Ricki Lake On Her Hair Loss Struggles/Journey & Path To Freedom | Podcast EP # 8

by Y on April 5, 2020

Jan 1st of this year Ricki Lake came out to the world revealing her secret battle and struggle with hair loss that she had been dealing with for nearly 30 years. I met Ricki in 2012, she had joined my site, The Women’s Hair Loss Project, in search for help, support and understanding. We connected through hair loss. 

I am so honored to be able to be joined by Ricki from her home in Marina De Rey, for this episode of my podcast. It was an unbelievable privilege to sit down with her and listen to her tell her story as she shares how her hair loss started and takes us along for an inside and intimate look at what it was like dealing with hair loss while being in the public eye. 

She also shares some never before seen personal footage from from the day she shaved her head, and also snippets of documented clips from when she revealed to her boyfriend for the first time (after dating for 20 months) about her hair loss struggle. Spoiler alert, he embraced her with loving and open arms, as any good man would… for those women who are concerned about dating and hair loss. 

Ricki is truly a beacon of strength, and hope for others, and I am inspired by her courage to be able to step forward, and put a face (a very public face ) to this debilitating and devastating disorder that so many women like myself have had to deal with and often having to have done so suffering in silence.  Much love to Ricki ! And Much Love to All !

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Linny August 30, 2020 at 1:30 am

Hello Y,
I just watched your video with Rikki Lake. It was great! I was wondering if you started using the product she mentioned, Harklinikken. If so have you had any success? I would like to try this product particularly since she said it was not a paid advertisement.
Thank you, Linny


Stephanie September 3, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Thank you for this page! Also if you can get a message to Ricki Lake, please let her know that after listening to the podcast with you I talked to my husband about my hair loss struggle and how sick and tired I am of spraying brown dry shampoo in my hair every day and being terrified that the product will stop being made….or that I will run out. I am going to try harklinikken that she spoke of. Your and her vulnerability have helped me tremendously.


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