A Visit To The Brow King (Damone Roberts) In My Queen (Follea Lifestyle Wig)

by Y on June 14, 2013

Howdy Everyone!

It’s get your eyebrows waxed Friday, at least for me anyways, those little brows of mine where getting crazy so me and Anya (Follea Lifestyle wig) wandered our way to the brow king in Beverly Hills to get those babies fixed up. This was my second brow waxing with Damone at Damone Roberts, and he did yet another fabulous job on giving me some sleek brows to go with my supa sleek hair πŸ™‚

While brow talk is fun, I know you gals care less about the particulars of the brow wax, and more about how it is wearing a wig in a situation where someone is that close to your face, am I right or what? Β For me,Β  it’s totally fine and I’m pretty comfortable with it at this point. I have sort of gotten into the habit of spilling the beans whenever someone is going to be in that close of a proximity to my face (waxing, facials) but there have been times I’ve gotten waxed and never said a word, and I’m almost positive the person waxing had no idea, I sort of just take it on a case by case comfort level basis. I think the only thing to be mindful of, and this goes for the dentist chair too, is that if the eyebrow waxer is very close to your hair and pressing against it with their leg as you lay back, you need to be VERY careful when you sit up. There have been a few times I felt like I almost left my wiggie behind on the chair as the leg of the person had trapped “my” hair, LOL. Can you imagine? That’s the stuff wig nightmares are made of, so there are small things like that to watch out for.

This video update also discusses my hair cuts plans and provides a closer look at Anya’s hair color almost a year after I originally got her. Upon watching the video back, I realize it’s not really a true color representation, she appears lighter in person than she does in the car, but it’s a pretty color just the same.

Happy Brow Friday!


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B June 15, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Nice eyebrows! When you first went from your longer bio hair and decided to shave the back short was that a big adjustment or just a relief? I have worn a wig for 9 months and my hair grew back during that time from being on Finasteride. Went without a wig for 4 months and in the last two months a great deal has fallen out again and I am looking at my wigs again. I also hate that I am letting my hair control me. Yet I am waiting to see what happens in the coming months and if it continues on the current path I am envious of the relief of the shaved back of your head. So was it/is it a relief? Great video and love Anja!


admin June 17, 2013 at 8:53 am

Hi B – Thank you πŸ™‚ When I made the change to go short, it was a BIG relief, the only problem came when I got the haircut where my front hairline was cut short too, that was devastating for my wig wearing, but other than that I love it. I am trying to figure out the perfect short hairstyle that is functional yet looks fine too if I want to go to the gym sans wig, that’s the only time I don’t wear a wig, every other moment I’m outside of the house, I have my wig on. I actually have a hair cut today.. very nervous, I keep going over in my head how I’m going to explain everything and I’m bringing an ipad with photos of course.. oh and my wig LOL. The buzzed back is awesome for me, it feels sleek to the touch and out of the way, and the less I’m reminded of my bio hair, the better!

Happy Monday! Hopefully Happy Haircut Monday for me πŸ™‚



Linda June 18, 2013 at 3:38 am

Good luck on your haircut. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
I was wondering what length is your shortest Follea? I have the Aero in the longest length that it comes in. However, I am finding that with the summer approaching and the heat it gets kind of annoying. I will be spending my summer at the beach/pool and doing outside activities with my 3 kiddos. I am thinking about getting a shorter follea (shoulder length maybe?). However, how do I make the transition from the short back to the long in the fall? I am tossing around the idea of cutting the one I have but it is only 4 months old and the hair is just so gorgeous!


admin July 11, 2013 at 8:12 am

Hi Linda – I just saw your comment. The shortest length Follea I have is the 10″/15″ (the girl I named Natalia). As far as transitioning back to long.. When you start wearing your long wig hair, wear her in a low looped ponytail. If anyone does notice.. extensions always seems to be like a good answer πŸ™‚



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