Lisa’s Hair Loss Story – Really Need Some Support, Please Help Me

by Y on November 3, 2007

Lisa's Hair Loss Story - Really Need Some Support, Please Help MeHello. My name is Lisa. I have been experiencing hair loss for a few months now and really need advice from women who have been through it. Firstly, I was wondering if you could recommend any good doctors in Massachusetts and if there are any support groups where you can meet with other women in person.

I hope its ok that I am telling you this personal information. I am really desperate for advice and have not found a good dermatologist yet that will help me. Plus it is like pulling teeth to get a referral with my health clinic.

I will try to tell you briefly of my hair loss story. I had an abortion in the beginning of April 2007. After the procedure (which was done by the medical abortion pill) I did not get my period for approximately two months and notice sometime in May or June that my hair seemed to be drying out. In July I started shedding abnormal amounts of hair in the shower and on my brushes. I have always been a big shedder but this was much more than normal. I went to my primary care and she did blood work for a thyroid and it came back “normal”. I just shrugged it off to be stress.

On top of the abortion at that time I was suffering from severe stress due to my job. My boss literally verbally abused me on a regularly basis, plus I was a paralegal so that is a stressful position on its own. Basically every aspect of that job for the two years I worked there was stressful. Come the month of August my hair was starting to really really dry out and break. By September I freaked out because it was broke everywhere and I was still losing hair. At this point it was noticeable how thin my hair got. I normally have thick wavy hair. There is no type of baldness that runs in either side of my family, even the men. My family on both sides have very thick hair.

In September I seen one doctor who told me I had telogen effluvium do to stress and a terminated pregnancy I had in April. I wasn’t satisfied with his diagnosis so I went to Dr. Howard Baden (who is supposedly this fabulous doctor known worldwide) and he was an awful mean man with the worst bedside manner I have ever experienced. I was in tears when I left his office because of the way he treated me. Just by briefly looking at my scalp he said “female pattern baldness” but it was very unclear if it was a definite diagnosis or an educated guess. I have been losing hair all over my head not just one spot and it isn’t coming out in clumps. I have two spots on the crown of my head that have definitely gotten thinner and receded back but they have always been pretty thin. I couldn’t even ask him questions because he would shoot me down every time. He did tell me to send in a hair sample and I will have the results this Monday, November 5, 2007. Should I ask for a scalp biopsy too?

I am really scared and don’t know how to deal with this. I just got over dealing with a very traumatic experience I don’t know if I can handle this one too. Does this sound like female pattern baldness? I don’t know where to go from here. Please help me.

Thank you,


Dear Lisa,

I read your email probably 10 times to fully understand and absorb everything you wrote, and I am really very sorry you have had to endure so much. I am completely unfamiliar with the abortion pill so I had to do a cursory search for it in Google to learn more about it. I did read that Mifepristone (abortion pill) blocks the hormone progesterone needed to maintain the pregnancy. It doesn’t state for how long the progesterone hormone is blocked and I’m not sure if the duration of time would matter anyways in regards to you hair since it logically seems this was the precipitating factor. Obviously I am not a doctor and cannot state that definitively, it just fits the timeline. It seems that any slight change or drastic change in a women’s hormones can cause hair loss. In my opinion “blocking of progesterone” qualifies as a change in the hormones.

The hair loss can be temporary, you could be experiencing telogen effluvium similar to postpartum hair loss. The possibility also exists that it could be androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness). For reasons well beyond my comprehension, sometimes a change in hormones from getting on a pill or off a pill or even having a child, can kick in androgenetic alopecia prematurely. So how do you know which category you fall in? The lucky women who have shedding and it all grows back? or the other group who get a diagnosis of female pattern hair loss from the change in hormones? I think you need to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about identifying hair follicle miniturization. Women who have female pattern hair loss have miniturizing hair follicles. Usually when the hair sheds it grows back slightly thinner each time. For myself, I can tell simply by examining my shedded hair that it is thinner and has less pigment than it did prior to the hair loss. You mentioned they took a hair sample and you are waiting for the results. What did they say they were going to test on it? Usually the doctor can determine hair miniturization in the office while you are there. As far as the scalp biopsy, I’ve just recently learned from reading Andrea’s Hair Loss Story that it can prove to be very useful in diagnosing the cause of hair loss. It definitely is probably something worth considering and talking to your doctor about.

I unfortunately do not know any doctors who specialize in hair loss that are located in Massachusetts. I’m hoping that perhaps another women will be able to help out with a recommendation for you. I think it is completely awful that you were unable to ask your questions to the doctor you visited. I cannot stand physicians who behave in such an arrogant and idiotic manner. I have become so jaded and fed up with physicians, after having seen so many rude ones for my hair loss, that I will talk back, shout and argue with a doctor who treats me with no respect, and in the very least simple consideration and kindness. You learn that in the first grade right? How did they get though medical school with out having to take a refresher course in bedside manner?

I understand why you are scarred. Losing your hair is definitely a scary thing and it can be very overwhelming, upsetting, and stressful. The best thing is to really find a good doctor who really understands the causes and treatments for women’s hair loss. And also a doctor that is caring, that listens and can explain everything in detail with you. You definitely need a doctor who undestands the emotional devastation of hair loss and doesn’t just treat you like you came in for a scraped knee. I always say this, but I’ll say it again. Good doctors are hard to find, but they do exist. They are not miracle workers, there is no cure for female pattern hair loss, but they can provide a proper diagnosis, and explain to you your options for treatment.

I really hope other women will be able to provide some more insight and perhaps a recommendation for a physician. Please let me know about the results from hair test they were doing. I’m curious to know what they were testing for and what they tell you. Don’t give up hope. You don’t even know for sure yet whether or not this is temporary. If it isn’t temporary, you do have options for treatment. It took me awhile to figure it out, but speaking from experience, having androgenetic alopecia doesn’t mean your destined to be bald and it doesn’t mean your life is over. Try and remain positive, however impossible of a task that may seem. I think it helps.


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jeni November 4, 2007 at 2:28 am

I am not sure what type of hair loss you have, but usually Telogen Effluvium happens 3 months after a stressful event, or after a change in hormones (like stopping the pill). So that seems to coincide with taking the abortion pill and seeing a lot of hair loss 3 months later. Because of all the extra hair that falls out, it can take several more months before you would see results from new hair growing back in. Does the hair that is falling out have little white bulbs on it? That would indicate Telogen Effluvium.

I’m not exactly sure about hair breaking off. That is different than TE. Assuming you haven’t dyed it or caused damage to it, I’m not sure what it could be. Sorry, my hair loss knowledge is a bit rusty.

I’ve also had bad experiences with doctors. I’m going to see if I can find a Trichologist in my area to visit, since they specialize in hair loss. I saw one in LA and found him to be much more knowledgeable than Dermatologists about hair loss. Otherwise, you could do what I’ve done in the past also, and call up like 20 Dermatologist offices and ask if the doctor specializes in hair loss.


Lisa November 5, 2007 at 2:26 pm

Thank you so much for all of your advice. I unfortunately I called the doctor’s office today and they said it would be another week for my results. I am going to call again tomorrow to see exactly what they are testing for. I am so glad that this website exists to help women during this difficult time. I will keep you posted about the test results. Thanks again. Lisa


admin November 13, 2007 at 10:40 am

Hi Lisa – I was wondering if you got back your test results yet and what they found out. Keep us updated. Thanks.


Lisa November 16, 2007 at 9:59 am

Hello. Well I finally got my test results back and the doctor said it was not female pattern baldness. I am not even sure what he was looking for in the strand test. He said that I had some breakage to the strands and some bulbs at the root. The doctor also told me that some people just cannot have long hair (which I have always had short to shoulder length hair and it was finally long). He never gave me any type of diagnosis, like Telogen Effluvium which is what I am assuming it was and the first doctor told me it was. I am still awaiting a call back from his office to get a diagnosis because when the doctor called me (mind you at 9:45pm on a Monday night) I was so tired and excited that my tests came back negative I never really thought to ask to many questions.

I also went to a nutritionist who looked at my blood and said I was anemic and my coritsol levels where too high. The nutritionist believes I have adrenal fatigue based on my blood results and the other symptoms as well as hypothyroidism. At this point I don’t know what to do. I have been taking supplements and eating much healthier, but I am not sure if I should see another doctor as well as get a scalp biopsy. Any advice?


admin November 16, 2007 at 7:39 pm

Hi Lisa, Well not being diagnosed with female pattern hair loss is a good thing, so congratulations on that! I just wish I understood more what and how they tested your hair. Are you content with your physician and comfortable in his diagnosis? It’s confusing because he didn’t give you any diagnosis. Not being able to grow your hair long and having it thin are two totally separate things. Years ago I saw multiple doctors because I never was completely satisfied with how the doctors conducted their examine and their total lack of caring. Maybe I was in denial and hoping to find the doctor who would tell me what I wanted to hear. You have to go with your gut and what you feel. If you still have doubt and questions then definitely see another doctor and talk to that doctor about the possibility of a scalp biopsy. I’ve never had one myself, but for some women it is instrumental for them in determining the cause of their hair loss.

I’m glad to hear you are taking better care of yourself by taking supplements and consulting with a nutritionist. I definitely think all those things help to produce the best possible environment for your hair.

Thanks for keeping us posted.



Lisa November 20, 2007 at 8:07 am


So I finally heard back from the doctor and my diagnosis was Telogen Effluvium. I asked how they came up with this and the assistant said the Dr. examined the hair sample and he just knows. I guess I am going to except that for now because my hair loss has slowed down since I started to relax and take better care of myself.

I am really grateful that I found a site that is so informative and supportive.


Talia February 12, 2008 at 6:24 am

Dear Lisa,

I am really glad that you are ok now. I am PRAYING that I have TE, and not FPB. I have always had thick hair, and in summer all over sudden it started getting thinner. I am devastated and keep delaying going to the Doc. Did you by any chance get thinner hair at the vortex (the crown of your head), where you can almost feel it get thinner. Also, did you have thinner hair at the nape of your head? Thank you, I would really appreciate any input on that.



Lisa February 12, 2008 at 3:32 pm

Hi Talia:

I have always had very thick hair as well. It has been about 7 ½ months and it is still coming out but the thing is I am not sure of what is normal anymore, if it is normal to lose the 10-20 with shampooing and combing not counting it falls out during the day too. As for the TE diagnoses I never actually lost clumps of hair which I thought that was what TE was it was just a lot more than normal. I would say that the overall density of my hair is thinner and the most noticeable is my temples my crown has not seemed to thin out much or get wider. Looking back at pictures my temples have always been pretty thin but they are worse now. The last derm I went to see said as of right now and this was in December I do not see AGA but that does not mean it isn’t underlying. She told me to come back in March for a follow-up which I plan on doing and this time I am getting the scalp biopsy done. I suppose that is the only way to truly know if it is TE or both TE and AGA. I will keep you posted with my results.

How long has your hair been coming out for? Did you ever get a diagnosis?

Take care,



Kay February 16, 2008 at 11:05 am


Did you end up going to a different derm in Massachusetts? I was referred to Dr. Baden by a different dermatologist but after reading so many bad things about him (and the referring doctor actually warned me that he had a gruff manner), I am really reluctant to see him, but I don’t kno where else to go?



Talia February 16, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Hi, Lisa,

Thanks for a reply. Seems like we have identical stories. I have noticed that I could see a little bit through my hairline about 2 years ago, and got freaked out. I went to the doc, who was a TOTAL SCHMUCK, and don’t really even remember the diagnosis. He gave me some corticosteroid topical solution, which I used (maybe shouldn’t have). I keep planning to go to the doc again, but keep procrastinating/being too nervous. I also don’t lose clumps of hair, just every time I pull on my hair, several or at least 2 come out. It absolutely drives me nuts, sometimes I just feel like shaving my head. When I comb through my hair, on every part I make, I see short hairs sticking out. I am not sure if its the normal hairs breaking off, or the new ones growing. I keep my fingers crossed that it is the new ones. Do you have the same thing? I feel like I am getting so preoccupied with hair, thats all I look now on people-hairlines, temples, etc. Well, let us know how it goes! Tace care,



Robin Flamish February 18, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Hi Lisa, I just wanted you to know that I too suffer from chronic TE and have found since I have been taking Iron, copper, and amino acids…. along with a chinese herbal product, I am seeing quite a change in my hair shedding.Stress will exaberate the process, so stop stressing. Hope you can come to a lower shedding volume to give your hair sometime to grow back. Stay calm and baby yourself it really makes the difference. LOve Robin


Lisa February 19, 2008 at 7:48 am

Hey Ladies! Thanks for all the advice and love! Firsty for Kay Dr. Baden was super mean but I was told by two other derms he was the best BUT supposedly now he only works at Mass General and is not longer excepting new patients. I went to see Dr. Lynn Goldberg at Boston Medical Center and LOVED her. I have a follow up with her next month so I highly recommend her. Not only is she a woman so she is more understanding but she didn’t rush me out of there. She took her time to listen and when I needed to call her with questions she called me right back.

Talia, I definately think we have alot of the same thing going on. I see all these short hairs and I too wasn’t sure if it was new growth or breakage. Robin is right though we have to baby our hair and take good care of ourselves. I stress way too much and know that doesn’t help as difficult as it is not to we can’t stress. I just can’t tell you what a relief it is to talk to people who understand. I have great friends and family who listen to me over and over but still they don’t understand because they are not going through it. So thanks too all of you again and lets stay in touch to keep eachother updated!

xoxo Lisa


Lisa February 19, 2008 at 7:50 am

Hey Ladies! Thanks for all the advice and love! Firstly for Kay Dr. Baden was super mean but I was told by two other derms he was the best BUT supposedly now he only works at Mass General and is not longer excepting new patients. I went to see Dr. Lynn Goldberg at Boston Medical Center and LOVED her. I have a follow up with her next month so I highly recommend her. Not only is she a woman so she is more understanding but she didn’t rush me out of there. She took her time to listen and when I needed to call her with questions she called me right back.

Talia, I definitely think we have a lot of the same thing going on. I see all these short hairs and I too wasn’t sure if it was new growth or breakage. Robin is right though we have to baby our hair and take good care of ourselves. I stress way too much and know that doesn’t help as difficult as it is not to we can’t stress. I just can’t tell you what a relief it is to talk to people who understand. I have great friends and family who listen to me over and over but still they don’t understand because they are not going through it. So thanks too all of you again and lets stay in touch to keep each other updated!

xoxo Lisa


Jhova May 2, 2008 at 11:20 am

Hi Ladies,

May I just say that i’ve been reading all the stories and it inspired me to share my hair loss story as well. Well, its been a couple of months since I’ve experiencing hair loss on my temple area, on both sides. I’ve always had some thinning on left side of my temple more than the right one, but it never seemed to concern me because it just looked like that’s the way my hair line was. It was until the fall of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 that I began to see that both sides of my temples kept on thinning even more. I went to see a dermatogist in February and he took a biopsy. The test results indicated features of androgentic alopecia but further testings were needed to confirm it. I made another appointment for another derma at Mass general on June 9th. I need 4mm punch biosy done in order for them to see the root cause of my hair loss. I’ve done extensive research on this women and hair loss and it just bothers me that i can’t know what is really the cause of my hair loss. I know i’ve been stressing alot to the point where I can’t sleep or eat. I cry and have nightmares about going bald. I have thick curly hair and the thought of thinning all over makes me sad. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys experience this similar type of hair loss. I also sent the same biopsy slides to a second pathology office where they also stated that I have some inflamation on the white tissue but that i need a deeper skin sample to diagnose an alopecia. I’m hoping that it is not FBB and that i have TE or something. I also had acne since i was 12 so i’m thinking i may be sensitive to androgens which can cause me to thin out. If any ladies out there can give some advice on how to cope, it would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


Cam May 22, 2008 at 9:53 pm

Hi Lisa,
It sounds like you went through alot. I recommend acupuncture and make sure it is also someone who would be able to work with your chakras also. I recommend working on your 1st chakra- picture red and feel its energy at your tailbone and pelvic area.

Good luck.


Nancy May 23, 2008 at 6:31 am

Does acupuncture help with the hair loss? My stylist has recommended that I see her acupuncturist. I’m willing to give anything a try at this point!


Stacey May 23, 2008 at 8:24 pm

Hi Nancy,

I’ve known acupuncture to work for some people. Let me know if you want to try. I’ll help you look for a good one. I live in So. California and my sister lives in Minnesota…my acupuncturist is great and she helped my sister find a good one out there. If you need help finding a good one, let me know! I’m seeing some improvement with my hair loss and I’ve been going for about 3 months.


Nancy May 26, 2008 at 11:09 am

Hi Stacey,

Thank you for your reply. I live in Salt Lake City, UT. Know any good ones here?


Jen May 28, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Good Afternoon,
My name is Jennifer and I am a 33 yr old mother living in Manchester, NH. I have been experiencing extremely dramatic hair loss within the
past 6 months or so. I had waist length, beautiful dark hair up until around October of 2007. I have been to my doctor and had a panel of hormone tests
and to check my thyroid, she says all the tests are negative, I’m healthy. Within the past year I have been enduring unimaginable stress due to
a divorce which I believe to be the cause of my hair loss, because of the stress, anxiety and depression, I had stopped taking care of myself as well as I used to, etc.
So, a few months ago, when I concluded that the stress was the cause of my hair problem, I woke up and got right back to taking care of myself as I used to,
eating healthy, (lots of organic fruits, veg’s, unprocessed food, etc) and managing the stress with b-complex supplements and other food supplements,
herbs, teas and so forth. The good news is, I know my body is responding because I feel much better, my hair is clearly growing back on top and in the other places, Its coming back very strong, -BUT- I’m STILL losing like crazy!!! Now, I will say that my hair has always shedded a lot. Especially being as long as it was.
I am trying to determine whats going on. The hair that is growing back does not appear to be as strong, and as thick as my old hair. Does that make sense?
The new hairs, although growing back in abundance, don’t look as healthy and strong as the old. Is there any way you can shed some light on my situation and
help? I do not use any products other than organic, herbal shampoos and conditioners although sometimes I use Pantene smoothing conditioner before rinsing only to make
my hair smooth enough so that when I brush it after a shower, its less likely to tangle and pull more out, although you wouldn’t believe how much hair I am still losing a day. It’s everywhere..
I cry about it.. it used to be such a pride and joy and now, it looks so terrible, I have to wear it up. I am pretty sure that stress has been the root of the problem, but now my
hair loss has actually become the big stressor!!!!! I hate looking in the mirror now. Anyone have any words of advice..? Wait it out???


Stacey May 29, 2008 at 2:36 pm

Hi Jen, I’m sorry for what you are going through. Have you tried testing your adrenals? My acupuncturist did that with me…it’s a spit/saliva test. Since you are so stressed out, like my sister was, her adrenals were totally exhausted! So now she does acupuncture and meditation. Just a suggestion…it worked for my sis.

And hi Nancy… Dr.Hall, my acupuncturist, said you can call Lisa Andrade. She’s an acupuncturist in Utah…801-521-0531. I really hope that you will benefit as I did. I’m going on my 4th month now. I don’t have as much stress, my period seems regulated, my hair loss is to a minimal (though still shedding =( a bit), but my outlook has totally changed!!

Best wishes!


Sandra June 1, 2008 at 4:48 pm

I am a 60 year old female who has been dealing with fine thin hair since I was 13 years old. At that time I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism and was on medication for 7 years. Since then I have been tested yearly and have been okay. My hair has never grown back in. I recently went to a dermatologist thinking it has been about 40 years since my last visit and surely there must have been some modern break thru’s. The dermatologist I saw said that I had female pattern baldness and this was NOT caused by the hypothyrodism. Could this be true? I really didn’t like her and then to be told that I had female pattern baldness because my dad had male pattern baldness as well as my younger brother and this was a genetic problem. Can you start with female pattern baldness at 13? Could it be tied into my hypothyroidism? Is this genetic because of my dad? I do have a thinning of the other 1/3 of my eyebrows but other then that I am completely normal for body hair. Help me please.


Stacey June 3, 2008 at 7:17 am

I had a really rough weekend- It was really stressful and sad. I haven’t had that kind of stress for a few months now. Anyway, yesterday I noticed I lost a little bit more hair than normal. I think the stress I had this weekend may have caused it. =(

I need to take work off today so I can work on myself, get some acu, and relax. Guess for my case, it’s caused by stress. And here I thought I was stress free.


Karen June 3, 2008 at 6:06 pm

I recently saw a commercial for ScalpMed (spray-on treatment)that claims to work miracles. It’s quite pricey. Has any one had any experience with this product? Any success?


Toni June 9, 2008 at 10:05 am

Does scalp med work? I am reluctant to try anything new. I did try the lasercomb and it did not do much for me. I sent it back. Any feedback on scalpmed would be appreciated. Does this product cause an initial shedding like other hair loss regimens?


rose March 3, 2009 at 2:06 am

Hi i have been reading all the post ,even i got hair fall now for a long time ,i had an abortion on april 2008 and after few months i started to get hair fall ,mine was not a very thick hair but now i feel less dense ,so i made an appoinment with a doctor and she just saw my hair and told me that i have female pattern baldness and new hair would not grow ,but i can see new growths all over and my shedding hair has a white bulb attached to it ,now i am waiting for the blood tests .none of my parents side have any bald people infact my parents have got very thick hair ,i was in a lot of stress some few months before so i think because of that i get hair loss ,but the term female pattern baldness used by my GP made me devastated.can the GP be right ?


Lisa March 15, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Hi Rose:

I actually haven’t been to this site in sometime now but was thinking about it so decided to check it out. My name is Lisa, and I wrote the above story over a year ago. I went to one of the “Best” derms in the country Dr. Howard Baden who at first told me I probably had fpb. After seeing a few other derms and an endo for pcos I was just not satisfied with the results. The others really didn’t know most of them said TE or they would say well if Dr. Baden says it’s fpb then it most likely is. Well, I went and got a scalp biopsy because I couldn’t take it any more. Results showed that it was in fact TE. It’s been one year since my bipsoy and since then my hair has stopped shedding, has grown and is back to normal. So in my experience the change in hormones, and stress from the abortion caused my hairloss. I hope this helps and the biggest thing is hope. I prayed and prayed and this website seriously helped me out alot. So try to stay strong and take care of yourself. Get a second and a third opinion if you need to. One thing I learned is that you need to be proactive with your health. Once I called Dr. Baden and told him about the test results being negative he said “oh, then I guess it was just TE”. Very insenstive. I wish you the best of luck. -Lisa


Roxana March 20, 2009 at 11:46 pm

Lisa, I was literally in tears while reading your story because I also had an abortion back in April 2007, and ever since my hair has been shedding like crazy. I think I should start off by saying that I am 22 years old ( so when I had the abortion I was 19), I used to stress alot because I was trying to get into Nursing School (I got in!!). Its so bad right now that my boyrfriend has commented twice that he can see my scalp when I put it up inside the house. I used to have full thick hair but now the hair that has been growing back is super thin with hardly any color. Back in November ’08 I had a CBC labs done and my primary DR said they were “normal”, he recommended me to just take multivitamins and see if that helps. But I know its not helping, so next month I have to go see him and he might order to get my thyroid levels checked. Like many others have said the hair that falls does have this white bulb attached to it. I am scared to even wash my hair because so much tends to fall out. As a matter of fact I once counted 120 hairs after I had showered when my hair air dried, when I shower I’m sure its the same amount. This issue has affected my self-esteem so much, I think about my hair about 50% of the day when in fact I should be thinking about school. Wherever I go, I find myself starring at women’s hair and become sadden and depressed to the point where I want to cry. I just hope there is a solution to this, so please wish me luck.

By the way congratulations on the success story you are such an inspiration to me and to others. What treamtment did you have to go through for your hair to stop shedding and return back to normal?

It is 2:41 AM and somehow I came across to this website and I honestly think it was meant to be. I know I should find a specialist to go to instead of my primary DR. anybody know a good hair loss specialist in the area of Chicago?


Nicole April 4, 2009 at 11:26 pm

Hey everyone,

I am 24 and I have been having hair loss for about 4 years now and it’s been an unimaginably painful to deal with. For a woman to lose her hair is one of the worst things to happen.

I first noticed that I had lost hair all over my head, and I freaked. And it just kept getting worse. I also noticed that the hair on my arms and legs and eyebrows thinned out.. Does anyone know if there is a connection to that?

This week I noticed that my bangs are starting to shed as well.. I never have clumps fall out, I just don’t know where the hair goes. It almost seemed like my hair loss was getting better but then all of a sudden I noticed I lost A LOT of hair all over..

I just don’t understand. I think I’m going to try to find a dermatologist and get a biopsy on my scalp to see if it’s FPB, hopefully it is not.. Good luck everyone, I feel your pain.

Has anyone else noticed the hairloss on the body as well? Arms, legs, eyebrows?

I will pray for you all


Claudia May 27, 2009 at 10:26 am

I started shedding 12 months ago, a few months after I had the Merena IUD removed. The IUD has progestin, a fake form of progesterone, and so when the hair stopped shedding about a month after it started, I figured it was just temporary from the removal of the IUD. Unfortunately, this past few weeks (one year later) I have noticed the exact same thing: lots of hair on the floor and in my brush, a thinning looking part, and anytime I put my hands through my hair a few strands come out. I have made an appointment with Dr. Redmond, who luckily is located in my city, and hope that we can get to the bottom of this and stop anymore shedding. I’m glad I decided to do something and not sit around as more and more of my very thick and beautiful hair falls out. The same thing happened to my friend when she went off BC, and noticed it stopped shedding when she went back on, so I’m guessing she may have an estrogen deficiency. Anyway, will keep you posted on my outcome with Dr. Redomond on June 8.


Rose May 29, 2009 at 1:47 am

Hi lisa,

Thankyou for ur reply ,i too had a lot of hair loss ,but now everything stopped and now back to normal and found out from my GP that i have got no FPB ,it was just low iron lisa did all ur lost hair grow back within a year or two?I am now waiting for my hair to grow back ,hope i can acheive something within 2 years .


Vicky May 29, 2009 at 6:33 pm

Hello for those who have AGA, I wanted to know yo9ur pattern of hair loss. I am losing slightly in my hairline and temples. Dr redmond said this was normal in women and was not male pattern but I just feel like im alone. All the women I see keep their harline in tact and just have thinning behind it which I think might be easier to hide. Please respond back and let me know. Im desperate, I need to know I wont lose all my hairline and recede back like a man!


debbie June 1, 2009 at 10:39 am

any one know of a doctor in the St Louis area that would work with hair loss?
I was thinking of trying acuputure.


Laura June 3, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Hi Debbie,
I live near St Louis (on the Illinois side) and just saw an Endo for my hairloss. She is running a ton of tests to try & find the cause. Her name is Dr Sarah Keller. She’s a reproductive Endo but I’m not trying to conceive and chose her because we suspect I have PCOS. She is in St Louis w/Wash Univ.
Take care<


Noni September 20, 2009 at 11:25 pm

My hair loss makes me want to die. I hate myself. I had an abortion that didn’t work 6 months ago so i had to have another. I ‘ve cryed everyday since. My friends and family don’t want to know me anymore. Nobody likes you when your down but they ‘ll suck the happiness out of you when your happy. Everyone expects me to be strong and get through it. Well I’m not strong and I’m not coping. I can’t live without my hair.


Nicky September 27, 2009 at 7:53 pm

Wow, reading all these story’s is incredible.

Lisa its so great that your life is back on track and that you have kept posting and kept everyone updated.

My hair loss is not at my temples and my hair line is fine, but i am thinning behind my hair line (top of my head and crown). It’s sort of an all over thinning and began about 5 months ago and progressively got worse over time. I am waiting to hear back from the dermatologist who took a biopsy. I am also hoping i do not have AGA. The doctor told me to get on birth control, minoxidil, and iron supplements right away, even before my results came back. I did not want to do that especially since I had no idea what was wrong with me so I only started taking the Iron supplements and although its only been 3 weeks, I actually notice a difference in my hair!

Rose, you said that your problem was low iron levels? did you get blood work for that? I’m just hoping that I have the same problem! what else did you get tested?

Thanks Guys!!



elise December 1, 2009 at 10:17 am

wow. i’m 32, a single mom of a 12 yr old girl. i’ve had 3 very early medical abortions (pill form) over the last 12 years, been on hormone birth-control in between and used the morning after pill a number of times (maybe even really unneccessarily because i was scared to end up pregnant and have to choose between either option again). my life has been full of stress, traumatic childhood, early motherhood, unsupportive family, putting myself through school while raising my daughter, unsuccessful relationships, the above mentioned pregnancies (which were very sad and traumatic events for me, though seemed unquestionably necessary), and unbelievable economic stress.

i’ve always suspected the abortion pills had something to do with my hair loss though i always had fine, light hair. it really started after these events and they were hard on other aspects of my health (weight gain, lack of energy etc) but it’s hard to tease out how much is stress related and how much is purely physiological.

i only saw one dermatologist a few years back and he was absolutely no help. my primary care has suggested supplements, all blood work normal (i’m assuming they tested my iron). i see a huge difference due to stress. i may start growing some new hair and then have a stressful week and it’s all gone. i’ve definitely noticed the better care i take of myself and the more active i am the better but i’ve kind of resigned myself that this will only get worse because it’s been going on so long now (5yrs?)

maybe i should get a biopsy? hw much do these cost? i have so little resources, i cannot afford new shoes never mind fancy docs and procedures. what makes it worse is i’m a yoga teacher, suppsed to be the picture of health and i keep thinking i’ll have to quit soon if this continues at this rate. which is really my greatest joy in life and one way i destress!!! compounding the problem and financial issues. maybe it’s just a semichronic case of what lisa had.. induced by stress and hormonal changes of all sorts? who knows.. any advice?

my heart goes out to all of you. saw someone else ask about support groups in ma.. anyone know of anything. this website is so helpful.. i had no idea so many others were suffering. i unlike most of you don’t talk to ANYONE about my hairloss. i suffer in silence and get so depressed and moody just by a look in the mirror on a bad day. i can’t even bring myself to discuss it with my therapist who is a great woman, with A BEAUTIFUL FULL HEAD OF HAIR! it’s so humiliating. you never realize that a woman’s beauty is her hair until you start losing it..

any thoughts on biopsy, cost of specialists, lowcost treatments? thanks ladies, love to you all.


Kat March 4, 2010 at 7:58 am

Hello everyone. my name is Kat and I jsut came across this site and wanted to share what happened to me…

I had a surgical abortion 3 years ago now last Feb. And I began to loose my hair throughout the pregnanacy. After the abortion it just worssened. I thoguht it was stress and didnt think much into it. I went to numerous doctors and they all said it was stress and would come back. But I was refered to a dermatolgoist which diagnosed me with Alopecia totalis. Basically thats just a name for hair loss that they can’t explain. Considering I had tons of blood work and nothing showed up, I was getting a little frustrated. So I tried a million treatments. I tried Rogain for women, Clobetasol ( i think thats what it was called) which is a scalp lotion thought to stimulate hair growth, and also steroid shots directly into my scalp to sort of “force the regrowth”. The results were not permanent and after about a year of this I was sick of putting myself through the pain for somthing that wasnt working. So now, after 3 years I have completely lost all my hair on my scalp, most of my arm hair, and my eyebrows and eyelashes (they come and go but so far they have stayed in place for a few months) and have been told its likely I will nver get my hair back. I’m not sure if my story helps anyone. Other than the fact that I am completely comfortable with my hair loss and instead of being ashamed, I embrace it 🙂 So to anyone that has not gotten their hair back yet, don’t fret. If you dont get it back, life goes on and I’m even to the point that if I got my hair back, I wouldnt even know what to do with it!


alia April 18, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Lisa, I have the exact story as you in terms of hair loss after an abortion and I am wondering what to do? Should i see a doctor? Did they give you any medication or did the hair loss stop on its own?

I really appreciate your help because I am really scared.

thank you,



Farah June 22, 2010 at 10:52 am

Hi Lisa!
My name is Farah and my problem is very similar to yrs.
I had a pill abortion too 3 weeks ago and now my hair is shredding like crazy.
During and before the abortion i was already in a lot of stress.
I was busy with exams and the worse part is i got dumped by my bf after he got me pregnant and i wont forgive him for that.
I was miserable. I cry myself to sleep everyday.
I guess i was just stupid for letting something like this happen to me.
I regret it for the rest of my life.
And now he’s out there enjoying his life while i’m here trying to patch up the pieces all together.

Anyway, i really need any suggestions from u or anyone who is reading this website.
I think i have TE too. From the similar symptoms and after my own research i did on the net.
I dont have any money to do any scalp biopsy. But i’m really sure its TE.
But prob is, some website stated that there is no cure for TE.
But they advice us to take Iron, copper and amino acids.
I went to get some multivitamins just now and i’m eating healthy now.
And i was wondering if there’s anymore do’s and dont’s to follow.

And what else do u eat to make the shredding stop??

I’m really suffering now and i don know who else to turn to.
I’m really really scared.

I’m so happy to find this website that can actually help me go through all this.
Please do reply. Thank u very much..


Josette September 21, 2010 at 5:47 am

I have pcos and high androgen levels(testoserone).My endro has given me metformin for insulin resistance. She says when you have pcos, you are insulin resistant. I tried taking spirolactone which is an antiandrogen for two years on the highest dose and it didn’t work so I stopped. Since then I am still experiencing severe hair loss. I have recently started taking the progesterone only pill, not for birth control but I have read a lot about being short on progesterone causing female hair loss. I also tried the natural progesterone cream for three months. Its a topical cream without the side effects of the synthetic. It did not have any effect on the hair loss.I have hypothyrodism as well but take synthroid and my levels are ok. My blood work of a cbs came out showing that my red blood cell count was a little low and iron on the low side, so I am going to start taking extra iron and see if that will help. I am very desperate and very upset about the hair loss. It is very difficult to deal with and I just want it to stop. Im also taking vitamins for the hair. My mom said they helped her. They have a lot of biotin in them. Also I have read a lot about the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids helping hair loss. Like fish oils or flax oils. I took those in my pregnency for depression and went off of zoloft for the baby. They helped for depression and I am now taking them again.I am also a stressed kind of person who worries a lot. I wish I could just take the stress away but I cant. Im going to try to exercise which can help the chemical changes that stress produces.Also my cortisol is a little high as well. Hoping exercise will help with that as well.Im happy to see I am not alone in this. I feel like Im the only woman loosing her hair,it makes me feel like less of a woman.Its terrrible. Thanks everyone for sharing your story. By the way, everyones experience with doctors,,,, Ive basically given up on them. I have found no real answers or solutions with them. I read a lot and look to nutrition and natural healers for help. The medications have not helped so far.I have found a lot of coldness with them as well and they just dont understand how I feel about my hair and act like its not that big of a deal.IT IS TO ME!!!


Josette September 21, 2010 at 5:49 am

Ive been dealing with this hair loss for many years and my hair is thinning out a lot now . Im so scared that I will loose it all.


Brittany March 20, 2011 at 5:02 pm


I am going through the exact same scenario, but the only differences are that my abortion was medical and the dryness started about four weeks into my pregnancy (though it got worse later, as it did to you). If you ever check back here, I beg you to shoot me an e-mail. I really want to talk to you about your recovery and how it went, since our situations are absurdly identical. I really need hope right now. My hair used to be the envy of everyone–now it’s a dry, breaky mess. It’s been about three months since my abortion.

When I’m level-headed and not in a panic episode over my hair, I generally conclude that this thinning and dryness is due to a nutritional deficiency during the pregnancy that caused a hormonal imbalance, and my body is still recovering from it. I was barely eating anything at the time as I did not know I was pregnant and I have stomach issues, so a serious deficiency in nutrients may likely have caused it and may have caused your own troubles. I’m taking vitamins right now to (hopefully) speed up recovery, but it’s in that brittle and breaky stage and every time I look at my hair I struggle to stay positive and I am constantly terrified that this will not reverse. If you have any contact information it would help me tremendously. I need to talk to someone who went through my experience, not more uneducated doctors!


izzy buchanan July 20, 2011 at 2:17 pm

This web-site has really gave me some hope so I thought I would share my hair loss experience.started out about 3 yrs ago my husband and I became foster parent we thought we could help some kids,well we had two teenage girls for about two years,they drove me insane.finally had to let them go.things calmed down for awhile then about six months later my mother was diagnosed with dementia:(within two months we had sold are house and almost everything we had and moved in with my mother.from october 2010 till now july 2011 my mothers diesease has progressed very fast.she does not even know who i am.back in janurary 2011 got myself in a situation with a person that almost cost me stress level by this time was out of control.everyday life was more then i could cope with.taking antidepressants,was not helping at all.well finally april 2011 the person i was involved with finally went back to his home state:)what a relief.things starting to calm down and then boom about may 2011 i noticed a lot of shedding.i had a perm i thought that was the cause,but t wasn’ the middle of may i was losing large amounts of hair(scary).i was watching my thick dark hair just going down the this time i feel like i have lost at least half my hair.finally made a appt to see a derm doctor.very nice dr.had blood work done all normal.was diagnosed with TE.i accepted the diagnoses because of the severe stress.and the dr said it would finally take care of its self.its july now and still have hair loss but i at least have hope now.


K July 21, 2011 at 6:09 am

Izzy, I hope you have stopped the antidepressants because they cause hair loss as well. I hope your TE turns around.


Alicia October 23, 2011 at 7:26 pm

I too have been experiencing abnormal hair loss. My hair is normally very thick and semi-wavy. It is so thick that it’s difficult to keep in a bun or pony tail and so it is normal that I shed hair here and there. In September 2011 I had an in-clinic abortion and now, nearing the end of October, my hair is coming out every time I shower, brush or style my hair and it’s a lot more than I have ever seen. My hair has backed up plumbing which has never happened with in a few weeks time span. My hair is still thick, but feels thinner than usual. I’m hoping it’s just a shock to my body that I just ended birth control and had a pregnancy termination. I hope it is just an estrogen imbalance. Is there any signs I should be looking out for that will indicate something more serious? I never want to loose my thick hair! Also, are their any vitamins your doctor has recommended taking that will increase hair growth and health? Thanks!


T October 31, 2011 at 10:16 am

I am SO glad I found this site!! I have been struggling with TE for several months now. Had a pill termination back in February and I believe end of may beginning of June my hair started to do the same – break off and fall out. My hair is normally thin so to lose any is really bad for me. I am glad to finally find other women who are experiencing the same symptoms as I am. Went to the dermatologist to get checked out and his initial diagnosis is TE, and I am currently doing the hair collection test for him to be sure. Had blood tests done for thyroid last week and still waiting on those results but I am sure after reading all this and seeing the dermatologist I have TE. Also split up with my ex after 9 awful years together and the last 8 months have been so stressfull with custody/visitation of our son etc. I am sure the stress of that combined with the pill-termination is the catalyst for this. I see new hairs growing in but of course it’s never fast enough. Hopefully I am on the tail end of this thing. Good luck to all of you!


Gia November 19, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I know how you all feel. My hair started to thin due to TE about 6 years ago. It seems to stop for mths or years at a time and then I’ll have a month when it sheds like crazy again. Its always off and on. I am 31 years old now. TE is probably what most women experience in our age group. It is quite rare for young women to have AA or FPB. But yes I understand TE can still be devestating. And there are so many things that can cause it: stress, abortion, pregnancy, thyroid issues, low iron, vitamin defieciency, the list goes on and on. There are so many causes that Im sure almost ALL women experience TE from time to time. The best advice is to NOT WORRY! See a doc to rule out thyroid issues and iron deficiency, so you can address those issues if need be, but other than that RELAX. Easier said than done I know, but seriously, thinking about it all day will make it worse. Just try to forget about it, dont think about it & just know it will reslove in time. In the mean time take care of yourself: RELAX, eat well, excercise (will help balance hormones), sleep well, take multi-vitamins and an extra B complex vitamin, shampoo everyday with a mild shampoo, limit styling products, and try to NOT STRESS. Your hair fall will most likely resolve itself without you working yourself into a panicked frenzy. If it does get too thin for your comfort, relax knowing there are excellent & beautiful hair pieces out there that can help your confidence, until the hair grows back. Which it most likely will. Life is very precious, too precious to waste on worrying needlessly. Although it may seem like it at first, hairloss is not the end of the world. I used to feel i would rather die than lose my hair. I used to consider killing myself, rather than lose my hair. In time these feelings dissolve…just like the hairloss 🙂 Be patient with youself, count your blessings everyday and find joy in everything good.


Nikkie December 14, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Hi Lisa and everyone,

I have similar problem with my hair loss, I am 25 and I have been loosing my hair steadily over the course of the past 2 years. I know that there was enough stress in my life during that time and it clearly didn’t help.
I went to the doctor and did some blood work to see if I have thyroid issue and the results came back negative. I actually got slightly upset because I thought positive results would at least mean a solution to the problem. My doctor said that the hair loss is due do the stress and the hair will come back in a year but I just don’t believe that. My hair is SUPER oily, it has been quite oily all my life but now it’s just too much. When I touch my scalp I can also feel those little tiny clumps which make me think I have an excessive seborrhea, it clogs up my follicles and causes the problem. I am currently doing a hair light therapy but I am also willing to go 100 doctors if I have to permanently fix the problem.
I was wondering who you ended up getting help from in Boston after Dr Goldberg? Or was she the final MD to help you and do the biopsy? I did a lot of research online and I cant find a single doctor hair loss specialist in Boston!

Thank you very much for your help. I am so happy I found this website, I hope everyone is staying strong.


Jane December 27, 2011 at 8:05 am

ladies, i’m so glad to come across this site and read your convo thread on hair loss. Like Lisa, i also experienced medicine abortion event very recently that is also compounded with work stress and family stress. i was told by my hair dresser yesterday that i have finger tip size of bald patches. i screamed like never before with such horror!

This whole morning at work, i couldn’t concentrate but to scalp and comb through the website for any information on hair loss. Luckily i came across your discussion here and felt much more relaxed to know that there is hope. i like to thank you all for your contribution.

Have a happy, healthy and beautiful 2012!



Jessica December 31, 2011 at 8:22 am

Hey Girls! It really helped me to know that I’m not the only one going through this, so thank you! I’m 16 and I’ve been losing my hair for almost a year now, I never had really thick hair but it was full and long. People always complimented me on it, and I’d call it my security blanket because of the way it shaped my face :P. But now I’ve cut it shorter to make it look fore full, its gotten really bad, I’ll get at least 5 every time I run my hands through it and toooooons after a shower. It’s scary. I’ve tried everything; blood tests, supplements, shampoos, and more. I’ve been denying that it’s TE even though my mom passed away of cancer last year so that would probably make sense. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to last about a year and happen 3 months after the event, so how do I know if it’s coming to an end? Thanks so much!


sonia June 6, 2012 at 7:37 am

hi , even I have hair fall problem from past 2 years Since the time I started working in very odd hours and because of it I quit my job and started taking complete rest and started taking good care of my hair .. Now I don’t have much of hair fall problem but still when I comb my hair or wash my hair I do have some hair falls and if I don’t wash my hair for 2 days I tend to have lots of hair falls. I’m worrying what if I completely bald in period of time…during summer season I have more of hair fall problem but during winter it complete goes normal with out hair fall problem..ID haven’t consulted any doc so far but thinking of visiting homeopatic doc. I’m not sure wil that work for me but just hope for the best



Claudia July 22, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Hi Guys,

I am Claudia, In Dec, 2011 i went through an abortion by taking a pill. I also was going through alot of stress at the same time besides just the pregnancy and abortion. I failed to notice at that time that i was shedding alot of hair. By April, 2012 i noticed that not only did i lose alot of hair i had started balding. I then noticed that the hair on the crown of my head had got really really thin and i had started balding. I have had thin hair before but after this event it was noticeable. I have now started seeing this doctor who has prescribed me medicines and also suggested me a diet. I wanted to know after how long after an abortion and hair loss can i expect my hair to be like before. I have been feeling awful the past couple of weeks and i am not a person who has patience to be on a long term treatment. Can anyone please give me some suggestions….


Christine January 15, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Hi beautiful ladies…..

I wanted to make some suggestions here although I am still currently dealing with thinning hair. I am 36 years old. My hair began to thin a few years ago – I had a thick head full of fine-stranded, wavy hair – and now the texture has changed and it’s very dry, still some waves…but the strands are thicker, not fine anymore. I’ve definitely noticed a huge change although when I comment to friends and family, they say it still looks “full”. I can see my scalp, especially under certain lights and I know for a fact it is thinning, I can see more scalp in the top crown area.

I had an abortion a couple months ago and was shedding heavily after. Prior to that, a few years ago, I went through a devastating heartbreak which I feel was the true catalyst for the hair loss. I would cry, feel anxiety many times through the month for my ex-love, although I was fully functional on the outside world.

Now, presently, I’ve got a wonderful boyfriend, generally feel happy regardless of the thinning hair and one of the biggest things besides nutrition (please read what I say about the nutrition thing below – I think it’s huge) is to THINK POSITIVELY because you are causing yourself more stress and more damage with the anxiety. Tell yourself you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what and ACT like you are beautiful through your actions – whether volunteering, helping someone, smiling, being productive in your life – these things will give you GREAT value and allow you to feel proud of yourself. I have seen overweight girls who get all the attention over model skinny ones because of their personalities and confidence. It may be incredibly challenging but it’s important.

As far as nutrition, too much flour/sugar/processed foods causes inflammation through one’s body, including the scalp. I cut wheat out of my body, cut out sugar (’s so hard!) and there is a HUGE difference overall. I once had what Dr.’s would call IBS (which means they don’t understand what the hell it is I have – I can’t stand these “general” medical terms…the quality of healthcare is TERRIBLE these days) – constipation and sometimes the opposite – had no idea what was going on. I went to get an allergy panel done and found out I was wheat intolerant. You might want to find out what food items you are allergic too because if your body is fighting the chemicals in these foods, it might mean it’s getting rid of hair to focus all of its energy on attacking other things that are bad for you – so caring for your hair is the lowest priority unfortunately. More and more people are finding out that there is a huge issue with the foods grown in our country – especially the processed ones. Supplements like Biotin might help too – as well as iron. Right now, my skin has cleared up amazingly, my stomach doesn’t have issues anymore (miracle!! For years I suffered!) however, I’m still dealing with the thinning hair which I feel can be worked out eventually (I just had the medical abortion a couple months ago). As one of the past posters mention, I use organic shampoo/hair products without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and other chemicals that might cause irritation to the scalp (my favorite brand is Giovani – esp with tea tree oil). It’s not going to happen overnight. Exercise – meditate – focus. Eat healthy, treat your body right…..keep peace in your mind that your hair WILL grow back but it’s a slow process. I eat organic fruit, eggs, FISH (4,000mg of Fish Oil a day too! Does the skin and scalp great), salads…tons of veggies. You will not only make your body sooo happy with wholesome foods – but you will seriously FEEL happier and more energy.

ALSO, something to keep in mind. Plastic bottles, mercury fillings (I had mine removed this year), soy – ALL of these things can effect the hormones because they mimic estrogen (well, mercury is another story; it’s horrible and can cause thyroid issues). You might want to look into these things as well. I use a water filter from the sink (no more parabens in the plastic) and it doesn’t pollute as much.

It’s a HUGE lifestyle change. But you can do it. And just remember how beautiful you are NO MATTER WHAT.

All the best to you ladies…thanks for sharing your personal stories.


Hils September 5, 2013 at 8:04 am

I had a medical abortion six weeks ago and have been experiencing alarming shedding since. I first noticed that I had (almost) a bald spot on my right temple area just a week after the abortion. Since then I’ve been very aware of the constant hair fall. I’m concerned that it’s AGA because the pill they give you to stop the pregnancy blocks progesterone, which could give androgens a chance to flourish.

Anyway, I’ve been totally distraught by this and am looking for any advice. I’ve seen my gyno and she did typical blood work (all “normal”) – although my ferritin is 28. I’m going to a derm in 2 weeks but not sure how much help they will be.

I have had TE in the past related to stress that all grew back, so it’s possible it’s stress, or stress and hormones combined!


Shannon September 17, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Hello everyone,

I am 25 years old and had a medical abortion (by pill) in June, 2013. I have had a rough first half of the year in 2013. A week after the abortion, my doctor suggested that I go on birth control. I was on it for a week before I noticed the dramatic hair loss and stopped the birth control.

A month after the initial notice of the hair loss, I found a quarter-size bald patch around the right top-side of my head. Since then, I have dramatically lost about 3/4 of my hair. I used to have long, thick and wavy black hair; I was known for having too much hair – wish I can say the same thing now. I had all type of blood tests done and all came back negative. A handful of doctors I visited diagnosed it to be related to stress.

I have been on prenatal vitamins for a month, Vitamin B Supplements and Biotin for about two months. I can feel little stubs on my scalp, and I would like to think it’s new hair coming out. It could be “bad” break-offs of the existing hair, but honestly, what I would like to say is that you must remain positive. I sometimes falter and become depressed with my hair loss. But life can really be much worse. Count your blessings and remain positive. Take care of yourself.

I continue to pray daily for my hair to grow back and hope that it will. However, if it doesn’t, then life goes on. And if you are afraid people will “dislike” you because of your hair, then you don’t want that person in your life anyways.

You are already very strong in facing this challenge in your life. I’ll pray for all of you. Good luck!


Anonymous September 18, 2015 at 11:41 pm

Hi Lisa I also had an abortion in May and I had the same experience with hair loss I’ve lost so much hair and also got very depressed I spoke to my doctor and she recommended biotin (pills and shampoo) they have helped a lot but you can’t stop taking it or you will loose hair again I hope this works out for you love -anonymous


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