I Cannot Force People To Understand My Hair Loss

by Y on May 11, 2021

We cannot force anyone to understand our hair loss and what we are going through.

There are so few absolutes in this world, but I feel like this is one.

What we feel is so personal and intimate to us, and nobody, not even others experiencing hair loss can understand EXACTLY how we feel or what we are going through.

Be true to yourself, to your feelings. You don’t need to explain yourself or seek external validation. I know sometimes we want it, but expecting that will be a thing from other people in our lives can potentially halt us from healing and moving forward and often times if does lead to disappointment.

Even when people genuinely try and empathize, it can still feel they just don’t get it, or perhaps better stated, they aren’t “getting it” in the manner which we think/feel would be helpful to us. It really is something very difficult for others to understand and I know even the most well-intended people in my life were unable to make me feel understood and seen.

In time I got to a place I no longer needed that, nor sought it out. I do share about my hair loss and wearing wigs, but I don’t do so with ANY expectation of what another will or will not deliver.

I validate my situation, it’s real, it’s been deep.

Do you try to explain and share about your hair loss and/or hair wearing to people in your life? What has been your experience.

Share your thoughts and comments below.

Sending much love to all!

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