Grateful I Found Life After Hair Loss

by Y on July 3, 2021

I woke one day and I was 43. Just like that. My hair loss began at 21, and I painfully existed for 13 years. Existed. Not lived.

I am so incredibly grateful, I am writing the number 13 to you and not 22.

I am so grateful, I was able to shift my mindset, able to learn to live with hair loss, able to get off the hamster wheel.

I didn’t get want I wanted and prayed for, for 13 years. I didn’t get ALL my hair back, my loss is going to be progressive. That is the nature of androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness).

My hair is removable.

My bio hair is so short, I haven’t been able to make a ponytail in 9 years.

And it’s OK. To me, this is OK, I’m at peace with that.

This wasn’t my dream scenario, but I could not be more grateful to have peace in my life with hair loss, something I never thought possible. Hair loss does not own me…. anymore.

This is hope, to me this IS hope. It may not be for everyone.

I was asked what is the hope I speak of – The hope is knowing there is life after hair loss, the ability to live a fulfilling life, and not be a slave to the loss. The ability to find true acceptance.

This exists, it’s real. A cure does not.

For me, the ultimate cure to hair loss has been acceptance.

Sending Much Love To All!

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