Bright Lights – Broadway Can Keep Them

by admin on September 12, 2007

Hair loss and bright lights don’t mix. As I was responding to some comments left today on the blog my thoughts were turned towards mirrors and bright overhead lighting. For me that is my kryptonite. I actually select my chair at a restaurant based on overhead lighting. I pick the darkest spot at the table, always. My fiance doesn’t like overhead lighting either, but he’ll take the bullet for me if we are out to dinner so I can be comfortable in my dark spot. I run past mirrors in department stores, at all costs avoiding looking in their direction. It makes buying clothes quite a difficult task. Abercrombie has the worst overhead bright lighting, while Gap has nice dark dressing rooms :) The things you pay attention to when you have hair loss. At least I do. I keep track of all the restaurants that are nice and dark. I’m most comfortable there because that way I don’t have to feel my head is on display the whole night.
I got some wonderfully helpful comments today and I think others would benefit from reading them as well so I’m posting the links to them here so other women can get to them quickly. Thanks again Julie – You are a strong, beautiful woman.

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