Thyroid Hair Loss Success Story

by Y on August 11, 2008

This Story was sent in by Angel, you can visit her profile page on the network here.

Hi. I wanted to share my story. It may help someone else. I had my fourth child in April 2007. I had a major hair fall after stopping breastfeeding. At some point after that it really started thinning, but I guess I really didn’t notice until my mother made mention of it. I started back on Desogen (low androgenic) pill for about 3 months and my hair fall was normal. I then had decided I no longer wanted to use synthetic hormones and stopped. After that, my hair starting falling out in droves. I went to an internist to have my thyroid checked. I was told that all my labwork was normal. I would just find myself in tears some days b/c it just wouldn’t stop. One day, I was speaking with a friend of mine who has been a raw food dieter for about 10 years. She had been having some problems with her skin and told me that she had been seeing a natural pharmacist. I made an appointment to see him one day (I also am a pharmacist). I went with my labwork and about 5 days worth of taking my oral temperature (regular thermometer) which averaged 97.4 degrees—optimal 98.8-99.2. My thyroid panel that my internist ran was only a TSH level and a total T4. He gave me a list of labs to have done at my second doctor’s office (my ob/gyn), which included Vitamin D, B12, DHEA-S, Free T3 and Free T4. The pharmacist that day muscle tested me (sounds crazy, but it works!) and put me on a couple of supplements like Vit D, Iodine/Iodide and a couple of things for adrenals. His gut feeling was, even though my TSH was normal, my temperature was too low and for some reason my thyroid was not being utilized appropriately. (I also complained of fatigue and low libido).

I was told by both doctors they had no idea why my hair was falling out and to use Rogaine. They didn’t know what exactly I thought I would find in the labwork. To make a long story short, I went back to the natural pharmacist with all of my labs. He determine that I was not converting T4 to T3 (active form) as well as I should be (although both were in “normal” range to lab and doctor). I should say that after about 4 weeks of Iodine/iodide and Vitamin D my hair fall was better and my temp went up to an average of 97.8. After my second visit, he put me on selenium and zinc supplement (necessary to convert T4 to T3)—I have now been on that for about 2 weeks. I am back to normal hair loss!!! My temp is back up to averaging 98.6 and I no longer feel like a need a nap every afternoon. My libido is also returning to normal. I am so excited and thankful for finding my answer!

The pharmacist had told my friend that about 90% of hair loss in women had to do with their thyroid. My thyroid functioned fine, but I was just a “poor converter”—amazing that even the medical doctors don’t even totally understand. After all of my 6 years of pharmacy school and my years of practice, I am a believer in holistic medicine—the idea of treating the whole person and not just labs and symptoms. Hair loss is not normal and should not be accepted as normal—it is a symptom of something going wrong in your body. Different people have it come out in different ways. For me, a little change in diet, exercise, and nutrional supplements made the difference for me–my body could not function optimally without proper
nutrition. It chose to shut down my hair follicles and energy levels, etc.

I hope that every woman out there struggling with hair loss hears my story. Determining if thyroid is your problem may go beyond a medical doctor. A good first place to start is taking your temperature!


Dear Angel,

Thank you so much for sending in this hair loss success story for our readers. I got your email and totally agree that your story can and will most definitely help other women going through a similar situation as yours. I consider myself in that group of women of which I refer to. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid myself for many years. I’ve frequently written how I felt that the dosage of the medication was actually CONTRIBUTING to my hair loss. A couple of the posts are here:
and here

Your holistic doctor sounds pretty awesome so feel free to give his name and website (if he has one) so that women who live close by can perhaps visit him as well. Interesting that you wrote that it was a “raw food dieter” friend that pointed you in the direction of this holistic doctor. As of the Thursday before last I have been diving into the raw food diet in an attempt to better my own health and hopefully as a pleasant side effect, help my hair loss 🙂 More about that later…I think your story is going to be very empowering for other women to read.

Thanks so again for taking the time to share your hair loss success story!

All The Best,

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Sarah August 11, 2008 at 4:41 pm

So after your fourth child your hair started to thin. You had not had any hairloss beffore this? So Im sure this success story still cannot help alopecia people?


Pam August 11, 2008 at 7:20 pm

Angel: Very interesting story. Hmmm….now you have me thinking. DX w/hypothyroidism just over 30 years ago; now have Hashimotos. Been on Levoxyl since I was dx. I am wondering now if it is my Hashimotos that is contributing to my thinning hair and burning and itching scalp or the lichen planus causing scarring alopecia. I am in the middle of tests. However, you mentioned taking your temp. I have always had lower than normal temps. Did you take your temp at a specific time of day? ie. basal temp (first thing in the am?). Thanks for writing in with past hair loss history and your present success.


Rachael Jean Harper August 11, 2008 at 7:34 pm

Hi Angel

I so agree with you. I am a nutritional therapist practioner and herbalist and also treated my hairloss with iodine and adrenal support as well as nutrition and supplements and no longer have hair loss. My thyroid was supposedly normal and I was told to go on rogaine. I went back to school and studied nutrition in a more intense way because I was on a quest to heal my hair loss in a natural way, and to help others to overcome this difficult condition. I was not hearing success stories with the use of hormones and they were never an option for me. As you know, single hormone replacement therapy interfers with the hypothalamus/ pituitary, feed back loop, and can make one resistent to that hormone, not to mention other cascading hormonal imbalances that it can cause.

I learned to do assessments on clients, using a scientific method called neuro/lingual testing, which lets the practioner know where ones body is out of balance, and which foods, nutrients and herbal remedies are needed to correct it. One of the things that we do is to put an iodine patch on the clients arm by first asking if they are allergic to seafood or iodine. If not, than we paint a square with iodine on their arm, and if it fades with in 24 hours, they are deficient. We also ask them to keep a record of their temp, as you did. Another thing that we do is have them put liquid zinc in their mouth and if it tastes like water, they are deficient in that also. Tablets may also work, it depends on the source and quality. They should have a disgusting metalic taste. I asked a doc if they had any tests for these minerials and she told me that she was not aware of any. These are just some easy things to do to get a basic idea if one is zinc or iodine deficient.

There are so many things that we can do in a natural way to bring our bodies back into balance. I was also trained as an herbalist, my mother was also one and I went on to study clinical herbalism. We, as herbalists are also natural pharmacists and can make anything that a pharmacist can make, but with herbs and natural supplements. I am not a radical non believer of the medical profession. I was trained in clinical herbalism by an MD who is also an herbalist and biochemist. I know that we have an extensive tool bag to pick our therapies from. I just believe that the wholistic way can be the answere to many conditions.

My hair loss had me frightened, feeling alone and seriously depressed. I felt so lost because I didn’t know the answeres, so I studied harder and dug deeper and trusted in nature and as a result, no more hair loss.

I have been on this blog many times and have mostly not been taken seriously. I am so glad that you sent in your success story. Maybe now some may turn to a more natural approach as it is coming from a pharmacist from the medicial profession. Bravo Angel. I am so happy that the natural way worked for you. You are an inspiration to help women with this very emotional condition. Rachael Jean


Elaine Gersten August 12, 2008 at 8:44 am

Thanks for talking about alternative treatments. I have been going regularly to have my thyroid checked. I am always told it is functioning normally. I continue to use all the usual treatments and although the shedding has slowed down (partly because I have lost about 60% of my hair) I know something is wrong. I live in NYC. Can anyone make a recommendation for someone to see. As long as there might be something else for me to try I have a little hope.

Thanks to you all Elaine


Paula August 12, 2008 at 12:16 pm

ANGEL! This is great and inspiring news! Can you please provide the contact information for the natural pharmacist you used or tell me how I might find one in my area (NJ)?


Pat August 19, 2008 at 6:17 am

Angel, thank you so much for posting your story. I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and experiencing hair loss for several years. I’m currently on Synthroid as well as several natural supplements, including 1300 mg Evening Primrose Oil. Nothing seems to be working. Will you please share the contact info for your natural pharmacist? I’m desperate…I’ll go wherever!!


Mary August 22, 2008 at 5:24 am

Angel, thank you for the help. Do you know if there is there a natural pharmacist in Western Massachusetts or the surrounding area?


Valerie sarabia August 23, 2008 at 2:12 pm

Dear Angel and Rachel Jean,

Please write me personally. I would like to undergo treatment from a nutritional pharmacist for my hair loss problem. Can you recommend one here in Baltimore, Maryland. I used to have very thick beautiful hair.It is now thin and I am having daily hair loss. Please help me!!!! My e mail is


seema September 12, 2008 at 11:52 am

hi angel,
was it just the hair loss that stopped or did you actually REGROW hair too? I feel my situation is similar to yours. I am always tired and low libido. Bu tmy TSH is normal, yet my average temps are in the 97s. My hair loss is so extreme right now and i need to know if there is a chance it will REGROW, not just stop the shedding. Thanks for your story!


Sam October 2, 2008 at 11:56 am

Does anyone know if there is there a directory for finding natural pharmacists (or similar homeopathy practitioners) in the country? I’m specifically looking for ones in PA.


Beth March 3, 2009 at 11:30 am

i just wanted to let everyone know of a fabulous website that had helped me tremendously! it has made me realize that my hair loss (over the past 5 years) very likely has to do with a hypothyroid problem (despite many many doctors telling me my lab tests are NORMAL..whatever that means.) please check it out!

hair is a barometer of our health! i believe that people with thyroid issues need to be proactive in finding a doctor that will work with them. you need to look beyond TSH levels. ask for free T4, FreeT3, autoimmune labs related to thyroid and TSH. low iron levels are also related to thyroid issues, as well as malabsorption and sex hormone imbalances. it’s like a bad joke: what do you get when you combine all of these things: HAIR LOSS/HAIR THINNING

best of luck


Laney August 28, 2009 at 5:51 pm

I am so gald I found this site. I am experiencing tremendous hair loss. Like many of you, just 8 months ago I had thick, shiny beautiful hair. Now, its dry, brittle, flyaway , split and falling out. I dread taking a shower, combing my hair, and I am constantly walking around the house sweeping up hair from the floor, carpets, my clothes, there is hair everywhere but my head! Trying to hide the bald spot that is at the top back of my head, (where the swirl should be) I am hypothyroid (HASH) but my labs have been steady for the last 3 months.
I asked my doctor if it is possible that my immune syustem decided to go after my hair follicles since I am treating my thyroid) he said he doubted it but is there a link to thyriod disease and Alopecia Totalis? Is it common to have both?

I have been told that it will stop, but I think the thyroid medicine is making it worse ( levvoxl) My head is itchy and sometimes my scalp burns.. is that common with alopecia or is it a thyroid related symptom?

Also, if it is Alopecia, how long is it usually between the time you first notice and the time you lose all your hair?

I know I have a ot of questions, but I cant get the answers form my doctors. My endo does not have the answers and the derm. says its my thyrid and barley looks at my scalp! WHy dont they get it!?

I have made plans already to go to a wig store in case it doesnt stop… I also just lost my job and need to interview. It is a huge fear!


Tatyana October 31, 2009 at 12:36 pm

What was the dosage of zinc? my multivitamins have 15 mg but I do not think it is enough. My symptoms are almost identical with yours, one thing that is off it is my temp it is 97. I do take iodine and vitamin D and eat brazil nuts for selenium. I am not sure about a dosage for zinc and for how long you were taking it?


Harsha November 28, 2010 at 6:39 am

I have a Tyroid issue – OUT OF RANGE / HIGH. Two normal one out of range 33.6 now on meds. But has developed another problem – lower leg , ankle and feet swelling with extreme pain. The calf are red, warm, painful to touch, itchy, very hard and both legs feel like they weigh a ton. Anyone that has been through this or going through this please share if a treatment is working for you. Would be greatly appricated.


Maria November 2, 2011 at 9:45 am

I am 25 and my hair is signifficantly thin compared to about 8 years ago. I stopped dying it and using any type of product in it except leave on conditioner on the tips. I know hair falls but i’ve noticed mine is falling more than it used to which worries me and in turn makes matters worse. I’ve had labs run and have been told my hormone levels are normal and there’s nothing wrong with me but i dont accept that as my problem is not normal. I read the success story and am curious to see if that has any effect on me i dont take supplements but i guess it’s worth a shot since no one can tell me an explanation for what is happening.

Thanks a lot!


Susie January 20, 2012 at 5:02 am

HI Angel,could you list all the supplements that you take ? My hair is getting worse on thyroxine ‘ I’m taking a 100 mg st present along with evening primrose oil , vit c , vit d, cod liver oil , iron andb12 , I don’t know if all that is good or note, I just know I have been on thyroxine 6 weeks and my hair is getting worse , at the front mainlyb, it thins out to nothing ,it’s so depressing !!! Please help !!! I live in England and am seeing a specialist fr the thyroid , but should I go down the holistic road !!! Thanks a very desperate lady


ray desilva March 6, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Well, i guess its not just a woman thing, I am a male and going through the same thing, had long nice hair, losing them fast. I was told it might be due to thyroid. Went to see two dermotologists, wanted to give me pepicia, i refused. gave me some shampoos and conditioner that didnt do anything. I went to MD got my thyroid blood test, i guess the MD didn’t do all the test, the ones he did were normal so didn’t put me on any thing for hypothyroidism. my temp is 96.6 in mornings. Don’t know where to go for help in houston or outside of houston. Any help in who to call or see would be appreciated. Thanks!


Ann July 7, 2012 at 7:08 am

Just wanted to offer some hope to people. I found a bald patch the size of a quarter on my head 3 weeks ago and of course was very alarmed. I have been hypothyroid and on thyroxine, a gradually increased dose, for the last 13 years. I went to my dr and had bloodwork done to check my levels. My dr reduced my thyroxin in half to 0.1 and after 2.5 wks I have some stubble growing in. I was also having other hyperthyroid symptoms but assumed I was getting viruses or allergies (headache, red eyes, occasional nausea). I had gone 1.5 yrs without bloodwork because my dr had left and I was without one. I went to the local walk-in clinic and asked for a thyroxin refill. I also asked about bloodwork but the dr said if I was feeling ok, it wasnt necessary. Was that a mistake! I will now go faithfully every 6 months. Now I’m so relieved to see some regrowth. I wish you all good health and hope that your hair returns. I realize now how stressful hair loss can be.


Ann July 13, 2012 at 9:13 am

Hi, Ann. I’m wondering…what were the levels when you did get your blood work done? I have been losing my hair for almost 2 years but I think it is primarily due to being over-medicated (Synthroid). They have changed my dosage a few times in the last 2 years but I can’t seem to find a level place. I had my thryoid removed in 2005 due to cancer so I have to take it for life. Congratulations that your hair is growing back. What wonderful news! The fact that it fell out in a perfect circle/patch sounds a lot like alopecia aerata. Have you looked into that at all?


Nikki November 16, 2012 at 4:51 am

It’s so very important to undestand thyroid levels and what tests to have done. The TSH testing come directly from the pituitary gland as a signal response to make or shut down thyroid hormone. Hense, TSH – thyroid “stimulanting” hormone defination. The TSH does not evaluate actual thyroid hormones within the blood stream, only the response call. Doctors rarely are concerned to run the Free T3 and Free T4 labs to determine the ratios correctly and so many patients go untreated or mis diag’d entirely to remain hypothyroid.

Hypothyroidism includes; fatigue, inflammation of fluid and joint pain along with the hair loss symptoms. Make sure you take charge of your health if hypothyroidism is suspected and enforce your doctors to run the free testing of T4 and T3 hormone and demand treatment based on those labs.


Kavya January 2, 2014 at 10:06 am

Dear Angel,

I’m glad I came across your story. I have been diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroidism. I also have adrenal fatigue. Though I’m taking medication for my thyroid issue I haven’t been on adrenal support yet. I have been on a look out for a good doctor who treats my symptoms and not my labs. I have been suffering from severe hairloss, insomnia, pounding heart, anxiety , burning and sensitive scalp, headaches, fatigue and so on. It would be of a great help to me if you could give me your doctors email Id or his telephone number. I’m badly hoping for my health to return..



amanda April 21, 2014 at 3:58 pm

I have lost 50% of my hair volume and when I wake in the morning I look and feel as though I haven’t slept. Along with loss of libido for 6 years. I’m now 51 and live in the UK.
Three years ago I started on HRT ‘Elleste’ everything was fine for the first two years. I did notice I was gaining a lot of weight, but I thought this was due to my age and the sit down job I do.

The dr did some test, the tests came back borderline hypothyroidism. He then decided to start me on Levothyroxin. After 9 months of getting my levels right I was finally on 75mg of thyroxin. After a while on this dose I started not to feel well. The dr then upped the dose to 100mg. I started having palpitation, bloating in my face, gaining more weight, and hair loss.
I decided to stop taking the levothyroxine and within a matter of days I felt like my normal self again. I started to lose weight the bloating went and I felt full of life. My hair was still coming out at this stage. When I went back to the dr for the test doing he said the TSH level was normal (2).
Has time passed I have gone from having lovely thick hair to it looking like Barbie hair on a doll (no moisture ).
One of the women drs said, its to be expected losing your hair as you get older!
Also I might add, I have had terrible mood swing over the last 3 years..
Is it the menopause or my thyroid?
I am going to see a endo next week. If I need thyroxin again I want a private prescription for Armour and if the endo doesn’t give it me, I will go to a private specialist to get the prescription for the Armour.


Vanessa May 4, 2014 at 3:12 pm

I don’t know exactly what caused my hair loss but I suspect it is a thyroid problem. I just turned 21 years old. My hair texture has always slightly changed with my cycle. It is always shinier and healthier looking before my period and a little more dry looking after my period. I figure this means my hair is ruled by my hormones. Well I didn’t really care at all until my hair started suddenly falling out. I still follow the same pattern of having healthier hair before my period, and dryer hair after it, but during the dryer hair days, is when i lose the most hair and during the healthy hair days is when my hair loss slows down and my scalp stops burning and usually the hair I have left looks more lively. The hair loss all started so suddenly. 6 months ago I had gorgeous thick shiny smooth blond hair that glowed an strawberry/amber color in the light. Now I have only about 1/3 of that left, I can see my scalp anywhere I lift my hair up, my temples are just bald spots, and no more strawberry color just ash blond. Prior to the hair loss I knew something was wrong with me internally. I had a yeast infection that lasted for about 5 months and I was getting sick and fatigued all the time. This all just got worse when my hair started to fall out I would sleep 12 hours on the weekend or anytime I didn’t have school to wake up for. Even with all that sleep I would still fall asleep during the day and sometimes almost doze off while driving. I have a healthy appetite, I eat plenty of calories (lots of healthy stuff as well as burgers and big restaurant meals) but I look like I am anorexic and have never been able to gain weight. My period cramps are always pretty bad, but a couple months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst cramps I have ever felt (the kind where you just would rather die), my lips turned WHITE, my knees were shaking, I was throwing up, and then I fainted.

All of the doctors have no idea whats wrong with me. The standard thyroid test was “normal” or whatever. However my mom made an appointment with a different kind of doctor for me (I really don’t know what kind.) but my mom was on the phone with this lady and the lady said it sounds like I have a thyroid problem. I am seeing her at the end of this week and I hope she helps me.

What I have done after hearing it could be thyroid related is I ditched the “Hair” vitamin. It was loaded with high amounts of things that my hair grew fine without before and I figured it was probably aggravating things. I already had been taking Vitamin D3, Calcium + Magnesium, and Krill Oil and I kept those in my regimen. What I added was Evening Primrose Oil. I have been taking it for about a week and I have been having some great hair days. Granted it is during that time where my hair usually looks better, but I had some GREAT hair days and I haven’t had any of those in 6 months. I also feel more balanced and I started my period and not a single cramp. I have high hopes for this new supplement.


Sam May 27, 2014 at 3:23 am

I am loosing hair from last 4- 5 months. when I visited a dermatologist 2 months back he said its a men’s pattern loss and started treatement for that but after seeing no effect I consulted another doc and he suggested to go for thyroid test and it was positive with TSH as 9 and he said I have hypothyroid he started treatement for that and suggested to take biotin for hair loss.

I am still not sure if hair loss is due to thyroid or pattern loss
what I observe is thin hair and lossing them mostly at the time of bath.
density has decreased to almost 50 %. frontal hair have become grey and transparent and very thin.

I can even see very very small areas when there are no hairs.

Please help me out and suggest is this bcz of thyroid and if yes will this improve as I have started taking thyroid medicine only one week before.


ann December 30, 2014 at 4:13 am

Ladies, after reading all of your comments, it sounds like all of you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It will not show up in your TSH or usual thyroid labs. It’s sneaky. You must test for Hashis specifically! There are 2 tests, the anti-TPO and anti-thyroid globuin. Hashis causes thyroid and adrenal issues as well as massive hair loss, malabsorption, burning, itching scalp, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, brittle nails and hair, eye problems, heart issues, and so much more. It’s an autoimmune disease, not a thyroid disease. You must treat the autoimmune by fixing leaky gut, cleaning out your system, finding your root causes/triggers and more. Please find a FUNCTIONAL doctor, or one you trust. Most endos will not help you!! Ask to check your sex hormones, ferritin, cortisol levels, vitamin d, b12, magnesium, and make sure they’re OPTIMAL, not in the so called out of date ‘normal range’. Ferritin should be at least 90 for hair loss and regrowth! Not 12!! I could write so much more but this is a start. I hope it helps. Go to the Stop the Thyroid Madness site, Gena Nolin’s site, Mary Shoman, Hashimoto’s 411 group on FB. Please, these things can save your life AND your HAIR! Good luck and Bless,


Leticia February 7, 2015 at 8:20 pm

Thank you Angel so much for sharing your story. This is the most powerful story on the topic that I have read in decades. I have suffered from hair loss for about 30 years (I’m almost 50) and about three years ago I started taking iodine and selenium supplements. This is the only thing that has dramatically helped me, and I have tried everything available in North America and in Europe. Whenever I stop taking the supplements, mainly due to extensive traveling, my hair starts falling out immediately. My only concern is that I have read that selenium can also cause hair loss. I just don’t know to if there is a way to accurately gauge the amount of selenium that your body needs.


Daina March 10, 2015 at 7:30 am

Thank you Angel, for helping me to remember the treatment that worked for me in the past. About 2 years ago, I had tracked my problem to thyroid issues, low iodine content, environmental chemicals, and a high carb diet (I went Wheat Belly and after not being able to lose weight, the posters helped me to start researching my thyroid issue). I got lazy, I really did. And then I forgot. I didn’t reorder my products that had stopped my hair loss, thinking I was better and I needed a break.

During August of last year at my annual checkup, my doc said my thyroid numbers were good; actually she said I was veering into ‘hyper’ thyroid. So instead of cutting my dosage BACK, I eliminated it. Dum Du Du Dum. It took exactly 7 months for my hair to become dry and frazzled on the ends and for my scalp to feel on fire. And I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what had changed.

First, I blamed my braids that were for my sew-in weave. Then I blamed the dye that I used on my roots (I am 52 and my edges and roots were really grey). Then I blamed stress. But something was niggling at the back of my brain that I just couldn’t recall. (LOL, brain fog). Something I read somewhere besides here reminded me of my dysfunctional thyroid. Duh. I went to the health food store. Bought an over the counter Dessicated Thyroid 390 mg per capsule treatment. I scoured my med cabinet for some Iodine too.

So I started the Dessicated Thyroid (dried bovine animal thyroid), about 2 weeks ago. I could feel my extremities beginning to warm. I took Valerian to combat the scalp pain and calm my anxiety about the hair fall that I experienced. During week 2 of the Dessicated Thyroid, I found about 3 1/2 piddlely pills of 50mg Iodoral Iodine in my cabinet. This after I swore to myself that I would never be without iodine in the house. Duh.

I started this week with the Iodoral iodine. I broke the pills in half, so I am getting 25 mg a day. I take them with my night supplements. Monday morning, my eyes popped open at 5:30 am(this never happens; I am usually very tired upon waking). My facial cavity felt ‘cleared out’. I didn’t even know it was congested. Had a prompt bowel movement upon rising. Researched some more about the iodine affect that I had put down. The environmental factors that I had allowed to seep back into my diet involve bromide, fluoride(water, toothpaste), and chloride(water). They attach to the same receptors as iodine in the body and thyroid and cancel it out.

The thyroid needs iodine to function properly. If your thyroid is already damaged, you may need to supplement natural thyroid; I did. Pharmaceuticals did nothing for me(synthroid, etc. about 12 years ago). They usually only address one portion of the thyroid – T4. The thyroid is very individual to each person as far as what is needed, but universally you need T3 and T4. The natural supplement I take mimics my thyroid. Some kind of way, it also helps my hormones stabilize. I still have my ovaries, though I haven’t had my period in 4 months. (this is a Yay! for menopausal me. My family of women all had hysterectomies, save one aunt, so no one could tell me at what age menopause would occur.)

One thing I noticed last month, was that my breasts became so very very sore that I couldn’t even lay face down(This was a BIG clue, as I had cystic, painful breasts nearly all my life, but had managed to make it go away). This is another clue and symptom for me. I had eliminated painful breasts by adding iodine and the thyroid supplement. For those interested in why the body needs iodine, Dr. Brownstein’s book: Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can’t live without it, is an excellent source. Those much more learned than I, have overcome some of the same issues that so many of us have. During my time of using iodine and ndt (natural dessicated thyroid), my hair was healthy and strong. I couldn’t track that it may have been growing back in slowly. It is thin, but I don’t have any bald spots; just had thin areas around temples. Those did fill in. Perhaps my hair was growing back and I didn’t even know it. Then I sabotaged myself by being impatient.

Iodine is an antifungal. Kills viruses. Cleans the lungs out. There isn’t any in our food supply that can counteract the chemicals that we currently encounter. NDT capsules were separated in dosages to three times a day. I open the capsule and take it sublingually (under the tongue). 1/2 the capsule early morning; the other half after lunch. The last dose in the evening ( 1 capsule). The reason to take it sublingually (STTM Stop the thyroid madness recommends to take it this way; initially I missed why. I researched sublingual. Your saliva and capillaries and veins in the mouth absorb much better than your digestive system for a capsule or pill. Not tasty, but not nasty depending on your taste buds, but the jolt is immediate!) This will probably require me to take fewer ‘capsules’, as the last time I was on them, I was up to 5 a day to keep my body temp in the correct range.

Body temp. Ah. Yes, I had been tracking my body temp but got lazy on that too, but this is the best way to determine what your thyroid (thermostat) is doing.

After two weeks, check your symptoms against those listed on the STTM website for hypothyroid. If they still exist, up your dosage a 1/2 capsule and remain there for another 2 weeks. This is why I am kicking my own behind. I had achieved my level and then fell off. Dum Dum. If you can find a doctor that will prescribe natural dessicated thyroid, that is the way to go, as it is stronger than what is over the counter and best of all, your insurance may cover it. I need to make an appointment with my doctor and see if I can get her to write me a prescription for both the NDT and the iodine. It can be quite expensive on a monthly basis, but let me tell you, the effect it has on mood, depression, hair, skin, nails: it is so worth it.

I also take 10k iu of vitamin d, 500 mg of magnesium, and I will begin soon on vit b12. I am trying to be patient and add slowly so that I know the effect. I had gone the route of ob/gyn, endocrinologists, no one could answer my questions. I found my own protocol, and soon after a doctor who would listen and encourage. Who would run the labs I asked for, and who had some knowledge about what I was saying. She is always booked. I would pay out of my pocket if I had to; luckily she is on my insurance. God’s blessings to all in the search for good health and healthy hair. Daina


Leticia July 27, 2015 at 1:50 am

Super interesting and inspiring story. Although my thyroid lab results have been normal I have always suffered from hair loss. The only thing that has kept it under control is a combination of iodine and selenium. Whenever I stop, it takes about three days for the hair loss to go back to dramatic levels. I have read stories of people who develop bald spots after going on iodine supplementation. I wonder what is the cause of such different experiences with iodine.


Joanna August 10, 2015 at 2:26 pm

I agree – Iodine to stop hair loss!!!

Taking iodine stopped my hair loss dead within a week. No doctor, specialist, naturopath or nutritionist had suggested it.


Bpats12 August 16, 2015 at 7:19 am

Hi Angel…I am having major major issues with my hair and my whole body system in general..A year and a half ago I had a great hair issues…my hair was actually one of my best was grew ..and I loved it..I never had issues with my hair..then suddenly like a year ago my hair started falling out quite a bit when I washed it and when I combed it etc etc…the texture was very weird too..I was lost for words..I think I was having hot flashes once in a while too but I was always at the gym when they happened so I didn’t know if I was just sweating from my workout….I thought maybe I was in perimenopause ..I am 41..but my menstrual cycles were still right on time and the norm and I don’t have night sweats so I kinda ruled that out..anyway, I went to my Dr and she checked blood levels and I had an underactive tsh was 7..she put me on synthroid 50 mcg to start and 6 weeks later I had blood work done and my tsh was was 5.5..but I was so moody and depressed and so angry all the time and I thought it was my meds so she upped me to 75 mcg and I continued that for 2 more weeks then I felt like my meds were making me really moody still so I went back to my Dr and asked if she could put me on I took that for 6 weeks then went on for blooded and my tsh shot up to for some reason I got worse! So I was referred to an endo and he did blood work..which was a bunch of different stuff and he put me on synthroid 75 I’m back on synthroid..and I’ve now been on them for 5 weeks and there’s been no positive changes hair falls out like crazy..hairs are everywhere..if I run my hands rlylthrough falls out scalp itches and my scalp is reddish at times and my hair is so thin now and I sleep constantly and I eat really really healthy but I swear I bloat up after anything eat..i feel like I’m pregnant sometimes cause my belly pops out it temperature is pulse is 50..I’ve cried a lot because of this..I’m truly endo ruled out menopause because he said the typical average age is like 52 or 50 for that..but I’m talking perimenopause..could I be in perimenopause and could that be the true underlying problem and could perimenopause be what’s behind all of this??? Or is it really just a thyroid issue???? How long before my meds take effect??? Its been 5 weeks now..HELP


rahul June 13, 2017 at 12:28 pm

women with thyroid issues… please try natural stuff first…

synthroid and stuff are actually ruining womens lives and health

once you go off it , your body goes into shock….

and the imbalances are manifold…

i feel synthroid and these horrible medications have failed ladies

my aunty has a severe hyperthyroid issue,,, and unfortunately too much of an imbalance also creates these depressive and mental problems…


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