 11:16 am

Hi Pat – Thanks for sharing your story and mentioning the fact that your husband doesn’t care if you have hair, and that it only bothers him if it bothers you. It is so important for women to know that there are good men out there who don’t care about hair but care about the person. To my knowledge there isn’t an active research being done to determine the causes of women’s hair loss. If anyone knows of any please let us know. One of our reader’s Mira is actually a biochemist and she has expressed interest in conducting here own research she made a comment about it here.


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