Finding The Right Wig Takes Time – Episode #3

by Y on February 20, 2020

Finding The Right Wig Takes Time - Women's Hair Loss Project Ep 3The journey to finding the right type of alternative hair for yourself takes time, whether it’s a topper or a wig. Much of this will not only be determined by our level of hair loss, but also our comfort level.

Often times I get asked if I jumped right into wearing Follea (the brand of wigs I wear) or if I tried other methods of alternative hair/ or brands. I definitely tried several other things over the years and had what I called many “Failed Starts,” where I’d get an item of alternative hair, find it was a total failure for whatever reason, and then I’d give up for YEARS. I definitely did not accept my hair loss easily and certainly didn’t accept hair wearing easily. My first failed start to wearing alternative hair dates back to 2001 (hair loss began in 1999) and I did’t start wearing hair full time till 2012.

In episode 3 of The Women’s Hair Loss Project podcast I discuss a couple of my “failed starts” throughout the years, and share the importance of being patient with yourself when attempting to wear hair for the first time or finding the right piece for you.

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After watching me record this 15 min monologue, @spencerkobren made the suggestion of having other women write in with their stories they now found some humor in themselves,  and some episodes of the podcast will be reading and sharing YOUR stories.

While I certainly don’t find hair loss a laughing matter, and know the devastation it brings, laughter itself is healing, and I think it’s a great idea!  I love it, and once you do start wearing hair, I’m sure you’ve encountered a few scenarios that are NOW funny looking back. Laughter is healing, sharing is healing. If you would like to share a story that’s happened to you, Please send me an email would love to hear from you!

Much Love to All

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Angie T February 20, 2020 at 9:54 am

Oh my gosh, the struggles?! Who knew? You never let on about ANY of this back in the day. I started following you around the time you were looking for hair and what I remember is you waking up on your 34th birthday, resolved to finally do something…no work conference mentioned!

Next time tell the audience about how once you started, you became obsessed and couldn’t stop buying them.

Here’s a topic idea – maybe have someone on who *isn’t* open about their hear wearing, or doesn’t have a big budget. I have to make wigs last as long as possible and it isn’t easy, I take very good care of them but wearing the same one day in and day out takes it’s toll.

I’ll never be able to afford a Follea, it’s like my DREAM wig but out of reach for many women. Maybe have someone on who can give recommendations for other brands to try?

You’re doing great with the broadcast! I can’t wait to tune in every week 🙂


admin February 20, 2020 at 6:18 pm

Hi Angie –

So I was at dinner the other day with Sophie and another friend and was sharing these stories, and she’s like I never knew ANY of this. I know theres a post on this site with an eBay wig, but I don’t think I ever got into the sliding red synthetic wig debacle at lunch with my mom, or the very early consultation I had for a sewn in system in NYC 2001, and probably was trying to forget that my significant other let me leave that wig store with the wig he said was amazingggg, only less than an hour later to tell me, I looked like was gonna rob a bank! Side note on that, I was also wearing dark sunglasses, but still lol.

Your memory is phenomenal by the way, but yes, in 2012 I had a work conference where I was going to be front and center literally, and had no way to see this being possible with the state of my hair, being so self conscious, worrying about lighting, and it was so thin around my face I just loathed my reflection. So the wig hunt was on, panic wig hunt.

I am loving your topic suggestions and really very much appreciate your support! It means a lot to me! XOXO


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