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by Y on October 8, 2007

I did not notice hair falling out, it just stopped growing and the dermatologist said it was female patter baldness and nothing could be done. I had take Prempro for 11 years without a missed day – per GYN to stop my periods. I was 50 at the time. Went through an extremely stressful divorce and work situation. I noticed the balding when I was about 59, and it has gotten worse…..my scalp showed through no matter how I tried to cover it. Since I was told I was not a good candidate for transplants, I got an epiphany. I went to a women who does permanent make-up and had her tattoo the areas (with a sort of light brown – I am blond) that aways showed through. It works quite well, but is very expensive and takes a long time to do. I had about 5 sessions of 1 – 2 hours. I was able to get novacaine after the first two-hour session, so the pain was managed. I still have some areas to cover, but it is a great improvement.There is no hair loss like this on either side of my family. I have taken some of the medications listed that cause hair loss, but what can you do if you need them? I am now 70 and hate my very thin hair, which used to be one of my best features.


Hi –

Thanks for writing, I realize hair loss at any age is distressing, but I have to say you are so fortunate to have spent the majority of your life with hair and not dealing with the massive shedding and hair loss that many very young women experience today. For myself, I basically spent my entire 20’s in partial seclusion, feeling very sad and depressed, feeling like I’ve lost who I was… my identity. I wrote in the past post, “Hair Loss, Hair Loss Everywhere – What’s in the water?” that I would seal that deal immediately if I was told I could have all my hair back and then at 50 it would all fall out and I’d definitely do it for 60, even better. That would mean I’d get to have 31 more years of peace, of happiness, being out there and enjoying my youth. I feel I’m letting that slip away, losing my hair 8 years ago did that to me, but I work on myself all the time and trying to get past the whole idea of ” I am not my hair” and just trying to be positive.

Please understand I am not at all dismissing your concerns and I really do understand hair loss and how it would affect anyone who becomes afflicted with it, but I thought I would point out how fortunate you have been. Your tattoo idea was extremely creative, and I’m glad to hear you are happy with the results, but there also are less invasive ways to conceal the scalp. There are several products are on the market today that are actually a sort head make up that serve as a scalp cosmetic concealer. Two that I am aware of our DermMatch and Toppik. DermMatch and Toppik Scalp Cosmetic Concealer

Also, you are right when you talk about some of the drugs listed on the “drugs that cause hair loss” list, what can one really do when they have to take a certain medication? It is also important to note that while these drugs can cause hair loss, they are not necessarily the cause of hair loss for a lot of women. I am sure there are plenty of women and men who take these medications without experiencing hair loss as a side effect. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that since you took some of the drugs listed that that is what spawned your female pattern baldness.

A lot of women begin to experience hair loss for the first time post menopause. This was the case for my mom. She lived her whole life with thick hair and then began experiencing shedding for the first time after going through menopause. I’ve seen how distressing it has been for her, she is extremely concerned that she will eventually go bald, but she still has more hair than me. It’s been a slow hair decline for her so I think she’ll be fine.

Your words “I am now 70 and hate my very thin hair, which used to be one of my best features” echo in my head, I feel the same, only in my sentence it is “I am now 29.” My hair was my best feature, I was complimented on that more than anything else. Now it so thin, lifeless, and no matter which way a part my hair or pull it back, the thin bald streaks are a reminder of what I no longer have.

I wish I could help you more, I’m glad you’ve been proactive and taken steps to make yourself feel better. Perhaps look into those scalp cosmetic concealers I mentioned, DermMatch and Toppik. You are not alone, I know it must bother you when you see other older ladies who have all their hair. Life just isn’t fair. I’m glad you have joined the site, thank you again for writing.


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Kathy November 24, 2007 at 1:34 pm


I can feel for you. I started noticing that my hair was thinning when I was 59 too. My eyebrows were actually the first to go. My doctor was of no help and sort of trivialized the whole thing and just said “Well all your lab tests are normal.”

What do you mean “permanent makeup?” Do you mean she tattooed the areas of your scalp that were showing through?



Diane November 30, 2007 at 1:01 am

Hi Kathy. Yes, that is exactly what I did. I had the other stuff that you wet with a sponge and they rub over the bald spots, but it made my hair dry and dull and sticky. It is time consuming to have this done, but it is so much better than that pressed powder you have to apply every time. The first time I went in to the spa where they do the perm. make-up tattooing, they thought I was a little odd, but they did do it (this is a place run by an RN who has been working with beauty and skin products for 20 years, and is adjacent to my Dr.s Office in Brea, CA. ). The first time it was uncomfortable, so I got the RN to give me some novaccaine and it was great.

She did it with little dots so hence it taking so long. I still need to get some more areas covered. I did it mainly on the upper sides and the front. Diane


Mary Lou June 26, 2008 at 7:55 am

Hello Everyone! Yes, I have a problem too. Actually, most of my bodily hair fell out about 10 years ago (I don’t even have to shave my legs anymore, and I invested in eyebrow pencils). The hair was slightly thinning though, and I was doing okay until now.

In February, a tornado destroyed my home with me and my family in it, I found out my grandsons are being abused and the law won’t help us to get them out, I’ve been under stress trying to keep up at work, I home school one grandson at night after work, I keep up with my own household, and pay all the bills, and I’m in major credit card debt. I think the stress has caused my major hair loss. A couple of weeks ago, I found a bald patch under my hair behind my right ear that is about 4-inches long by 2-inches wide (half of my head?) and it is very very slick; not even any fuzz. You should see me grab my hair when the wind blows it back away from my ear.

I’m sure it’s stress, but it is so major, I looked to see if I left it in my bed. Really don’t know what to do, because it is slowly getting bigger. Evidently this is going to be a quick balding process-probably total. If anyone has suggestions other than tattoos, I’m open to listen. Thanks for letting me share.


Donna May 16, 2011 at 10:49 pm

Hi there,

I can sympathize w/you as well. My hair has been falling out shedding everyweek falling off on my clothes and the top is very thin and the sides too. I have not found any large slicky parts like what you said, but I ran across a website called peggy knight cant remember if it was hair replacement or peggyknight.com but if you just google Peggy Knight, she has some kind of suction cap wig that looks gorgeous if you have smooth skin to stick it to. You may not be that far along in your hair loss but in the event it gets there. That wig was beautiful Wishing you all the good luck and Blessings life has to offer. God Bless you and all of us with all our thinning hair. Best Donna


Fatima September 9, 2016 at 7:28 pm

If your hair is thinning, nuhairrx serum will this fix this problem! I love nuhairrx . This came at an awesome time because my hair has been thinning for a while now. I guessed it was just a thing I would have to deal with. So when I tried nuhairrx, I was guardedly optimistic. After a week or so, I began to notice my morning routine taking a little longer and needing a bit more gel. I realized my hair was getting thicker. I was so thrilled when one of my friends asked me what I was using.


Janet April 19, 2018 at 6:34 am

Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss. I pretty much stay out of the sun Since I had melanoma.(minor surgery, no further treatment needed) my hair has been been shedding a lot and what used to be flawless skin is rough and course. I have lost half my hair. I too have the itchy scalp. I can’t tolerate vit. D supplements or calcium, terrible stomach cramping. I’m also on synthroid but have been for years as well as.prempro. My primary doc and Derm are both dismissive. It could be genetic, try Rogaine and good luck! What is with these doctors! I’ve practically become an agoraphobia and when I do go out, I must wear a hat. My sides are bald and the top is going. I’m not doing anything because I’m just so overwhelmed by the situation. I’m very sensitive to meds thanks to synthroid. Please just tell me where to start.


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