You Don’t Need To Prove Your Hair Loss To Anyone

by Y on April 21, 2021

When I first started to lose my hair I would try and discuss what what was happening, and every time I was meant with a smack in the face, or what felt like a smack in the face. Since I started off this process with a ton of hair, for many years into my hair loss, I still “Looked” like I had a lot of hair, even though my loss was very real, very profound and taking a tremendous toll on me.

I wanted to be SEEN so badly, and I was dismissed. It was really very hurtful, it shut me down – and it made my already bad situation, worse. 

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Please realize, you don’t need to prove your hair loss, you don’t need another person’s validation for what you feel or what you do. 

Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY knows you, like you. Nobody knows what your hair was, and nobody has any reference point to compare it to like you do. 

The same thing is true for if you want to treat your hair loss, or wear wigs. There is no approval needed by anyone. None. You need to do what is best for you.

You cannot live your life waiting and hoping another person gets it. 

The truth is most people don’t get it, even if they try, they still can’t fully comprehend all that we are going through and feeling. It is important to quickly abandon the idea of waiting for that moment someone else can “Get It” or see us in the manner in which we crave or feel we need in order to move forward. We SEE us. If someone else does too, bonus, but don’t wait for it, or count on it. 

In order for me to move forward, I had to let go of many things, practically and emotionally – thoughts, preconceived notions and yes the idea that anyone would ever fully understand what I was dealing with or understand my hair loss and situation. 

The wig on my head does not define me, neither does what anyone else thinks about it or the reason I wear it. 

Find the strength in you, through you, for you and by you… It’s there.

Sending Much Love To All!

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