Want To Be A Support Chat Beta Tester?

by admin on January 15, 2008

Want To Be A Support Chat Beta Tester?Hi Girls,

I’ve been thinking of new ways to improve interaction between women who visit this site looking for hair loss support. I have added an online instant messenger chat feature to the site but before I make it public I would like some fellow Women’s Hair Loss Project Community gals to test it out first. If you you would like to try it out before it is made public send me an email at women@womenshairlossproject.com and I will let you know how to access it. After it has been released we will be having weekly chat support meetings at a designated time. I hope everyone enjoys this feature!

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Cynthia February 11, 2008 at 5:53 pm

I also have been experiencing hair loss. I noticed that it began during the time I started going through menopause. To this day, I feel that menopause had something to do with it. I was sweeping up hair all over my house. My hair was clogging up my vacuum cleaner and clogging up my tub from washing my hair while showering. I have been using some sort of relaxer for more than 30 years, and within the last 5 years started to color my hair on a regular basis to hide the grey. I have always had a healthy head of hair, and have been trying to use different conditioners, hot oil treatments, and different shampoos. I have recently let the relaxer go to see if I can see any improvement, but so far i haven’t. It is very frustrating for a female to lose their hair. My mother is going through the same thing only her hair loss is more accelerated. We are African American women, and would be forever grateful for some suggestions.

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