Hair Loss. Destroyed, Reborn & Finding Me

by Y on June 18, 2020

This is me, and the story behind The Birth of The Women’s Hair Loss Project. Before I continue, just a note, I’m wearing a wig and have been wearing wigs for the last 8 years. I state that because I know sometimes if people don’t spot the wig, they are confused by what I’m saying when they see hair on my head, but it is a wig.

My name is Y. Just Y. I was born with more letters to my name, but was reborn as a single initial when I started The Women’s Hair Loss Project in 2007. I felt a life destroyed by my hair loss, which is what led me to start my site and The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network 13 years ago. I started it at the lowest point of my journey, when I felt there was no hope left, and I was done for. What followed was unexpected, in beginning to blog about my journey dealing with hair loss as a twenty something girl, eventually women found me and they wrote back, connected and no longer alone, the process of my own healing began. It’s a continual journey and evolution. This is a part of my story. WHLP = Women’s Hair Loss Project . WHLPNETWORK = Women’s Hair Loss Project Network. This is me, I am some of you, and we are connected.

Much Love To All

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