Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Video Update

by Y on December 25, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful and fabulous Holiday, filled with all the awesome yumminess that life has to offer. Hug your family, your friends, your canine and feline babies, your wigs (ha) and appreciate the joy of the day. If you need a little more joy, well then fill your glass up a little higher, that should do the trick! 😉

Hugs and Love, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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maria December 26, 2013 at 4:15 am

Hi Y,
I was looking forward to hear from you. We missed you. You give us
courage to go on . I was feeling very teary and depressed lately, why God (If there is one) gave us this curse.

Thanks again for posting, and Happy New year .


BW December 26, 2013 at 4:21 am

Love your video and your sharesy story. And you look beautiful as always. Happy Holidays to you too. 🙂


Angie T December 26, 2013 at 8:41 am

Hey Y, so glad you posted, you may not realize it but we all worry about you!! You look fantastic as always.

My decision is that this will be my final year dealing with this – I’m going to start using 5% minoxodil foam for the next year. (Believe it or not, I’ve never tried using this consistently!) And if by the end of 2014 I’m not happy with where my hair is……off it’s going and dh will be getting my some fly wigs for Xmas!

The shedding isn’t so bad right now, but my daughter is having spinal surgery next month and I expect my anxiety to go into high gear. We shall see.

Anyhow, looking forward to your posts and videos as usual, please don’t stay away so long next time!

((((HUGS)))) Angie


B December 27, 2013 at 9:27 am

Nice to see you back! Your hair must be doing pretty good if you are going sans wig to the gym? How do you think the PRP is working for you? I looked into getting it done here and while the doctor is experienced with PRP he has never done it on someone’s head. Although he is confident he can. I might do it if things don’t turn around again for my hair. I have been on ups and downs since starting Rogaine 7 years ago so before spring I will make my decision. Love hearing your stories of sharing with people. It puts it out there maybe one day if we all do this a little at least it may seem more common to others and allow other women not to fight hair wearing the way some of us have. Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Y!


admin December 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm

@Maria – Thank you. I know the tears and sadness hair loss brings, and it’s heart breaking that any of us have to go through it. I know what the bottom feels likes, and I believe we all can move past this and live the lives we deserve regardless of what our hair decides to do. I didn’t choose hair loss, it chose me and I made a number of life altering choices since then that for over a decade took me on a path of despair, frustration, loneliness and isolation and I feel looking back I really could have done things differently, had I had the benefit of looking past the moment, had I been able to change how I viewed what was happening, had I been able to realize I was stronger than I gave myself credit for, that I could live in spite of my hair loss, I could wear a wig, I could cut my hair crazy short and actually like it and find freedom in it, I could relinquish the desire to have all my hair back and understand, some things will just take place no matter how hard we fight, or wish them different, and we need to proceed accordingly to live our best life. It took me over a decade to reach that place and I look back on so many years wasted in a self-loathing mess, and it was needless. It didn’t help, it only kept me stuck in a perpetual cycle of never ending sadness. Nowadays I spend little time on my hair loss, I cut my hair down to a manageable super short length every 3 weeks, short hair makes it look thicker and I no longer have to see it falling out, due to the length it is my bathroom isn’t swarming in fallen hairs. My sink is much relieved. I come back from the gym, shower, and grab one of my girls for the day, brush her out, swish swish, and off I go. When the short length cut I keep now no longer works, I will just shave my head completely, that’s my plan and what keeps everything copacetic for my hair loss life 🙂 My hair loss took over 10 years from me, but it doesn’t get to steal one more day.

@BW – Thank you!!!!

@Angie T – Thank you! Congrats on making the decision to start treatment and having not just a plan to start, but a plan to end with if you find the treatment isn’t working to the degree you want. That’s the best way to approach it, knowing it isn’t over if the treatment doesn’t works, it just means you just skip from plan A to plan B. Awesome. I hope your daughter’s surgery goes well next month, you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

@B – My bio hair isn’t doing that bad, I must say. I believe the PRP has helped to slow the progression of my hair loss which is why I continue to make that trip to Florida every 4 months. My hair cutting gal is super amazing and she has created a short cut for me that just works in making my hair look fuller and the best it can. I actually really like the way I look in short hair, I should have cut this crap off years ago! Who knew? Regarding your PRP doc, I would be reluctant to go to a doctor that hasn’t done PRP for hair loss, it’s not that he isn’t likely good at what he does, it’s just I’d prefer going to someone who has experience in doing it for what I was seeking treatment for ya know? So proceed with caution, the treatments are expensive and you do want to know if you are going to go that route that you are giving yourself the best possible chance at having a good outcome and that means also having a doc who does it for hair loss in my opinion. Not everyone that has done PRP (even when seeing docs that do it for hair loss) have found that it works, it’s very individual, as are all treatments for hair loss, for some it works, for others it doesn’t or doesn’t to the degree they can justify the costs and process (head injections). For me, I’m going to continue to do it 🙂



maria January 1, 2014 at 4:47 am

Thank you for your letter, I feel that I have a friend close to my heart. I am so depressed that I don’t answer the phone or the door. I have cut out relatives and friends, I want them to remember me the way I looked with thick long curly hair. My husband complains that we lost our friends and relatives and I tell him , you go out and leave me alone.

I have been losing my hair for 9 years now and taking aldactone 100 for 6 years, my dermatologist prescribed me 200, but that made me very sick. my endocrinologist said that I have no androgenic alopecia and she said to throw away the aldcactone and to use rogaine. But I didn’t I was afraid that I will lose what hair I had. Did you experienced a lot of sheding when you stopped it?
I am going to transitions hair loss company in south Australia to see what systems they have.
Could you please tell me how you keep your wigs on and are they hot, do you still use the wig grip.
You are beautiful with everything that you wear.

Thanks for listening. XOXO.


Sonia January 1, 2014 at 10:53 am

Thank you for this video! As usual, your honesty makes me feel better about my issues… And so I’m really happy that you seem happier too! I loved the story about your wigs and how much people are usually positive about it!




Frizzy January 1, 2014 at 1:24 pm

Just want to say how much your website has really helped me in 2013. I feel so alone with this in real life but on here I am not. I am way behind you in the hair loss journey as I have yet to really deal with what is happening to me – I am still clipping my hair up every day, disguising with Toppik and feeling helpless and terrified about what to do next but 2014 is a new year and my goal is to finish this year in a better place than last year. Happy new year!


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