It’s Not Just Me – Hair Loss Poll Results

by admin on January 13, 2008

It's Not Just Me - Women's Hair Loss Poll Results634 women have voted in the poll, “How Old Were You When Your Hair Loss First Started?” What may seem surprising to many, but not myself is that the highest number of votes are currently for the 15-20 age range with 133 votes. Second highest votes are for the are range 20-25, with 126 votes. But as you study the rest of the results you’ll see that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that hair loss strikes at any age, hardly discriminating. Here are the full results as they stand now:

15-20 (21% 133 Votes)
20-25 (20% 126 Votes)
40-50 (17% 110 Votes)
30-35 (16% 103 Votes)
25-30 (15% 95 Votes)
50-60 (8% 51 Votes)
60+ (3% 16 Votes)

I’m going to keep this poll running until it hits 1000 votes. I think it is very telling that we aren’t alone in this no matter what age we are. If you haven’t voted yet, you can find the poll on the right side bar, you may have to scroll down a little to see it. My vote, age 21.

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