The Hair Loss Crystal Ball

by admin on March 2, 2008

The Hair Loss Crystal BallIf you had a test that would tell you with some degree of certainty whether or not you were destined to lose your hair, would you take it? We don’t really have to make that decision because it isn’t available for women, however, men now have that choice. There has been much buzz surrounding the new genetic test called, “Hair DX.” According to their website, ” HairDX reports about a genetic variant found in more than 95% of bald men. Scientists found that people with this genetic variant are at 60% risk of going bald by the age of 40. HairDX also reports about a less common genetic variant of the same gene, that if present indicates a greater than 85% likelihood of not going bald before the age of 40. ”

The at home genetic test is like a hair loss crystal ball, a $149 crystal ball. I imagine there will be at least some men that are not going to want to take the test, probably likening it to the drastic comparison of knowing the date of your own death, but there is real value in a test like this. The first benefit that comes to mind is that it would probably shorten the denial phase, and allow men to take hair loss treatment action earlier rather than waiting years and years.

The HairDx genetic test is not currently available for women and who knows if it will ever be. Most everyone probably already knows women’s hair loss is so much more complicated than that of men. I also think that there isn’t enough research being done about female hair loss. Perhaps it isn’t perceived as being that big of a deal or perhaps the fault lies in lack of awareness. The reality is that this is a very real devastating problem that millions of women are forced to deal and live with in their lives.

Wake up pharmaceutical companies, we have money too, and would gladly pay for a real EFFECTIVE hair loss treatment. A cure would be better, but I don’t want to be too pushy. :) It is absolutely exhausting to see the amount garbage being sold on the internet.

But I digress… In closing, I do believe HairDX’s genetic test looks like it would provide a great service to many potential balding men and the price falls within what I would consider reasonable and not extortion. The genetic test has also received the thumbs up and certification from The American Hair Loss Association, which further supports my conclusion that this test is destined to change the lives of men.

If you are curious to learn more about the test you can visit the website: but be aware that this test isn’t for women…yet.

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Robin Flamish March 2, 2008 at 5:53 pm

I found your article extremely interesting! I will go to the website and find out more! Do you believe that together we can make the difference? Call me a dreamer…. but I do think that things come in numbers. Loud voices, and tremedous passion! Spencer Kobren is that example! Now it is time to push the rest of the way for products research and solotions for women! I said that was my mission,and I say what I mean. God give me the strength to help all those who need me! I will fuel the process! Julie, I want you to know I am there for you and worry about you, please take a deep breath and think about tomorrow and what lies ahead for the future! Rome wasnt built in a day. I know that is so old hat…. But it is true! Good luck for your appointment I will pray for some refreshing news. Love Robin

KVC February 23, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Hi guys,
I know this post has been written a long time ago. Since then, HairDX have developed a version of the genetic test for women. It tests their androgen sensitivity, and whether they will be severely thinning by 30/40.

While I can almost bet that I will test positive (which will be beneficial in a way, so I can stop attributing this to stress etc. and get and STAY on an effective anti-androgen), I would still like some more opinions before forking over the 200 euros.

Anyone taken it? What is the overall consensus? The one doctor I have emailed has shed doubts on the test’s accuracy for women.

Jeni May 18, 2011 at 2:01 pm

I was going to say the same thing as KVC – the test is now available to women. On the HairDX website they suggest women that take the test and come back with a score saying they have the genetic component to lose their hair could then be good candidates for Propecia. Anyway, I am debating if I want to take the test. Somewhere I read it’s only 70% accurate, so that is discouraging.

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