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Recommend Your Hair Loss DoctorFinding a good doctor can be really hard, and a lot of women suffering with hair loss just don’t know where to start. I’d like to give women the opportunity to tell everyone who their favorite doctor is, what I’m calling “Fave Your Doctor.” If you’ve had a good experience with a particular physician and think that he/she would be a great resource to recommend to another woman, please fill out the form below. Hopefully I’ll be able to compile a good size list of different doctor’s who treat women’s hair loss located throughout the county and in other countries as well.

I’d like to take it one step further, so in the form I’m asking if you would allow for another woman from our site to contact you via email to learn more about your experience. Either way, your email will not be published, and I completely respect your privacy should you not wish to be contacted. If you do, I will simply place a “request further contact” text link next to your feedback which will allow the person to email me requesting to be able to communicate with you further. If you have indicated in the form below to allow this, with their permission I will then provide you their email address.

I am hoping this exchange of information will help women be able to find good doctors who actively treat women’s hair loss and who come with a personal recommendation from another female hair loss sufferer.

Once I have published a list based on your recommendations, I will also allow women to further add their comments and feedback of the physician as well.

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