Life Happens When You Are Busy With Hair Loss

by Y on June 2, 2021

Anxiety Post. As in I am dealing with nearly debilitating anxiety today, and it has nothing to do with hair loss, imagine that – life can still kick your ass even when you’ve accepted your hair loss and wear wigs.

I post this for two reasons, one is to try and divert my mind and two, to let you know life will still happen even if you get your hair loss in order, it may be obvious to some, it wasn’t for me.

It was one of the biggest unwelcome eye opening moments I got years ago. I had spent so long banking everything on my hair loss situation being fixed – my hopes, my dreams, my future and I assumed my life would snap together in perfection if that ONE [massive] thing was was just resolved. It didn’t resolve by growing back as most people know – I cut my hair short and wear wigs, but that was resolution for me. Not as I originally wanted, but it was good enough, because it needed it to be good enough. I accepted the loss, I accepted wearing hair.

And then life actually got more complicated.

Everything and anything I couldn’t deal with for over a decade was there waiting in the wings and rushed forward with raised their hands and said, “Still here.”

Everything in my life took a backseat to hair loss, and I do mean everything. Nothing was addressed, and when I resurfaced to the land of the living, I had a whole new host of issues outside of hair.

Also, my anxiety (social and general) disorder which I had dealt with forever, was dramatically magnified from living with hair loss because I became a total hermit. At one point I was close to, or was agoraphobic to some degree.

Be mindful to try and take care of you today, I know hair loss is an attention hog, I know it can suck up every moment and thought, and it would take tremendous effort to push beyond that, but life is happening now whether you are paying attention to it or not, things that need your attention. Self care matters. I don’t want other women to find themselves in a similar place that I did. Solve one thing only to be greeted with all the other things that were left behind.

Much Love To All!

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Maria July 21, 2022 at 8:24 pm

I just recently found this project blog. Can you please tell me what your final result is after 8 prp treatments with Dr. Greco? Did you give because of lack of results? I know this may sound like stupid questions since your wearing wigs. I’ve have to do something before I officially evaporate from my life. That something is either a. Try a potentially successful treatment or b. call it quits with all the lotions and potions and just accept this and purchase toppers/wigs.
Thank you ?


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