Losing Hair At 27, My Hair Loss Story by Sarah

by admin on January 8, 2008

Losing Hair At 27, My Hair Loss Story By SarahI started to notice a loss of hair density when I was 19 years old. At first, I thought it was because I moved to a dry climate, but after time passed, I realized that this was not the case. I had thick, natural curly, wavy hair when I was young. My hair loss has been very gradual, but I feel as though it has accelerated in the last three years. I don’t notice my part getting bigger I just feel loss of density all over my head. I’ve been to three dermatologists and have taken all the tests. Everything comes back normal except for my iron. (Side note: I was diagnosed with anemia back in 2002 and went on iron supplements back then.) My dermatologist advised me to go on iron supplements and spirnolactone. She said I won’t notice a difference in hair density for at least a year after taking the supplements. So far, it has been almost 4 months since I started taking the iron supplements and I haven’t noticed a difference. I don’t shed as much during the day or while I take a shower. However, I lose a lot of hair when I brush. I’d say 150+ hairs. She said that if the iron doesn’t work, that I probably have androgenetic alopecia and because I’m losing hair all over my head, hair replacement surgery is not an option. I haven’t had a scalp biopsy done. I’d like to, but my dermatologist didn’t think it was necessary.

I feel I should also mention my family history. My mother has a full head of hair and she is 63. My dad is just now at age 62, losing his hair, but it could be due to his thyroid condition. My bother is losing hair and he is 33. My grandmother on my mom’s side has hair, my grandfather, however had hair loss. My grandmother on my dad’s side had thin, fine hair, but my dad said he couldn’t recall seeing her scalp. My other grandfather had a full head of hair. So, hair loss is in my family.

With all this said, I’ve gone through a wave of emotions. I’ve had sleepless nights and some crying fits. However, I’ve realized that if this is the worst thing that could happen to me, I’ll take it. My fiancé (who has been so supportive) understands my pain, but has stated that he doesn’t care if I’m bald or not. He’ll love me for who I am and NOT my hair. My only advice to woman losing their hair is that it’s ok to cry about it, but please don’t let it consume your life. Life is too short to worry about your hair.


Dear Sarah,

It seems 8 years of hair loss ( the same amount of time I’ve been losing my hair) has caused you to do a little bit of soul searching. It’s healthy and it really helps to put things into perspective, once when can get to that place. I don’t think I had my little soul searching excursion till about a year ago or so. Your words “Life is too short to worry about your hair” couldn’t be more eloquently or clearly stated. It is the truth plain and simple, but this reality and truth really packs quite the punch and is so very hard to accept.

You checked the hair loss family tree and realized the genetic component of hair loss is there. As is the case for some many of us, those genes often lying dormant till one day they become awakened for whatever reason. I realize your doctor isn’t too keen on the scalp biopsy, but if you think it would provide help or informational closure you should definitely get it done by someone willing to do it. I would get a scalp biopsy if I had doubt about whether or not I was suffering from chronic telogen effluvium or androgenetic alopecia, unfortunately for me there is not doubt that I have female pattern hair loss, which renders the test useless for me.

What your dermatologist stated about it taking quite awhile to see improvement in the hair after beginning treatment is true. Hair growth is a very slow process, but usually I think something can be seen around the 6 month mark, although it may take longer for some people. It may just start off with a reduction in shedding, which is half battle right there. You didn’t mention whether or not you decided to go for the spironolactone treatment, if you did what dosage did you get started on?

With regards to the emotional nature of hair loss, the crying and lack of sleep I’ve previously written that I liken losing your hair to the 5 stages of grief and mourning:

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

I too have had more than my share of uncontrollable crying episodes, times I didn’t get out of bed and just horrible horrible depression. But as people we are innately so strong, our body and mind have an unbelievable capacity for coping and adapting to difficult and new situations. What is the alternative right? This is the life we’ve been given, the hand we’ve been dealt and we have to do the best we can with it. I often cried “this is so unfair to happen to me now, I’m so young” but Inevitably I always hear my mom’s words she use to tell me as a kid when I’d complain I couldn’t have the latest doll or easy bake oven… “Life isn’t fair” I doubt she had this in mind when she said it, but it true none-the-less.

I encourage women to make educated decisions they can live with regarding treatment and definitely to find the right physician to help them tackle the difficult task of figuring out what is causing the hair loss. By no means give up hope, I practically live off the stuff 🙂 I live by believing I’ve done and continue to do all I could have to helped myself in treating my hair loss, it is out of my hands now. I hope my hair loss will stabilize, and while I’ll look like a woman with very thin hair, hopefully it’ll be enough get by.

I’m so glad you have a supportive man by your side, it really helps to have someone there who will listen and understand, and in the end love you for you, not for the amount of hairs attached to your head. That’s the way it should be. Thanks Sarah for writing and not only sharing your story but your hair loss wisdom as well.


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Arsh January 10, 2008 at 8:13 pm

Have you tried something like an integration, topper, or something like dermatch or toppic. It won’t give you back the hair you won’t, but it will let you deal with it, and put your best face forward in the outside world. Also, I know the redken styling line is excellent for thickening hair temporarily, that would really help with the proper styling.


Sarah January 13, 2008 at 8:05 pm

I did start taking the spirnolactone. I take one pill every morning that is 100mg. I think it has kept my shedding down, but I’m still losing hair. What I don’t like about spirnolactone is that it messes with lowering my blood pressure. Because of this, I feel faint on occasion. I also don’t like the fact that it messes with my libido. Kind of sucks when you’re in a serious relationship with someone who obviously has no problem with his libido. I haven’t tried any of the products Arsh has mentioned. I’m considering the redken line, but I’m currently using some shampoo my dermatologist recommended. I had an appointment with my dermatologist this past week and she still believes that iron is the problem. She evaluated my hair yet again and said that it will take a year before I notice some change. She’s holding hope that it isn’t alopecia. She took my blood and my iron level is now at 67. So, I’ll be taking iron supplements for the next month and half to get my level about 70-75. She says hair grows when our iron level is at least 70. So, we’ll see. On another note, I’ve been evaluating some wigs on the market and discovered the Amy’s Presence wig line. Has anyone tried her wigs? Here is her website: http://www.amyspresence.com/

I’m so happy this hair loss website exists. I never realized how many women suffered from hair loss. We are all so brave and your words are very encouraging. I wish I was a genius, so I could cure hair loss for ya’ll and everyone else in the world!


canadiansister August 21, 2008 at 5:51 pm

Hello All.

I am 21 years old i’ve noticing hair lose when i was 19, however, i did not take it seriously till now. Honesly i have lost so much hairs that i feel embarrassed to go parties. i have a big forhead overall and with this hairloss it had made things worse for me. What can i do? i’m only 21 and it’s a huge difference from when i was 19 years old.


admin August 22, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Hi Canadiansister –

I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with hair loss. I know what it is like to lose hair at such a young age. I started to lose my hair at 21. I think the fist thing you have to do is see a doctor who specializes, or at least as a lot of knowledge on women’s hair loss and the various things that can contribute to it. There are so many things that can cause hair loss. Are you, or where at any time taking the birth control pill? That is always my first questions, since I know that for a lot of women that is what triggers it. How much hair are you shedding a day?

Remember, you are paying close attention to your hair so you see the changes, but other people most likely don’t, so you should go out, go to parties and enjoy being 21. I know that is hard to do when you are worrying about your hair, but I wish I had it to do over again. I was so worried every day I lost hair that I didn’t realize how much I still actually had on my head. I appreciate that now looking back. So realize you have more hair than you think and you should continue to enjoy the greatness of 21.



Roxanne September 12, 2008 at 10:59 am

I had a baby 4months ago. Im 27 . I was givin a non steroid drug to help with some back problems i got after birth i stopped the med a month ago an 4 the last week hair is lost with handfuls a couple times a day.


J February 18, 2009 at 4:25 pm

I’m glad I found this site. I have noticed that my hair has been thinning since I was probably 17…I did my research about hair loss and tried to figure out why I am loosing hair. I took birth control in college and realized that maybe this is triggering my hair loss so I stopped taking it. It has been 6 years since I have been off it and am still losing hair gradually. I can see my scalp more than I could before and I notice people looking at my head when they are talking to me. This makes me feel so uncomfortable. I only see the thinning of my hair mainly on the top of my head and have been searching for solutions to cover this. I have heard of Toppik but never tried it. I am willing to accept this hair loss, but I want to do something about it. I am 26 and have always had thick, curly hair and as I age, it gets thinner. My mom’s hair is thinner than her sister’s but she does not have scalp showing. My dad is bald…I’m just curious as to why I am losing hair. Just recently I did a blood test and found out that my iron is on the low side. I’m going to probably start taking supplements for that. I wonder if any of you have ever thought about a top front wig if you are just balding in the top of your head or doing something with hairclub or any of those places. What resources do people have for their hair loss. I personally don’t want to take pills or any herbal supplement because I did that 4 years ago and did not notice any difference. I used the shampoos, rogaine for women and I just stopped. Also this is all very pricey. Does anyone have good resources or recommendations for top wigs, pieces, extension…etc…or anything you found works? Thanks for taking the time to read this


pam April 8, 2009 at 7:14 pm

hi sarah
i was just wondering how the hair loss has been since this entry? i am on iron pills as well, although my iron levels fell within range so i’m not convinced they will help me.

thank you for sharing your story


Vicky June 9, 2009 at 4:41 pm

He;;p Im posting here because Im desperate for answers, I am curious for someone to tell me about the pattern of their hair loss. I notice my hairline is getting affected but it started at my temples and ofcourse just general thinning all around. Im 22, has been falling for a year. Please someone write back and let me know if this is also what your hair loss looks like and if you have suffered with hair loss for mnay years, does the hairline keep getting worse like a man? or does it stop after just slightly affecting it?? Please answer back Thanks so much


Alma June 26, 2009 at 7:31 am

Hi Vicky, I ran into this site while trying to get some questions answered for myself, because I feel like I’m going in circles.. I don’t know what to do myself. I’m 22 years old about to turn 23. I started out with an ichy scalp which turned into a lot of dandruff. I went to my Internal Medicine Doctor because I didn’t like having my dandruff visible. She prescribed me a shampoo and some other medicine. That other medicine made my scalp hurt . As if I was putting alcohol on my scalp. My scalp was red too. This did help reduce the dandruff but then my hair started to fall off. I stopped using the medicine because I was fine before it. Then, when I saw that my hair was falling in chunks and it was just too much I went back to my internal medicine doctor who prescribed me some medicine used for bacteria and some iron supplement which I don’t trust too much because she sells it right from her doctor’s office. But anywho. She also prescribed me rogaine. I didn’t know until I went to get my rx. I was confused because she never has told me what was causing the hair loss to begin with so the hair growing because of rogaine but never fixing the problem that is causing the hair loss did not make sense. I called my doctor and she said she did not know what was causing the hair loss. She’s a doctor and doesn’t know? I told her that I needed to know obviously and that’s when she finally said I needed to see a dermatologist and see if they can do a biopsy on my scalp. It just shows that you need to do some research yourself. Doctor’s can be so quick to give you any pill or any shampoo. While I was doing my research online . It turns out there are many scalp diseases that can cause hair. Right now, it seems like I will continue to take the supplement medicine, do the shampoo, and also make an appt with a dermatologist which seems to be the person we should be seeing.


Vicky June 27, 2009 at 2:28 pm

Hey alma, I did go to a dermatologist who said it was aga. And i also went to see Dr. Redmond who specializes in women’s hair loss. He says the hairline only changes slightly. I am currently on bcp and spiro for treatment but still waiting for results. I am prayin for a miracle and that these treatments can help stop the loss. I was just curious as to how is the pattern of your loss? is it greater on your temples? or top?


Chantelle August 26, 2009 at 12:02 pm

To all the ladies on here. Don’t give up and accept the answer that a doctor doesn’t know what is wrong or they can’t do anything else to help you. I am 32 years old and noticed my hair falling out for about the past two years. It’s all over my head. You have to do research on your own. Be knowledgeable when you go to see your doctors. I was surprised how little most of them know on the subject. I have been told it is genetic; there is no one in my entire family that suffers from hair loss. I have been tested for low iron. My iron levels are fine. About 7 months ago, my obgyn did an Adrenal Gland test on me. Turns out my Adrenals are fatigued. Adrenal Fatigue is brought on by severe stress that has not let up (emotional, work, money…you would be amazed how stress affects a woman’s body). It appears that this has started to alter my thyroid levels. However, my doctor will not treat my thyroid because she feels the levels (2.39) are not “hypo” enough to treat. I have symptoms of both adrenal and thyroid problems with no one willing to treat the symptoms. HELLO! Something is obviously not right. I have read so much on both of these topics. There are many doctors that look and the numbers and are not willing to treat the symptoms. The one symptom that women who suffer from this are most concerned with is hairloss. My obgyn has advised me to see a dermotologist. I went to see one this week. She was very knowledgable on hair loss, causes, types and treatments. She gave me hope. She did perform a scalp biopsy. It will take two weeks to get the results back. She feels by everything I have told her that it is something hormonal/internal going on. My hair will continue to fall out until that problem is solved. I guess my point here is, keep searching until you find someone that is willing to help you. There are so many tests that can be done to get to the cause of women’s hair loss. There are also many treatments. Don’t settle ladies. Stay positive. I know, it is hard. I cry a lot. It’s hard to feel like a complete woman when you are losing your hair. The good news is there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all and there is help regardless of the cause of your hairloss. If I would have not done research on my own, I would have stopped a long time ago and just taken a Dr’s opinion that was clueless. Don’t give you the fight! I will share the results of my tests and next steps.


Kelly November 2, 2009 at 5:31 pm

I’m 21 and have lost half my hair. Thankfully I had very thick hair when I was younger so it’s not very noticeable. I noticed my hair started falling out when I was placed on medications for bipolar disorder and seizures. I’ve since stopped talking all but one of the medications for those disorders. I’ve tried the shampoos and they do nothing for my hair. I lose so much hair, it’s everywhere, if it’s windy the person next to me ends up with my hair on their shirt. Everyday when I look at the drain covered in my hair after my shower I cry. I’m going to go to a dermatologist but haven’t had much luck with doctors in the past for any of my medical problems so I’m a bit doubtful that they’ll provide me any help. I refuse to take any prescriptions because I’ve suffered from far too many side effects in the past. I’m willing to try iron suppliments but do they really work?


Rachel November 30, 2009 at 8:38 pm

I am 38 years old and noticed about three months ago that my hair felt a little thinner. I noticed so much of it coming out in the shower. I’m so obsessed with it that I started conting my hairs in the shower and when I get out of the shower and comb my hair. Just in the shower I loose over 100 hairs. Basically for the day I loose over 200 hairs. I always had alot of hair and now I see my scalp mostly in the front of my head where my part starts and on the back of my head. The left side of my head is thinner then the right. Weird? But the sides of my head (temples) got very thin as well. It all just hit me almost 4 weeks ago when I noticed I can see my scalp. I was away on vacation so there was nothing I can do. I have been crying alot & am so stressed out over it. Which probably doesn’t help the situation much. I see my dermo this Friday. I’m not on any meds and have not had a baby or on birth control. I just had tests done 2 months ago and they checked my thyroid. it came back normal though. I heard of people having to get there thyroid tested 3 or 4 times before it came back abnormal. I started taking biotin pills about 4 weeks ago. I am praying to god my dermo finds something because I’ll be bald in a couple of months!


Jonna February 16, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Watching my hair loss for the last 3 years has been awlful. I started throwing up and emitting an awlful smell for years I tried to change my diet but nothing completely stop the smell. I started putting apple cider vinegar in my drink and the smell has gone away. Around this time I also took 3 months worth of birth control. Could that have been the problem…I don’t know but It all happened around the same time. 19 years old…now i’m 22 and my once beautiful hair I took for granted is withering away and I am not the same person I use to be.


maria August 25, 2010 at 9:14 am

Hi. I’m 25 and only started noticing my hair lose in the past couple months. But it was gradual and I brushed it off. But this past month its like something triggered it and I’ve lost a great amount of hair
very fast all over my head. Its thinning and I freak everything I have to take a brush to it or even wash it. I’ve also noticed its mainly thinning in the front and the roots of my hair have actually changed to a few shades lighter. I don’t take any certain med. No birth control. I haven’t had a child. But I am a smoker and wonder if that has anything to do w it? And for awhile now I haven’t had the best immune system. I dnt have health insurance at the time so I’ve had to try and wk w free clinic and they have done blood wk and only came to find my iron was alil low. I’ve been told it could be a mild form of alopecia.
Where the scalp has gone into shock and my body basically shut done and now has to build it self back up. Due to stress and poor diet where the hair will continuously fall out for a few months but should be back to normal by december. Unsettling bc I face only losing more hair but happy to maybe think I will get it back. And somehow in my gut I dnt think that’s it. I’ve always had very thick full hair and this has throwin me into shock.
I constantly think about this and stress I understand when woman say they have stopped going out bc of this. I have as well I’m becoiming a hermit and its taking over my life sadly. I jus want an aswer so badly. If anyone has any advice of ppl to go to, clinics or products I could use? Honestly just any advice. I’d appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks so much for your time and ill keep all you in my prayers.


sovanna October 20, 2010 at 12:41 pm

Hello, I too know what you’re going through. I had very thick beautiful full set of hair. In 2007 I started feeling sick , went to my doctor and was told I had anemia, ever since than I noticed hair lost. Before, I couldn’t grasp my hair with my palms now they all fit with more space between my palms. I’m stressing out everyday and I just turned 27.


Pookie October 22, 2010 at 8:32 am

So I’ve noticed my hair loss for about a year or so and have done nothing abut it. It is so frustrating to see so many pieces of hair getting sucked up by vacuum! I constantly have to vacuum every day because so much hair falls out!! It jsut disgusts and upsets me so much it is driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do and I hate taking showers now because I’m just soo afraid to see all the hair that is falling out whenever I finish shampooing. I’m so afraid and I don’t know what to do or who to talk to. I am fighting depression and stress at the same time and my iron level is probably very low. I’m jsut so lost you guys. Please help!


dee January 10, 2011 at 6:50 pm

hey guys,

just came across this page. i have lost a lot of hair since i was 25. i am 40 now and noticed how thin my hair is around the temples. i used to have extra thick, curly hair. my friends were envious. now, it’s thin. by my standards anyway.

i have done a lot of research on this and my sister is a doctor and said i probably have an underactive thyroid. i don’t currently have health insurance so i can’t get it checked. but some things others should look at:

anemia is a big culprit for hair loss as others have said. up your iron intake, especially via natural sources. iron is notoriously hard to take via pills.

check your protein intake. this is a BIG culprit for hair loss. make sure your diet is rich in protein. if you eat crap, your hair and skin will show it before anything else. hair, skin and nails are all related.

omega threes. take pills, eat fish or take flaxseed oil for this. this will make the hair loss less.

i’ve tried all of these and while they worked for a time, my hair loss is continuing. now it’s time to see a doctor. previous dermatologists kind of laughed at me when i came in talking about hair loss.

good luck everyone!


joanne May 12, 2011 at 8:59 am

I beagn losing my hair @ about 25 Im now 32. I have huge spot like patches on top and on the sides of my head. It is a very painful experience that noone can understand unless they are living it. I have to wear a headband to cover the spots and can’t style my hair like I want. My head band has become a part of me. It’s very depressing. I recently got married and my new husband has yet to see what lies beneath the headband. (I’m good at hiding it.) We don’t shower together for fear of what happens when hair gets wet. Swimming is not an option either. I haven’t swam publicly in years. funny how something so small like hair can take over your whole life. I find my condition very embarassing. Thank You for your post as I have found much comfort in it.


Carol June 14, 2011 at 3:00 pm

I’ve been loosing hair gradually since I was 14 and just a few months ago a lot of hair started falling and I’m only 17. My hair used to be so thick, beautiful, and curly. Now it’s thin and wavy. I spend a lot of time doing my hair sometimes because I always try to cover the spots where you can see my scalp, and it really hurts me because no one should have to be going through something like this. It makes me extremely insecure and sad. I cry all the time and I just wish this would have never happened to me. Some doctors have told me it can be happening because my iron is too low or something hormonal, and i started taking iron supplements and drinking a lot of protein but my hair is still falling, so a new dermatologist told me today that he wants me to get my bloodwork done to see how my iron is so then we can start me on some treatment. And he says if my iron levels are fine that i will have a biopsy of the scalp done, and I am very scared to get that done because I hate needles and I hate stitches and I’m scared that its gonna hurt. I just wish I didnt have to be going through any of this, especially not at the age of 17 when i should be worrying about school and what college im gonna go to, not hair loss. But its good to know that Im not alone.


K June 15, 2011 at 11:08 am

Carol, I’m so sorry you are going thru this. It truly breaks my heart. I’m 40 and think it is too young to be going thru it, but you are in an entirely different situation. The biospy will not hurt. I hope they find something in doing your bloodwork, but just know if they do find the problem and it can be turned around it will be a very slow process so practice a lot of patience. Only spend time with people you trust. I hope that your parents are very supportive of your situation. My heart is truly broken for you. I hope that you can find it within yourself to somehow overcome this and move beyond this. I wish you the absolute best. This is a long and frustrating journey that I wish none of us had to travel.


jen September 8, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Hello. I’m 28 years old and have been losing my hair for about 4-5 years. My dermotologist wants to take a scalp biopsy but I am afraid that I will have a bald spot or a scar where the biopsy was taken (it seems kind of stupid since I have thinning spots all over my head…but I’m still afraid). For anyone who has had a biopsy, is there a scar or bald spot? Also, did it help the doctor determine a cause for the hair loss?

I think the worst part of hair loss is the loss of my confidence. I have so many lingering questions like: Will I go completely bald? Will I ever find help or a cure? Will I be able to accept this and learn to love myself how I am?

I would also like to thank everyone that has posted on this site. I feel better knowing that I am not going through this alone.


Ann September 12, 2011 at 6:40 pm


I had two scalp biopsies this summer in July. yes, they will leave a very small area where no hair will grow, but it is about the size of the tip of an eraser. Honsestly, for me, it was worth it to get a definite answer on the reason for my hair loss (Androgentic Alopecia). If there is a particular area you would like them to avoid, just let the derm. know what it is. Hopefully, they can keep that in mind when taking the sample. It sounds like they are cutting into celery on your head. It did NOT hurt, when they did it, but it was sore for several days after. It freaked me out more than anything but it healed quickly and just fine. Good luck!


Lana November 29, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Hi everyone! This is such a great site to learn that I’m not alone in this….I’m 28 years old and I started losing hair when I was 24, right after my daughter was born. I didn’t do much about it then cause I had pretty thick hair and it wasn’t that obvious, but now my hair loss is pretty severe. My scalp is so visible and so thin! I easily lose about 150+ strands of hair just in the shower, not to mention when I brush it, also through out the day I’ll have lose strands on my shirt and on my pillow. I went to my general practitioner and she did a bunch of blood work on me. My thyroids are normal, my hormones are normal, everything came out normal. She referred me to a dermatologist and that’s where I’m at now. I will be going in for a scalp biopsy next week so I’m a bit nervous and anxious. I don’t get my hair done by professionals anymore cause I’m embarrassed and I’m so over crying about it. Any information from anyone would help.


Janelle November 30, 2011 at 1:35 am

I’m 28 too and my hair has been falling out rapidly for the past 4 months. It started about a month after a time of very heavy stress (working 16 hour days in a high-demand environment for two months) and eating badly (whatever takeaway was fed to us). I have always been a healthy eater so this was a big shock and sometimes, stupid I know, I made myself throw it up. The doctor said thyroids were normal and it’s probably a case of going on and off the pill while I was busy (kept forgetting), lack of iron and stress. Now I’m back to my normal diet it’s still falling out. But apparently that’s because it’s dead anyway, if it’s going to fall out, it will fall out. My hairdresser said the stress and other factors actually squeezed the hair to death at the scalp, or grew it so brittle at the roots that it is too weak to hold on. The good news is, though, that there’s lots of new growth that I’m going to look after this time . . .


Robyn December 4, 2011 at 4:32 pm

I have been losing my hair for a year now and I have been to the dermatologist and doctors too. No help! My hair on my temples have been getting thinner and thinner. I basically have two bald spots on my temples that I cover up with a headband to make myself feel better. I cry reading these stories because I know how it feels. I have thought about getting a hair transplant has anyone had success with one?


Sara December 5, 2011 at 9:06 pm

So is a scalp biopsy a must even if you think you have androgenic alopecia? I am off of BC at the moment, is this a better time to do this? I think my hair has been shedding a lot in the month + that I have been off.


Birosel January 14, 2012 at 9:41 pm

I just turned 26 this year and I noticed that I can see the top of my scalp due to hair loss. Ive also lost alot on the side of my temples. Ive always had thin hair and anima as a child (though Im no longer animic after having my daughter), but I never lost as much as I do now. I had a daughter 2 years ago, but Im not on any birth control and havent been for over a year. I have been dieting and excerising alot more and am under a little bit of stress. But its actually pretty normal for me. So I dont know why Im losing so much hair now. I havent seen a doctor yet, because I really cant afford it. Im going to try the iron tablets in hope that it will help. If not, then I may have to go see a dermatologist. If anyone has any other advice I would love to hear it.


Yanelis April 13, 2012 at 11:40 am


Reading your story was like reading my mind. I have the same iron problem and my hair has been falling out for the past 5 years but now it really noticeable and i am seriously considering wearing a wig which makes me feel a little uncomfortable since i am only 23 years old. I don’t know what to do anymore. If your hair did get better please write bak because it would give me a tremendous relief. I don’t know what to do and i feel that the iron is not working.


stella otieno April 17, 2012 at 3:20 am

i have ben loosing alot of my hair since last year and the problem doesnt seem to erode i leave in kenya and in our country there is no hair specialist nor a doctor who can look at something called hair ,you know you people should not woorry yourself because of hair but tell God about it. I always ask God to replace my hair all the time because i dont have finacial money even to take my teeth to the hospital for filling .know that stress to adds up hair loss’ give it up and pray to the most high for replecement of hair ‘he created them’.


tina June 10, 2012 at 6:45 am

Hi there I’m 29 yrs old and noticed hair loss 6 yrs ago after I had my first kid after I had my second kid 2 and a half yrs ago the hairloss has got worse I can see my scalp on the top and general thinning all over I used to hve thick curly hair and now its fine n thin to make things worse I have a Wonderful boyfriend and I’m scared he will leave me wen he notices my hair is thinning any advice will help I’m also taking vitamins and have been using rogaine for 6 months


mellissa February 23, 2013 at 5:34 pm

im 27 years old and iam lossing a lot of hair. im probley lossing about 1000 aday if not more. Im on dailysis and have been snice i was 20. hair loss dose not run in the family and i get iron everyother month. my throid levels are good, well thats what they tell me anyways. i use to have really thick hair and now my hair is so thin i almost wonder if im gunna go bald seein all the hair that comes out. i have talk to the doctors and they dont know what to say to me just that everything seems normal.


Bre April 1, 2013 at 7:13 pm

Hi ladies, I know what all of you are going through and I think I can actually help out a little. I started to notice my hair getting thinner when I was about 14 and I am now 21. Of course I thought it was the flat irons and blowing drying I was doing to straighten my curly hair all the time but as the years passed, I realized it wasnt that at all. My hair started to also get more and more brittle and unhealthy so I didnt just lose it, it broke off as well. I now have to wear my hair up everyday if I go out because its too thin to wear down. Its very embarassing and depressing knowing you cant do alot of the normal things everday people do because of your hair, ecspecially when you’re so young! I mean im 21 and dont even want to go out and have fun with my boyfriend and friends anymore becuase I feel so insecure. Whats weird is this started happening to my mom and my sister at the same time and we are all different ages. Ive gone to many doctors and dermatologists and all of them acted like it wasnt a big deal and that there was pretty much nothing they could do, so I had to take it into my own hands. Theres no hairloss in my family so genetics wasnt the reason. I also started having circulation problems and stomach issues the same time I realized my hair thinning and it all didnt make sense because this started happening out of nowhere. Ive always been a pretty healthy person growing up so I just didnt understand why this was happening to me. Finally I came across a few websites talking about how the food americans eat today cause most of the health problems people are suffering with, and im not just talking about Mc Donalds or junk food..im talking about grains, sugar, processed foods and all the chemicals almost all of the food everyone eats contains these days. Ive cut out all that stuff and have just been eating meat, good fats, fresh vegetables and fruit and a handful of nuts here and there. After about 30 days of no cheating AT ALL, not even the slightest amount of sugar.. my hair has noticeably gotten healthier and isnt falling out as much. I overall just feel alot better. If you look up the paleo diet its pretty much just like that, but without indulging in all your favorite junk food ocassionally. its not just a fad diet, its life changing. It wont just help your hair, itll help you in so many other ways that will make you healthier overall.Im also taking vitamins every day and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. I work out regularly and do things like yoga to ease my mind from stress. I truly beleive this is the answer. Im not going to lie though, this is very difficult and takes alot of will power, but if you really care about your hair I think thats enough motivation. I kow it was for me. I hope this helps


Marie October 4, 2013 at 6:23 am

hey guys! I’m so glad I found this site. I found the right people who can feel the pain I’m feeling right now. I’m 19 years old now but I started noticing thinning of hair when I was 17 years old. At first, I just ignored it since I thought it’s not that big of a deal but now as days passed, I’m starting to feel depressed and insecure. I talked to my dermatologist last year and he said that I should count the number of hair falls I have daily for a week. So I did what he said and found out that I only have 60-70 hair falls a day so my dermatologist said it is normal. He said that if I’m really worried to the point that I get sleepless nights, I should try scalp biopsy. I’m still trying to figure out if I should do it or not. My parents are not really the supportive type. I would always tell them about this issue but they would always say that it’ll be okay and that they know that I won’t get bald. I don’t know anyone from my family who is also suffering from hair loss. HELP! I’m really scared.


jacklyn March 10, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Have you tried taking biotin 10,000 with keratin?


Amanda June 4, 2014 at 10:01 am

Hello ladies,

Looks like I’m not the only one with hair falling out. Just recently my hair has been falling out my temple hair is so thin you can see my scalp. Yes its a nightmare. I am a 27 year old woman with 2 children. My hair falls out a lot especially when I wash it. To the point were I feel like I am going bald. My hair is really thick and full but recently its been thinning quite a bit. My mother has thin hair but my father s side has thick hair. Ive tried Rogaine for women but seems like my hair just fell out even more. Its a battle trying to find a way to do my hair for work without feeling like I have to hide these thinning bald spot. Any suggestions on what to use.


Marie September 29, 2014 at 7:08 pm

Hey y’all,

I’m 32. I didn’t notice hairloss until I was around thirty. Started on the side of my head, above the temples, I noticed that one side showed more scalp than the other. Since then it has been falling out like crazy. It’s seriously depressing. Not only has the area that first became noticeable gotten much worse, but now the other side above my temple is thinning and I can see the scalp more and more every week. The top of my hair, where u would have bangs, it is SO thin now. I feel like I am going to be bald soon and it has caused me a lot of emotional issues.

I have no options to see a doctor right now, but I remain hopeful that maybe it can be reversed or at least stopped whenever I am financially able to seek medical help. Until then I am just so depressed. I have always loved my hair and have always received compliments on it. It’s been one of my few sources of beauty that always made me feel good. I know life goes on and whatever happens I will deal with it. But I just feel so bad about the way it looks. I have never felt this way before. 🙁


alicia November 27, 2014 at 9:22 am

Hi ladies. Plz up your iron intake and never brush wet hair. blow dry with cold air and your hands gently. let your hair find it’s balance again and stay calm, stress makes it worse.


Maria February 19, 2015 at 12:19 pm

I began gradually losing my hair when I gave birth 26 yrs ago. I didn’t have a computer in those days. All I had was my yellow pages. I looked up every health food store for answers. I was told to take Silica and Vitamin B. This took many years before I finally noticed the a slowing to the thinning. You are all so fortunate to have websites and lots of information available to you today. I’ve tried vitamins, foods and drinks for hair loss. I can honestly say that the best vitamin is any B vitamin. And the absolutely best treatment is coconut oil applied to the hair, massaging the scalp and drinking coconut water. Try it ladies, at this stage of the game you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Sweet Sue February 21, 2015 at 9:08 am

Thanks for the tips, Maria.
I’ll try the coconut water as a basis for smoothies.


asmakhan April 15, 2015 at 10:52 pm

My hair fall problem started when i was just 18 but i was too busy in studies and i just ignored. latter it stoped by itslef but my hairs were getting too think and lifeless. hair fall started again when i was 24 and this time it was drastic and my forehead became too big. my front became very much empty and i have to change my hair style. after year i started consulting a doctor. he asked my tests and gav me medicines. my tests were fine and the medcines did not work on me (i took it for 6 months including hair sprays etc). i was depressed and i stoped the treatment. it was happening for around 2 years and i have lost much hairs that i used to cover my head our of embrassment. i have visited another doctor as well in the mean while and he also could not help on this.
when i became 28, my front hairs started greying and now i use Henna (a herb) to dye it. i am 30 currently and i have thin, very less, and front white hairs.
i know it happend to me out of depression but my hairs bring me more depression. For men, a girl hairs mean alot. And they instantly notice my weak and damaged hairs 🙁 🙁 🙁


CRM1334 July 2, 2015 at 6:29 am

Hey everyone! I’m Colleen and I’ve been noticing that my hair has been thinning off and on for 7 years. But just recently I noticed a huge difference in the density of my hair. The sides of my head are so thin, I’m seriously scared I’m losing all of it. I’ve been to a dermatologist twice in the last 6 years and they literally just told me I was fine and it was anything it was alopecia. They didn’t help me at all. She just told me to “not stress about it” how is that even possible? As of right now, I take biotin and primrose oil for my hair. I also drink a ton of water, eat healthy, and exercise daily. I’m so scared that I’m going to be bald by 30. The women in my family all of thick beautiful hair. My grandmom recently started thinning out in the last 5-8 years but she’s also 75. Both of my grandfathers are bald, and my father just recently started thinning (after years of bleaching his hair that is) I’m at the point where I’m having a mental break down almost everyday. I don’t know what to do. And I’m running out of hope. I don’t know what to do anymore.


Petey3 July 3, 2015 at 1:24 pm

Wow. What insensitive doctors. Sorry you are going through this. You should definitely get a new doctor and have all the blood tests run for low iron, (including ferritin), hormones, thyroid and autoimmune causes. There are also several medications that can cause hairloss, especially any form of hormonal birth control. The American Hairloss Association’s website has a list of some of the worst offenders. I hope this helps. Hang in there! (At least that’s what I try to tell my hair everyday. I wish it would listen. ) All the best to you.


Desperate August 31, 2015 at 5:54 pm

Everyone’s personal stories on hair loss resonate with me. I’ve read them all; as many have commented , we are not alone. I’m in my late 40s and started experiencing hair loss about 4 years ago. At first the loss was dramatic, within a week I had shed a significant amount of hair. Since I had a thick, dense head of brunette hair to begin with, it was not noticeable to others but I knew that what I went through in a weeks time was not normal. I rushed to see doctors including a well known dermatologist specialist over hair, they were all clueless. I had blood work done, nothing was uncovered. One symptom I felt during this initial shed was that my scalp actually hurt, I have not read this symptom from anyone else which is interesting. I researched online myself and found that Biotin was mentioned quite a bit ( been taking it for the past 4 years now), I also purchased many “thickening” shampoos online but to no avail. Having gone through this for the past 4 years has not gotten any easier. My scalp continues to hurt from time to time, which is generally followed by a fair amount of shed. I don’t know what to do with a hair style any longer. My hair is long , just past my shoulder but it’s stringy , dry and unhealthy looking and emphasizes the thinness. I use all good hair products, only drink water ( never soda), wash my hair every other day ( as I fear washing it every day), I’m just desperate.


phyllis September 23, 2015 at 9:12 pm

I don’t feel so alone i’m 63 now I just started with hair loss about 18 months ago. i hate this more than anything . i have done all the doctors and everything else but no luck doctor said i have fpb so how long should it take tell i have no hair at all , i hate this more every day it never leaves your mind i have a lot of medical problems but this is the worst . i will be getting a wig soon not that i want it but what is a girl to do? Its ok if your a guy . and family really do not get it. i look around when i go out and not to many women are losing there hair. i would give anything to get my hair back . thank you all for making me feel im not the only one that feels like all of you . god bless us all we need it please help us all


Caitlin October 23, 2015 at 9:38 am

I am very worried about my hair loss so reading these messages is helping me a lot. I am 20 years old, in my last year of university who has been experiencing hair loss on and off for two years but several for the past several months. I had anxiety before this started happening but now it is heightened to the point that I am so stressed out I am considering leaving university. My friends are helpful but they can’t truly understand what it is like when I am crying before a night out because my hair looks so thin. When I first went the doctors 4 months ago they tested my ferritin which came back as 8 so I have been on 3 iron tablets a day but have not seen any improvement. I’ve since seen a dermatologist who gave me a course of treatment for a fungal infection but this didn’t help either. I had another appointment the other day, by which time I had notice a patch in my eyebrow so now my derm is pretty certain it is alopecia. I am very very worried about this, what if I lose all my hair. I have seen a counsellor a couple of times and allow it made me see myself in a different light I still find it so difficult to be positive. I just need some assurance about everything


Lizzy February 24, 2016 at 10:18 am

Hello everyone. I guess I’m not the only one losing my hair :(. In march of 2014 I had a baby. She was born with a defect and so we had to spend the first six months in the hospital. It was traumatic and very difficult. I have two other kids and I am all on my own. My husband left us when I was pregnant. In may of 2015 I started noticing that my hair was falling out. I went to the Dr and they did several blood test which all came back normal. My hair is falling out all over for almost a year now. I am afraid to go bald. I would say that I have lost about 30% of the hair I had years ago. My baby hairs fall out too :(. I have taken multivitamins for hair, but have not helped too much maybe a little, or maybe not. I have tried many different shampoos, all natural to avoid the harsh chemicals, but I have not seen a big difference either. I stopped using gel and all sprays and heat on my head trying to get solutions. I never used a blow dryer before, so I know that was not the problem. I didn’t use the flat iron either, maybe twice a month, but I did use to wear my hair up tight with gel. I stopped that, but it did not help. My hair keep falling out. I used to shower with really hot water so I stopped and I don’t see a difference with that either, but I will keep doing all I am doing maybe with time :-?. The new thing I started doing is eating more healthy. I am drinking natural smoothies with a spoon of AMLA powder which is supposed to be great for a lot of things and grounded flaxseed which are also supposed to be great. I noticed that when I exercise my hair loss is a lot less. I try to exercise but I work all day and I have to take care of my kids after work. I have also prayed, but I know that He knows what is best for us. So if there is something I need to learn from this, I guess I will have to cope with it. I am going to stick to my healthy diet and exercise as much as I can. I am 110 pds so weight is not an issue in my life. I will put a comment in one month if this helps and I will share all I did. I am possitive it will helt at least a little. Thank you for your time and good luck and blessings to all.


Leanne July 8, 2017 at 1:08 pm

Hi everyone
I’m 29 years old woman and my hair fell out in the space of a week last month. I started with a rash on my scalp and it felt like I had head lice and then it went onto my arms and legs. Several doctors dismissed this rash, I ended up in A&E burning up and was given steroids for 5 days, once this finished my hair was falling out in huge clumps in my hands and from brushing, so much so my hairdresser gave me a wig 3 days later, she thinks it’s due to stress 3 months prior, on top of this since, the rash has resulted in constant bruises and all public hair has now gone. I’ve had over 40 blood tests so far which all that has been mentioned is low vitamin D levels and a drop in white blood cells, I am waiting for results on about 15 more blood tests and I have x2 scalp biopsies booked this week. Any advice appreciated on my situation


Celine November 7, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I am two months shy of 29 years old and have been noticing my hair slowly thinning over the past 3 years. This year has been especially bad, and I starting to see not only my temples but my scalp showing on the front top of my head. I saw a doctor 10 months ago and had blood work done and nothing came back abnormal. I’ve been slowly accepting this as normal and inevitable. Also, realizing that as a culture we are expected to think that hair loss amongst women is abnormal, and that there MUST be something seriously wrong with our bodies if we are losing hair. But I’m starting to think that it is normal, its just not accepted the way it is with men.

I wear hats (berets, caps) and I am currently browsing wigs to have on hand for when the day comes where I will just cut my hair really short and maybe wear them.

I do like having my own hair but I am counting my blessings as certainly there are worse conditions to be dealing with.


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