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by Y on April 7, 2021

I was prompted to make this video because as I was scrolling my instagram feed, I saw an ad for female hair transplantation. As a whole, in general, women with androgenetic alopecia aka female pattern baldness (diffuse thinning of hair ) are not candidates for hair transplants. 

It is important for women to be able to make informed decisions regarding the treatment of their hair loss.  While there are a lot of sub optimal things that occur online that result in disappointment, frustration, loss of money etc., this is ONE thing that is extra disturbing to see targeted to women with hair loss, because without the proper information, women who are not candidates and choose to undergo this treatment may not only lose money, but they could *potentially* be left with physical scars and in a much worse position than when they began. 

The scar of hair loss to my life is sufficient, I don’t think additional physical ones are needed. 

While there are *some* women who are candidates, the percentage of women who are not, is OVER 90% according to what Joe Tillman ( The Hair Transplant Mentor) shared with me last year on a podcast. 

Female pattern hair loss results in the overall diffuse thinning of hair, which in most cases does not leave it with a safe area to be moved, without the risk of it just falling out again.

Please note I am not a doctor and this shared information is what I have learned, my thoughts and opinions and I share this to help others be better informed. Always consult your doctor. 

Watch this and share with anyone you think could benefit.  Share your thoughts and comments below!

Sending Much Love To All

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JoAnn April 13, 2021 at 5:20 am

What you say here completely rings in accordance with my thoughts and feelings about hair transplantation for women. My father once suggested that I try one of those transplant services he had seen in TV, unintentionally denting the pretty feeling my wig gave me that day. I don’t blame him for the sting, he just didn’t understand the difference between my hair loss and that of the women in those ads. Just as he didn’t quite grasp that his male pattern baldness and my female pattern baldness do not attack the follicles in the same way, even though we both have androgenetic alopecia.

Do these hair transplant companies knowingly target women even if their product can’t help most women with hair loss? I believe they do. They also stand to make a lot of money every time one of those ads secures a new client for them. So what’s the harm, right? In my opinion, the harm is selling hope where there is none to be found. Especially for women, who are constantly told how essential hair is to their sense of beauty and even their value in society.


Y April 13, 2021 at 9:12 am

Hi JoAnn –

You know, I honestly don’t think – still to this day my family really truly gets the impact hair loss has had on me or understands the magnitude of destruction and the toll it took on my life. Even knowing I wear wigs and created The Women’s Hair Loss Project.

I still believe they don’t get it fully.

I’ve come to accept that and realize you can’t force anyone to “get it.”

I think your father probably meant well, but yes, that hurts and I completely understand how and why.

I am glad you did your own research and realized there are differences between androgenetic alopecia in men and androgenic alopecia in women. Education is so important for women to be able to make informed decisions because this is quite a predatory industry, as is any industry focusing on selling products or services that target our pain and insecurities.



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