Welcoming Female Guest Hair Loss Bloggers

by admin on March 17, 2008

Welcome Female Guest Hair Loss BloggersThe Women’s Hair Loss Project is looking for creative, passionate and knowledgeable volunteer hair loss writers to write original articles for our blog. You must have a good command of the English language and be able to effectively communicate your thoughts through words. You don’t have to be a professional writer by any means, just need to be passionate and with a desire to help other women and write articles that other female hair loss sufferers can relate to and learn from.

The hair loss world is much bigger than my thoughts and views and I am looking to provide women with a greater hair loss perspective outside of my own. I’ve seen the blog writings of many women in our network and realize that so many others have so much to contribute. I’ve already reposted a couple of writings written by Dottie and Kathyloulu, members of the Women’s Hair Loss Project Network.

What Type of Articles Are You Looking For?

Pretty much anything that would be of value to another woman going through hair loss. Some example topics of interest could be:

Tips and suggestions for coping and dealing with hair loss

Thyroid and hair loss

How to emotionally deal with hair loss.

Making the decision to wear hair

Adjusting to wearing hair ( If you are a hair wearer you definitely have something to contribute here)

How to find a reputable hair loss replacement provider

Hair loss treatments (the real ones only used by medical professionals) Rogaine, Aldactone (spironolactone) and oral contraceptives. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are good too expand upon.

Help finding the right doctor.

How to avoid getting scammed by the online hair loss predators

PCOS and hair loss

Hair loss news commentary

Etc Etc. The list could go on forever.

By opening the blog up to other writers I am probably going to get a swarm of people interested in only writing a fluff article to embed a million links back to their own site. So here our my over protective rules.

Guidelines and Rules

Since I am looking for only sincere people I have to get a bit creative. All articles written will contain the author credit at the top and bottom of the article.It is your choice whether you wish to use your real name, first name only or pen name. In the initial stages of this program the links are going to only link back to the author profile page in the Women’s Hair Loss Project Network. Authors may not link back to their blog or website in the article. After the legitimate real passionate individuals have surfaced I will be more than happy to include links to the author’s website or blog in the footer of the article as well. I won’t at first because I know the way the internet works and people will just write worthless irrelevant articles for the sole purpose of promoting their site. And for the oh so ever passionate large contributors they will have a place in the side bar with their name, a photo if desired, and a contributor author page on the blog itself.

Does This Sound Like Something You’d Like To Do?

If you’d like to blog for The Women’s Hair Loss Project and touch the lives of many women, Write me at women@womenshairlossproject.com

Final Note: Please be upfront in your email to me if you sell a product, provide a service or run a site in the hair loss industry. It is okay to be a legitimate service provider in the hair loss field with a passion to help others. But please be aware that any article attempting to make it’s way onto site solely for the purpose of self promotion will never have a place on the blog, so there is no point in writing it. I’m very protective of keeping the blog and network community a very safe and real place for women with hair loss. I hope you all understand.

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