It Is OK – To Not Be OK With Your Hair Loss

by Y on April 14, 2021

I wanted you to HEAR me speak The words and not just read them on the screen. 

I wanted you to take them in, I wanted you to feel the meaning and what I am saying. So I have recorded my words to this video and shared some of my love, including my baby HOPE. The male kitten I got from the Spanish Harlem shelter in 2001, and who I name HOPE because I was devastated by my hair loss and needed a reminder that HOPE was always around. I am pretty sure I still haven’t recovered from his passing in 2019, but that is a different story.

For 13 years I have communicated with women online, and I know the pain from hair loss, not just my own – but in hearing your stories. I spent over the first half of my hair loss life (of 22 years) not believing, feeling or thinking that things could get better, but it did and it is important for me to let those know, that need to know – it can better, that it definitely can. 

Often I find that women are so hard on themselves, comparing themselves to other women, which makes the process of working through anything so much more difficult, and especially in dealing with your hair loss – something that is plenty sufficient to deal with on its own.

You only have to do what feels right for you, not for anyone else.

It is OK to not feel OK with your hair loss. 

It is OK to feel what you feel.

It is OK to  mourn your hair, and feel the loss. 

It is OK to treat your hair loss. 

It is OK to not treat your hair loss. 

It is OK to wear wigs. It is OK to not wear wigs. 

It is OK to shave your head.

It is OK to not shave your head. 

It is OK to tell people you have hair loss. 

It is OK to tell people you wear wigs. 

It’s also OK to tell nobody… anything. 

I have found that peace comes from being authentically you, and true to you in whatever form and in whatever way that means in your life, right now. 

Do not compare yourself to anybody else. 

Give yourself time, be patient and kind to yourself, if you don’t feel OK in this moment keep in mind, that is in… this moment, and that things can get better.

We don’t need permission to be true to ourselves, but. If you do…

Permission Granted. 

Much Love To All!

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Danielle April 15, 2021 at 12:21 am

Thank you so much for your words, listening and listening again and again.


Y April 15, 2021 at 6:03 am

I’m so glad it helps, sending you much love! xoxo


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